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  1. Not sure if it has been mentioned already, but no mention of Wentz??
  2. Seriously. The lack of play action was appalling. They set it up so perfectly and Dallas was selling out to stop the run.
  3. Franchise QB? What's that? Yeah you may be right. But idk if the Falcons are capable right now. They're not far from a meltdown themselves.
  4. I'd like to see the Giants beat Atlanta. I'd rather play them coming off a win then desperate for one.
  5. I think Gruden was just trying for a dramatic ending. Because there's no excuse for that play-calling
  6. Why not some play action on first down after the long run??
  7. Stroman has potential but he might be seeing the field a little too much too soon
  8. "And Garret is just like 'I dont understand whats going on" -Romo lol
  9. ddub52

    Gameday Thread

    Did you see the replay? Was it legit? Seemed like a late call
  10. ddub52

    Gameday Thread

    What a bailout call
  11. Not really. They had ll three timeouts. They very well could have stopped us and had plenty of time
  12. We need to get Trent the ball more