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  1. Finally a blowout
  2. Is this the new normal in DC?
  3. Would it be feasible give everyone access to Federal Employee Health Benefit? I know lot of people who divorce federal employees who choose to stay on FEHB even having to pay both employer and employee portion.
  4. Our's comes bundled with cable and internet and I saw no price difference without the landline (well a VOIP I guess, but still). You could also teach your child how to use 911 on a cell in a pinch (I think cell phones can dial 911 without it being unlocked right?)
  5. I would say Steve King is a piece of ****, but that would be an insult to my number 2.
  6. The word you're looking for is stupid. As in "your comment using short bus riders as short hand for inferior intellect is stupid". You can also use dumb, moronic, half-witted, imbecilic, brainless, unintelligent, dense, dim, out to lunch, or puerile. If you think disability has any correlation to intelligence, go read something by Stephen Hawking.
  7. You could also use the online version. I switched to HR block this year, but used turbo tax online the past few years and it was fine.
  8. Thanks for posting that. What a great read.
  9. At this rate, someone is going to pay Bogdanovic crazy money. I'm kinda hoping it's us
  10. ugh burke
  11. crap
  12. lol, a rare straight disagreement by Chenier with Buck
  13. Might just be a vet thing trying to fire up his team. Dudley always seemed even keel
  14. Well, unless we get universal coverage or mandate, repealing EMTLA would be logically consistent, but obviously my preference would be universal coverage. Oh if only I had your faith in humankind twa! You eternal optimist you
  15. If the republicans are not going to require people to get and keep health insurance, I would rather they drop the preexisting condition coverage. Allowing people to simply pay 130% premium to get coverage is open invitation for gaming the system, the cost of which will be borne by the responsible people who choose to get and keep insurance.