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  1. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Like, for instance, Sua Cravens bailing out to the West coast. And everything that followed.
  2. For starters they have about 10% of the cap in 2 TEs. Neither can block and 1 can't get on the field.
  3. The 0 win teams have just as many SB trophies as all of those 6-10 to 10-6 Redskins teams. I don't remember in 1988 thinking that the Redskins had a good season but apparently some Redskins fans are quite content with another 7-9 season these days. It's almost a high point in Dan Snyders ownership to be 7-9 (but OMG those injuries). What if?
  4. The Redskins are the only team in the league to not win 11 games since Gibbs retired the first time. They pretty much suck since 1991 bro. I don't see how you can twist it any other way.
  5. Well it's not like I just started. Been negative about Dan Snyders fantasy football team since at least 2008. They're at least 0 for 10 proving me wrong. Maybe they'll get it together one of these years but it doesn't look promising. Sell the team, you suck, even with a HOF coach you average under .500 Even you add in the "not that I think it's going to happen" to your post.
  6. The problem isn't the "treading around .500". The problem is that treading around .500 for the Redskins is always the good times. When they have 1 Qb start every game for 3 years for the first time in 30 years. Or when they have a HOF coach for 4 years. Those average .500 type seasons are the Redskins SB. The rest of the time are the 3-13 or 5-11 years where the Redskins are comparable to the Browns and Jags and Lions and Rams. (All of which either already have or will soon pass up the Redskins)
  7. Ravens Sign Robert Griffin III

    I hope you aren't losing a lot of sleep over this near impossibly. But for me I'd laugh my ass off if he turned All Pro. Just thinking about Dan Snyders reaction to it. This would literally make him 100% Wile E Coyote.
  8. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    And once fired you and everyone else are still stuck with Dan Snyder bungling everything dealing with the team. Promote another guy who already is involved with the Snyder Buffoonery day to day and don't be surprised when it's just more of the same **** for another decade of idiocy. Sell the team. You're an idiot and it's never going to change Dan. Let's be honest with ourselves for once... You couldn't even win with a HOF coach, or an almost HOF coach, or an QB coach that you decided needed to get a chance. Nobody is going to win with Doofus Dan trying to pretend to not be involved at all while ****ing **** up from the background. Like a troll under his bridge, Dan Snyder ruins any chance of success for the Redskins.
  9. And considering he's already gone through Mcnabb (winner) Grossman (winner) Beck RG3 McCoy Cousins And soon Smith (winner) The dude is a proven loser. He's almost guaranteed to lose with Smith as well but will he be fired? Just like in Tampa where they went through about 10 QBs in 5 years and at least 1 of those was a winner too. At least Tampa eventually fired this loser. We're stuck with him like he's Marvin Lewis or Jeff Fiaher (who he's actually outlasted already)
  10. They weren't taking offers at all last year but after seeing what he got paid and who the bad Qb teams ended up starting last year (Jets, Broncos, Browns, 49ers, Bears) there is no doubt that somebody would have traded at least a first rounder for him and then signed him up to the contract that he expected.
  11. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

  12. I don't think Hankins has the injury history for the Redskins to sign him. If he missed 1/3 of the past 2 seasons games and therefore cost only 6-7M a year they'd be all over him. It's not a big fluke that the Redskins somehow always lead the league or come close to it in injuries every year. It's because those are the players they get.
  13. Yeah but that still doesn't change the fact that trying to bring 2oz of random weed into Costa Rica is kinda like trying to smuggle your ugly sister into a strip club. What is the point in that?