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  1. They e been running illegal picks all ****ing say and now the refs want to call them? What a joke
  2. How the **** do you get 40 yards of penalties on a drive and not get to half field. That’s poor officiating.
  3. **** this game and **** this season. Reed and gruden ready to let the refs have it.
  4. Omg these refs. Every player in the nfl spins the ball. These refs are killing us.
  5. Mason foster is a liability. He is slow and can’t cover.
  6. This is just sad and embarrassing. This reminds me of the New Orleans game. But we’re at home hahahaha
  7. That was rg3 esqu - both the run and the not getting out of bounds
  8. Can someone tell me who he was throwing to?
  9. Smith sucks. This dude can’t see ****.
  10. All of a sudden we can’t play defense it seems