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  1. Per requests in other t-threads and because it's fitting as a standalone. To that end, I will ban for trolling anyone who pops in with a complaint about the thread's existence. Have at it.
  2. Game Day Thread - Cards at Skins

    cool. i was taken aback by the unfamiliar sensation of enjoying a redskins play, but muscle memory kicked in just in time.
  3. Excellent work. This should put to rest the delusional stance that Donald Trump has a lifelong history of serial lying. And the decades of endless audio and video tape and writings of trump that they use to support this "lying" myth can be chalked up to those lib hollywood special effects operatives. Thanks level-headed guy for putting this typical left wing extremist injustice to bed, though usually when don's lying comes up I just say "what about hillary" and I win.
  4. getting to know slimy goper max gaetz, r from fla, this last year...he was on this morning trying to yell a bunch of lies over the interviewer while still having a couple of points close enough to the realm of reality to at least debate...but so much of it was just sickening...in the last two decades i've become quite similar in attitude to twa's long-projected contempt for congress as a whole... i still presume there's a lot of good honest people trying to do their sincere best within their flaws, but i see so many r's and d's in front of microphones and cameras being so blatant in their various forms of dishonesty in pushing their agendas (too many of which seem to have originated from ignorance, malevolence, and seeking money/power)...it seems so in your face that they're are counting on people either being too dense or slow to see it, or too partisan for it to matter...and until recently, the results has supported those tactics really wish we could just have our battles over ideology and polices debating philosophies, history, facts etc. on an underlying foundation of basic honesty and integrity in argument and not spins, lies, and subterfuge...i also wish i was young, wealthy, and in shape to wrestle in the olympics...
  5. do you ever play the (which one is) larry, moe, and curly game with me, you, and twa? other members of the tailgate? if you do, don't tell anyone
  6. well, dog, i agree with firing for the same obvious reasons as mueller would, tho part of the context that informs is these two agents savaged half of dc's elite on both sides of the aisle and celebrities in their texts...apparently this was a style of chatter with them...and he was no rogue agent on the Clinton stuff; was thoroughly supervised and didn't make decisions claimed in isolation etc...it's out there now trumps' been pressuring the hell out of the doj, his allies been spinning up this "highly biased'' mueller shtick and then jumped the shark blowing up the strozk story and of course link him to hillary and get her back in there---it's like opiates---and mccabe cracked a little and threw this text reveal media party to keep trump from blowing his lid
  7. don't bring that level of game to me and now that you have, and it riled me, it's been noted that lately some of the trolls that you've made were lazy and lame even for you fix it up
  8. laura jarrett doing reporting after a deep dive on strozk/orr tand whole muelller's tainted team narrative and debunking it in thorough detail, making it much more to a nothingburger than i had thought...i had given it fair weight, and still reserve some, but the details make the gopers look ever more culpable and laughable...some of the clown car r's on the house judiciary should be tuned up like an indy racer
  9. Election 2017 Thread

    Wasn't too strenuous for me. One way or another, I've been listening to whacko all my life. Including when I'm the one talking.
  10. Election 2017 Thread

    search "the terrible secret of space" on youtube
  11. Election 2017 Thread

    @mistertim it is not uncommon for people to meld both orientations into a funky fusion of foul dysfunction i rest my case
  12. Election 2017 Thread

    hey, personally and professionally, much of my life is and has been built around helping others of all stripes. depending on how things go, i even help folks down the stairs.
  13. Broncos fan here

    Welcome to the board, Dylan. What an exemplary entrance you've made. It can onIy go downhill from here. I am sure you will be fine if you're even semi-normal (we try to set the same bar here but often compromise). Enjoy your victory and don't over-gloat afterwards.
  14. Election 2017 Thread

    you answered your own question lkb...ego...self-image...among many other ugly but accurate characterizations you could make, he's a pony-straddling banty rooster complex using a bible for a beak...
  15. Redskins vs Cardinals Prediction Thread: MAYDAY MAYDAY MAYDAY!

    I don't expect to win another game, if we do great. Ancillary note: I haven't changed my base positions on jay or kirk or bruce or dan in these last two months. My remaining hopes are no further injuries or stupid drama and a solid off-season. I wouldn't put money on any of those as bets.
  16. so newer reporting on farenthold fleshes things out and supports what a smart person's eye and ears would conclude simply by observing him a few times---that he's a dysfunctional low-intellect ambulatory hot mess of a human (spiritually speaking)---and drone smurf of the dark lords paul ryan knows the newer stuff and still figures blake's plan to serve out the rest of his term is 'just fine" look for a few gopers with an actual spine, conscience, and some decency left (or political savvy) to say, 'uh, no...he gotta go"
  17. Election 2017 Thread

    Just yesterday I made note in a thread that most of you have read or posted in, that when a mod makes a post in a thread about mod stuff, members are not to add posts opining on it in response unless directly asked---as per forum rules for years---to avoid what are very unrelated off topic exchanges and even actual extended debates (per earlier years of experience). and yet here we are, just after yesterday. You use pms or the feedback thread/forum. Please read, comprehend, and follow the forum rules and guidelines.
  18. Election 2017 Thread

    from rule 6 from rule 18 maybe what the tailgate actually needs is a much more strict application of all the rules given how comfy more than a few people (not you) here are with ignoring them, not knowing them, etc. and on this end it all means more work/time and less fun/posting
  19. Election 2017 Thread

    think about who your talking to re: willingness to include violence as part of problem solving (only after due diligence in analysis of course) there are ways to get the same message across in more creative/subtle but still clear enough manner while staying out of trouble---i do it regularly