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  1. The Beer Thread

    I did. I found it VERY chocolatey, which could be good or bad depending on what you're looking for. For example, I wouldn't have it with dinner, or with something like chocolate cake. Might go well with a lighter dessert or just by itself. I like the oatmeal stout but this one was a bit too heavy handed on the chocolate for me. Good beer, just leans way into the chocolate.
  2. Earthquake near dover de

    Things rattled just a bit around the house here. It was just enough where you could tell it wasn't just some truck rolling down the road.
  3. Need Advice with my "troubled" middle schooler...

    Well said, I agree my initial reaction probably wasn't stringent enough. I've had several students go through various iterations of home and hospital treatment or inpatient treatment at a hospital and it's always been helpful to those kids.
  4. Need Advice with my "troubled" middle schooler...

    I teach middle school. It's a hard time for a lot of kids. Even with that in mind, his actions and words are very concerning. Obviously none of us can give you perfect advice with so little direct connection to the situation, but professional help is the best first step. Your school's counselor may be able to recommend an outside therapist as well, and should be able to get a sense of whether additional outside counseling is warranted or not. The eventual solution could run the gamut from continued therapy to a 504 plan (essentially putting into writing strategies to help SoF manage himself at school) to medication. I wouldn't worry too much about that, I'm just pointing out that every kid is different and none of those things mean there is anything "wrong" with SoF, they are just ways of making sure he is as comfortable, healthy and successful as possible.
  5. Well yeah, I mean the game was created to teach about the dangers of monopolies and big business. As a game, it has a lot of design flaws.
  6. I love how every few years an article comes out about this "obscure" rule. As a game, Monopoly is pretty terrible though. You play it as a kid because your family doesn't have any better games lying around, and at least it's better than something like Candyland.
  7. Stranger Things on Netflix

    I loved both seasons. They do a reasonable job of tying d&d in without overdoing it and boring people who don't play, but also without dumbing it down and butchering it which would ruin the fun of a tie-in. The dance scene was cute, but my favorite was actually the car ride with El and Hopper. I always have a bit of an issue with shows that set up an Impossibly Powerful Otherworldly Evil as the enemy, but that's not really ST's fault.
  8. The Grilling and Cooking Thread

    Cranking out three pumpkin pies from scratch, including one gluten free one. Then throwing some dip together as our contributions. What's your timing on steaming them?
  9. On another forum I read, sarcastic text gets put in purple. In some ways, telegraphing sarcasm takes some of the fun out of it. It does avoid confusion though.
  10. I wonder if they think raw action is what will keep people watching. I can't remember there ever being this many scenes with hailstorms of bullets ricocheting all over the place. Remember when everybody thought they were going to have to conserve ammo? I guess the writers decided that was inconvenient. Even my wife, who has been a diehard fan, is starting to see the writing on the wall. If she gives up on the show it means they've lost their core audience.
  11. The Grilling and Cooking Thread

    Yeah cookbooks are fun to flip through, but really the internet >>> cookbooks, especially since you can watch professional chefs or very talented home cooks make pretty much whatever you want step by step on YouTube.
  12. Your favorite NES games (and other old school games)

    Rygar was great. Some others I forgot: Excitebike Top Gun Silkworm Mega Man
  13. Your favorite NES games (and other old school games)

    I think Mario 2 was underappreciated, although I understand why some people didn't care for it. Obviously the Mario and Zelda franchises headline the list along with classics like Contra and Double Dragon. My list would also include: Vindicator Robin Hood Jackal Blades of Steel Ninja Turtles games Burger Time I'm sure I'll think of more.
  14. The Beer Thread

    Been a while since we've had much discussion in here. This was the mix'n'match six pack I made at the local liquor store on Thursday. I'm trying to decide what to have tonight while I chill and have some hobby time. (Not the Loose Cannon tonight. I threw it in there just to have an old favorite in the mix, but I'm in the mood for one of the rich dark ones.)
  15. Cancer Sucks

  16. The Grilling and Cooking Thread

    I use it to start something in the morning and not have to worry about dinner. I thought that was the whole point.
  17. The Grilling and Cooking Thread

    Customer Service: Hello, how can I help you? ASF: I'd like to return my slow cooker. CS: I'm sorry to hear that, what's the problem? ASF: Well, it cooks food, but, uh, it's pretty slow. CS: *click*
  18. The Grilling and Cooking Thread

    Made chocolate souffles for the first time in years at my wife's request. They came out really good, but I'm not crazy about them when they're hot. I discovered I actually like them straight from the fridge the next day.
  19. Based on the way things are presented in the article, I don't see how you can say it wasn't his intent. My wife works at a nursing home and I'm sympathetic to Predicto's point, but this seems like such a completely avoidable situation. President Bush doesn't need to put his hands on anybody's waist for the photo ops. He can just keep his arms in his lap or on the wheelchair. The excuse that he tries to put his hand at their waist but at his age it falls down, so he makes light of it, pats their rear, and tells a dirty joke is weak sauce. Even if Bush can't do better, the people around him can. (Granted, the security guard supposedly did warn at least one woman about the whole issue.) On the other hand, I'm not sure you can convince a 93-year-old to do (or not do) much of anything. I really don't know exactly how to weigh each piece of this, but I can't really say I'm okay with it. It seems avoidable.
  20. My sister had a guy attempt suicide by jumping in front of her car last year. Shook her up for sure. I say that only to say that no matter what messed up **** you're going through, someone else has been there too, and it's good that you're sharing about it. If you want to talk about pregnancy loss, pm me. My wife and I have been through that more than once.
  21. This is a pretty obvious propaganda move by the liberal media. Get people to believe you are the source of unbiased facts, then hit them with the crazy stuff. Next they'll be telling us there's more than one kind of apple.
  22. I would imagine Presidents who have been shot would disagree. People will eat it up though.