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  1. I could dunk but my dribbling sucked, played well under the boards. I played basketball like a linebacker returning a pick.
  2. Election 2018 Thread

    Thought we were talking property rights myself.
  3. PoliMath‏ @politicalmath 21m21 minutes ago More PoliMath Retweeted Nate Silver Kavanaugh's problem is that he is uninspiring. He's a center-right judge that the left thinks is Antonin Scalia and the right thinks is Anthony Kennedy's annoying nephew. The right wanted a fire breather & they got John Roberts with less charm.
  4. Election 2018 Thread

    " It " is not her body, so harming "it" should be under normal use of force/harm rules.....unless ya consider "it" property .
  5. Election 2018 Thread

    Do the women own the fetus? Do the women determine if it is a person?
  6. comparing a voters poll to the npr sample(a online nonprobability sampling poll) is always going to be different
  7. No SCOTUS didn't make it legal, and the Russians poured money into opposing fracking and oil exploration well as having a hand in the environmental groups. I seem to remember the Saudis supporting Clinton as well.
  8. Foreign money in elections and influence isn't relevant? Well excuse me
  9. So you think it will be like when the Chinese were donating to Clinton pacs?
  10. They could approve him w/o a fight to avoid the distraction.
  11. Damn
  12. Been there, done that with Iraq....remember when it was cool to diss intelligence?
  13. as to the intelligence this assertion accurate? I'm good with impeaching him either way.
  14. I was being facetious , but knock yourself out.