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  1. I'm basing my opinion on the GSA officials words and a rather clear knowledge of the power of persuasion of the feds. Ya can throw in the lawyerly press release citing consent of account holder....they didn't add that for no reason. who do you think they were referring to,or why it was there?
  2. you certainly play the field. what half tells ya going to Mueller is productive after his team persuaded the GSA a subpoena or warrant was not needed....despite their initial protest.
  3. If you call having a different opinion trolling yeah.
  4. Don't need to be a lawyer, and I do know going to Mueller is a waste of time. as does anyone with half a brain. You call this defending?
  5. Why would he confront Mueller? When you think a employee broke the rules ya go to those over them or the court.
  6. wouldn't the ones letting them off the hook being the ones taking settlements and signing confidentiality agreements?
  7. The Hill‏Verified account @thehill now20 minutes ago More Top Trump aide: "No conversation whatsoever" about firing Mueller
  8. Tax Bill

    which one is this?
  9. I keep hearing he is gonna fire Mueller....been hearing it for how many months? Sure they ain't trolling you ?
  10. so you are saying they flipped before Mueller;s team got the emails and they are limited to just those two email chains?
  11. Tax Bill

    Been lawful for congress critters, certainly was used for ACA
  12. Yes I read it and skinning a cat can be legal or not,and sometimes just improper. who is the account holder....the GSA?
  13. or account holders consent.....who is the account holder?
  14. the line between improper and illegal gets fuzzy, like with a forbidden server, deleting emails and unapproved devices and improper retention.