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  1. Not to split legal hairs, but that rule depends on the information being given to the committee, not a individual. but whatever.
  2. spiders eat at least as much meat as all 7 billion humans on the planet combined Spiders could theoretically eat every human on Earth in one year
  3. My "boy" and Uncle Sam determine his choices , not me add ya know thinking about it I haven't even seen him but about 3 weeks total since he went to boot camp, despite flying to both coasts and in between....wouldn't have been that much if the old lady wouldn't have had quad heart bypass when he was passing thru between deployments.
  4. Not sure even the Speaker can, perhaps by majority vote in the House? the Reps do have term limits I believe
  5. We are Doomed, Doomed I say. It is a good day to die
  6. Ya think taking Mosul and such back might be a factor? watching while they took over was restrained.
  7. They can vote to have hearing by a majority vote, investigations on the other hand are at the Chair's discretion
  8. They are not absolved (just obviously not worth charging them ) their estates can be sued though and held liable (if they actually had anything)
  9. By law it is justifiable homicide by the resident and and second degree murder (3 counts) by the accessory to a armed felony w/loss of life. The justified need to kill(legal murder) does not excuse putting people into that position and the result.