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  1. PlayAction

    Can we stop pretending now?

    The team doesn't quit but to say it's a damn good one is a big stretch. There is almost no margin for error in their wins - one less turnover or one fewer dropped pass by the opponent and those wins turn into losses. On the other hand they have building blocks. If the Skins can successfully retool the offense and continue with their defensive tinkering they could be better than an 8-8 team next year ( I mean a team that doesn't depend on luck to get its wins).
  2. I don't get booed at work. Lol. Seriously I could get ticked at his comment but he doesn't know what he doesn't know. Let it be water off a duck's back.
  3. PlayAction

    Redskins receiving corp is beginning to shape up

    Skins WR core needs to be retooled in the offseason. Richardson produced but he has a history of injuries and he's just not suited to catching balls where he's going to be hit hard. Mo Harris may turn into a move-the-chains slot receiver. I'm hoping Quinn can become your shifty slot WR in the second half. If not, then there's really not much left on the roster. I don't think the Skins can pay Crowder given his injury history so he's probably go elsewhere and produce big time when he's not the only offensive weapon.
  4. PlayAction

    When Can We Get Out of the Alex Smith Contract???

    I think it comes down to a talent deficit for the players that are available to play. On Offense the Skins have not had good production out of their draft picks - some of it for injuries and some because the player isn't that good. Alex's Smith's go-to WR was Richardson and he's been hurt and now is out for the season. None of the other WRs has really stepped up. Guice may have helped a lot but he and all the RBs have been hurt. Skins relied upon an oft-injured left guard and he's out for the season. The offensive woes really shouldn't be a surprise. I like the Defense but it's young so it's not surprising that there will be growing pains. ILBs are slower than I would like and the OLB (other than Kerrigan) aren't getting the needed sacks. IMO - Skins are still an 8-8 type team. Better than they were before but a big step below the competitive ones.
  5. PlayAction

    Is this the best Defensive Front we've had in years?

    Kerrigan has been effective from the very first day he came into the league. The same cannot be said for Preston Smith. Zero sacks is not what you expect from a second round draft pick who may have maxed out his skill set. The pass rush is noticeably lacking against QBs that release the ball more quickly than Eli (I realize that's a problem for all defenses but the Skins rush is slower to develop than the really elite ones).
  6. PlayAction

    Is this the best Defensive Front we've had in years?

    Yep, it's a great DLine. If the Skins could get some production out of the OLB, i.e., Preston Smith then it would be truly elite.
  7. Stroman is a 7th round rookie - he's a developmental player not a glaring weakness.
  8. PlayAction

    Cut-Down Day

    Any OL cuts from other teams that look interesting? How about RBs? Other than those positions I think the Skins are set with what they have on the roster.
  9. PlayAction

    Friday Night Lights - Game Thread

    First team offense - Skins seemed to use a 2 back set quite frequently when Smith was in with Adrian Peterson. I couldn't see whether the other player was the FB. Were the Skins just trying out an alternative personnel grouping on all of those running plays or do you think that set was to better suit AP? My only concern with the starting OL is that it doesn't seem to be opening much space for the RB inside - same old story. Defense - D.Payne seems to be involved in most plays - I think he's going to be a great pickup for the Skins. I was a bit surprised though to not hear much from Jonathan Allen. Did I miss it?
  10. PlayAction

    2018 Season Injury News

    Frack. I want to scream it right now.
  11. I can almost guarantee that some were asked to go to the dinner and thought it was perfectly fine. It's the nature of the request - one person's skeevy is another persons free meal. I know cheerleaders go to club rooms during games for social visits and picture taking. They might not expect anything different for dinner. We don't know anything at all about what happened. Were cheerleaders picked up individually from their room and taken to dinner? Or did they just go in a big group to a buffet dinner with big wigs? "they asked for you specifically" could be either creepy or flattering depending upon the vibe. Too many people making snap judgements. The league will investigate to save face. Knowing the NFL they will probably fine the Redskins draft picks no matter what.
  12. PlayAction

    What to do with LG

    Skins do need camp bodies. Lauvao gets to compete and if he wins the competition then the Skins have their answer for one season. I'll take Lauvao for one season - I just didn't want to sign Lauvao to any longer contract given his age, injury history, and performance. But if he's the best right now (gawd!!!) then what can we do?
  13. Well we don't know that there were any "creepy men" involved at all. Cheerleaders are objectifying themselves for their own profit. Not for pay because they get paid squat. But there are a few who are looking to cash in on high earning professional athletes AND any wealthy patrons. A fair number of Redskins cheerleaders have married into wealth. Now that doesn't mean that anyone would be justifying sexual assault or anything of that nature. But they should not be surprised if they are objectified when they willingly objectify themselves at every game and organized function.
  14. This entire discussion reminds me of the UVA fraternity that was convicted by the public and then the entire story was proven to be a lie. No one ever apologized for vandalizing their house; spitting in their faces or smearing their reputations. The public just assumed everything was as claimed because the story was printed in the paper and the story fit identity politics. There were "creepy men who couldn't control themselves"? Is that new information or are you projecting your own theories, fears and dislikes? Redskin cheerleaders often attend special fan events whether it's in club level rooms or outside Redskins park. So if cheerleaders are invited to a bar on their all-expense-paid trip it could be more of the same OR it could be something all together different. We don't know. We do know that no one claimed they were raped or groped or harassed in any way. Five years later three are saying that they felt like they were treated like escorts. I'm not sure what that means when others claim that it was nothing. Anyone who has ever looked at a bikini shoot would know that women may be topless (the photographer uses angle shots or partial covering to artistic effect). I'm not sure why that's a big deal when you can go to many beaches (even in the US) and women are freely taking off their tops. And, yes, there are men at these shoots. I'm going to withhold judgement until the facts are corroborated. If the group director really was acting like the Madam of a brothel I would expect to see similar stories in different locals and over a period of time.
  15. I'm not a fan of Dan Snyder but this is a hatchet job.