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  1. can we stop with the Hankins ridiculousness! Skins are not signing him.... period. it's common sense really. they drafted 2 guys that play this position that are younger and cheaper w the same or better upside. Barring crazy inj streak to our dline(knock on wood), it aint happening, and it shouldnt.. let it go.
  2. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    and rightfully so.. both are top 5 picks and 3 down RBs.. while Guice is a late 2nd pick that is projected to be a 2 down thumper... at least initially
  3. 2018 Draft Day Thread

    It sounds like if they knew they could get Settle in the 5th, they would not have taken Payne at 13 or would have traded down. I am actually glad it worked out the way it did though. Tired of overpaying retreads from other teams and our D being consistently bad year over year. Build a young talented line in the draft and have them on the cheap for the next 4 years.
  4. Absolutely Zero chance we get, or even want Hankins. You have a potentially better version of Hankins drafted, w Phil Taylor (who looked good pre inj) as a backup... why would you pay hankins 8-9mil a year to do the same job. I'd rather they use that money for CJ Anderson, to resign our top 3 next year or another position of need in FA.
  5. Top 3 are correct.. but no way is Williams, Wallace and Marshall better then Dactson and Richardson
  6. Something has got to be up with Hankins... maybe he is locker room cancer. Colts got rid of him after just one year and no-one else is giving him a contract either. Maybe he lacked motivation after he got paid. Only reason i can think of for why skins would only want him for one year.
  7. Hankins will probably be available post draft.. the idea is to see how the draft plays out and if he is still around and skins did not draft NT, bring him in. hopefully
  8. incorrect how? try to support your blanket statement with something tangible.... good life lesson I am not referring to the Instagram rumors "genius" .. and i use the term loosely in case that wasn't clear. There have been rumblings about Bears wanting to trade Howard for months... in fact there was talk of trading him for Landry in early march https://www.upi.com/Report-Dolphins-Bears-talked-of-Landry-Howard-trade/8301520140379/
  9. my point is I dont believe there is a large gap in talent between the two.. if you want to stick with the same level of subpar running, howard is your guy. There is a reason Bears have been trying to trade him the last few month.
  10. Hell no on Howard. The guy is a 2 down thumper. No hands and often disappears in games. Perine and Kelley can be just as effective.
  11. Now Skins can draft a WR in the first round
  12. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    That's funny... i agree that there is a lot of smoke screen about the draft being tossed out by the team right now. They've been pushing the RB narrative so hard that I firmly believe that they will not pick one in the first 2 rounds unless a top guy unexpectedly drops to them.
  13. in other words "hey, I cant disprove what you said so ill make a smart ass comment to save face" got you Every player on your list, other than Gilmore got an average or below PFF grade. Allen got poor grade. Gilmore struggled early, but came on late to play well. I would argue every other Patriots FA was an average at best signing
  14. The funny part is that if you grade their FA signing, i would call it subpar at best: Signed RFA RB Mike Gillislee from the Buffalo Bills - bust Re-signed unrestricted free agent DL Alan Branch and restricted free agent OL Cameron Fleming - below avg Re-signed LB Dont'a Hightower. - i wont count resigning since they know this player well. Signed RB Rex Burkhead as an unrestricted free agent from the Cincinnati Bengals - average Acquired WR Brandin Cooks in a trade with the New Orleans Saints, and DL Kony Ealy in a trade with the Carolina Panthers - Cooks was a let down, DL was bad all year Signed CB Stephon Gilmore as an unrestricted free agent (Buffalo Bills) -significantly underperformed Acquired TE Dwayne Allen in a trade with the Indianapolis Colts in exchange for an undisclosed draft selection. - bust Majority of the above acquisitions has little impact on them being in the superbowl.
  15. I am not exactly defending Allen and the FO, they carry plenty of blame for this average team. But lets be realistic here.. X+Y does not always equal 2 In 2017 the dline and the rest of the team had an unprecedented amount of injuries which is the main reason why our run D sucked... NOT because Baker left. Dont make the mistake of equating Baker to the reason we were ranked 22 - 2016 vs 32- 2017 in run D... not to mention that Tampa run D was as bad as Skins run D which shows that your theory carries 0 water. McGee was actually OK in spots..probably earned his contract. McClain sucked but again.. it wasn't a large investment and will most likely get cut after the draft. Agree that there is a need for a true nose.. but not all that on board for bringing in a 10mil per year 2 down player. There is a reason why no other team signed him yet, he is not worth the contract he is seeking, plus there is got to be something to the point that he got cut 1 year in to a 3 year contract, after earning most of the guarantees in year one. I dont exactly believe the "he didn't fit our scheme excuse". This forum cracks me up... During the Vinny years, everyone b!tched and moaned about the fact that every player with a name would be brought in just to get paid and underperform. The last few years, people b!tch about the fact that Skins are not active in FA, when in reality.. very few of the shopping sprees other teams go through work out for them in the long run and seem to not understand that the few truly marquee players that end up playing up to their contracts(C.Campbell) might not have wanted to sign with the skins even is skins offered the most money. I am actually on board with the FA strategy this year: 1. Identify your must have players that cover biggest needs and do what it takes to get them, within reason without significantly overpaying. (A. Smith, Richardson) The FA class this year has been underwhelming. I am not upset at not getting any of the other players. 2. Bring in role players on the cheap that can help in rotational duties with potential to blow up. 3. develop your own draft and give them every opportunity to start. 4. Let your average to good players leave if there is ediqute replacement in place and get comp picks in return. 5. Leave enough cap to resign your elite players in the coming year (Sherff, crowder, smith) 6. Leave enough cap space available in case an elite talent FA becomes available late to make a run at (Norman)