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  1. Clearly fake news. Way too many big words by Trump.
  2. I signed as well. There is certainly enough here to justify an amber alert in my opinion.
  3. Would it be inappropriate to sticky this for a week or so? It's such a hard topic to post an appropriate reply to, so I'm worried it might move down the page pretty quickly. If she had her cell with her, I hope the location data leads the police down the right path.
  4. Could very well be the case. I only know the states I know and they are a distinct numerical minority. Edit: Just out of curiosity, I looked at the licensing board site and looked up requirements for a certified plumber. It requires a credit history and fingerprint check, but no direct check on immigration status. Illegal immigrants can build credit history using previously issued SSN or use ITIN. I'm not sure whether the board requests the FBI background check with immigration status (which wouldn't catch those who didn't go through fingerprinting at entry anyway)
  5. Yeah, that's just good sense and not an immigration issue. But you absolutely can get license, insurance, and bond as an illegal immigrant. Legally in many states and with minor effort in states where it might be more difficult (I'm not aware of any state that ties it to immigration, but rather ssn. Most states I believe use ITIN. California explicitly opens the door regardless of immigration status).
  6. I wish we had a path to offer federal level referendums for legislations. It seems to me that there are lot of possible common sense solutions to the immigration issues while morons in Washington are sitting on their behinds. While they sit in paralysis, the human cost continue to mount.
  7. What do you ask for? Green card? Work permit? Social security card? Given the ease of fraud in this area, I think the only sure way would be to enroll in e verify and cross check that with a verifiable photo ID. Only problem is the verifiable photo id part. Can you go to the dmv and ask to verify the authenticity of a driver's license? I would think most people wouldn't go through that extent of trouble for temp work (both the homeowner and the handyperson). Business license, insurance, and a couple of references are probably it.
  8. So which chain immigration are we looking to end? Immediate relatives are defined as the following relatives of us citizens: spouses, unmarried children under 21, adopted orphans, and parents (once us citizen is over 21). Which of these immigration should be stopped? Before people say anchor babies with regards to parents, in order for illegal immigrants to be sponsored by a us citizen and get a green card without leaving the country, the parent must have entered the country through border inspection. Anyone climbing over the wall doesn't count. Why is this important? Because if you didn't enter through inspection, you have to get your greencard in your home country's US consulate. Which means you will trigger a 3 to 10 year ban on reentry unless you are granted an extreme hardship waiver (not easy). The remaining categories (adult or married children of us citizens, spouse and children (minor or under 21 and unmarried) of permanent residents, siblings of us citizens) are numerically limited (combining to about 250k per year). So, which of these categories is creating such a problem? I could buy an argument for the anchor babies issue, albeit a bit overblown (we could numerically limit, give temporary status until child is 18, or say for parent immediate relative, the parent must have legal status to adjust to green card). I could also see lowering the threshold for children from 21 and unmarried to simple 18 (again, not a huge difference). We could probably get rid of siblings, but the numbers are pretty low for that category and the backlog is to 2004, which means it's not much of an issue practically. These are even with the assumption that immigration is bad (specifically family based even more so. I personally don't agree, but it seems that GOP does). What chain immigration are we looking to end?
  9. Given that this is a criminal investigation and not a show down between Congress and the President, Trump would have a very high bar in successfully exercising blanket executive privilege (i.e. refuse to testify at all). There was a reason that US v. Nixon was a unanimous decision and I believe current conservative justices would be loath to diminish the principles set by US v. Nixon. Not to mention the political fallout. Trump's attorneys would be much smarter to execute something similar to what Clinton did with Starr, basically negotiate the contours of the privilege with respect to specific details and issues.
  10. It's not selling, at least not in my opinion (we do have quasi selling citizenship. What the Kushner family did in promoting investor EB5 visas in China. Not illegal at all. Just pointing out that dimension to it). But when someone becomes a US citizen, a whole host of tax obligations come with it. IRS just has to enforce it.
  11. Birthright citizenship is a much harder fix given the constitutional dimension to it. Just move parent of US citizen from top preference to sibling level (where the wait is so long as to not make it worth while for most). On the other hand US could try harder to enforce tax laws on children of wealthy foreigners who thought it would be cool to have their kids get US citizenship as a backup in case things hits the fan in their own country. Bet there's a lot of untapped revenue there.
  12. As a curiosity to both sides, which prominent presidential candidate could you easily support on the other side over Trump or your party's version of Trump? For centrists, I guess you could pick from both sides. I don't mean any politician at all, but those who have at least been mentioned as potential primary candidate in recent years. I could support Kasich, Jeb Bush, Romney off the top of my head. If I look at the field, I'm sure I could find more, but those are the obvious names off the top of my head.
  13. Shouldn't we applaud conservatives who has the principle to say that "Yeah, Trump is a bad president"? I would like nothing better than to have Trump primaried out and have an Election where we struggle between two good choices.
  14. The Politics Sexual Assault Thread

    Equal pay act has been the law in US since the 60s, just like it has been the law in Iceland since the 60s. Iceland's equal pay standard that will be implemented this year still allows discrimination based on non-gender factors, such as experience, education, etc just like the US equal pay act (in the form of statutory affirmative defenses). The central difference will be that Iceland is essentially auditing all above 25 employees companies by requiring certifications. US leaves it up to individuals to prosecute the offenders (which is obviously much harder, consider the example Burgold mentioned of blatant gender discrimination behind doors). We could consider giving EEOC or DOL with IRS like powers to conduct at least spot audits or have Equal Pay Certification on products to woo consumers who would vote with their wallets. You could also give qui tam rights to third party whistle blowers to encourage people to report gender pay discrimination behind the scenes.
  15. That death toll is probably better blamed on totalitarianism than communism. Totalitarian capitalist government would have the same kind of problem. Not to say that communism is in anyway practical, but massive suppression and death toll is not a necessary or likely outcome like it would be with a totalitarian government.