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  1. Per Boston Globe, Aaron Hernandez commits suicide

    The only person responsible for Aarons actions is Aaron. People with similar backgrounds do grow out of it and make something of the chances they get.
  2. Kirk is not going anywhere. He won't consider any deal from the team until after he's tagged. Why? Because it gives him more leverage. This is all about nothing but financial dickering. There is no upside to the team coming to a long term deal yet, and there's no benefit to Kirk doing that. It's just part of the business process where both sides are trying to get the deal they want. In the end, what ever he's paid may seem over the top this year, average next year and a bargain the year after. The caps going up significantly. Just because the team doesn't just give in and give Kirk what he's asking for right away, doesn't mean they aren't sold on him, anymore then any of this means he doesn't want to be here. Here's a hint. A team does not ever tag a guy 2 years in a row with the franchise tag if they don't think he's a franchise player. That would be hugely financially irresponsible . So if you don't think that Kirk is a franchise QB, suck it up because the evidence suggests the team does.
  3. Kirk Cousins 2017 contract discussion/prediction

    Fans put way too much concern into contract numbers. No matter what the contract looks like, it will quickly slide down in the ranks of QB money. The Cap will go up. No matter what he gets, it will be too much for some. But frankly, that's more a statement on other concerns about Kirk, and not really about the money. Where we are right now is with a QB who has a need to be wanted, playing in a big game that will decide if we go into the playoff, playing with a contract albatross on his back to go along with all the normal pressure of the position. I fully believe that is the cause of his slow start this season. Pressing too much due to the contract situation. I believe had they just signed him, we'd already be a playoff lock. Scott failed in this regard IMO. I'm concerned he'll press too much this Sunday. Just pay the guy. No matter what, it will ultimately have a 3 year out. For once in the last two decades, let's have some stability. He's good enough to win Superbowls with a decent defense and a consistent running game. A failure to win won't be on Kirk. It will be poor coaching or talent acquisition.
  4. Random Thought Thread

    Holy crap. I started this thread 10 years ago. Where does the time go. I still want to move to Florida so I can enjoy the water. Fishing, skiing and the beach. Or at least some beach somewhere. Somewhere where it is perpetually 5 O'clock!!
  5. BREAKING: Shooting at BLM Protest in Dallas

    You know what your mother would say. Two wrongs don't make a right. If the "diverse" group is blocking access to another race, it isn't particularly diverse. I agree with you statement on lots of folks profiting from that division and hope you mean on both sides of the racial divide, because that is absolutely the case.
  6. So only white people are unwilling to take menial jobs? There's probably around 1 million agricultural jobs in the country . It's highly automated. And we toss have the food we produce. If ever there was a screwed up industry. You can make the argument that construction jobs would take a huge hit, but there are still a lot of unemployed Americans.
  7. It's a different world now and it puts a new light on immigration. Frankly, I'd be inclined to just shut the border at this point. Anyone wanting to immigrate would have to have real compelling reason to be let in. We're not an industrial or agricultural nation any longer where the poor and down trodden can find work. It's a hugely different dynamic than it was back when. If they don't have a skill that can be put to use, use the deny stamp.
  8. Damn. Just found out the Texas man and son killed are the Brother and nephew of a friend. Crap.
  9. The Gun Control Debate Thread - Say hello to my little thread

    I don't think its murder, but I don't want to necessarily encourage vigilantism. It worked out ok in this case assuming the facts are accurate. But it could have been a disaster if the AK had been fired indiscriminately.
  10. The Gun Control Debate Thread - Say hello to my little thread

    No problem with that whatsoever. Don't want to get yourself shot, don't go into a waffle house with an AK and rob people. If my wife was expected to show up I'd be freaked as well. As I've said repeatedly. Nothing is going to stop crazy. At least 30 dead. Horrifying. The human race is becoming so desensitized to violence. We have to make ourselves better than this. Truck attacker kills dozens in Nice
  11. The Gun Control Debate Thread - Say hello to my little thread

    You need to recheck your very recent history to know this is absolutely not true.
  12. The Gun Control Debate Thread - Say hello to my little thread

    I'm fine with that. I think restricting hunting rifles to internal magazines of 3-5 bullets is fine. Background checks should be required. 30 day waiting period for cool down and time to do background checks is fine. None of that infringes on my ownership rights. We place limits on our constitutional rights all the time. There's room for compromise IMO.
  13. The Gun Control Debate Thread - Say hello to my little thread

    Ah, except in the very post you clearly didn't fully read, and several others I've posted lately I've stated clearly I support more restrictions and regulations. And it's awful convenient of you to lay the blame for all our social ills at the feet of the gun rights folks. America is not those places and frankly we have very unique social issues that those countries have no familiarity with. My post made it clear I'm for more regulation and restrictions. I fully agree with you there. But I won't ever support restrictions that prevent law abiding citizens from purchasing a firearm within a reasonable period of time. 30 days is more than enough time to do a completely thorough background check. But any substantive effort to actually correct the problem of violence needs to include working on our social condition.
  14. The Gun Control Debate Thread - Say hello to my little thread

    No. What is threatening "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" are a plethora of problems that lead people to do these sort of things. Gun violence is a symptom and no one really wants to make any attempt at addressing the underlying issues. They just want to strip the rights away from many millions of law abiding citizens. You can be assured that if there is no access to a gun for these nuts, they'll spend five minutes on the internet and then walk into a crowded environment and set off the bomb they just learned how to make. Or drive their car on a rampage a crowd, or any other method easily available to cause carnage and get the notoriety they crave. I think tighter restrictions and regulations are needed. Keep guns out the hands of potential terrorists, mentally ill, felons, anyone involved in a violent crime etc....... There are things that can and should be done. Once you start removing freedoms , where does it stop? Back to prohibition to stop drunk driving? I'm sure the families of loved ones killed by drunk drivers would be ok with those drivers never having access to alcohol. We should give the government unfettered access to our personal internet activity so they can catch anyone involved in activities deemed unacceptable.
  15. BREAKING: Shooting at BLM Protest in Dallas

    Given many options, why not chose the one that poses the least threat to the officers? There was no need to be rushed or hasty once he's holed up and not a threat. Talk him out or kill him in the most expedient safest way possible. Sounds to me like they did a bang up job.