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  1. It never fails, some scrub goes off and has a career day against us.
  2. Guys need to keep calm. No more stupid fouls.
  3. Pacers deserved to get swept by the Cavs. They made too many mistakes throughout the series. Hopefully, Raptors or Bucks give the Cavs a better challenge.
  4. And headbutts. LOL!
  5. He's good, but his brother Jermall is the truth. That was a great highlight KO though.
  6. Gotta play better defense.Tonight's defense was unbelievably bad. Hawks did whatever they wanted. Hope game 4 isn't more of the same.
  7. This is just UGLY bball by the Wizards. Nobody can hit a shot.
  8. Gary Williams
  9. I actually like the trailer. Just hope the writers read the comics and keep it kinda inline with what we already know about Superman and his parents.
  10. He had 19 free throws.
  11. IT got so much love from the media due to being hot in the 4th quarter of games when they were winning. Plus, it's the Celtics and they were in 2nd place most of the year. Celtics get more respect than the Wizards. All of that is about to stop now. Folks are taking notice of the Wizards. Helps, that Barkley is on the bandwagon. IT is not a better PG than Wall. Doesn't play good defense. Only thing he does better is shoot and Wall has improved that part of his game.
  12. Sloppy play. Get the starters back in to settle things down.
  13. Sad play the last few minutes of the quarter. Need to focus and get something going.
  14. Liking this start by the Wizards!