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  1. Kirk is not going anywhere. He won't consider any deal from the team until after he's tagged. Why? Because it gives him more leverage. This is all about nothing but financial dickering. There is no upside to the team coming to a long term deal yet, and there's no benefit to Kirk doing that. It's just part of the business process where both sides are trying to get the deal they want. In the end, what ever he's paid may seem over the top this year, average next year and a bargain the year after. The caps going up significantly. Just because the team doesn't just give in and give Kirk what he's asking for right away, doesn't mean they aren't sold on him, anymore then any of this means he doesn't want to be here. Here's a hint. A team does not ever tag a guy 2 years in a row with the franchise tag if they don't think he's a franchise player. That would be hugely financially irresponsible . So if you don't think that Kirk is a franchise QB, suck it up because the evidence suggests the team does.
  2. It's comical watching these guys. They haven't figured out yet that the only thing that will happen is they will end up hiding in a ditch somewhere awaiting their deserved fate. AMMAN (Reuters) - Western powers would cause an "earthquake" in the Middle East if they intervened in Syria, President Bashar al-Assad said in an interview published on Sunday, after protesters demanded outside protection from a crackdown that has killed 3,000 people.
  3. Post any random thought you care too, with one excepton. NO POLITICS OR RELIGION!!!!! Hijacking of thread is perfectly acceptable so long as NO POLITICS OR RELIGION!!!!! Post anything you want, but for the love of mankind, please no POLITICS OR RELIGION. My Random Thought: I want to move to Florida so I can enjoy the water. Fishing, skiing and the beach.