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  1. 10+m per year for a slot corner or safety backup is way too much, plus fs is not his strength. Nicholson looks good but he cant seem to stay on the field. Mathieu is more of an in the box SS which is what Sweringer is and what Skins were trying to groom Cravens in to.
  2. honey badger would play the same spot as Sweringer and now possibly 'no show' cravens. while he is probably better then both, its not enough of upgrade to pay a lot of him.. Skins need a true free safety with range
  3. You cant keep every guy you draft.. its impossible in todays NFL. All other teams have the same issue. You keep the best ones and try to replenish talent in the spots where you might lose players.
  4. Bree will automatically look better in Carolina because they have one of the best D-lines in the NFL. Sounds like a good deal for panthers. Now we are stuck with overpaid Norman that can't catch Int that hit him right in the hands but at least he can punch the ball well :/ but.. one interesting thing is that while Skins cant seem to draft RBs or WRs worth a damn, they seem to do one hell of a job finding CB gems both in draft and FA.. so I am sure they'll find someone decent to take his spot. Now d line is a different story
  5. Purely a special teams move.. if he is starting for Skins at safety we are in for a loooong season.
  6. It seems like everyone knew that Kirk wanted out except for the Redskins FO. These morons should have traded him last year for at least a 1st round pick.. no one to blame but themselves for losing a franchise QB and getting almost nothing in return.
  7. I am 100% confident no team will bring him in at his current 6.5mil / year contract. He is as good as fa
  8. Pass on Martin for me too.. he is one of those players that looks great in preseason and below average during. He had one good year which looks like an anomaly at this point. Bust if he is cut.. he has no contract. will most likely sign for vet min
  9. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    I am not as upset about getting Smith as I am about giving up a young and very good corner still on a rookie deal. facts are: 1. Skins FO screwed themselves by not signing Cousins in 2015 and 2016. After, there were hurt feeling and KC was not going to resign with the team period. 2. Only option was to transition tag him for 29mil in 2018 and then he would have been gone a year later. you cant plan an O that way or build a team, plus they would have lost other good players with smaller cap. Cousins will make 28-30mil/ year on a long term deal with lots of guarantees somewhere. 3. While Alex smith is not as good as KC, he is a good qb on a much cheaper deal. Depending on guarantees its probably a 2-3 year deal after which skins can get out with little cap hit. 4. Time and time again we see that in order to win in the nfl for every team (except NE) is that you need a strong D and a strong running game. Now skins can use the draft to improve their D and running game and still get a 3rd rd compensatory pick for KC next year. My problem is that they gave up one of the best corners on the team to get an old QB who even with the season he had in 2017 does not really scare anyone, essentially making their D worse in the process. Also, there were a lot of FA QB options this year so they could have found someone and drafted a qb to develop. This team is not that close to a superbowl run
  10. Should Bill Callahan be back next year?

    to the pits of misery with him! In 4 years he has not been able to put together a line that can run block worth a damn.
  11. Your 2018 Redskins Predictions

    Skins trade cousins and Reed to SF for Goropolo, then dump Gruden and bring in Belichick to reunite with his QB. ... one can dream.
  12. Good for Dunbar.. I actually think there is a good chance that Norman gets cut and Breeland is resigned
  13. Gameday Thread: Redskins at giants

    Cousins is playing himself out of that 26+mil per year contract. way to go bud!
  14. Seems like some of the moves the team made last year to let go of certain players might have been the right ones... lack of effort were the reason quoted by the team for reasons to letting baker walk in the first place. Buccaneers' Chris Baker incited locker room shouting match following Panthers game http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/12/27/buccaneers-chris-baker-incited-locker-room-shouting-match-following-panthers-game/ via @ProFootballTalk