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  1. It's quite telling when some nfl "geniuses" like Polian, turn out to be a buffoon about a lot of things. Bruce isn't far off being a HOF front office guy after all lol. I wouldn't say that about Polian if I hadn't listened to about 2-3 years of him on Seriusxm just about daily. He was making the argument about Alex being better than fans think years ago. (Because fans are dumb) Chiefs fans called in just about every single day about Alex being garbage long before and during 2017. They had actual great points. Polian to me seemed like he didn't actually watch football games, therefore, I wanted no part of AS. I totally believed that Chiefs fans were right. (So did Andy Reid BTW) I even laughed about the Chiefs situation comparing it to us with Campbell. Alex to me was always going to be another Jason Campbell and so far.... Fans aren't as dumb as NFL "experts" and"genuises" think. In fact I would bet that in Andy Reid's system for years Campbell is still in the league while Alex in JC's situation is also on his couch. And I was always a down on "Candle" guy. Never saw it that he would win anything, just like the current qb. Alex Smith was a huge first pick bust. He still has some fooled. It's unbelievable. The difference between Alex and the guy he's being compared to by some is that the Ravens didn't even keep Dilfer around after he won the SB as their QB. They started scrubs like Grbac the next year. Dilfer was done. We're stuck with Alex Smith for quite a while, and a SB win or best defense in over a decade? I'm just not seeing it yet.
  2. If this is actually true then it answers some questions. Because we know that signing Alex was a Bruce maneuver. Doug Williams wasn't even in the loop.
  3. SkinsFTW

    Most Memorable victory and worst loss for Washington

    Best win, there have been too many to pick just one. Maybe the 1982 Dallas Playoff game, or the 1987 Bears playoff road game, or the 1983 49ers playoff game, or the 1987 SB where we were supposed to get trounced by the Donkeys. I lived in California during the 87 season and it seemed that everybody I knew were Broncos fans for some reason. I made some money. One of the worst losses to me was the 1990 playoff game vs the 49ers. I knew that team was great, they even proved it the next year, it was just Rypien and his end zone INTS. If he had been better we'd have repeated in 1991. At that point Montana and the 49ers were trying to 3peat but we should have won IMO. We could have easily beaten that 49ers team but we lost by a large margin because of Rypien.
  4. SkinsFTW

    Most Memorable victory and worst loss for Washington

    The Cardinals were in the division all the way up until 2002. Then the league moved them to the west while moving the Falcons, Saints, and Panthers to the South who were in the west.
  5. SkinsFTW

    What is Wrong with Alex Smith?

    If Alex Smith had thrown the ball 363 times instead of 274 times he'd still be the King. Kirk Cousins has thrown it 363 times. When you use just straight stats without % then you don't really see the real picture. It's like saying that the guy who ran the ball the most also has the most under 5 yard runs. I mean, really is that unexpected? But never doubt. Alex is still the checkdown king. The difference is that Alex spends 2-3 seconds looking confused before dumping it off while KC just does it at the snap of the ball.
  6. SkinsFTW

    Can we stop pretending now?

    This team has 2008 written all over it. 2008: 6-2 start. Great Defense to start the year, Portis tearing it up, Jason Campbell being good ole game manager Jason Campbell w/fans saying "just wait until he gets it together later in the year". OK buddy. 8-8. And those teams didn't have injuries. Moss, Campbell, Portis, Cooley, Randel El, and 3 of 5 of the OL started every single game that year! And the other 2 started 11 and 12 games. That was a Gibbs roster and naturally 2008 was also the year that going for injury prone fools became a priority. (Drafted Thomas, Kelly, and Davis this year and none of them produced) This current team isn't winning in the paloffs even if they somehow keep on winning. A few have said "we do fine against most teams but it's just those unstoppable passing teams". Well guess what teams we are going to be facing in the paloffs? This isn't 1985 anymore. Hey, maybe we get lucky and get to play the Panthers in the wild card in DC, but would we even beat them? I'd bet that game would be the same kind we are used to. We go up 10-3 in the 2nd quarter and then start playing not to lose. But we lose 24-17 because that's what the Redskins do and it is also a specialty of Alex Smith in the playoffs. He loses after winning a half, spectacularly, repeatedly. It used to be funny but now the guy is here. The one thing the Redskins have done well over the past decade is the one thing Jim Zorn (not Joe Gibbs) would have been proud of. They've stayed medium. Average, barely adequate while rarely putrid, Not bad, not good either. Just kinda meh.
  7. As bad as you might want to think the 1982 offense was, it was still ranked 12th, and scored 21.1pts a game. Only 9 games. The 2018 offense through 7 games is ranked 25th scoring even less 20.9pts per game. Despite all the advantages an offense has today they are scoring less. The other thing not mentioned is that the 1982 Defense was ranked 1st in the NFL allowing only 14.2pts per game, and only over 17 points twice counting the postseason. 6 times held teams to 10 or under in 13 total games counting the postseason. This team hasn't held any team to under 10 since Week 1 vs Az. I think they have a ways to go.
  8. Hey maybe we get to the playoffs with Alex being Brunell 2.0 Maybe we even win a playoff game too. The best Redskins team in 20+ years had a QB almost just like Alex, actually slightly worse IMO. Brunell WON a playoff game with 41 yards passing which is an NFL record of ineptitude. 41 yards!!! That guy was also Super Smart, just like Alex is being touted as. Naturally we lost to the Seahags the following week. Remember this? Redskins' defense leads Washington past Tampa Bay TAMPA, Fla. (AP) -- Joe Gibbs' teams have a knack for peaking at the right time, and these Washington Redskins are no different. With the Hall of Fame coach back in the playoffs for the first time in 13 years, the Redskins -- at least on defense -- looked like a Super Bowl contender again in beating the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 17-10 in the NFC wild-card round Saturday. The victory was the sixth straight for the Redskins (11-6), who won despite gaining only 120 yards on offense -- the lowest total in NFL history for a winning team in a postseason game, according to the Elias Sports Bureau. "It's been a tough fight these last six weeks," said linebacker Marcus Washington, who recovered a fumble and had a fourth-quarter interception. "We ain't ready to go home yet, so we're going to keep sawing wood." LaVar Arrington's interception set up Clinton Portis' 6-yard touchdown run, and Sean Taylor returned a fumble 51 yards for another first-quarter score for the Redskins, who rebounded from a three-game losing streak to win five straight to get into the playoffs. I'm not a fan of Alex, never have been, but if the defense keeps getting better and Peterson doesn't get injured all season, then maybe we can finally get to the 2nd round of the paloffs. I don't see it happening but stranger things have happened. IMO that's about the cap on this team and I don't see a guy like McCoy getting us anywhere. He's a 2TO a game guy without the upside required to make up for it. Alex would have to turn into a better than 2017 Alex overnight for us to win any more than that I think. Not having a good backup makes the decision easier. Imagine if we had 2nd year Kirk backing up Alex. But that would mean that Alex would possibly be playing better too. I just don't see any chance at all that Alex wins a playoff game vs a team with an offense that will score 25+ on us. I mean, the Saints game was pathetic in the 2nd half down by over 20 yet playing like it was a 7 game series. I know that great playoff defense is how Eli Manning got 2 rings though. He won a lot of games 17-14 and he gets credit where his defense actually dominated games, and the 49ers KR fumbled twice in the same quarter. Our defense is actually better than those Giants defenses were during the regular season. Hey, stranger things have happened just not for the Redskins since 1987. We'd have to be the extremely lucky team again to win more than a single playoff game and maybe even some help from the refs like the Giants. Also it wouldn't hurt if the teams we play in the playoffs are starting their backup QB, like the Bears and Vikings in 1987. If that happens and we win then what if we face a flawed team in the SB like we did with the Broncos that year? So lets hope that teams like the Lions, Cowboys, and Seahawks make the playoffs and then we play somebody like the Titans in the SB, haha. Championship!!! 😋 At least the rest of the team is finally good enough for us to win a bunch of these close games again like in 2005. It's just too bad that they had to pay Alex so much for being mostly a non factor. But I didn't pick this team to win more than about 6-7 games and they are already at 5 so somebody is doing something right at least. Finally. I don't really want to start being optimistic though because I know what sort of game happens in that situation so I'm going to continue to be negative until I see a new Lombardi being hoisted in DC, haha. That will still probably never happen but hey they are already 5-2 with some scrubby teams coming up. Usually starting 5-2 or even 6-2 means that a big long losing streak is coming up though. This is still the Redskins after all so I will still not be surprised if a 6-2 start ends up being an 8-8 season. It's just what the Redskins specialize in for most of 3 decades now, Mediocrity.
  9. SkinsFTW

    What is Wrong with Alex Smith?

    Once again, this definitely applies So you make a long rambling post and conveniently only want to use the base salary. How convenient while also totally inaccurate. Below are the actual real numbers but you already knew this: Eli Manning Giants $24,200,000 $18,000,000 Ben Roethlisberger Steelers $23,950,000 $17,750,000 Matt Ryan Falcons $23,750,000 $15,750,000 Joe Flacco Ravens $22,550,000 $44,000,000 Matt Stafford Lions $22,500,000 $17,000,000 Tony Romo Cowboys $20,835,000 $8,500,000 Colin Kaepernick 49ers $20,231,507 $14,300,000 Kirk Cousins Redskins $19,953,000 $19,953,000 Cam Newton Panthers $19,500,000 $23,000,000 Aaron Rodgers Packers $19,250,000 $12,600,000 Russell Wilson Seahawks $18,542,000 $12,342,000 Andrew Luck Colts $18,400,000 $44,000,000 Carson Palmer Cardinals $18,375,000 $18,500,000 Alex Smith Chiefs $17,800,000 $14,200,000 And we also know the reason why Cousins was paid that much. Bruce and Dan are morons. There really is no factual debate but you can continue posting misleading information in order to make Bruce and Dan look slightly less moronic if that somehow makes you feel better. They chose to use the franchise tag. It was their decision. Cousins did not make that decision for them. They chose not to sign him for pennies on the dollar before he started 2015 and instead decided to sign RG3's option year while Dan was still participating in the RG3 bowling league. They had years and years of opportunities to do it the right way but all the way up until 2015 these clowns fired and hired head coaches based on wanting to continue trotting out garbage ass RG3. Now we're back to 2008-2009 watching Jason Campbell dump it off for 3-5 yards on 3rd and 9. I am so excited bro, can't you tell? 😁
  10. Are they REALLY surprised? Is anyone surprised? Seriously. Seriously? Anybody making decisions for the team who actually seriously thought that AS was an upgrade should be reassigned to the hot dog stand. Oh yeah just wait, he'll get better... It takes time... You'll see later!!! Did they actually watch the 13 years of AS in the NFL? Or did they mean like 2% better than a turd sandwich? Or when we get the best WRs in the league some other year? Which would cost more to have less production. We already have better players on offense. We don't need DJax what Alex needs is Peterson + Faulk + the actual Hogs + 85 Bears defense. And a time machine. I listened and laughed at the Chiefs fans calling in to Seriusxm for years about AS. Even in 2017. It was funny to me because it reminded me of the Candle debates on here. And naturally, Polian actually defended Smith usually but others like Miller and Kirwin agreed that he was playing not to lose which would eventually guarantee losing. Usually with the same BS thrown in that we hear now about him possibly getting better and not turning the ball over at least. (Which is the only thing keeping him from being 100% trash). Like Jason Campbell is going to get better just be patient. In fact right now I bet we could have him for very cheap with similar results. No where near 20M a year for 1 read, deer in the headlights, **** I'm gonna bail out bro, AS. Chiefs fans waited for 5 years for Smith to finally surpass 20tds in a season (most of his were under 20). After the scared for his job Smith showed up in 2017 and had a career year most of the Chiefs fans were ecstatic to see him traded and even we're so sure that they'd seen enough to be 100% sure that they decided to troll him here. Which is kind of similar to how Redskins fans "tried to warn" Raiders fans about Campbell. This dude is the same thing and it was even more obvious, even just looking at his stats for all those seasons. Throws very few TDs. Avoids WRs and dumps it off religiously. Takes a sack on like 8% of his dropbacks even though he isn't asked to pass alot, usually has the threat of a good running game, and very rarely goes for anything remotely deep. But also doesn't throw what fans call dumb picks. Because he doesn't do timing offense he does hey my first read is covered but that rb is standing there looking lonely, lets dump it off. After 14 years. Still. When the first option is "covered" either (A) run for your life despite no pressure or (B) check down to the dude who is near the LOS with 5 guys who will stop him from getting a first down. But just wait until he gets better! Championship!!!
  11. SkinsFTW

    Flashback: 1995 Week 14 Redskins upset Cowboys in Dallas

    Ugh, the Norvalskins. It's like going back to find the 2003 Spurrier game when we beat the Pats. Try this one instead:
  12. Mara is probably kicking himself for not getting Goodell to schedule us earlier in the season for their get right game just like old times when they started out 0-2 or 1-3 and then played us. Then naturally finished strong and went to the playoffs.
  13. SkinsFTW

    What is Wrong with Alex Smith?

    The sample isn't short. It's his entire career minus 2017. He's an overdrafted bust, below average QB, who looked ok playing for Harbaugh and Reid. (Who doesn't?) Some Redskins fans somehow thought that with little offensive talent on this team he'd just keep on clicking along in 2017 form as if he had somehow leveled up last season and had actually become better. He's not, it's obvious. it was predictable that suddenly the OL would start getting blamed again and somehow it's all the receivers fault too. Andy Reid sold us Jason Campbells replacement 8 years ago and now he sold us back Jason Campbell to replace an actual franchise QB that dumb and dumber didn't appreciate because he replaced Dan's 2012-2014 BFF. Being a long time Snyder hater (since about the time he forced us to watch Deion Sanders and Jeff George) and Bruce hater (since the day he was hired) it's all very predictable, pathetic and quite hilarious all at the same time. Andy Reid had backup QB's replacing McNabb several times over his years in Philly and doesn't anybody remember that those guys always did just as well, or better, than McNabb and they usually just kept on winning. Then he'd trade the young ones for draft picks. Hell he even had old ass Jeff Garcia go on a winning streak and get them into the playoffs one year when McNabb had them losing to start the year. Trading for a QB with him is like thinking you are getting a good player from the Patriots. It's going to almost always backfire hilariously. Knowing Dan Snyder there is absolutely no other outcome:
  14. SkinsFTW

    What is Wrong with Alex Smith?

    Totally, but he's the Marty Schottenheimer of QB's.
  15. They are only not who I think they are if they win this game by 14+. I'm still thinking this ends up being the game where trying to hold on at the end blows up in their faces. Thats pretty much both Eli's and Alex's specialty. Alex does nothing and blows them at the end while Eli will pull one out of his ass 3-4 times a year.