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  1. Should Bill Callahan be back next year?

    to the pits of misery with him! In 4 years he has not been able to put together a line that can run block worth a damn.
  2. Your 2018 Redskins Predictions

    Skins trade cousins and Reed to SF for Goropolo, then dump Gruden and bring in Belichick to reunite with his QB. ... one can dream.
  3. Good for Dunbar.. I actually think there is a good chance that Norman gets cut and Breeland is resigned
  4. Gameday Thread: Redskins at giants

    Cousins is playing himself out of that 26+mil per year contract. way to go bud!
  5. Seems like some of the moves the team made last year to let go of certain players might have been the right ones... lack of effort were the reason quoted by the team for reasons to letting baker walk in the first place. Buccaneers' Chris Baker incited locker room shouting match following Panthers game http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/12/27/buccaneers-chris-baker-incited-locker-room-shouting-match-following-panthers-game/ via @ProFootballTalk
  6. If we determine that 2017 was an anomaly for the injury bug i dont think Skins are that far off from having a solid O(top 10) again in 2018, assuming cousins stays. Healthy Oline healthy Thompson, 2nd year perine, FA or drafted RB Doctson/ crowder/ FA WR + draft Reed/ VD/ Sprinkle Above is a top 10 Offence. Anything more than above will be a bonus We need to spend $$ on a more consistent D and again if brown and Sweringer stay we are not that far off. a few additions on Dline, safety, LB and again if they can maintain health - top 15D
  7. Problem is that as an organization Skins have consistently missed on RBs in the draft and FA in recent years. Matt Jones - 3rd rd - bust Perrine - 4th rd -eh.. looks like a bust so far. Morris - undrafted and played well in a zone blocking scheme.. but again, cant catch, nothing special.. more scheme fit than anything else Kelley - 6th rd - average at best and cant seem to stay healthy Thompson - great 3rd down back but doesnt have the frame or inj history for a full time role The last good rb skins had was portis.. and he had to carry the team on his back and got run in to the ground.
  8. The Positive Thread

    Skins Oline is better then every other (3rd string) Oline in the nfl
  9. Bill Callahan and the Offensive Line

    To me its on Callahan first and foremost... replace him with a trash can and you will get the same result. 1. you have a top 5 LT in the game 2. You just payed your RT like a top 2-3 player in the game (is he worth it?) This team has not been able to run block for **** the last 3 years... please stop with this top 5 oline BS.. Skins were never a top 5 line.. Kirks quick release helped to make the Oline look better than it really is. Its mind boggling that in 3 yeras they cant figure out one of the simplest things in the game.. run blocking. And finally instead of getting better, they are getting worse as a unit. Now they cant pass block either. it seemed like Kirk was scrambling for his life on most pass plays.
  10. Per Schefter: Su'a Cravens Considering Retirement

    Can skins recoup the pic in any way if he does retire?
  11. They needed a Center with some experience to play in the 3rd and 4th preseason game.. highly doubt he makes the roster. at 290 he is also a bit small for power blocking scheme
  12. The 2017 Training Camp Discussion Thread

    not sure if this has been posted but this guy does a good review of Pryor.. kind of gets you excited on what he can do in DC
  13. The 2017 Training Camp Discussion Thread

    Ultimately most coaches try to get close to 50/50 run/ pass split for the most balanced offence. Injuries and game flow change the strategy. If the defense gets better and we have a marginally better running game, Skins wont need to play catchup as much so the O will most likely be more balanced to both keep the opponents O off the field and to run out the clock out while holding a lead. Gruden loved Gio and used him a lot in Cinci. Thompson is our Gio and I actually think his role will grow this year.
  14. it doesn't matter what the dynamics are.. it about bottom dollar. At the end of the day i believe most think that Raiders won on that deal with less then expected guarantees, which in turn is good for Skins in their efforts to sign Cousins since most believe Carr is better then Cousins.
  15. This could get interesting.... Cousins could make an argument for a higher salary since he ranked better then Carr in every category other then wins. This could get interesting.... Cousins could make an argument for a higher salary since he ranked better then Carr in every category other then wins.