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  1. It's the people using the goddamn guns! Eliminating guns won't stop it, though it would probably reduce it...unless kids today are not too stupid and feeble for other options.
  2. If you say so I'm sure looking forward to keeping my Dr and lower premiums one day
  3. The Liquor Thread

    Haven't seen that in my stores, I'll have them order some. Tried some of the new Old Overholt 100 proof BiB rye the other day, it certainly wasn't to my tastes.
  4. in the inner city it moves the shootings into the streets in many cases
  5. it wasn't good pre trump from your link Little relief from soaring premiums Bill Luffman, 61, is a tobacco consultant in State Road, North Carolina, whose premiums have soared since the ACA went into effect. But he doubts the Trump proposals will help him. The premium on a Blue Cross/Blue Shield policy covering him and his wife, Joan, rose from $689 a month in 2015 to $2,347 per month in 2017. He paid. But when Blue Cross hiked it to near $2,500 per month for 2018, he applied for a federal waiver letting him buy a cheap policy with limited coverage, because the cost of health insurance was well over 25% of his income. He got the waiver and now pays $1,350 for a policy that covers catastrophic care, but little else.
  6. The Liquor Thread

    So is Benchmark, but he said good
  7. The Liquor Thread

    Don't think I've had it. I prefer anejo and reposadas, my go to is El Ultimo which I've drank barrels of....but I'm not picky
  8. The Liquor Thread

    Best cheap one imo is old grandad 100 proof , Buffalo Trace is a bit higher but good....both are high rye bourbon (which is my preference)
  9. The Liquor Thread

    Too damn hot for Bourbon here
  10. Speaking of which, Mueller again requests a delay in trial date and other slowwalking.
  11. That is why arming select teachers /staff is needed, besides the fact two SRO's on a large campus is thin coverage. metal detectors are cheap, relative to security salaries
  12. You are asking the wrong person since I usually mute them.
  13. Is the summit being livestreamed as stated? If so what benefit are reporters?
  14. A lovely piece of writing, I wonder if those present concur. There is indeed no silver bullet though.
  15. The "Ask a Mechanic" Thread

    I use compressed air add if you have a shop vac w/o much suction you have a dirty filter,clogged hose or bad shop vac