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  1. Angie's List? Home Advisor? Experience?

    I do that as common courtesy.
  2. Angie's List? Home Advisor? Experience?

    Thanks! So far I have contacted two with 40 years experience and the other with 23 years. I'm going to contact a few more. You must have better subcontractors in your neck of the woods. Both experiences we've had with Lowes contractors were horrific.
  3. Angie's List? Home Advisor? Experience?

  4. We live in the Baltimore metro area and need a new roof & gutters installed. Finding a reputable, and reasonably priced, contractor for that type of job can be daunting. I know how to vet a contractor, I'm just not sure how to find a good one. My folks, down in VA Beach have had good experiences with contractors they found on Angie's List, and a buddy of mine, who lives around here has had good luck with the Home Advisor site. I research everything, to the Nth degree, so I'm asking my ES brethren about their experiences with contractors found through Angie's List or Home Advisor. Any thoughts, tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Scuba Diving

    Thanks. I wear Portis when I want to out-swim sharks...and the old-school Taylor, (which I've since retired), when I want to intimidate sharks. Seriously, years ago, I started to throw jerseys in my dive bag. It's provides great visibility for your dive buddies and is especially helpful if you have an "insta-buddy" I also have "HTTR" on the bottom of my old SP jet fins...
  6. Scuba Diving

    Yes. Strictly warm water diver here. So far, I've blown bubbles in Grand Cayman, Cozumel, Cancun, Riviera Maya, Bermuda, St Lucia, Jamaica & Belize. Cenote?
  7. Season Ticket Renewals

    Cool. It wasn't available when I tried. Thanks for the update!
  8. 2018 Pro Bowl Season Ticket Holder Experience

    Awesome! That looks like a great time. Thanks for sharing!
  9. My friend Jkam

    I'm sorry for your loss. A toast is raised, to Jkam.
  10. Season Ticket Renewals

    No need to apologize! I didn't see the payment plan option on-line, so I emailed the ticket office. They called me and said that it's not available on-line, but you can call and set it up.
  11. Season Ticket Renewals

    Did you still pay the $25.00 Shipping and Handling fee?
  12. Season Ticket Renewals

    I agree. They're probably going to see how the digital thing works out. I want paper tickets.
  13. Season Ticket Renewals

    Hmmmm....the season ticket newsletter that I received stated that you could "opt-in" for digital tickets. The only way I do that, is if they do away with the ridiculous FedEx Shippih and Handling charge.
  14. Will Cousins Play For The Skins In 2018

    It's KIRK!