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  1. Tax Bill

    I recently read a post about a family where the wife taught the husband bunch of ways to stream TV and the husband promptly forgot it. I wonder who the smart one is in that family.
  2. Over the range microwave question

    The scoring edges and trying to penetrate with something thin and sharp is a good idea. I do have the instruction manual and the installation directions are the more modern hook to wall bracket and screw top to cabinet approach. So unless the prev owner did something screwy, I'm thinking that wooden panel is hiding at least a horizontal plank of somekind. I did check the under to see if it's held up by some kind of an L shaped bracket, but as far as I can tell, it's the microwave attached at the wall to a standard bracket. Now I have to decide whether to tackle this before or after thanksgiving. Worst case scenario, I guess we'll have some interesting fodder for dinner conversation Although, I just had a horrific thought. What if the horizontal plank the microwave is attached to is being held up by the wooden panel I'm about to remove? That would be totally moronic, but I'm still trying to guess why anyone would seal or nail shut that panel. I'm thinking I better at least have something propping up that microwave before I try to remove that panel. Btw, it is a nail in that panel. I can remove it with my hand actually. Not nailed in too deep.
  3. Over the range microwave question

    Exactly what I was afraid that I was gonna have to do . I don't get why previous owner didn't just install a door to begin with
  4. Over the range microwave question

    I probably should've uploaded the picture with the original post doh!
  5. I need everyone to pretend like I'm stupid (shouldn't be too hard ) and talk to me real slow like. My over the range microwave that came with the house went kaput. The house is 1978, I'm guessing the microwave is 10+ years kenmore. The problem is I don't see a cabinet above the microwave, just a wooden covering. I also don't see any electric connection for the microwave, which I guess means that it's connected by an outlet behind that wooden panel (I guess it could also be a direct connection behind the panel?). The wooden panel has an outline that's been cut along the edge (so it's like a cut panel of wood above the microwave in between the cabinets). The problem is I don't see how this thing would open other than forcing it with a pry bar or something (which I'm afraid to do). I tried pushing it to see if it is stationary and it didnt give at all. Home depot tells me that they only install with cabinet above the range. I'm assuming that other big boxes would be the same. What's my play in terms of a new microwave install? Is this a job for a handyman? Electrician? Would I have better luck calling around local appliance stores?
  6. All the people on ES? You'd be surprised how far people will go for free food
  7. Or you could just invite us over.
  8. Or the senate could do their job and not confirm judicial nominees three years out of law school. Tough call I know.
  9. The Politics Sexual Assault Thread

    Honest question, when's the last time an opposing party got people to fabricate accusations of pedophilia? Has that ever happened before?
  10. The Politics Sexual Assault Thread

    Considering the passage of time, the only official body capable of investigation at this point is probably the Alabama state bar. Whether they have the appetite to get involved is an entirely different matter.
  11. The Politics Sexual Assault Thread

    Hopefully we aren't so far off the cliff that political party plays a role in how we view allegations of pedophilia. I still have that much faith in people. Let's hope I'm not proven wrong.
  12. Election 2017 Thread

    When's the last time VA had a dem legislature? That's really in play? Wow. Would love to see non partisan districting be made into law in VA.
  13. Mass Shooting at Texas Church

    Do you think the Constitution gives government the power to forbid people with mental illness from owning a gun? If so, what would be a less restrictive means of achieving that goal than a psych screening?
  14. Mass Shooting at Texas Church

    I think we can agree on reasonable restrictions on gun ownership and still make good progress on safety. And another key point is good enforcement of existing regulations. Like twa raised in this thread, why did the background check not come up with the prior record?
  15. Mass Shooting at Texas Church

    Many constitutional rights can be abridged or restricted. I don't have an absolute right of free speech. There are things that I can't say due to either civil or criminal repercussions. I can't decide to assemble in the middle of main street with my friends without a permit without violating a host of laws. We already require background checks for guns. State absolutely has an interest in making sure that those with mental illness don't have access to guns. Now if you want to say that screening out mental illness can be done with a less intrusive method than a psych screening that's one thing, but short of that I think it will survive strict scrutiny. State also has an interest in ensuring gun owners have adequate safety training. Shouldn't be difficult to write a law that can survive strict scrutiny there. There is no constitutional right that is unfettered and unrestricted. They are all subject to appropriate limitations.