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  1. You really have to try hard to form the most unethical, racist, disgusting piece of **** administration in history. Trump really outdid himself. If there was any justice in the world each and every one of these ****ers will end up rotting in jail.
  2. All Things North Korea Thread

    It looks like Bolton is being rushed out of the picture because he was in the way maybe?
  3. All Things North Korea Thread

    For sure a promise that Trump Tower North Korea is coming and Ivankas trademarks will be approved.
  4. It's so damn incredible to me that the GOP is so complicit in all this. The founding fathers never considered that. How can you check against that? I get people like Rorbacher and the typical lunatics but the entire GOP complicit aside from a handful that are on their way out anyway? A god damn tax cut? What good is it when the US is giving up their standing in the world? It boggles my mind. I've never been so angry, I have a 4 year old and an 20 month old what is the world we're leaving them?
  5. 1. "under the fundamental rule that no one may be a judge in his own case, the President cannot pardon himself." Aug. 5 1974 DOJ opion 4 days before Richard Nixon resigned. (pulled from twitter - I'm not quite sure how to quote from that) 2. If he tries it, I can't imagine it wouldn't go to the supreme court but he is floating the trial balloon.
  6. Could the next President rescind/revoke a pardon by a former President once the new President is in office?
  7. Avengers Infinity War - HERE BE SPOILERS!

    I suggest you do it. It's that good =)
  8. Muellers investigation, conclusions and recommendations will be a waste of time if there is not anyone there to enforce the findings. It doesn't look promising.
  9. I hope every one of the mother****ers goes to jail. Every single one.
  10. He's right we should totally ban the Internet stuff.
  11. I think Trump isn't concerned with power in a weird way. He's concerned with it of course, but to the extent he can use that power to a. line his pockets (this above all) b. feed whatever narrative he is choosing to put out there during that time. I think he likes the idea of nuclear weapons and the power that they wield but in terms of the US being a world power or world leader on things like the environment, human rights, education, income equality - he doesn't give a ****. It doesn't help him personally so he doesn't care. He likes military power just because he likely gets off on being able to use our military but again, if the military was seemingly "against" him in some way, we'd see the same things happening to them as he's doing to the FBI, CIA and Intelligence communities. It's not helping him to line his pockets so **** em.
  12. How are they screwed if no one is willing to enforce any of the consequences?
  13. They were but were they traitors? Because that's what they are now, and I can't believe they are doing it for a guy that would turn on his mother if it meant saving his own skin. This is such a sad day, not sure America recovers from this to be honest.
  14. agree 100%. The only way to fix this mess is to take back the House and Senate and Trump and the GOP don't seem, by their actions, too worried that, that will happen...