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  1. The press needs to stop covering these rallies. The right wing media will still do it but I think we know by now he's not talking to anyone but his base anyway. just stop giving him airtime already.
  2. Isifhan

    Game Night Thread- Redskins at Saints

    Wonder if the home crowd will break 35k next week.
  3. Flake is going to be what he's always been. You don't say.
  4. I was going to write the exact same thing. He's compromised. An impartial arbiter of justice he will not be.
  5. You've just been doing it wrong. Try this - next time you're up for a promotion or go to a job interview cry a lot and talk about how much you like beer. Definitely will get whatever you're going for.
  6. Counting on Flake, Collins or Murkowski is a fools game, he's getting through and it's a damn sad day. The damage that has been done to the country in the last year will not be undone any time soon and I feel sad for my kids.
  7. I love scotch. Scotchy, scotch, scotch. Here it goes down into my belly
  8. The country has turned into a laughingstock in less than two years. It's sad.
  9. So is this a thing? You can just "revise" statements when you get caught lying. "Revise" financial disclosures when you get caught lying? Any actual penalties?
  10. That's cool I didn't Dina was Aerosmith's lawyer - I've met her at industry functions, she doesn't mess around hah.
  11. Isifhan

    The Michael Cohen/Trump SDNY Investigation Thread

    First time in his life that Paul Ryan is aware of the news. Color me shocked.
  12. Watched the first episode of Yellowstone on the Paramount network. Has Kevin Costner as the lead as the biggest rancher in Montana fighting local politics and the Native American Tribe. Excellent first episode loom forward to watching more.
  13. Perhaps you can point me to his twitter rant on Eminem?
  14. In ANY Universe, can anyone imagine Trump uttering the words "Ah, yes Michael, please cut a company check for proper documentation purposes. Thank you my good man". Hahah.
  15. Hey **** defending the Constitution part of the Oath of Office am I right. Not only the President, did you check out that Issa interview? I mean...we're ****ed, we're totally ****ed. 100% guarantee the rest of the GOP follows suit, sans Jeff "I'll use my pulpit to condemn but still vote your policies" Flake and the usually few suspects. This is really incredible.