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  1. Perhaps you can point me to his twitter rant on Eminem?
  2. In ANY Universe, can anyone imagine Trump uttering the words "Ah, yes Michael, please cut a company check for proper documentation purposes. Thank you my good man". Hahah.
  3. Hey **** defending the Constitution part of the Oath of Office am I right. Not only the President, did you check out that Issa interview? I mean...we're ****ed, we're totally ****ed. 100% guarantee the rest of the GOP follows suit, sans Jeff "I'll use my pulpit to condemn but still vote your policies" Flake and the usually few suspects. This is really incredible.
  4. The "Ask a Mechanic" Thread

    Yep extended warranty. We tend to put a fair amount of miles on the car.
  5. The "Ask a Mechanic" Thread

    General question - 2017 Toyota Highlander. I found a bumper to bumper Toyota Warranty for 10 yrs 125k miles (which I think is the best they offer and I had to call a bunch of different dealers to find it) running ~$2,500. We have about 16k miles on it currently. I believe they offer the warranty if it's sub 30k miles. Warranty covers all electronics etc which is my biggest worry. Worth getting?
  6. You really have to try hard to form the most unethical, racist, disgusting piece of **** administration in history. Trump really outdid himself. If there was any justice in the world each and every one of these ****ers will end up rotting in jail.
  7. All Things North Korea Thread

    It looks like Bolton is being rushed out of the picture because he was in the way maybe?
  8. All Things North Korea Thread

    For sure a promise that Trump Tower North Korea is coming and Ivankas trademarks will be approved.
  9. It's so damn incredible to me that the GOP is so complicit in all this. The founding fathers never considered that. How can you check against that? I get people like Rorbacher and the typical lunatics but the entire GOP complicit aside from a handful that are on their way out anyway? A god damn tax cut? What good is it when the US is giving up their standing in the world? It boggles my mind. I've never been so angry, I have a 4 year old and an 20 month old what is the world we're leaving them?
  10. 1. "under the fundamental rule that no one may be a judge in his own case, the President cannot pardon himself." Aug. 5 1974 DOJ opion 4 days before Richard Nixon resigned. (pulled from twitter - I'm not quite sure how to quote from that) 2. If he tries it, I can't imagine it wouldn't go to the supreme court but he is floating the trial balloon.
  11. Could the next President rescind/revoke a pardon by a former President once the new President is in office?
  12. Avengers Infinity War - HERE BE SPOILERS!

    I suggest you do it. It's that good =)
  13. Muellers investigation, conclusions and recommendations will be a waste of time if there is not anyone there to enforce the findings. It doesn't look promising.