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  1. Well, we all knew the OP when we saw the headline right?
  2. Angie's List? Home Advisor? Experience?

    All good advices. I would just add my two cents that with roofing, you want to go with at least a decently sized business with track record. Licensed and bonded are minimum requirements, but it won't be around to help if they go out of business. And you may not see some defects with a roofing job for a while.
  3. I have no problem accepting that she's a bad candidate. I can accept it if she lost to Kasich, Bush, Romney, McCain. Hell, I could even accept if people said I'm gonna go vote third party rather than vote for Clinton v. Rubio or Clinton v. Cruz. When the other realistic candidate is Donald Trump, I'm gonna have to disagree when someone says it doesn't matter who gets elected between Trump and [you can literally fill in the blank with any presidential hopefuls in US politics right now]. What's more is that you seem to concede this point when you say that I voted for X because I knew Trump wasn't taking VA, but if it was a toss up state, I might vote differently. We can reasonably disagree on whether every vote counts in State X (and I will concede that there are some states where it just won't matter), but under the assumption that your vote does indeed count, Trump v. any candidate in modern history should be a landslide every time.
  4. Hmm.... I guess he could be saying that Clinton is actually worse? (I'm guessing sandwich shaped AIDS infected sewage is worse than diarrhea stew. Do I need a viral load count on that?). Or was this meant to be some random hypothetical which he doesn't agree with? The both candidates were **** line seems telling of his opinion. Or should we be comparing which **** is better? Let's take an example. A ten year old child is running around the house with a loaded gun. There is undoubtedly a root problem there. That's exercise of bad decision by the child. Someone somewhere messed up for the child to have access to a loaded gun. In an ideal world, you would like a child to exercise better judgment and tell a responsible adult when they see a dangerous object instead of deciding to play Rambo. You should work towards that goal. Instilling the ability and habit of exercising independent good judgment is a necessary job of every parent. Sure, no problem. Except, in that moment, you better get off your ass and do everything in your power to take that gun away from that child. You can address all the root problem to your heart's content later on. But job number 1 in that moment is to disarm the child. If you choose another methodology for dealing with the situation, then people can and should tell you that your methodology was bad and that you shouldn't do that in the future. You can vote however you want. No one is breaking down your door for voting the wrong way (we are not a totalitarian nation.... Yet.). But if you expect your naive simple declaration that you voted in accordance with your conscience to be a shield against criticism, democracy shouldn't work that way. Choice is up to you and no one can force you to do anything. But nothing you do is insulated from criticism of others. Election is never simple. Sometimes you vote for your best candidate because dominant parties put up meh candidates or equally laudable candidates or you feel like even the worst case scenario isn't gonna be too bad. Sometimes you suck it up and say okay one party went crazy and nominated a joke to be a president, better make sure I do what I can to prevent that person from getting elected. When that person does get elected and proves every bit as insane as people feared (actually probably more so), then you suck it up and say okay priority number 1 for the next election should be getting that moron out of office.
  5. There's a reason why emergency medicine prioritize in order of ABCDE. It may be that there is some grave underlying disease that caused the emergency. But if you're an emergency room doctor and you sit there trying to fix the underlying disease while you're patient can't breathe, you should be found liable for malpractice on the spot. I want a multi party system. I can respect the fight against the two party sysyem. But when one party goes off the rails and nominates Donald ****ing Trump, that's not the time to fight the good fight. To do so is voter malpractice. If you contend that Clinton is equally as bad as Donald Trump, you should seriously consider the possibility that your judgment may be too impaired to cast a responsible vote. Especially so if you maintain that position with the benefit of hindsight. Overwhelming majority of Congress passed sanctions against Russia for meddling with US election. This Congress that couldn't agree that sun rises in the east passed those sanctions on the unanimous conclusion of the US intelligence community that Russia did meddle. It is the conclusion of this intelligence community that Russia continues to seek ways to influence future US elections. Donald Trump refused to carry out those congressionally mandated sanctions and takes no actions to secure future elections from Russian interference. And I'm not sure that necessarily makes top 5 worst things Trump has done in his first year. Donald Trump is the worst presidential candidate and president in modern US history by a country mile. And we are only one year in. But I'm sure that vote you cast to break up the two party system was a wise one. And the patient who died from asphyxiation should thank the doctor who focused on giving chemo while the patient struggled to breathe. Good grief.
  6. Cohen would have a decent shot at quashing the deposition and would likely get a protective order in place to keep it under seal in any event. If push comes to shove, they'll probably quietly drop the suit (stupid suit to begin with)
  7. Election 2018 Thread

    In related news, White House agrees to follow the direction of Rep. Lamb on everything, cause apparently Lamb is a Republican and they like all of his positions.
  8. Election 2018 Thread

    I wonder what lessons both sides will take from this? Seems to me that if Dems run blue dog democrats in traditional GOP seats, they are competitive even in deep Trump country. Dems may not get a completely liberal House, but you'll get colleagues you can work with, a huge improvement from bat crazy people who have held the reasonable members of GOP hostage. I doubt a traditional liberal dem has a chance in PA18.
  9. It might also make sense to do a consult with a professional dog trainer who works closely with a rescue organization. The trainer could help you assess your goldie to see whether her personality would make rehab/rehome the best option. At least in NOVA (I assume pretty much everywhere in US as well), there are rescues that would ensure that the adoptee go to a situation where they would be a good fit. A very dominant personality may be a better fit with no child, only dog situation with an experienced owner, things like that. It could also have been an isolated unfortunate incident, but you want to do your due diligence obviously if there are children (even if they may be not so little) in the picture. Hope everything works out.
  10. We're not here to judge you Greatbuzz.
  11. I think parenting is the most important aspect of it, but it would be easier if they had some better tools than filters that can over and under block at the same time. Also, birds and the bees discussion gets significantly more complex if you have to explain why Greatbuzz should be free to get it on with midgets and farm animals, but such choices should be made at a sufficient maturity and the basis for sexual acts should be love and respect for your partner and mutual consent. But yeah, I suspect this law is just a cute idea of trying to shame adults into not asking to lift the block. And by cute, I mean stupid.
  12. No, they just wanted to be able to say "Honey, these things just pop up! They can't be blocked!"
  13. Doesn't the fact that WV has 700 unfilled teaching positions despite above state average pay indicate that they aren't getting paid enough? At the end of the day, state legislature can set the wage wherever they want, doesn't matter if not enough people want the job (especially if those candidates have better options across state lines). I'm assuming they are just leaning on existing teachers to fill multiple roles at this point. How long will that be sustainable?
  14. Pretty harsh on Jeb, Kasich, Cruz, and Rubio
  15. Knock knock. Who's there? US Marshalls. US Marshalls who? It's not a joke Mr. Nunberg. .... Ooooh....