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  1. it doesn't matter what the dynamics are.. it about bottom dollar. At the end of the day i believe most think that Raiders won on that deal with less then expected guarantees, which in turn is good for Skins in their efforts to sign Cousins since most believe Carr is better then Cousins.
  2. This could get interesting.... Cousins could make an argument for a higher salary since he ranked better then Carr in every category other then wins. This could get interesting.... Cousins could make an argument for a higher salary since he ranked better then Carr in every category other then wins.
  3. my point was that overpaying for average talent just to fill a need is an even worse idea. Every year there are quality players available later in the off season at a discount.. teams just need to be patient
  4. ... and this is why you're better off waiting until late in FA to bring in complimentary pieces at a discounted rate vs jumping in early and overpaying for a position: 2017 WR FAs avg per year T.Pryor - 6 A.Jeffrey 1y - 9.5 Garcon- 9.5 Jackson -11 Britt 8.1 marshall 5.5 patterson 4.2 smith 5 stills 8 woods 6.8 Maclin and Decker both available and will most likely fetch <5mil deals and are better then at least half the Wrs on the above list.
  5. He wont necessarily face all the best corners as some only cover one side of the field. Skins can also move Pryor in to the slot for miss-matches. I am actually pretty excited to see how teams D up the skins with both Reed and Pryor on the field on 3rd downs. Either way.. Doctson and Crowder could stand to be the biggest beneficiaries of the Pryor signing.
  6. remember that Thompson was also pretty injury prone his first two years in the league, and while talent was obvious he couldnt stay on the field. Today, Thompson is probably the best RB on the team, but cant be relied on to stay healthy. If Marshall can stay healthy long enough to stay on the field, I believe he might show to be a similar find to Thompson.
  7. Apparently his initial burst wasn't good enough to run away from the cops. He needs to work on his striding stamina. I am just happy he didn't tear anything while running from the cops.. getting closer to game shape!
  8. I am dumbfounded by this.. 1. i cant imagine that this issue started only in 2016, it should have been evident in 2015, why didn't they make the switch from Berry in 2016. 2. Even if this level of incompetency was only noticed mid season in 2016 , why not take steps to resolve this problem mid season with a D coordinator change or at least duty modification?
  9. It'll be interesting to see how long it will take for KC to jell with 3 new starting WRs. On paper Skins WRs look solid though... good signing.
  10. I never said he deserves zero credit... re-read what i said. All I said is that the MC we were all sold on "draft genius with a knack for finding gems late" is not what we got the last 2 years. I am sure the rest of the FO bares blame as well, but i am just looking at the results with Scot in the GM role. -Offence (strength of the team the last 2y) was mostly built before Scott Would we be better off without him? no one can answer for sure one way or another, but based on results this can be openly debated.. which is what we are doing.
  11. right.. my bad on leaving off Shreff. But using a 5th overall pick on guard, even a really good one is still debatable as a good pic.
  12. yeah you're right.... probably has nothing to do with Gruden and Mcvay(now youngest head coach ever) or KC - Offence that carried this team to those .500+ seasons.
  13. This with Cle is that even if they got Cousins. it would be a 1y- 24mil rental since KC doesnt want to play there. I doubt they would give up more then a 3rd round pick for that.
  14. Ding, ding ding! we have a winner. At the end of the day the Mcloughlan Skins got is not the one that was sold to us. Looking back at his draft and FA acquisitions he has so far been a below average GM. Now he might have been limited in what he could do but in the end of the day this is what we have to show for it: 2015 draft - 7 picks: 1 good starter - Crowder 1 avg starter - P. Smith 1 backup - Arie K all within top 4 rounds 2016 draft - 7 picks: 1 good starter - Sua 1 enj WR that might never be able to get on the field. rest have not shown anything to back up their pics. FAs outside of Norman have been largely disappointing. he also largely ignored Dline and Safety in draft and FA 2 years in a row which has been the biggest need on this team 2 years running.