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  1. While I agree - I think we do need a change up in the game plan because if we give Rodgers time he will pick us apart. - This is an odd game compared to the other two we have played - In game 1 we had to stop the run - which we did - Game 2 we had to limit the quick strike offence of the Colts - which we kind of did - They only had three drives of note and i thought, having actually watched the game a couple of times the defence was solid and disruptive - Unfortunately the offence couldn't get the ball in the Endzone - even though they had more TOP and scoring drives... This week it has to be about hitting the QB - Rodgers is going to be hurting - But I have mixed feeling about actually knocking him out of the game ( i am not overly convinced he will play) - because I have the feeling Kiezer (if he is the guy) is going to be way more prepared for us than we are for him .- However I think the Packers are going to try and do to us what they did in the playoff game a few years back and go into a kind of hurry up offence with quick passes - so to counter that I can see the game plan to be similar to before - rush 4 and drop 7 into the intermediate zones and snuff out the YAC
  2. bedlamVR

    Booing - at the Stadium

    The booing was clear on the broadcast i watched from around the end of the first Q - Most of the local reporters were commenting on it too... and here is the thing - I really don't think any of the players went out on sunday to half ass it - People have mentioned DJ and Chris Thompson should not have been booed but it doesn't work like that - you boo the team you boo everyone - People may be incompetent- they may JUST be having a bad day - but i don't think people in the organization are there to not put the effort in... if you don't want them to put the effort in then by all means keep going to the stadium to boo - i mean to tell guys like Chris Thompson - hey don't bother trying because no one appreicates it ... I get the point the team have been bad for a while - but last week we were flat out dominant - against what might be a sucky Cardinals team - that is what we should have been coming with expectations - and if you think the team stinks and will stink why the **** bother to take time out of your day to travel to a stadium - que to get in pay through the nose for parking stand around in the cold for three hours simply to come and say 'you suck you should do better'? Being pissed off at the team or loosing interest in a team is one thing - but booing at the stadium - what is the point ? The front office pays more attention to poor attendence and decreased revenue - that kind of thing will spark the FO to do something dramatic - like move the stadium or even the team - or potentially make a blockbuster trade for a start player - but booing the team - The FO cares less it does affect the players - and not in a good way - I can see us being one of those teams that can ONLY win on the road - and the fans will blame the FO and the players - because - well what impact can fans have ?
  3. bedlamVR

    Booing - at the Stadium

    "As fans its our right to boo - Right ? I mean the team should win every game i attend and if they don't they should know i specifically am outraged !!!!!! If the product on the field was better then I would not have to boo ! " This seems to be the snapshot of the oppinion on people 'right to boo'. But here is the thing - I am strongly of the opinion that we as fans get the team we deserve - If we cannot support the team - and for that i mean turn up and cheer and make life hell for the opponents and the refs when things don't go our way then why have fans at all ? - Based on the fans performance this weekend then if i was designing the next Redskins Stadium the capacity would be like 1,000 and most of that would be in soundproof booths. But why the fuss - Seriously ? As fans we are pretty pasionate bunch - i get upset when the team plays badly - which is why i never post in the game day threads (or very rarely) but when i get upset and i am watching in a bar or at home i turn the TV over (or bowls of popcorn) and might go and do something else (typically go and find a vacuum to clean up spilled popcorn) others might punch the cat (do not punch cats) but I am not saying it is not okay to be upset - but when you are at the stadium its different - People say the fans cannot influence a game - But that is not true - Fans at home cannot change the game - but in the stadium the fans are very much part of the game - Cheering and crowd noise is such a positive thing to do - It makes the environment hostile to the other team and gives our players a boost. That is why crowd noise is often considered in stadium design and the 12th man is a markeing thing . Booing achieves nothing - It doesn't even make you feel better . I will give you an example. If at work today your boss or your client comes up to you and says - wow well done great job you are awesome - does it not make you 'feel' appreciated ? Does it not make you feel like hmm things are not so bad and i am doing good i will keep on working here because i am valued... On the flip side is while you are struggling to get a report fished or close a sale or what ever - and your boss came over and started shouting at you - or just started making random booing noises from across the room - yelling obscenities and telling you you were rubbish at your job - would that make you work harder or would it make you think **** you dude and instead of struggling with what you were doing you would spend the afternoon printing out your CV ... Positive praise is synergistic - it makes people want more of it and they work harder .... Negative feedback is disruptive - it makes people defensive and makes them shut down and acheives nothing ... From a team building exercise - if you are a free agent and you are top 5-10 at your possition - are you going to want to come to team where all the home fans do is moan and boo ... you are goning to be rich no matter what - I would take less to go to a team where the fans know how to be fans With this in mind do you think it is okay to boo at home games ? Or do you think the FANS need to step it up and actually get behind the damn team ?
  4. The NFL rankings are pointless - but the closer the team is to the top of the ranking depicts essentially how much national attention the team gets I am not disagreeing with you - 8 is way too high - The ESPN ranking puts us 14th and 7th in the NFC (i think), which would be just on the outside of the NFC playoffs but in the hunt - If we look the same on Sunday against the Colts then we become interesting - and i think this is the point of the power rankings - it gives pundits a reason to take notice of teams that don't have the star power or the big names. Just out of interest Did you watch the Bills game - It was not so much the Ravens dominance but the keystone bills were that bad - I wish we got to play the Bills - But i think what is interesting in our game it was all about unit vs unit - there was three turnovers in the entire game - and two of those came in the dying minutes of the 4th quater - it was a grinding win but more sustainable than the 5 and 6 turnover fests we have seen else where... Week one is difficult to judge off and there is no real way to understand how teams will develop but we dominated in every aspect of the game - I know people look at the score and it was 'only' 24 points and 'only' a 18 point margin - 3 score game but even in the second half - although we were not putting points on the board we were taking chunks out of the game clock with long sustained time consuming drives
  5. bedlamVR

    Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    I think one thing that is quite interesting is Alex is very critical of himself . In an interview talking about Jordan Reeds TD he says - “ I should have thrown it away on the previous play but I stupidly scrambled for s half a yard and we had to burn a time out. Then I threw it low and away from him (Reed) but then for him to not only catch it but have the awareness to lunge for the end zone was awesome. If he had been touched in bound we would have come away with nothing but Reed really bailed us out - bailed me out” i think that shows a great deal of humility . That can be taken wrong after a loss if he is as kandid But I was impressed with how calm he was most times through the game - the only time he looked flustered was first and second down in the shadow of the end zone but that shuttle pass to save the safety he was very calm...
  6. I know it is week one - And I also know we will come across bigger challenges than the Cardinals whos primary focus was on establishing the run but a number of posters and a number of the local beat guys have been down on what is a very young secondary - but I think they did a very good job in the game plan. Dunbar especially seemed to stand out as did Moreau - i particularly liked the adjustment he made that appeared to lead to to the interception . Even Apke had a key tackle on the big punt return.... Just want to keep the good vibes coming
  7. bedlamVR

    Is this a win now season ?

    I am sorry if the Moderators feel this could be merged into another topic - But the question i am kind of asking - is now - when we see the roster in its fullest and we get an idea of the kind of team we might have - pragmatically is this a win now season ? Now there are going to be a number of people "to keep this thread real" and will tell me we will never win with this particular FO or owner or climate or brand of beer.... but when this off-season started a lot of the talk was about Jay Gruden and how hot his seat was becoming and how this - THIS was going to be a win now season - And yes you can say with a 94 million $ QB that cost us a promising up and comer at CB and a third round pick then we are in code RED must win right now or our fingers will drop off kind of statement..... but look closer at that contract then looking at the cap hit (18.4 million this year, - it creeps over 21.4 in two years time) - Terry Bridgewater who hadn't played in 2 year signed a $6 million deal to be essentially a No3. - and the saints traded a 3rd round pick for a guy to be a back up for a year) - what i am saying is for a competent starter then that is not silly money - We then went out and supplemented our win now veteran QB with a very young Paul Richardson on a middling FA contract - and - erm no one else of note on offence - The entire free agency period the front office seemed enamoured with the potential of 'compensatory picks' like they were a new thing that only just happened. We signed no one - a very unredskins offseason - even by recent standards....I think we signed a punter who didn't make it to camp... In the draft we went with the safe pick in Payne- not the splash and while we were able to recoup a third round pick we spent it on a project for a position that we were the starters are already pretty good - but a clear future pick - The only excitement came from Guice - and he is out for the season with a torn ACL -( which you have to say was the most minor looking injury on the field you could have with such devastating consequences) - Now - while Payne should and probably will be the star of this this years crop - the guy who excites me in the class - is Mr Irrelevent - Trey Quinn - with his larger than life personality shining through. Also weirdly for a coach and FO on its final warnings - they were also able to spend future draft capital - which was only a 6th round pick in the end for Adonis - but again if we are not expecting these guys back UNLESS they WIN and WIN NOW - then should they be so free and easy with next years draft picks ? And finally you look at the make up of the roster - We are not exactly veteran heavy are we ? - I mean in the defensive line group - even with Ziggy Hood in the line up the average age of the group is 24 - After Hood Loannidis is the the next most experienced guy we have in that entire group and he has been in the league 3 years... the WRs is just over 24 and the most experienced guy in the room in terms of time in the league is Richardson - in terms of games played is Crowder - The DB group (S and CBs) - the average age is just over 24 and the average time in the league (counting this year btw) is 2.7 years So what is the point i am getting at here - other than 24 keeps cropping up - is it is a very young and very inexperienced team at a lot of key areas. - the kind of team you want to build from - not push all your chips into the middle with... And sure you could argue there is more age and experience at other spots (QB for example is 33 average age and 11.5 years NFL experience between them) but most of the age and experience is not with the starters ( in positions other than QB i mean) - if you look at the offensive line - two back ups Ty Nsekhe and Tony Bergstrom are older than any of the starters... Even Jays language of late seems to be a lot less - code red and more - well under the radar - more code mauve - or beige perhaps ? Now don't get me wrong here - I think every season the supper bowl has to be the ultimate goal - there is no point playing for anything less - but this team looks like a bunch of guys ready to be the noisy neighbours to state their intent rather than - even in the eyes of the most homeristic fans an exciting and dynamic on the verge of a title team - and if this is a team on the rise - should it be being lead by a coach and a front office team that are on their way out ? So when we say Win now - what exactly - given what we know now is meant by WIN NOW ? What would make the Jay Gruden project be picked up for a 6th season - does that even feel in Jeopardy even with an 8-8 like season - I mean if we fell to 2-14 then i can see it but just how bad do we need to be to blow the entire thing up - (i think for Bruce to go - we need one thing - a stadium announcement - then it is margaritas and sunsets for ol Brucie) *** EDIT *** Okay so this is a rambling OP - But what i am asking is not really what we need to keep the status Quo - but rather if this was a code Red Win Now season - do the actions match the words ?
  8. bedlamVR

    Curse of the Redskins' 2nd round picks

    Yeash debbie downer
  9. Lanier has a role but he is limited in run support and at some point he is going in a position where his weakness will be exploited and you cannot rule out another run of injuries and in which case Lanier is out there on a regular basis on first and second down which is not good ... Brantley is inconsistent from all accounts but I have faith in Tomsula - and it was interesting that Brantley was here on a draft visit two years ago and we jumped on him when he came free .... what is interesting is they didn’t make an expected move which was to put Marshel on IR which would have freed up a roster spot ( I find it hard to think we are going to roll with 5 RBs) but moved on fromLanier who seemed to be a good pass rusher ... which kind of says he was much closer to the bubble than I thought he was ... and apparently he was dealing with injury but I think the injury is a red herring because we could have carried him if we wanted too ... I still don’t think this roster is finished and there are more moves to come
  10. bedlamVR


    I think they have to carry Marsheall until monday if they want to stash him on IR - so not really surprised by that move
  11. bedlamVR

    Redskins receiving corp is beginning to shape up

    For my money Quinn has to make the roster - he is a safe pair of hands on special teams and seems to be a solid target - i am not saying he will unseat Crowder but can be complementary - in Sims i see the same guy Harris was a few years ago - big intriguing but inconsistent makes the circus catch that wows everyone but is invisible at other times - watching Quinn he tends to find the soft spot in the zone and is a key back up.
  12. bedlamVR

    Hopkins and the Kicking Game?

    I am much more concerned this fooseball is distracting him from his witch finding ....
  13. bedlamVR

    Redskins receiving corp is beginning to shape up

    Sims has looked good in the limited spotlight of some preseason games against mostly vanilla defences. I like Sims - but when you are looking at the roster you need guys who you know can turn it on again and again and again - and from accounts Sims is - as you would expect a rookie to be - inconsistent - if he makes the team you are carrying him - unless he can make plays on special teams (i think of him as Mo Harris... who this year has found constancy but seems injured a lot) If Quinn has carved out a spot as the primary PR then that is why he is safe .. Crowder was BAD as PR (two muffed punts last year ?) and it limits what he can do on the offence as a feature player - i remember them looking for replacements for a while now.
  14. I have to say - Big Joe gets mentioned so infrequently i often wonder if i made him up lol