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  1. Per requests in other t-threads and because it's fitting as a standalone. To that end, I will ban for trolling anyone who pops in with a complaint about the thread's existence. Have at it.
  2. It's an interesting enough piece, but the reason it's here is the red-highlighted paragraph--that sounds intriguing. http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/two-months-out-of-office-barack-obama-is-having-a-post-presidency-like-no-other/ar-BByN2i6?li=BBnb7Kz Two months out of office, Barack Obama is having a post-presidency like no other more at link
  3. I think the general topic might be worth its own thread http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/federal-judges-find-texas-gerrymandered-maps-on-racial-lines/ar-AAo8JB0?li=BBnb7Kz Federal judges find Texas gerrymandered maps on racial lines
  4. putting this here re: dumpster's immigration issues, but am adding a general media related note that as far right sources (britebart/radio/coulter/rush etc) actually start to beat on trump for not going far enough or not being effective enough yet, Fox is swinging ever more to the trump supporter role...but that's an aside...
  5. http://www.politico.com/story/2017/03/andrew-napolitano-supreme-court-shortlist-trump-236488 Napolitano told friends he was on Trump's Supreme Court shortlist
  6. now that a little time has passed, the r's are starting to talk out of school and tell stories of the easily believable nature that make trump and posse look bad regarding some of the interactions behind the scenes...main themes as you'd expect have been trump's "stunning" ignorance and disinterest in healthcare as a topic and the bill's contents and how he never talked about or acted like he concerned about how it would actually impact people other politically and that "it would still be better than obama" ....another being how conway and bannon would make big and contradicting promises to different reps from different factions but no one believed them, and how pence seemed to be focused solely on the political importance of the pres needing the win for the gop to hold onto power. and "achieve our dreams in this once in a generation opportunity"..... ...one said don asked him where he was on it and he said i'm a "no" and don looked over to mulvaney and said "why am i tlaking to this guy?" and walked off and it's just been one day
  7. still just smoke from where we sit, on record , so far...useful to keep reminding
  8. woolsey and some reporter from other media doing the story on flynn that broke yesterday and persuaded woolsey to go public, did their first tv int on cnn last night...watching woolsey when he was appearing during the transition as a talking head was always fun for me...very serious can't set him up precise won't play games kind of guy...anyway, this was about him being there at the meeting where flynn was discussing "transporting that dude" (the turkish connection) out of the country...reads like one of the events caught up in surveillance and people are going to start getting concerned about their well-being and dropping dimes to whatever extent they are there to drop (and i think you'll hear a fair amount of change rattle over the next few months, if not sooner, or real soon)
  9. btw...Hayden (former cia dir) was on smerconish (cnn) last week and he predicted that don & co were going to try to use easily presumed (now that the investigation's been publicly acknowledged) incidental collection as some sort of validation of his tweets which of course it would not be, and that is exactly what they ended up doing....and all these people <esp. internet posters and tv commentators> who are going off about "masking/unmasking" don't really know how that stuff works or what it means/doesn't mean in varying circumstances and contexts.... well all i know is it's reality tv time in the usa and that IS your host's real hair...
  10. Here a book recommendation: https://www.amazon.com/Ratf-ked-Behind-Americas-Democracy/dp/1631491628/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1490464530&sr=1-1&keywords=david+daley Excellent review of the strategic brilliance and foresight behind gop move to significantly advance the state of the art in gerrymandering while the dems were asleep at the wheel.....
  11. i was posting recently about what another clown show nutbag Gorka is---trump attracts nutbags from across the SES spectrum like few humans I've known/read of----and of course he's another "top security int'l affairs advisor" and has long had strong connections to trump, stone, and bannon among others...but here's some more fun stuff...Fox news (and infowars lol) has been featuring Gorka as an int'l expert on terrorism and has had him as a frequent commentator for well over a year, speaking with great authority on all things terrorism (and sounding like a total nutbag, but it's Fox so....) and you could see how he'd end up a trump-whisperer from the **** he says... well, Gorka's academic credentials (one PhD) turn out to be bogus, his book is a joke (scan a few pages) and this thick accent he speaks in--which i assume is supposed to be some Eastern European one nobody really recognizes---may actually be phony since clips of him form 20-30 years ago show him speaking without any trace of it (had sort of an English accent) and he hadn't lived in e.e. nations during that time (had residences in Hungary off and on in the 90's and other years up to 2007-8, but lived in various places outside Hungary)
  12. I liked the times headline a couple days ago on nunes saying he's a lapdog not a watchdog.....for those of you who are hoping this russia stuff will somehow seriously impact trump and some of his top people...my call is you are going to be happy (so to speak).....nothingburger people won't be going away in the meantime of course, which is understandable (imagine these same people if all this was hillary & co "smoke")...as i noted yesterday, this rush of cats to testify all of a sudden after all these months and right after recent key developments (flynn/woolsey/nunes/other) is being regarded by several members of the ic as an obvious organized effort to get out in front by parties involved in what is likely both hacking collusion and two other forms of criminal activities being investigated...the trump folks have too much faith in their layers of cut-outs...but most of the trump people are not skilled operators...even stone isn't as sharp on this stuff as he thinks (no competition for actual spies or agents )...btw, stone is another long time trump circle dude who thinks the fbi and cia are nothing but political and incompetent... this will be messy, but l predict serious impact on trump and co
  13. He's like Anthony Mix minus any similarities.
  14. What a great psot @Stormy and thank you! I was prominently out in front and pretty much alone (slight exaggeration) with an early and well-founded appreciation for Jay's assets. I had even better feelings about his potential, but his road here has hardly been easy. This is a circus for years and sure was when he arrived, and unfortunately this off season was actually more unstable than the previous one. And it isn't settled out yet. So not only was that all just great specific material from great questions (way to go, amigo) , but big picture wise I like getting the vibe that his energy is still high and positive and getting a snapshot of his grasp of things in a setting like that amid all the turmoil is reassuring. Good to see ya, old timer.
  15. well one thing i predicted long ago has come to pass..thanks to "conservatives" and trump, britebart is now mainstream conservative media...next up...infowars (already has press credentials for wh) btw....the dems have been asking the gopers for years to work with them on fixing aca issues and got shut out.... there's just way too many stupid/****ed up people with a say in things is my take...
  16. and get to vote
  17. so, among other drivel i won't cover, trump just said on the telly that the dems will come to him when aca explodes and they will make a great deal...which is fun as it says he couldn't make a great deal with his gopers but can with the dems......
  18. now...imo...don was an obvious ****stain farce of a person before he won the election and before we even get to his politics, though that stuff certainly adds a lot to his stench....and outside of that special breed that are actual trump boosters (really like him) even many who voted for him have a hard time defending him much...but as fun as it is to watch those who do try, wait until you see them stepping up to support vermin like roger stone, or even manafort, if the opportunity presents...