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  1. And add some muscle.
  2. Vic Mackey - The Shield Olivia Benson - Law and Order: ABU George Costanza - Seinfeld Al Bundy - Married With Children Bill Cosby- The Cosby Show
  3. Schindler's List Shawshank Redemption Pulp Fiction Monty Python's The Holy Grail The Empire Strikes Back
  4. Yes, by submission, but would not be surprised at him getting stopped by strikes. Just think Jones is due for a wake up and DC is totally focused on revenge (could be his downfall though).
  5. Don't think this is going the distance. DC stops him in 4.
  6. The Shield Game of Thrones 24 Seinfeld Law and Order: SVU Honorable mentions: The Jeffersons In Living Color The Cosby Show Cheers Monday Night Raw
  7. Yeah, that was crazy. Did not expect that from Guerrero or Figueroa. Definitely did not see that ending. That was a war for as long as it lasted. Ghost should retire now.
  8. Go back and watch Diaz vs McGregor 1. You'll also see Connor get tired of gettting punched in the face, so he turns his back on Diaz, which leads to him getting submitted on the ground. It's actually funny. For someone who is known as a striker to just give up after getting a 1-2 combo to the face. That is what really irks McGregor when Floyd calls him a quitter. In the rematch, Connor did a whole lot better, but he still gassed out. Floyd is gonna take him in the deep waters and drown this clown. Floyd by TKO in 10 or sooner.
  9. Today, only the daughter was on stage. Baby momma and daughter were on stage the other times. Daughter was possibly live streaming for Mayweather Promotions on IG. I follow MP on IG and I'm pretty sure it was her or her mom doing the live stream. If I knew it was gonna be like that with the foul language, I personally wouldn't have had my daughter on stage. Too much foolishness on both sides.
  10. I know, but someone could have helped him out. LOL!
  11. Yeah, the LGBT folks are gonna go after him hard for that.
  12. He still hasn't come up with any new lines. Weak sauce!
  13. If folks don't wanna watch this circus, there is always the Miguel Cotto vs Yoshihiro Kamegai fight on the same night. Think HBO might broadcast it.
  14. Just saw that they both flew to London on the same private jet. WTH! Thought Floyd owned 3 private jets? I guess we can expect more of this clown show this afternoon. I'll be watching, but wish they would change up some stuff. Not to mention, the media is killing them both, but Connor is getting it worse.
  15. This would have been the ultimate troll move. Don't think Dana White would let that happen though. It would be funny as hell!