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  1. Trent Williams convert to LG, Will Shields #HOF

    As @OVCChairman says you move good players to where they can be great... not great players to where they might be good. If you look at Scherff he was seen by some as a T (if the Giants had selected him i have no doubt that is where they would have played him) and he may have panned out but (meh marginal) we were in the situation where we had Mosses on the roster who had shown not much before getting injured in year 1 - They found the best combination was to have Brandon at G and Mosses at T (and took **** for it) but that one guy in essence sured up two slots because Brandon and Mosses work so well together... Which is kind of why i like this coaching set up because they are not afraid to put the best team on the field - regardles of the draft position or contract ...
  2. Its also a glimpse into the lack of self respect we have as fans that we just nod and sigh when a 3/13 coach runs his mouth ...
  3. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Ultimately you have to be careful with these kinds of quotes because they can be interpreted in a number of ways to fit specific agendas ... howver when you pile this on other evidence things like how his team mates reacted when he left ... the clear frustration projected to Kirk from Jackson - the basic people comment - the fact as many people say he practiced as he played he would never push the envelope in practice that helps no one but Kirk - the fact he did not step in to make sure he appeared at least he was trying to get a ltd done here ...and now these comments it adds adds up to a guy who is pretty self serving and you cannot be that in a team game - because your individual interests are not going to be same as your teammates individual interests but everyone should strive to win as a team - I also think it is interesting the team outwardly made it clear from 2015 onwards he was the unquestioned starter yet he describes himself as the forth round pick ..... do you think that’s how josh Norman or Quentin Dunbar think - or Chris Thompson thinks ? That they are so insecure they relate to themselves only as their draft position? Alex may not be as gifted as a thrower of the football but he has been through **** I mean real dysfunction disrespected his entire career delt with adversity and knows how to come through it and that experience as well as playing on playoff teams 6 of the last 7 years I think the numbers are secondary to the results . I hope kirk can put these insecurities behind him and actually play free because then he will be the QB who can win it all ... but he won’t be the guy we had here -
  4. I thought it was macadoo dooo dooo push pineapple shake a tree ...
  5. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    I think with Ried he likes to use the pass as an extension of the running game ... he has always based his systems around mobile QBs and kind of the west cost ball control version ... High percentage throws but all plays are positive ... but in the last year he said he started doing things he has never done in his career to take advantage of the like of Hill and smith demonstrated that he could do it ... still he did trade him ... so there is that ... there is the McNabb nightmare - but Smith is not Donovan . McNabb was a QB with an ego who went to a coach with a huge ego and absolute belief in his system ... square peg round hole ... and I understand the concerns . Smith is a smart guy who has a huge chip on his shoulder and a belief in himself .. but will do what he needs to do and will commit to a system and buy in when he has the chance because he has that bitter taste of being a kick away from the Super Bowl to being disgarded within 2 years ... what he he brings in that regard is huge I like the guy who is not only beaten down but keeps getting up again .. he he is not going to be perfect but if he and Jay can get on the same page then awesome ... and as SIP was saying I think he can help with the running game just with his running threat ...
  6. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Maybe it is me getting the tone wrong - but I am really not so sure - I read the boards a lot and there is core of guys who post constantly emphasising negativity why people will fail why so and so not as good as thingy on another team - or why there is a toxic aspect to the team which will mean it will never succeed - essentially doom and gloomers i follow the team a lot i read a lot - i have done for years (and it is not easy from the UK ) - and it sucks rooting for a team like the skins who are not at the top and I want them to get there i really do - i get frustrated and angry just like the rest of you - i come back just like the rest of you - And criticism is fine it really is - where it is warranted - but when that is all you do - it comes across like you would rather be right than actually support a winning team - and I have seen some of the critics literally go absolutely awol disappearing without a trace when the team does win and does look good only to slope back at the first hint of blood in the water I am not saying that is you but you must recognise what i am talking about .. Right now it is July - weeks away from camp - and people are still ****ing about a trade that happened in February - Debate is fine - it is but this is not debate - it is just stating the same things over and over and over - unflinching unlistening unwilling to consider any other opinions - or really argue them until the other person just give up - its nearly football - time to look forward not back - at the day not the night Alex Smith is THE QB who broke 4000yards in a Andy Ried offense - not Vick, not McNabb Alex Smith and he did it while posting a 131.4 QBR when throwing the ball more than 20 yards (in the air) down the field ---- and connecting more than any other QB in the league last year - doesn't really fit the captin checkdown mold people want to hammer him into ..
  7. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Oh, absolutely I think it is going to be interesting...
  8. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Okay but the first season was his rookie season - and Jays first season coaching in the NFL (other than a stint as an offensive assistant Cousins didn't start until year 4 - 2nd year in Jays system here ... Just saying - it is not really an apples to apples comparison .... how hard is it for people to actually give our coach some credit ?
  9. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    The defense shut down the packers in 2016 shut out the destiny raiders, rams in 2017 and pretty much won the seahawks game - I am not meaning to deminsih Kirk here but to say the Skins over the last three years has been a one man team in Kirk cousins is more than disingenous. You can point to the games we lost - For example, people want to put all the blame on the D for the Saints loss. But with the ball in his hand dying minutes of regulation Kirk throws a dumb ass intentional pass to no one - no pressure just a dumb ass mental block (I know the league would eventually say it got the call wrong - but it was close enough to be called) I- 15 yard penalty knocking us out of FG range - 10 seconds run off which I seem to remember didn't matter because Kirk - put the team on his back with time expiring - took a sack coughed up the ball and the rest we all know. Okay so I am being equally unfair in blaming Kirk for the loss - and it really wasn't his fault it was a team loss - but people talk on here as if Kirk was the one gleaming example in a sea of nothingness - He wasn't I am not sure if Smith is an upgrade - i think they are about the same - but I do know while Andy Ried is one hell of a HC/OC he Smith last year was the FIRST 4000 yard QB he had ever Jay made Andy Dalton a 4000 yard 33 TD guy the year before he took this job - Andy Dalton - In 2014 he somehow made Colt McCoy look like a QB What i am saying is to compare 2 qbs they really need to be in the same system and I think it is exciting to see someone like Smith paired with someone like Jay. Its July - lets get behind OUR guy - if you think it is wrong some couldn't get behind Kirk (because they liked the other guy) - while he was here - you are right - but equally does it really make any sense to not get behind Alex for the same reason ?
  10. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    The fact some people would rather be right than support the players and the team that is assembled is kind of not my issue. I tend to focus on the positive and i support Redskins players - either to the point they are no longer skins players OR they are indefensible. I remember Mark Brunell in that 2006 season when he could barely hit the ground if he was stood on it his accuracy had deteriorated so much - I supported him because he was the starter but I could see he was one of the things (many things) holding the team back. I was pro Kirk when he was on the team - I hated the way he handled the contract negociations - but thats in the past ... move on. So i am not suggesting blind loyalty. Just some I have seen Alex compared to Mark Brunell, McNabb and now Brock Osweller ? Seriously ? Can we not get a little bit excited to see a QB who has been effective and efficient (a smart guy) who was the best thrower of the ball downfield last year ? Mahome is going to be interesting - The Chiefs needed to get younger - to retool and they kind of are in that process. Their defense is getting a make over and the core of the offense is getting a makeover. They are in good hands with Reid but you can see the team is going through an on the fly rebuild (its what consistency lets you do) ....
  11. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Here is the point though - Alex smith is the Redskins starting QB for 2018/19 season - I disagree it is Kirk hate that is being used to pump Smith up. It is simply people are enthusiastic about Smith (why is that not allowed) - and Smith is doing things differently in mini camp - he is pushing the envelope to find out what he can do in this system - different attitude to Kirk who practiced as he played... what difference that makes who knows. but one thing I have to say Alex is not some random bum... What Alex has to do is play this system - Jays systems are very QB friendly as I have said but the QB has to be intelligent and methodical - which is why it suited Kirk but didn't really work for a guy like RGIII... It allows the QB to succeed but still play within themselves . What will be the X factor will be the contributions from the defense and what the RBs can bring ... I am really hopeful for Guice... I am a very team guy - I will support (in most cases) whoever the Redskins put on the field - Last year I was 100% behind Kirk but I did see him as limited and I really cannot see him stepping up much beyond what he is. I come back to my first point. Alex Smith is most likely going to be our starting QB - the Redskins starting QB - We are a couple of weeks away from the start of camp - and yet some still cannot get behind Smith ... or indeed any of the other players on the team ( i am so sick of hearing people saying Kirk was given trash to work with - Brandon Sherif (trash), Trent Williams (trash) Jordan Reed (Trash) Jamerson Crowder (Trash) Chiss Tompson (Trash), Morgan Mosses (TRASH) - you get my point ...
  12. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    This is kind of where I am. I liked Kirk, i was never convinced by Kirk - In the UK I don't get to go to many live games. But in 2016 i went to the international game and i came away impressed with Jordan Reed but really on the fence with Kirk and a friend i had with me (who is a giants fan - but never disses the Skins - definitely not to the level by Skins fans on here) echoed my feelings - Kirk is - functional - not franchise;. I still cannot get away from my feeling Kirk - like Andy Dalton - is/was a product of the system and the Jay Gruden environment - and my thought is if Gruden can make guys like Andy Dalton look good (he didn't in the London game in 2016 and that was when he was throwing A.J Green) I do wonder what he can do with a guy like Alex Smith ... .
  13. I am wondering if maybe we see more Christian in the second TE role in running downs... so he can contribute in specific packages in his rookie years - or maybe risk Ty in there more often. I agree with you about the injuries and there is something to be said against having a older version of Reed in Davis on the roster without solid blocking options too
  14. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    I know it is difficult on something like a message board or in any written communication to get across nuance but it is in my perception that everything - and i mean everything you post seems to be the anti routing for 'our' guy - with the possible exception of Guice, but i am sure you will sour on him soon enough (maybe his pass blocking will be under scrutiny) - For example - without playing a down - or having even a practice in Pads - you have dismissed our first round pick Payne as 'just a guy' In various posts you have dismissed the roster as providing - no help, typically with respect to other people (e.g. to prop up Kirk) - sorry but to my eyes - we have some very very good players on the roster and it irritates me to no end that you constantly feel the need to trash anyone in a Redskins jersey to prop other people up . If you take from a post a couple of points up - Negative people: Andy Reid is more innovative in Jay specifically to getting the most of the Alex -- presnap motion, making the run game work. Jay is good but not Andy Reid level good in those specifics. Alex is more check down/conservative than what Jay is used to. Teams figured out Alex after his hot 2017 start and played heavy zone against him and his play slid some. At 34 his legs aren't going to be the same forever. The supporting cast isn't the same in DC. Alex won't be the 2017 version of himself. The things specifically the age and Smiths legs are things you have been parrotting in almost ever post as to why Alex was a bad idea - But has it not occurred to you Alex knows this and he is evolving his game as most running QBs have tried to do at some point with varying degrees of success - Generally running QBs tend to be more reckless and have below average fundamentals - runners who play QB, but Smith has good fundamentals and uses his legs to supplement his game. As to Smith being more conservative - this is an old trope that has followed him since the 49ers - he is careful but when the shots are called he takes them. Not so much with the guy who was here. - everyone remembers the if i took all the shots Jay called i would have 20 interceptions.... comment Also your comments put all of the blame on Smith for the failings or falling away of the Chiefs in 2017 - You have to remember - Hill is only a 2nd-year guy - he can make his share of mistakes - running the wrong route dropping the odd catch etc just like anyone else. Jays system is very very QB friendly ( which is why i kind of think Kirk might struggle some - coupled with the fact the new OC is a first time OC in Minny and Zimmer is a defensive minded coach) you can see how QB friendly the system is when McVey goes to LA and with the schemes he and Jay use (and you can see a lot of Jay in what McVey does) and suddenly Goff goes from dud to stud. Andy Reid is a hell of a head coach and offensive mind but his offense has always always been about the run first getting the balls into the runners hands from handoffs and pitches and using the pass to set up the run - ball control and stop them with the D - the presnap motion and misdirection all help the run game work as much as it does the passing game. Talent is important but scheme and adaptability are equally relevant - and i think until we see different players in different schemes then it is fairly pointless carving them up as players. . SIP you are a great poster and i enjoy reading what you say - and generally i disagree with most of what you say and the way you will find specific sources to act as an echo chamber to support and shield your opinion - while appearing (and it is - as i say a perception) to dismiss anything or any ignoring other sources that dispute you. . I personally have great faith in the coaches and the players - but my expectations are routed right now in the 8-8 camp until i see something different. 8-8 to me is not great but not a failure depending on how you get there - going 7-1 and finishing the season 8-8 is crap but y'know ... and i have seen your expectations between 7-9 - 11-5 (which are actually better than my expectations) but everything seems to be shrouded in this - tempering expectations drab negativity - where is the love ? where is the optimism - Its july the sun is shining ( oddly in the UK it is something of a rarity ) - c'mon i know you have it in you ... be positive !
  15. Having seen Reed in action at the Wembley game he is the type of player who does just take over a game when he is healthy - that “when he is healthy”is huge - and I can see why people are saying this is an important season for him but the critism I see ( as in SIPs ) post above seems to be - let’s get rid of him because he cannot run block when we go to heavy concepts - let’s totally disregard everything positive he does and his impact in the game and focus solely and only on run blocking ... I understand the health thing but pulling him down in his run blocking is what we on ES always do find something and key ONLY on that ... and turn on our own sorry but but in those kinds of downs the only reason Reed should be on the field is a decoy . If you are going to go heavy then have a heavy set ( like other teams do) and trot out additional OT and make him eligible ( like we used to do with Lo ... it baffles me sometimes when we try stuff like this