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  1. I am dumbfounded by this.. 1. i cant imagine that this issue started only in 2016, it should have been evident in 2015, why didn't they make the switch from Berry in 2016. 2. Even if this level of incompetency was only noticed mid season in 2016 , why not take steps to resolve this problem mid season with a D coordinator change or at least duty modification?
  2. It'll be interesting to see how long it will take for KC to jell with 3 new starting WRs. On paper Skins WRs look solid though... good signing.
  3. I never said he deserves zero credit... re-read what i said. All I said is that the MC we were all sold on "draft genius with a knack for finding gems late" is not what we got the last 2 years. I am sure the rest of the FO bares blame as well, but i am just looking at the results with Scot in the GM role. -Offence (strength of the team the last 2y) was mostly built before Scott Would we be better off without him? no one can answer for sure one way or another, but based on results this can be openly debated.. which is what we are doing.
  4. right.. my bad on leaving off Shreff. But using a 5th overall pick on guard, even a really good one is still debatable as a good pic.
  5. yeah you're right.... probably has nothing to do with Gruden and Mcvay(now youngest head coach ever) or KC - Offence that carried this team to those .500+ seasons.
  6. This with Cle is that even if they got Cousins. it would be a 1y- 24mil rental since KC doesnt want to play there. I doubt they would give up more then a 3rd round pick for that.
  7. Ding, ding ding! we have a winner. At the end of the day the Mcloughlan Skins got is not the one that was sold to us. Looking back at his draft and FA acquisitions he has so far been a below average GM. Now he might have been limited in what he could do but in the end of the day this is what we have to show for it: 2015 draft - 7 picks: 1 good starter - Crowder 1 avg starter - P. Smith 1 backup - Arie K all within top 4 rounds 2016 draft - 7 picks: 1 good starter - Sua 1 enj WR that might never be able to get on the field. rest have not shown anything to back up their pics. FAs outside of Norman have been largely disappointing. he also largely ignored Dline and Safety in draft and FA 2 years in a row which has been the biggest need on this team 2 years running.
  8. What most seem to miss when they say "how do we replace two 1000yd WRs" .. is that once we get an even half assed D and run game there will be little need or opportunity for a two 1000yd wrs. With garcon, jackson, reed and crowder there were not enough balls to go around. i was dumbfounded by lack of Crowder utilization in the 2nd half of the season as he is one of the top slot wrs in the game and feel this was due to constant ****ing for more balls from Garcon and DJ. Improved D and Running game will take pressure off the passing game and also the need for all the crazy come backs and garbage time points. Pryor, crowder and reed already give skins a pretty potent receiving core. Doctson + draft pick is a bonus.
  9. I think a "blow up" is a bit strong and overblown assuming we can retain KC. 1. loosing one of and possibly both starting WRs was a real possibility going in to 2017 - it played out as both. Doctson was supposed to be the answer :/ 2. Baker is good, not great so his loss can be mitigated with other additions. Team O moves through TEs and FA or draft can bring some level of replacement WRs. Outside of that there is no major changes so far... but if KC gets traded then we might well blow it up because he makes the difference between 8-8 season and 4-12 season. 1. With KC we are a 8-9 win team. This is with a Bad D and a below average run game. 2. You'd think that making the D at least avg and improving the rungame a little - should net us 2-3 more wins. If Skins can get to a consistent 10+ win team, Skins will become a contender.
  10. unless you provide names... "league sources" is nothing more than "random information i could find on the internet" I just provided one example where the article does not necessarily fit. At the end of the day a lot of beat writers are fronting rumors and opinions in order to get people of read articles and to get their name in the news. At the end of the day you have a 50/50 shot of being right.
  11. This article take a lot of liberties and fronts a lot of opinions and theories as facts... if this was true, I doubt KC would yell "How you like me now!?" at MC if MC was trying to sign him the whole time
  12. the amount of naivete in this forum in hilarious. 1. Cooley did not pull the "MC drinking" out of his ass. someone fed him the info 2. MC is good as gone.. no way you go to a "grandma funeral" indefinitely with days before the combine. This is obviously a cover. 3. coaches are not robots.. i am sure most enjoy a drink here and there. now whether MC started abusing alc again is up in the air, but seems likely with his history.. or it could be a bs reason fed to the media by the Snyder to get the public opinion on the "right" side with a split coming. either way it seems like skins cant get by more then a couple of years without some level of drama and ineptitude in the front office