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  1. More good people with guns IF the need exists. Good luck with laws stopping them, but obviously laws didn't stop the shootings you complain about.
  2. That seems more your game.
  3. I've always been upfront that taking up a weapon or taking action comes with risks. So does not having a weapon or not taking action. Would you prefer the security guy not be armed?
  4. So you would remove the security guy's gun from him? Would you remove the police's guns? There is no safe when people want to kill.
  5. the posts remain stable. any action you take comes with risks(including inaction) Do you think it is good to give trigger happy cops a excuse ?
  6. I'd prefer to have my hands free.
  7. Then it would clearly be unjustified and against training and protocol. I would suggest if you have someone pinned and have been kneeling on their back you don't need your gun out though.(helpful hint)
  8. Is your position that the police arrived,saw a black man with a gun and immediately shot him?
  9. twa

    An assault on American democracy is underway

    Gutted the VRA??????? 🤣 Bigot.
  10. so the scum was a gun control advocate or a typical liberal? or just nuts....but I repeat myself
  11. I hear he was posting on social media during the shooting. sick ****s