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  1. All Things Boxing

    Thinking...NoVA, DC, Annapolis areas......yeah I meant shut down as in not showing the fight....heard the initial set up was a pretty good deal
  2. All Things Boxing

    Does anyone know any good venues in the DMV that will be showing the fight on May 2? I think Dave and Busters had a special but I believe that has been shut down......
  3. All Things Boxing

    Did Diaz avenge his loss already....or is he just moving on...
  4. All Things Boxing

    Geeeez....why on earth is Calzaghe v Jones considered on the best of 2008 list...
  5. All Things Boxing

    Wow.....I knew he was fighting....but I didnt realize he was moving that far up...he has the frame for it.....power maybe a different issue.
  6. All Things Boxing

    Which makes it one of the best OVERALL HBO cards in a while....
  7. All Things Boxing

    Any word on the card?
  8. All Things Boxing Jones vs Calzaghe September 20th
  9. All Things Boxing

    Yeah realize that....I was thinking about the little guys being affected more.
  10. All Things Boxing

    I feel this definitely thinking in the right direction...just wonder if the 14lb gap is doable...I remember when Gatti used to make weight...rehydrate and come into the fight 15-20lbs heavier than his opponent...then procede to crush them I just think these 6'6" 270lb guys are ruining the heavyweight division...they're just big, no particular standout skills...just big......I just wonder how guys like Chad Dawson, Chris Byrd, Roy, Rahman...would fair if they didn't have to eventually tangle with the "giants" :2cents:
  11. All Things Boxing

    Who thinks there should be a "Super Heavyweight" divsion?
  12. All Things Boxing

    Let me get this order to just himself as the current king of boxing Floyd must beat Berto....BERTO....besides show enormous POTENTIAL..what has Berto done? I mean with a resume that minimum...wins over Dela Hoya, Castillo, Corrales, Gatti, Hatton and got at least 4 Hall of Famers right there....I wouldn't think there is much more to prove. Oh yeah, by the way that Tony Duran :laugh: ....just cooooooooomedy.
  13. All Things Boxing

    I totally disagree..NO Zab faster than Floyd....if he was faster wouldnt have had his face Busted in BOTH fights.....He cried..CRIED BEFORE the Cotto decision, I have not heard ZAB chirpin about fightin Cotto again....if you havent done so watch the fight again on tv....I saw the Mayweather/De la Hoya fight in Vegas....watched it on tv and had a different opinion...I just don't know about Zab something is "off" with the guy...throwing chairs in the ring, chokin refs....I mean who the heck falls in the shower and needs 50 stitches, what was he showering with a bucket of razor blades?!?!
  14. All Things Boxing

    I meeeean...the mental game is part of boxing...look how Ali used that skill..
  15. All Things Boxing

    Oh my gosh yeees...he PUNISHED Zab...but as you probably saw in the Judah/Mayweather fight...."Zab quickness"...aint exactly "Floyd quickness" for Cotto/Mosley...ehhhh...I still think Shane won that fight...