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  1. Per requests in other t-threads and because it's fitting as a standalone. To that end, I will ban for trolling anyone who pops in with a complaint about the thread's existence. Have at it.
  2. I kept thinking we need a place to stick stuff like this (there's so many I see) but that don't really fit anywhere else (they're not all China turf) and aren't worth a new thread for every one that comes along. "Two and a Half Men" star finds religion, calls TV show "filth" http://news.yahoo.com/two-half-men-star-finds-religion-calls-tv-213606045--finance.html more <incl. video> at link
  3. The idea/need for this topic as a thread was discussed in another thread, but this OP will be brief and I'll ask for some help on maybe posting some background on the various less-discussed major figures involved in the dems moving forward. Personal take: Wasserman and "the whole deal" was a disgrace and an indictment for the dems. Were it almsot anyone else than Don or Cruz, I'd have left the dems/Hillary. I'm not a fan or a hater of hillary. While I'm still building on a small bed of knowledge and a week-old awareness of him, I've had a very positive reaction to "mayor pete" of south bend Indiana, but it looks like he's a long shot for DNC chair and Perez seems favored over the next-fave, Ellison. I think there's still a great deal of serious division within the dems and it looks grim, other than if this grass roots stuff is real, and it is imo (certainly in this region), and if it can stay focused and stay organized, it will be formidable. Let's aim for a solid discussion. Let's reduce the typical game-playing of all kinds that goes on in here--inc. the occasional phenomena of some newer player or drive-by guy trying to "hide an agenda" via "clever" and "subtle" or any other tactics. Call out what you are, loud and proud and take your stand. (and please do not address the comments in this last paragraph when posting in the thread. thank you)
  4. Imagine there's no heaven It's easy if you try No hell below us Above us only sky Imagine all the people living for today Imagine there's no countries It isn't hard to do Nothing to kill or die for And no religion too Imagine all the people living life in peace, you You may say I'm a dreamer But I'm not the only one I hope some day you'll join us And the world will be as one Imagine no possessions I wonder if you can No need for greed or hunger A brotherhood of man Imagine all the people sharing all the world, you You may say I'm a dreamer But I'm not the only one I hope some day you'll join us And the world will be as one i know, but someone had to do it. we all know i have no shame. so better i throw myself on it and spare one of you.
  5. all week they keep showing the picture of don and the rooskies, all smiles and **** grabbing in the office, sharing secrets (except for "leaking" the pics)...and it's fun to think of putting Obama in don's place and having said those kind of things and posed in those exact poses with those exact guys in that office...and then picture fox news
  6. former IC pro (very cool smart guy--and not phil mudd, who i love) just made a great point while listing ways trump is such a win for russia whether trump gets to play friend or faux foe.....one item was how this (trumps behaviors) is all weakening us with our traditional allies...he pictured the idea of angela markle sitting in her office thinking of her meeting with trump, him meeting what should be a very close ally, and he won't shake her hand even though he has no issue with oppressive dictators, but on top of that there he is being the back-slapping buddy of the good ole boys with the red stars on their hat who are one of the great threats to germany and the u.s....and the rooksies just might get better intel from us---via trump---than nato allies do..make the soviets great again....
  7. kushner is a logical point of contact I've been suggesting for months...rooskie crime/oligarch $$$ and real estate seemed an obvious connection between trump/kusner/russia/baltic from way back...as to what degree any illegal stuff, if any, was involved, i never got into it, other than also knowing donny is well acquainted with the world of top-level money launderers...remember this guy had links to org crime and drugs thru 70's & 80's...yeah, that happened too...
  8. this cold be a fun board game ala Clue...we need cartoon cards of kellyanne, jared, bannon, jeff, etc. imma say it was kushner in the parking garage with the property titles
  9. if you did that on your own, i'm awarding you one of my official Ollie (I have an Olivia) the Observing Owl stickers.
  10. I don't appreciate that as I bask in appreciation for my witticism, you decide it's an opportunity to promote a much better one from another member. It's easy from the peanut gallery, isn't it, Larry. Just sit back and criticize. Never good enough. Could have been better. Fine.
  11. i gots no talent for lingo
  12. btw, i have it 50-50 that if it gets bad enough but still short of an ending, that don would try firing mueller and just try going full out strongman...and to go further (and this thinking goes back to January) it's no great leap to me to envision don trying a premise-argued (easy to see what it would look like) semi-coup, actually have support from his full cabinet, veep, even the gens minus mattis, and half the gop and 100% of his base...not drinking the tin foil for real lol, just talking about being in a deal where not only is "anything is possible" fair to use, but where this isn't all that far out there given what we've seen to date, the basic state today of general liberal/conservative divisiveness and hostility, and even the current/recent geopolitical nature of the world... but it looks like a great weekend ahead, so don't worry about what-ifs
  13. lol...jake tapper's quoting an intel source close to mcmaster on some of the difficulties managing don---"you can't tell him what not to say, because that will be the first thing he'll say"...that doesn't even begin to sound believable now, does it? says trying to parse the info to give is daunting and trump's attention span is about 30 seconds...
  14. heh heh and this latest drop (nyt) about don getting nailed telling the rooskies in his oval office that he got rid of his russia troubles by firing comey and that comey is nuts and crazy lol...i bet Mueller figured it was going to be like this....
  15. @Burgold Yeah, I was suggesting the same sort of prioritizing per my concerns (and I'd add "temperament" in his later years), but even so, I have to say that virtually any business connection to trump---given this overall context---would seem to be a non-starter. The thing that I noted per trump floating the idea was how un-clever it was. He's showing dumbness imo whether the motive was to have another possible shill he could manipulate or if it's simply that don think's joe is someone who at least won't have it in for him as a current political adversary and is still somehow a liberal fave....now i thought the latter was plain dumb---but apparently a lot of gopers are that dumb based on what they're saying about how the dems would love the pick....it's a sadass pick, strategically, imo, as well as qualitatively... @Dan T. in case you missed it
  16. I think don was right about he and his supporters being not a party, but a movement. A bowel movement. Truest thing he's ever said.
  17. the touch of humor was taken as the emphasis re: murphy video and was fine, taking it any further into more direct political/religious statements, not ok no prob, just reminding
  18. given our cast of characters, when even the "norm" in such a situation can yield constant leaks that are contentious, licentious, pernicious, salacious, and other words ending in 'ous', the possible cavalcade of such (illegal, impeachable, or not) on all kinds of matters from such a horde of so-special players as in this setting may redefine "epic."
  19. it's mildly bothersome to me that panels/individuals discussing why leiberman isn't getting the great (or even much) support (was a dumb expectation imo) many apparently figured would come from dems are focusing on relevant political reasons but no one's covering that joe's firm has been deep in trumpworld biz for years,....i don't expect a deep dive into the topic of Israel/religious/policy connections that might exist, but c'mon...gotta cover the business/"friendship" relationship
  20. i wish a freight truck would run over nunes....metaphorically speaking
  21. i think he has too much involvement with trump (posted on it earlier in here) there's enough solid alternatives so far every name attached to don's favor would straight up (afaic) favor don...he's resisting trying to play "responsibly" and soldier thru in a way that "looks proper" (conventional) but don's don...his dad was his dad (read their religious background, too---the old Norman Vincent Peale school i believe), his mentors were guys like roy cohn, his lawyer is mike cohen, he loves the mafia boys and successful crooks, he has all those personality traits many of us don't need to list that make him what many of us see...so i figure he will come off the rails...maybe fire mueller at some point sooner than later...unless they (the fbi/congress) bag him (don) quick which may be the plan, which i could easily suspect it is---quite possible "they've" been figuring for awhile (thinking shared with many millions for a long time) that he's a genuine threat to our security---as in bigger threat then russia/isis)...just sayin' lol
  22. i was watching good ole jim jordan, r, teapartier, dissing mueller for not being on top of the irs attacking xtians/conserv groups when asked about him (saying he wasn't impressed based on this interaction)....and he went into supporting don and being skeptical of comey and that memo and said he wants to see memos from any dealing with---and here he rattles off a long list of Clinton fixations, the hit parade from whitewater to lynch on the tarmac etc etc...so many of "them" are so sickly absorbed with clinton...and it's (all things clinton) fielded as such a stupidly lame counter 90% of the time...