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  1. at 10 pm options are reduced
  2. define pushback trying to get them to state there is no evidence is perfectly fine if you don't think there is evidence.(they are of course free not too) officially there is none of collusion. sounding out officials about possibilities is not obstruction.
  3. No charges, so no crime right?....we call that the Hillary defense
  4. He was totally cooperative with the FBI investigation....look where that got him
  5. That is a reasonable assumption,what crime matters though. I've probably committed 3-4 this morning.
  6. If you are surrounded by sharks chumming the water is not a good idea.
  7. not until the court rules differently or a law is passed
  8. cut your fuel costs
  9. Isn't that the standard platform Dems have used for years? Leaving off racists is probably too conservative.
  10. tried that with 3 people, and even rolling him up in a sheet, he might have a future in wrestling or kickboxing finally gave up and drugged him and called his dad(who removed it in minutes)
  11. on him or me ?
  12. Whats the best way to remove a large splinter from a pissed 5 yr olds foot? I'm thinking a fifth of this point.