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  1. Drinking mom couldn't recall where daughter was, falsely reported girl kidnapped, deputies say A 29-year-old Palm Beach County woman has been charged with child neglect after authorities said she falsely reported her daughter had been kidnapped from a Greenacres market. Maria Irias was booked into the Palm Beach County jail Sunday after admitting to detectives that she made up the story because she “had been drinking most of the day and she simply can’t remember where her daughter" was, according to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office. Click on the link for the full article
  2. Is that emoji shaking from the earthquake caused by the fracking?
  3. I guess that's a good deal for Papa Johns, because their pizza sucks and I can't imagine why anyone would order it if they weren't getting some kind of a deal.
  4. Glad to see Kansas lost, because I hate Kansas. Nevertheless, I was surprised considering how they were putting up nearly 100 points every game. Oregon's defense must have been good.
  5. Florida man steals from woman with disability, spends $9,000 at strip club, police say A Florida man is accused of stealing $138,000 from a woman with mental disabilities and spending $9,000 at a strip club. According to the Tampa Bay Times, 48-year-old William Tideberg of Holiday convinced 69-year-old Maryanne Andersen, who suffers from a mental disability, to move in with him from out of state. Tideberg stole the money from Andersen before leaving her alone in a house without furniture, police said. ... Authorities said Tideberg was eventually able to transfer money from another of her accounts, withdrawing $134,910 over the counter and another $4,020 from ATMs. He spent $9,237 of the woman’s money at a strip club in Holiday, Florida, police said. Click on the link for the full article
  6. Free pony rides?
  7. So I'm looking at the third pic and I'm laughing at the creepy ginger kid in the background, because you know he's up to no good.
  8. Vroom, Vroom! Wook at me, I'm dwiving a twuck!
  9. No cooking tonight, ordered Peruvian. Ceviche, tallarin saltado de carne, chorizo, etc.
  10. TV contestants spend year in Scottish wilderness unaware their show had been taken off the air Contestants on the Channel 4 show Eden continued to live in the Scottish wilderness for months despite the show being taken off the air in July 2016. Eden followed 23 people who were tasked with building a new society from scratch in “a remote Scottish location” – located on the estate of the Ardnamurchan peninsula in the west Highlands – which attempted to show viewers “what they would do differently if they were to start again, drawing attention to some of the facets of 21st century living that we could all do without.” The show originally set out showcasing the events of each month on the island with every new episode, with the experiment set to last for a year. But, after the opening three months of the campaign aired in July 2016 (covering March, April and May), Channel 4 decided to take it off the air after the show suffered from poor viewing figures, with a drop from 1.7 million to 800,000 viewers recorded. Despite this development – and the fact that a reported 13 of the 23 contestants dropped out of the show early – those who remained on the island continued to live and commit to living out the Eden idea, presumably believing that their exploits were still being recorded for television. However, the remaining participants – who finished filming this week – were not aware that the show had not been broadcast since August 2016. Click on the link for the full article