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  1. I do actually think it's important to remember all the parts of our history, even the ones we now recognize as shameful. But they don't need to remain in public places in positions of honor.
  2. Sorry to hear all that, but glad you're moving back in!
  3. Part of me wonders if the timing of this is such that Republicans won't feel any real pressure in 2018. If this runaway train gets going as rapidly as it looks like it could, the worst of this could be in the rearview mirror by election time. Lots of districts have been safe red for a long time. Instead of flipping, I can imagine those areas voting for a new Republican candidate who runs on being free of corruption. Win-win for the GOP, who get to ride the Trump wave and then pretend it never happened, laughing all the way to the bank.
  4. Come on, you don't know for sure that he was tweeting from the toilet. (But if you have an unnamed WH source to cite I'll believe you.)
  5. Carolina Gold is the truth.
  6. Probably to maximize the number of people who have the day off already.
  7. I'm with Kosh, why even go to the time and trouble of boiling water to cook hot dogs when it's not going to be any better than microwaving it? If you have the time to actually cook it, grill or fry it and get some color and flavor on there. Or even broil it if you don't want to grill but want a healthier option than frying. (Although if you want a healthy option, why are you cooking a hot dog?) All of this said with the understanding that they make chocolate and vanilla for a reason, and anybody has the right to enjoy their food however they like it.
  8. You'd all recognize the Butthole Surfers' one big radio hit when you heard it. I think it's called Pepper.
  9. I'm assuming that he had to wipe off the outside of the toilet. First of all, use a paper towel or a piece of TP and then throw it in the trash. If you have to use a towel and you really were just wiping off the reservoir lid or something, it's probably fine. Not any worse than any other bathroom surface you haven't cleaned in three weeks. (I still would throw it in the wash though.) And if you were using your own towel to wipe anywhere near the bowl, wtf?
  10. Very cool. I'm a middle school math teacher. We have two 3D printers in my classroom that are indefinite loan from our partner high school. The kids love using them. I actually just started helping a few third graders with a project to do some simple 3D printing. One of our 8th grade students designed a really incredible castle on TinkerCAD, but it's too large to print on our Printrbots with any kind of detail.
  11. I can imagine that fire was used for warmth and safety before it was used for cooking. It's really difficult to superimpose modern education and scientific thought onto learning processes that likely took centuries to develop in prehistoric times. Someone had a thought, tried it, maybe tried it again, and eventually the idea spread and was refined over the course of a long time. It's pretty incredible that we even developed the idea to shape flint knives when you think about it. So maybe people had already been gathering around campfires and someone wanted to see what would happen when they warmed food up. Or maybe some meat fell into the fire. Or maybe they used fire to trap a small herd of animals and discovered that cooked meat is good. Who knows. There are still cultures that eat raw meat, so it isn't like cooking meat is an inevitability even once you have the technology.
  12. I don't agree with RedskinsMayne, but I think you know that's not what he said.
  13. All of his handyman skills come from building timeout chairs.
  14. What a coincidence, I've been supporting the food and beverage industry for almost 35 years! I'm a middle school math teacher at a K-8 charter school.
  15. I'm surprised there aren't already Trump memes in the mold of the O'Reilly "You can't explain that" ones.
  16. I'm surprised there aren't already Trump memes in the mold of the O'Reilly "You can't explain that" ones.
  17. Really well said, El.
  18. I think part of the problem is that telling people what they want to hear passes for being in touch with them.
  19. That dog is awesome. He looks like he went swimming in cookies and cream.
  20. I think hands down the card will mean more to her than anything else. In fact, if you have a way to keep in touch, sending her another card later to let her know you're still thinking of her will probably really boost her spirits. She's probably going to be spending a fair amount of time in bed, so something like a fuzzy blanket or comfy socks might be nice, especially if he has some idea what she might like. Something like Coldstone isn't a bad idea either. You might also want to contact the school secretary. She may be aware of what others are doing to support the teacher, or be able to put you in touch with the teacher's family to ask them for suggestions.
  21. My dad was 60 when I graduated high school. (Actually 59 about to turn 60.) My sister's a year younger though, so 60 for real when she graduated. I'll be 48 when my youngest graduates.
  22. It's more like 3 percent, not that that changes your point. Edit: Sorry, 3 percent from 61 to 63 is what I meant.
  23. You can look at Cassini's official Twitter feed to see video of it flying between Saturn and its rings.