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  1. The only FBI investigation in the Hill/Thomas matter was about 10 yrs before the hearing fwir. She was required to take a lie detector test and called to testify, no further investigation The FBI simply added Dr.Fords accusation to the background file.. afaik
  2. Perhaps,but pointing her in the right direction never hurts I'm pretty fond helping the police jail sexual offenders and encourage others to do so.
  3. Last I checked answering for a crime requires charges to be filed and that trial thingy. what do they call people that want to punish people outside that avenue? lynch mob?.... vigilantes? I feel like I'm forgetting another term
  4. perhaps she should go to the police?
  5. That was a federal crime allegation between two federal employees add interestingly the FBI investigation done earlier was leaked AFTER the hearings were thought done and resulted in Hill testifying before the committee. odd how that happens
  6. Or she could go to the police(who even have people trained in dealing with sex crimes and victims) the choice of a political circus is hers and Feinstein's
  7. twa

    The "Ask a Mechanic" Thread

    I have a multimeter and a test light ......and some high priced Snap On tester that irritates me more than it works.
  8. twa

    The "Ask a Mechanic" Thread

    that long is a light draw, try unplugging the light under hood and in glove box I've seen many of that model the glovebox switch goes bad
  9. twa

    The "Ask a Mechanic" Thread

    especially intermittent ones. you ever do the Rich test? the heat here hard on batteries.
  10. It said "before conducting any hearing" Do you need my glasses? @crooked crack
  11. You might remember they objected to staff calls as the table probably ain't the real problem. If she believes her own story then take it to the police or testify to the committee.
  12. She doesn't want a police one(who have jurisdiction) enough to file a complaint yet feels entitled to a FBI one w/o even telling her story to the committee?
  13. It not being a investigation?