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  1. Thanks for posting this Grego! Btw, can confirm that the first link doesn't work, so people should use the second link.
  2. The Official Washington Wizards Thread

    Are you sure? I'm gonna double check with Kris Humphries.
  3. The Official Washington Wizards Thread

    You didn't mention his marriage to Kim Kardashian did you? He seemed kinda weird about that when I brought it up.
  4. Why is everyone looking at me?
  5. Conservatism

    Somewhere down the road, Americans will have to have the debate Kilmer17 is talking about. Suppose it cost 100 to provide A+ care across the spectrum. What if it costs 50 to provide grade B care? 10 to provide grade C care? 5 to provide bare minimum care? Would Americans be willing to say, let's ensure everyone can get at least B or C care and it's up to individuals to pay for A+ care? What if cost difference between B and A+ was 5 to 100? 0.1 to 100? It's a difficult debate. And no one in Congress is talking about it.
  6. I hope people listen to both McConnell and Schumer's speech and decide which version of the Senate they would prefer.
  7. Three votes for regular order. Let's hope that there is a bipartisan attempt to address health care in a pragmatic way. Just call it a no win politically for both sides and focus on improving the law.
  8. I'm pretty sure conference report still has to be voted on by both houses.
  9. Unfortunately, IRS didn't buy "it's only an encouragement" argument from me. Maybe you'll have better luck? There you go! Now you're thinking like a liberal!
  10. Twa is referring to the reasoning that SCOTUS used to uphold individual mandate. Twa, fwiw, I would argue that forcing healthy individuals to get health insurance is better than forcing insurance companies to cover preexisting conditions without influx of healthy customers.
  11. I think CBO is assuming (probably correctly) that if you repeal individual and employer mandates and have temporary 130% premium penalty (or is it nothing under skinny repeal?) as the barrier to health coverage, lot of healthy people will cancel insurance, thus raising the loss ratio and premiums.
  12. Of all the options, I think skinny repeal would be the worst. Insurance companies have to cover preexisting conditions, but absolutely nothing is done to force or encourage the healthy to maintain insurance? If the true goal is to hammer it out in committee, why not just pass Senate's ideal version? And if they are not doing that because they don't have an ideal version that's better than ACA and have enough votes to pass, maybe that's a pretty good sign that GOP needs to go back to the drawing board and focus on crafting a better bill.
  13. Conservatism

    OP, are we discussing conservatism or GOP? Donald Trump and his brand of the GOP won the election. Conservatism as you described in generalities doesn't seem close to that version of the GOP in my view. Out of curiosity, what percentage would you say is the overlap between your conservative ideals and the current GOP? Who, in your view, was the last true conservative presidential candidate?
  14. Conservatism

    If you support literal reading of the constitution, can the government forbid a citizen from owning an automatic machine gun, tank, jet fighter, and/or nuclear weapon?
  15. Maryland's rebuttal to Mercatus ranking There is a strong whiff of confirmation bias. Mercatus ranking rewards states who tax less and spend less rather than examining the quality of government such policies produce. Many will say that government should tax and spend for appropriate reasons and much prefer a lower cash solvency in exchange for a government that does more. If the ranking is designed to measure fidelity to conservative ideals, I think it does that. But, if the ranking is trying measure degree of successful governance, I think it oversimplifies and fails.