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  1. so now we know who you all really are....the kind of mob that would terrorize an old helpless volunteer who has no means to defend himself...proud warriors of the internet...neo-nutsacks...
  2. Per requests in other t-threads and because it's fitting as a standalone. To that end, I will ban for trolling anyone who pops in with a complaint about the thread's existence. Have at it.
  3. ahhh.. not just good, but fantastic, times...and stevie...mmmm
  4. i'm not going to tell you to shut up again
  5. i'll check it out. i love s.e. cupp, mary katherine hamm, kirsten powers, some more.....i'm not partisan, just been a streak on the one side....btw, i assumed we all figured waiting seconds of hearing bannon really being gone that gorka can only be following anytime,,
  6. looks like ole patriot sean hannity is likely where trump got a big part of his inspiration to go rogue on charlottesville with his "antifa" being "just as bad" at that specific event turns out sean and the vast nutter-right media have been featuring the hot conspiracy theory that "the radical left billionaires behind antifa paid people to be "on both sides" in charlottesville and to make sure that violence happened" based on...well, bull**** i like to visualize an oil tanker docking on that cinder block he calls a head btw, the amazing Mia Love (R, house, Utah) who was discussing this stuff and had a photo of her at an event (she's black) with some neowad trying to loom over her with his whitey supreme sign that he, i kid you not, was holding upside down,...she was saying some great things in a Jake Tapper interview....she's been impressive for a while... and yet another in a growing list of impressive gop women I'm in love with...
  7. i have a friend who' s a general...contractor...and he dealt with them by talking all his bullets and dipping them in pigs blood and...
  8. don't hate the black don't hate the white if you get bitten just hate the bite
  9. to this day fox news---and i mean the news with shep smith (tho this is a reg fox capitol hill reporter)---is still reporting the reason for comey's being fired was "mishandling of the hillary clinton investigation" with no further expansion.... so, there's a loose bannon on deck it will be like he hasn't gone anywhere
  10. you have to admit it can be fun to get one of those "special" ---I mock only a specific type here, and with zeal---dukes of hazard/mandingo culture-warriors who have never "heard about" (or learned) the actual dates of and reasons for the construction of many of these "cultural memorials" ---i mean as claimed by libtard pervo commie ****s, of course. Obviously they don't just lay down when you give them the data---they do their myriad forms of rejection reflexively, but when it's the first time they're hearing all that info they get all flaily and steam and sputter more than usual (the younger ones will actually bob and foam) and their little eyes will dart around so fast you think they're gonna fly out and their ears pull back tight against the skullline. it's a disorienting new experience for them, but a great means of gauging the group's individual RCA (Rapid Cognitive Adaptation) ability. then there is the actual nature of the words that come out in response. that's where the magic happens. but i understand that no matter how close they let me get, and how much time they're willing to spend with me, i can never really understand their world, nor they mine. sometimes i'm more like a jane goodall.
  11. guy i know (smart guy, military officer) who's a clancy fan asked me a little while after Orlando happened if i got the passing thought of "this is something bannon would stage" (deliberately exaggerating, dark humor)....then we both admitted to wondering if the core trump people would really be that bad (as a hypothetical)...i voted no, he disagreed...but then he's pretty sure that putin is a member of that team, so anything goes... (he is convinced that there's deep $$$ ties with trump and kushner and a whole herd of oligraching putin puppets and don is seriously indebted and maybe compromised via blackmail, too...all independent of any collusion business....all the same as i said was my call here many months ago)
  12. you wanna talk (think) dark...if i could do what i would do....there'd be plenty of new jobs and good deals on rent and transportation........
  13. anybody want to give an over and under on whether trump and bannon are happy about the Barcelona news to distract? too cynical? do you know about the clancy plot where the potus candidate stages paid terrorist incidents to manipulate voters and public opinion? i always saw trump as that kind of guy....well, and every other kind of opportunistic liar/crook
  14. it cracks me up when sometimes cnn is blatantly trolling don with their choice of words in the chyron, especially during the shows they know he watches... "trump tries to change subject from off-the-rail remarks about statues, culture and General Pershing"
  15. awesome, tb ...i doubt i'd have seen that otherwise
  16. Here's a good supplement to Martin's offering. It's more than uniquely important historical knowledge and a rousing celebration of the vibrant culture of the day. It's a roadmap to character. I followed the path sung of in the clip and have never regretted it despite the enormous challenge and personal sacrifice--even just becoming panther quick and leather tough was like super-struggly. (my fave part starts @ 1:40) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i4rO5KFdc_w
  17. lol...most weeks even under trump, the pershing tweet just by itself would be a big winner ...someone better get that pig out of that office soon, preferably off the planet...c'mon NASA...you got a budget boost, right?....tell McMaster that if he borrows a couple delta guys to the heavy lifting, you have a container that can ship him far away and into into the light...the bright bright yellow light....go to the light, donnie, run to the light...
  18. Anyone who starts any new "civil war" crap will most likely be sent away forever. We have had so many of those, and some are still accessible. Besides, despite "all the stuff" one may have read, 98% of the people who like to do that particular pookie dance tend to be emote/ego "thinkers" with banty rooster attitudes more than detached, objective, questioning, scholarly types who may know there are actual specific steps taken for validating your sources (and how that's actually done correctly) for competent critical evaluations in such a matter. Or you get those people who do the dress up and reenact when the knights fought the cowboys. I like them. The champions of impotence so many CW re-litigators strive to be is old hat. Anyhoo, we'll have another civil war soon to scratch that itch and just in time afiac. (i'm just practicing. i want to be an edgelord)
  19. A vile petty childish malevolent lying ignorant swine of a moron. I could go on. I has words.
  20. Lot of similarities. I spend a lot of time on it and there's all kinds of tools and instruments I use strewn all over the place and often the final result is a botched project that I end up....scrapping.