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  1. Random Thought Thread

    Exactly right. Initially it was about conservation and correcting misconceptions about sharks. Then people found sharks to be badass, such as great whites breaching when hunting seals. Now they've run out of new ideas and have lapsed into crap shows like Megaladon which are mostly fiction. They need to cull some Shark Week shows.
  2. All Things North Korea Thread

    I think these lyrics from Henry Rollins sum it up nicely... because everything I say is everything you've ever wanted to hear so you drop all your defenses and you drop all your fears and you trust me completely I'm perfect in every way cause I make you feel so strong and so powerful inside you feel so lucky but your ego obscures reality and you never bother to wonder why things are going so well you want to know why? cause I'm a liar yeah I'm a liar I'll tear your mind out I'll burn your soul I'll turn you into me I'll turn you into me cause I'm a liar, a liar a liar, a liar
  3. Florida....? oh yeah, Florida.

    OK, how do you not notice you have a bat clinging to your arm? Rabid bat clings to a Florida woman's arm in Hillsborough County SUN CITY CENTER, Fla. - A Sun City Center woman discovered a rabid bat clinging to her arm in on Monday, health officials said. The woman was helping her friend into a vehicle when something struck her arm, according to the Florida Department of Health in Hillsborough. At the time, she didn't see what it was and went home. "While at home she went to the restroom and discovered a small bat clinging to her arm," said spokesperson for DOH-Hillsborough, Kevin Watler, in a news release. "The woman immediately squished it with a towel." She then contacted the DOH, where they tested the squished bat and discovered it had rabies. Click on the link for the full article
  4. Naked People Run Amok

    Nude cyclist spotted on Highway 101 in San Jose It's nearly impossible to avoid encountering the occasional nude man in public while living in the Bay Area, but still, it's not every day that a stark naked cyclist blazes past you on the highway. Yet that was the rush hour spectacle that greeted a number of commuters Wednesday morning on Highway 101 in San Jose, around 9:30 a.m., according to the California Highway Patrol. "Dispatch was getting a lot of calls," said Officer Ross Lee of the CHP's San Jose office. Click on the link for the full article
  5. 'Crying Nazi' pleads guilty to assault in Charlottesville; banned from Virginia A self-professed white nationalist involved in violence at last year's rally in Charlottesville, Virginia pleaded guilty to assault and battery Friday, prosecutors said. Christopher Cantwell was arrested after August's "Unite the Right" rally. Cantwell, who was featured in a Vice News documentary about the demonstrations, became known as the "crying Nazi" after posting an emotional video when an warrant was issued for his arrest. On Friday, he pleaded guilty to two counts of assault and battery stemming from his dispersal of pepper spray near the University of Virginia rotunda on Aug. 11, the Albemarle Commonwealth's Attorney's Office said in a statement. The 37-year-old from Keene, New Hampshire, was sentenced to two concurrent terms of 12 months, with all but seven months suspended, freeing him from detention. However, he was required to leave Virginia within eight hours and not return for five years. He was also fined $250 after pleading guilty to violating the terms of his bond by discussing his victims on social media, according to the statement. Click on the link for the full article
  6. Something cool thread

    NASA Spacecraft Picked Up Weird Plasma ‘Sounds’ As It Plunged Into Saturn Space music at its absolute trippiest. Is Saturn “singing” to one of its moons? NASA said its Cassini spacecraft picked up something very unusual ― and unexpected ― when it plunged into Saturn on its final mission last year. It detected a series of plasma waves heading from Saturn to its rings and into Enceladus, one of its moons. NASA described it as resembling an electrical circuit, with energy flowing back and forth. NASA said researchers converted those plasma waves into an audio file “in the same way a radio translates electromagnetic waves into music.” The result is the trippy sound file at the top of this story, which compresses 16 minutes of plasma waves into 28.5 seconds of out-of-this-world audio. Click on the link for the full article and audio
  7. Artist fills potholes in Manhattan, Brooklyn with ‘Vermin of New York’-themed mosaics NEW YORK — An artist filled potholes in Manhattan and Brooklyn with Big Apple-themed mosaics, but city transportation officials believe his artwork poses a safety hazard. Jim Bachor, a Chicago artist, installed tiled images in five potholes during a July trip to the city. His guerilla series, Vermin of New York, is meant to be fun. Not everyone sees it that way. “Aside from putting himself in harm’s way in the middle of roadways, the artist’s adding of artwork in the street is a danger to all road users, which poses safety hazards should drivers become distracted by the art,” a Department of Transportation spokesperson said. Bachor, who’s installed nearly 70 mosaics in potholes since 2013, said his repairs are a safe and “painfully durable art form.” The first mosaic he placed in a stubborn pothole in front of his own home lasted more than two years. It was there until his street was repaved. He was disappointed to learn New York anticipates paving over the five mosaics he installed here. “The potholes are repaired,” he said. “Just to put more material on top of it just seems a little mean spirited.” Click on the link for the full article
  8. Could the Trump hotel lose its liquor license because of the president’s character? Last week, an Advisory Neighborhood Commission voted unanimously to support a petition that seeks to revoke the Trump International Hotel’s liquor license on the grounds that its owner — you know, the president of the United States — is not of “good character.” The ANC is not even the one where the luxury hotel is located. During its July 11 meeting, the commissioners of ANC 4C — which represents Petworth, Columbia Heights and other neighborhoods north of Trump’s downtown property — voted 8 to 0 to support a complaint that looks to strip the hotel of its liquor license. In June, a group of religious and judicial leaders petitioned the D.C. Alcoholic Beverage Control Board to force the Trump hotel to justify why it should keep its alcohol permit when D.C. law states that license applicants must be of “good character and generally fit for the responsibilities of licensure.” “It is our considered view that Donald Trump, the true and actual owner of the Trump International Hotel, is not a person of good character, doesn’t meet the D.C. Code … requirements and therefore the license should be revoked,” ANC 4C chairman, Bennett Hilley, and vice chair, Charlotte Nugent, wrote in a letter to the director of the Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration. (The emphasis, incidentally, was the authors’.) Click on the link for the full article
  9. Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

    In local news... Man sues cop for anal probe on sidewalk A man in Washington, DC, is suing a police officer for probing his anus and grabbing his genitals in an invasive body search during a stop-and-frisk last year. A 2-minute video of the incident shows M.B. Cottingham — a 39-year-old man who works as an ice cream vendor — being searched by Metropolitan Police Department Officer Sean Lojacono in the city’s Bellevue section on Sept. 27. Cottingham and his friends were on a sidewalk discussing plans for his birthday when two cop cars pulled up, according to the American Civil Liberties Union, which claims the cop violated Cottingham’s Fourth Amendment right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures. Several officers then asked Cottingham and his friends if they had any weapons, prompting the group to say they did not. Cottingham then pulled out a legal amount of marijuana from his sock and agreed to let Lojacono pat him down further to avoid a confrontation, ACLU officials said. An officer was later seen on the video pouring out a bottle of alcohol. But the officer took what should’ve been a routine frisk and turned it into a “shocking and unjustified invasion” of Cottingham’s privacy, according to ACLU staff attorney Scott Michelman, who is representing Cottingham. Click on the link for the full UFIA
  10. I agree that improving it is nice. And some countries in Africa are improving their corruption. But others are getting worse. And the link between digital currency and less corruption seems nebulous at best. I think you can be just as corrupt with digital currency as hard currency.
  11. Did you say less corruption in Africa? Less than what, previous levels of corruption in Africa? Because that's a pretty low standard.
  12. Random Thought Thread