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  1. Micah Thomas leaving as well. 2 scholarships now. Go hard after MJ and another big man.
  2. At this point, what do we hope for seeding wise? Seems like it's going to be tough to hang on to the 3 seed with how hot Toronto is and the fact that we have a lot of road games left. Do we hope Boston takes the 1 seed if we end up 4th? Im kind of thinking it just is what it is at this point. If we have to play Cleveland in the second round, so be it. Im hoping Atlanta hangs on to the 5 seed or the Pacers move up. I want no parts of the Bucks. They are heating up.
  3. Wizards needed to win more at the start of the year so they could rest some of the starters towards the end of the year. Now they are fighting for a top 3 seed which could have been avoided. Hopefully next year things are more stable at the start of the year compared to this year.
  4. Never easy
  5. Gortat is always doing that dumb s***. Throwing a god awful pass off a rebound or side in.
  6. Holy hell this is bad
  7. Oh she's dead. Eugene played it smart for now. That shadow figure is definitely Dwight
  8. Oh well, this team overachieved early on and raised our expectations. Started 3 freshman so the future is bright but we need to see some progression out of them and that starts with Turg.
  9. Trimble never really progressed from his Freshman year
  10. Terps tip at 650 ET on Thursday. I have a wedding taste testing at 7.
  11. After seeing Wisconsin as an 8, not great for the Terps. Big 10 isn't very respected by the committee this year. Now we might be looking at a 9/10 seed. Lots of teams seem to be around the 6-10 seeds this year from the Big 10 included Minnesota, UMD, NW, MSU, Wisconsin, Michigan, etc.
  12. Tough stretch of games coming up but I want those 50 wins
  13. Terps just went cold and NW got hot. Can't blame the refs all that much. I just hope we don't get an 8/9 seed
  14. Game of streaks. Should be our turn pretty soon here.
  15. Do the Wizards run the same offensive play to start the game every game? Gortat post up? Lazy D on both ends to start the game