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  1. The only person responsible for Aarons actions is Aaron. People with similar backgrounds do grow out of it and make something of the chances they get.
  2. Kirk is not going anywhere. He won't consider any deal from the team until after he's tagged. Why? Because it gives him more leverage. This is all about nothing but financial dickering. There is no upside to the team coming to a long term deal yet, and there's no benefit to Kirk doing that. It's just part of the business process where both sides are trying to get the deal they want. In the end, what ever he's paid may seem over the top this year, average next year and a bargain the year after. The caps going up significantly. Just because the team doesn't just give in and give Kirk what he's asking for right away, doesn't mean they aren't sold on him, anymore then any of this means he doesn't want to be here. Here's a hint. A team does not ever tag a guy 2 years in a row with the franchise tag if they don't think he's a franchise player. That would be hugely financially irresponsible . So if you don't think that Kirk is a franchise QB, suck it up because the evidence suggests the team does.
  3. Fans put way too much concern into contract numbers. No matter what the contract looks like, it will quickly slide down in the ranks of QB money. The Cap will go up. No matter what he gets, it will be too much for some. But frankly, that's more a statement on other concerns about Kirk, and not really about the money. Where we are right now is with a QB who has a need to be wanted, playing in a big game that will decide if we go into the playoff, playing with a contract albatross on his back to go along with all the normal pressure of the position. I fully believe that is the cause of his slow start this season. Pressing too much due to the contract situation. I believe had they just signed him, we'd already be a playoff lock. Scott failed in this regard IMO. I'm concerned he'll press too much this Sunday. Just pay the guy. No matter what, it will ultimately have a 3 year out. For once in the last two decades, let's have some stability. He's good enough to win Superbowls with a decent defense and a consistent running game. A failure to win won't be on Kirk. It will be poor coaching or talent acquisition.
  4. Holy crap. I started this thread 10 years ago. Where does the time go. I still want to move to Florida so I can enjoy the water. Fishing, skiing and the beach. Or at least some beach somewhere. Somewhere where it is perpetually 5 O'clock!!
  5. I prefer the flying P'kipsy method That's a sommersault ending in a feet first pile drive into center mass. Get's 'em every time and keeps your head and spine well away from the action.
  6. They are not approaching the job correctly. They are peace officers. Their priority is to preserve the peace and in doing so often go in harms way. That's how it should be. Now they're refusing to assume that risk by putting their safety above all else. I don't think you can do that and be a good officer. De-escalating and ending any confrontation peacefully should be paramount. In these incidents, there is very little to no proper effort to de-escalate. They are not taking in and considering all the facts present. They are narrowing in on the gun, or potential of one and all else fall to the wayside.
  7. I understand Unions and won't derail the thread on this topic. My father was the director of Per Capita Tax (dues) for a large union. Had some nice paying summer jobs growing up. But the real concern that cops always protect there own is not helped by Union defense of bad/questionable shootings. I understand the realities of it but it doesn't change the perception.
  8. I'm struggling to come up with any other explanation that makes any sense. The union is causing a lot of this mistrust because no union ever throws a member to the wolves, even when that's the right thing to do. Not just a police union thing. This is an ingrained, deep rooted behavior. I'm sure the Police Chief has hit hands tied in what he can say publically by Union rules. Local government leadership needs to be very vocal on this shooting. This appears to me to be a deeply incompetent, poorly trained police force. Where was the proper lines of communication. If an office really did say the man was loading his weapon, it was clearly an assumption made form a vantage point where he could neither see what was in the mans hands, nor hear Kinsey's shouts. The shot was at 50 yds. You can't make out what someone is yelling at that point. The only positive to come from there complete ineptitude, was the officers inability to make an easy shot. 50 yds. is nothing with a rifle. You almost can't miss. That tells me the office pulling the trigger was overreacting and likely made a panicked decision on flawed info. At the end of the day, I blame this one on the supervisory level of this police force. Improper training at every aspect of their job that should have led to this being routine. The head of the snake needs to be loped off and replace in this force, IMO.
  9. Eventually technology will advance to implant this kind of stuff.
  10. I don't think I implied that. Let's face it, if your a white cop, and there has been some targeted shootings against police, by black men associated with (in the twisted minds of the shooters) mistreatment and shootings by white cops of black suspects, your concern is amped up a couple notches. It's irrational given the number of encounters with suspects vs. a couple shootings. But the reality is for many it will cause additional fear. Most of these guys don't go to work in the morning with shooting a black man, or anyone for that matter, a primary goal. Most just want to do some god and make it home to their family safe. Like any large group or organization, the outliers all too often color the perception of the larger group.
  11. Love to know why they didn't provide the video of the shooting. You know they captured it. Maybe holding out for biggest bid on that part of the clip. Some news station would pay dearly for it. A bit cynical I suppose.
  12. I absolutely do not think a white guy would have been shot. The fear that led to this, IMO, is tied to current national events. It's not rational fear. You had a couple black nutjobs go on cop killing sprees in "revenge" of mistreatment by cops. Cops are on jittery edge worrying about it, and given the circumstances, black suspects are going to draw their paranoid concern. Trained or not, they are human and suspect to all our frailties. Not excusing the shooting. All appearances are it was completely unjustified. He should lose his job at a minimum. Police forces nation wide need to be hammering home and training on this. We're seeing too many shootings when there is a potential threat but not a clear and present danger.
  13. You know what your mother would say. Two wrongs don't make a right. If the "diverse" group is blocking access to another race, it isn't particularly diverse. I agree with you statement on lots of folks profiting from that division and hope you mean on both sides of the racial divide, because that is absolutely the case.
  14. Stress is undeniably at an all time high right now. 3 shots is one seconds trigger pulling. Easily done due to nerves IMO.
  15. Re-watching the video you hear one of the people involved in the recording say she doesn't know who is guilty. Why did they cut the shooting out. Did the autistic guy try to get up and the black dude move to pull him down? There was a report of a gun and until the officer has them in custody he has to assume the presence of a weapon. Not sure any of that justifies shooting, but the cut out video does raise questions. Unfortunate EDIT*** Just watched the interview of the guy. Pretty damning. Seems like a fear driven shooting using no common sense.