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  1. SkinsFTW

    Press Release: #REDSKINS Quotes - Gruden

    I'm surprised that he thought that the gameplan was perfectly fine up until Jordan Reeds fumble.
  2. SkinsFTW

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Because they think that Alex Smith is BETTER than Cousins and KC did just fine without DJax and Garcon, he still put up 4k yards and over 25TDs. Even without the entire OL and almost 0 running game, Jordan Reed out 14 games, Pryor sucking horribly, Crowder fumbling everything. Doctson still got enough looks to score 6 TD's even though he dropped a couple more. You know they thought that this was a 10+ win team healthy just like the fans did. Add in Richardson and AP and this offense should be clearly better than last years hobblefest if Smith is even remotely close to as good as KC. Wait until Jordan Reed and Thompson go down again. It'll start to be comical.
  3. SkinsFTW

    Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    I totally agree with Cooliefan1993.
  4. SkinsFTW

    Pathetic crowds at home opener

    Dude I'm cheering all the way from my couch in the Philippines and it's making 0 difference!
  5. SkinsFTW

    Booing - at the Stadium

    Just remember, every time you boo Dan Snyder pulls out another wad of his own hair. He hates it. It gets people fired too. He pretends that it's because he wants to make the fans happy but in reality the booing loudly exemplifies his own incompetence and at this point it cannot be brushed off as incompetence when it's clearly lunacy and/or idiocy. DOOD!!! Sell the mother****ing team!!!
  6. SkinsFTW

    Was Letting DJax Leave via FA a Mistake???

    Did anybody miss him last year? Even when Jordan Reed went down for 14 games and Crowder was fumbling everything and Thompson missed games with the entire OL out somehow the offense kept on working better than the one we saw Sunday. This receiving "corpse" was supposed to be shaping up. Just look at the epic thread on the topic. Now we have a QB that can't make anything at all happen without elite receivers and our need of elite receivers becomes the major sticking point with the offense. Oh and the OL sucks too. But they saved money at qb. Which they really didn't do that either. They just overpaid for Alex.
  7. SkinsFTW

    Booing - at the Stadium

    Here we are a decade later and the team STILL hasn't won a single playoff game.
  8. SkinsFTW

    Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Only because the idiot owner has brought standards down so low that losing annually in the wild card would be a major upgrade. Also, just because he did it in KC doesn't mean he's ever going to do it here. Ask Donovan McNabb, Rex Grossman, Mark Brunell and Brad Johnson (soon you can add Kirk Cousins). Our team sucks, an above average journeyman QB isn't going to fix anything but make things more obvious, like how the receivers suck and the OL isn't very good either.
  9. SkinsFTW

    Redskins vs Packers Prediction Thread: Slippin' Away

    Packers 24 Redskins 16
  10. SkinsFTW

    Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    So we've now traded 2 2nd rounders, a 1st + a very good and possibly an elite corner for Jason Campbell and signed him up for years with 0 playing time in our offense (just like they did with McNugget). While giving up our first franchise QB in over 30 years. Hilarious!
  11. SkinsFTW

    Game Day Thread- Colts at Redskins

    Except there is 0 chance that he puts up Kirk Cousins stats and he's already put up the fewest points by the team since RG3 was failing out of the league in 2014. There are 0 injuries unlike last year where 1/2 the team was on IR. Bruce Allen just can't fathom the depths of his own ineptitude. Dan Snyder can't bring himself to hire or keep actual NFL quality staff as well. Sell the team bro, you want to see them win as much as any of us and 20 years should be enough proof that you are not a winner. You suck, your team sucks and has for 2 entire decades. The Browns will win 11 games again before this team does it for the first time under Snyder.
  12. SkinsFTW

    Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Give it a few weeks. Already it's the OL's fault and the receivers suck, and nobody on the team is even injured yet. Imagine this same offense without AP, Reed, Thompson, and the entire OL.
  13. SkinsFTW

    Hey guys, just stoppin by for a bit!

    You forgot: Shuler Frerotte George Banks Brunell Ramsay Grossman Candle McNugget Alex is just a more expensive and possibly slightly better version of Brunell.
  14. SkinsFTW

    Game Day Thread- Colts at Redskins

    They could go out there in any combination including wearing Super Hero costumes and they wouldn't win consistently. Your entire lifetime of Redskins football is proof. Maybe you jinxed us. It all started in 1993 after all. Google Captain Checkdown: The first dozen or more pictures are memes about Alex Smith: I guess it's going to take a few weeks for reality to set in for most while a handful of Alex fans will never get it. People are already blaming the WR's too. Hilarious. Who did we have last year? How many injuries do we have right now to look this horrendous? How is it possible that the OL (that was considered GREAT by everybody last year before injuries) is totally to blame for the offensive suckage along with the receivers? Thompson and Reed and Crowder are all playing + Richardson. This offense should be BETTER than last years. AP is just the icing on the cake. He looks like a much better RB yet 9 pts vs the pathetic Colts D?
  15. SkinsFTW

    Predict The Skins W/L

    The team should be better because of the long list of injuries last year. There is no way that happens again. The running game can't be worse with the same guys + AP this year and a QB who should help the running game. Just having Jordan Reed and the entire OL and DL should be a major upgrade. A lot of people seem to believe that Smith is better than Cousins. All of this has to equal a better team. You wouldn't know that from the results of this prediction thread though. I don't see it because I don't believe that Alex Smith is equivalent but we'll see. Maybe Gruden will prove to be as good as Harbaugh and Reid and AP has a Comeback Player of the Year season and somehow Jordan Reed plays all 16 games. I won't be expecting that though. 8-8 would surprise me. 6-10 is about what I expect. 4-12 wouldn't surprise me as much as 8-8 would.