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  1. So the fans have ever right to be entilted whiney babies - so what is acceptable - 6-3 clearly isn't - do we at a minimum expect the 91 Redskins every game, regadless of injuries ? History is history - what is important is you go to games to enjoy the game - its difficult to do with some entilted drunken (mostly) asshole booing everything from the opening whistle while rocking his Sean Taylor 21 Redskins shirt ...
  2. Given what is visible on TV - i can see his point - we are 6-3 - two games up in the division and our FANS are ripping our players for pointing out the obvious - I mean it has been commented on a few times in the local, national and international media (the BBC no less) on how noticable the booing is for the home team at Redskins games - and it is not all from the opposing teams - i mean comming on here afer a win is painful enough - having to live it like its your job - sheesh
  3. bedlamVR

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I am not so sure the Scott thing really helps Bruce that much. I have a feeling the Scott firing came more directly from Dan than Bruce. While much of the speculation was Bruce Vs Scott because that is the simple story - I think there are a couple of things to remember; Bruce was the guy with the family connections to Scott and was the guy who was essentially running the 2014 draft for Bruce . Bruce had a lot to do with bringing Scott in and vouching for him. - Which in fairness looking at it pragmatically was a bold move - take away the drinking and Scott had a hell of a reputation - One thing Bruce has been very strong on is improving the scouting department. There were a number of rumoured flare-ups from almost day one where there was friction in the FO and at least one report (i really could be imagining this) where back in 2015 Dan wanted Scott gone and Bruce diffused the situation protecting Scott for the main part until the scouting combine when he just simply did not turn up to one of the most important events on the calendar - There were also rumors that agents were trying to contact Scott and were getting the mail box was full message - and as Florio on PFT said at the time - the rumours of Scotts drinking getting out of hand were there - but thats all they were - Bruce running a tight ship and not speaking to the media made it hard for people to act - pluss - its not really something you want to splash around everywhere if you are not 100% But while it might be portrayed now in the media as Bruce Vs Scott - In the Redskins FO - Scott was Bruces guy - he reported not to Jay but Bruce and Bruce protected him on more than one occasion. I think Bruce is neuterd in the FO With the brining in of Brian LaFemina and with the elevation of Doug Williams and Eric Schaffer say things are drifting further and further from him .. I also think this Scott arbitration thing is more of a validation for Dan Snyder than anything positive for Bruce Allen - This is just a reminder that Bruce brought this into the organization and even now providing an off the field distraction from the 5-2 product on the field The way Jays big brother is personally dismantling Regie McKenzies Raiders team i cannot see things ending well for ol regie and maybe the start are aligning for a Gruden Allen reunion in ---- wherever the Raiders play football (Vegas ?)
  4. bedlamVR

    Redskins Lead NFC East

    What is going on in the East - The eagles are SO hungover you can hear empty beer bottles clank to the floor in the press conference ... The Giants are in denial (expect them to take a WR with the 1st overall pick) and the Cowboys are making mid-season desperation moves and firing coaches ( not the right ones) - How did the Skins (given our reputation for dysfunction) start to look like an organized football team? EDIT - i did say 'look like' and also there is still time yet
  5. bedlamVR

    In defense of Martyball

    . I kind of don't like the Marty Ball referrence - Because - well everyone hated Marty and our offence - while it may be poor now - is lightyears ahead of Martyball - i mean there are some interesting concepts and there daring plays out there - it is kind of limited by an - efficient but not exciting QB - Martyball was very rigid and very outdated. I was thinking - watching the game yesterday (after i knew the outcome - yeah) - but the Skins look like the Chiefs about 3 or 4 years ago - Superficially it is good defense (not amazing) barely functioning offense but churning out wins - and then holey hell they are 10-6 and winning the division (I am still referencing the chiefs here - just to say i am not getting ahead of myself) .. And churn is the key thing here - The defense to the outside may not look like anything special. Hell all of the highlight real thumbnails had Barkley or Beckham plastered all over them - one headline was Barkely had a hell of a day putting up 132 yards on the Redskins - which he did - but only 32 of those yards came on the ground. Another "highlight" of the game was the Beckham Jr catch with Stroman (who had a fairly solid outing for a 7th round rookie) draped all over him .... last week it was about the false false start and the officals snatching victory from Americas team by pushing a 47 yard FG out to 52 Yards)...(a game tying FG - not a game winning) and then it was Cam newtwons failed heroics - and prior to that it was how injured Rodgers was and the roughing the passer penatlty (that had no impact on the actual game) that gifted the Green bay game to the Skins..... It just seems like we churn away - no one thinks we are any good - and yet here we are 5-2 ... churning away - The one good thing about this is the attitude of the team is dower (misserable) - There is no chest bumping, everyone talks about getting better - despite the 5-2 record
  6. Damno Harrison is also out the door in NY for a 5th ? He is on a kind of cheep deal at the minute too..
  7. bedlamVR

    Victory Monday! Next day thread

    I was actually wondering if it was a scouted out thing. I was going to give Kudos to Payne for actually going across the line and making the officials throw the flag - Because he and Brantley 99 moved when they saw the movement - Which was not small or insignificant - as PFT put it - but if it can be seen from that TV angle it was - significant as he tipped the ball forward. I just wonder if now other teams are going to be following suit and watching him (and or all long snappers) and use it as a key point just like icing the kicker (providing you don't give up a first down that is) As much as the Cowboys fans want to **** and complain that the refs stole the game - a 52 yard FG is not OMG impossible - The guy still kicked and missed. And this is the point - He missed - Had he been 10 yards closer that same missed kick that curled out and hit the upright would have sailed through - No one would be saying anything about - well he clearly moved the ball before the snap - just how dumb Payne was for bitting on it ... Holding and minor infractions can be called on most every play but the Refs have to make a snap decision to let something inconsiquential fly or throw a flag on something that ends up bringing back a huge play - This illegal motion was huge for both teams and the Refs made the right call ... Still i guess i would be pissed at it if it was us
  8. bedlamVR

    Some Hard Truths

    I think that has to be the plan to either draft somebody this year - or more likely position themselves in this draft this year to make a run at someone next year (i am guessing they had hoped Smith would be more seamless than this) - and maybe he will get there - but i cannot imagine anyone would think he was a long term plan. In the best case scenario Smith balled out we won a bunch of games and everyone was happy - Smith walks away on his own terms after a superbowl run In the most likley optimistic case Smith kind of balls out - Keeps Bruce and Jay employed with a playoff (or close to a playoff run) we wheel and deal in the next couple of drafts and score a big time prospect in the 2020 draft to sit an learn under Smith and Smith rides off into the sunset after three years ... A less optomisitc view - is Smith walks the line of being uber efficient and kind of limitiing - Doesn't actually cost us games and we do well enough to keep some or all of Jay, Bruce and Co employed (hopefully not Bruce) and we stumble in the vauge direction of the playoffs ... However the writting is on the wall and we end up having to try and score either a bargin draft prospect or get out and scout the second tier guys to find a Russell Willson etc who might need one or two years on the bench The - 'keeping it real' crew will, however, tell us - We are all screwed burn it all burn it all now (because that works) .....
  9. bedlamVR

    Rich Tandler has died

    I remember when he was first publishing his Redskins chronical book he was selling some himself directly (signed coppies) I asked him how much it would be to ship to the UK .... he never did get back to me with the price .... Still I have always enjoyed his work and his upbeat nature and just passion for the game - He will be missed. Thought to the family at this time
  10. bedlamVR

    Redskins Fans: Let’s Stop Being Pansies

    @kleese I have to say .. I couldn't have said it better myself. So I won't but I just wanted to say thanks 🤗
  11. bedlamVR

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Panthers

    I think the results of this year - possibly more than last - really do show a weakness in Jay. I think he is a very good offensive co-ordinator and can put a plan together beautifully (hense the fast starts) but is not a great play caller who can adapt quickly to change - Maybe it is too much going on to assimulate and most head coaches don't really call the plays for that reason. I think Matt Patricca for the lions is also going to fall foul of that because the few lions games i have been watching you see him with his back to the action when on offense getting too involved with the issues on D. If i was Jay i might be looking at getting someone else to be doing the gameday play calling - Maybe get Wes Philips more involved ...
  12. Hmmmmm if Anderson moves inside doesn't that make us thin outside ? Kerrigan, Smith and McPhee ?
  13. bedlamVR

    The new tackling it realistic?

    I can like SIC understand both sides of the arguement here . Players are annoyed because what they did is now bringing flags - The thing is the game will adapt - again.... and then there will be another change and people will be up in arms because it is ruining the game ... - People said the use of the helmet rule will ruin the game - but I think there have been a handful of penalties and ejections because of it reaching back to preseason and the tackles that drew the ejections were really bad form football . The Mathews tackle - looks a lot like a legal tackle but from some of the angles I have seen it could be viewed as an old fashioned roughing the passer call - he leaves his feet at the point of impact and kind of lifts and slams Smith to the ground - Now that is in a blink of an eye and I am not saying anything Mathews did was wrong or going out to intentionally injure the opponent but I can see that is the kind of tackle (the driving tackle - that breaks bones) that the NFL wants out of the game ... Also posting XFL pictures is awesome - But if McMahon does abandon all the safety precautions brought into football over the past few years to appeal to the baying dogs in the crowds who want to see limbs comming off players in some kind of areana death match blood sport - He has to ask himself just how entertaining is it going to be to watch teams who by the third or fourth game of a season are fielding back ups to back ups - and by the end of the season are yanking people out of the crowd ? And is he going to be able to lure talent away from the NFL to play in what will surely be a career/life shortening league ? This isn't the football you were watching 10 or 15 years ago - Players are more professional they are bigger and faster and stronger - they hit harder and its not the odd one or two players on the team who are stars but in general everyone is faster - Injuries are inevitable - but the league needs to do something to make sure players can play 16 games a season and protect the product on game day and the players should work with the league so that when they look back on their glory playing days - they can remember most of it - and don't need a walking aid by the time they are 50
  14. bedlamVR

    Some Hard Truths

    Hard truth is fans cannot enjoy football - but not only that they cannot stand that anyone else can 😞
  15. bedlamVR

    Some Hard Truths

    Is it just me or does anyone elses browser have trouble translating whining little **** coming off a double diget win ?