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  1. Curb Your Enthusiasm Breaking Bad Game of Thrones South Park 5th pick is too hard: The Office/Parks and Rec/Arrested Development/Better Call Saul/Seinfeld Granted, I haven't watched The Wire or The Sopranos yet but I have a feeling one of those will make the list once I do. Used to love Walking Dead but it's gone a little south, still entertaining but not top 5 worthy.
  2. If we do trade Britton, I hope it's to the Dodgers. Couple of nice SP prospects in their system
  3. Euron was like, "Build me 1000 ships!" I would have thought they would have just built 1000, quick and simple ships so they could sail but damn, they went all out on some detailed ships!
  4. Porter agrees with Brooklyn. Decision time
  5. Well he could turn it down, make another All NBA team and the get the 5 year 217 mil next year
  6. Hey, we had a good season. Disappointing how it ended but we gotta find a few pieces next year to get us to the next level. Some how gotta get creative with the cap space. How much cap space will be freed up if we dump Ernie?
  7. Yes, lets go to Gortat on the out of timeout play
  8. I've seen the Redskins play better D under Haslett
  9. Olynyk is straight punking us and we have no answer
  10. Here they come pulling us back in.
  11. All it took was one 5 min stretch to decide this game
  12. We can't get enough stops to win this game
  13. God awful defense
  14. Welp