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  1. Trump and His Cabinet......God Bless America; OP Updated

    I voted "other" and this was my reply in the text box (it wasn't thought out or reasoned): This has been a clusterf@#k to say the least. Thank you for backing such a narcissistic jerk instead of having the guts to support someone with a moral compass and political acumen like Mr. John Kasich. Poor leadership filters down to every aspect of people's lives and whatever has been happening since Trump's political ascension is not healthy and will continue to not be healthy. This will take decades to recover from. I'm a former member of the GOP and sickens me to see this was the party of personal responsibility, morals, etc. This party needs to find a way to relate to the base that does not engage the crazies on the extreme ends of the right and accept solid, fact-driven, intelligent conversation not driven by Fox News, InfoWars, Breitbart, and talk radio.
  2. Golf

    It was a lot of fun to watch. Shame the overall point score between the two teams wasn't closer, but nevertheless it was fun to see.
  3. Trump and His Cabinet......God Bless America; OP Updated

    Chuck Todd shared these results this morning on MTP. These are the three states that often vote blue and went red. In regards to PA, I wonder how many people were polled in the red area between Philly and Pittsburgh. http://www.nbcnews.com/meet-the-press/trump-s-approval-rating-stands-below-40-percent-three-key-n794061 These three NBC/Marist polls were conducted August 13-17 — after the Aug. 12 unrest and violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, and in the midst of Trump’s multiple responses to the events. Asked if Trump’s conduct as president made them proud or embarrassed them, 64 percent of voters in Michigan and Wisconsin say they’ve been embarrassed, while 63 percent say that in Pennsylvania.
  4. How Long Does Trump [The President] Have Left?

    Well with Bob Corker questioning his competence publicly, I wonder how many others will do the same from the republican party. Greasing the wheels for invoking the 25th amendment's clause about being able to discharge the powers and duties of the office?
  5. Golf

    True and spend at least 20-30 minutes chipping and putting before each round if you have the time.
  6. Thanks for the replies. Clears it up a bit.
  7. Trump and His Cabinet......God Bless America; OP Updated

    I happen to agree with Kilmer here. You cannot affect change unless you are in a position to do so. I'm hoping guys like Kelley, Mattis, et. al. do not resign. I've mentioned earlier that those that have resigned from the board, sham as it is, shouldn't resign. Every one of these people can state specifically on which issues they disagree with Trump. Force Trump to fire them. That provides more evidence and for lack of better work, ammo, for Congress to begin removing him from office. If these people stay and state their opinions, it'll make Trump even more unhinged and eventually, hopefully, begin removing him from office. I don't think Trump will ever change his spots (I think we all agree on that) which is why I think removal from office is inevitable. I certainly why people disagree with this position, and understand why people do not and would not want to be associated with Trump. I don't fault them for that, but like Kilmer, wish these people would stay on board and force Trump to ask for their removal to make Trump look even worse.
  8. Back to Visionary's last post... Asking a question because I don't understand the legalese, but how can Trump dictate what is under the scope of the investigation? If they go beyond the scope of what Trump says is OK, does that mean he can fire Mueller with just cause? I find it weird Trump and his minions can dictate what is off limits.
  9. Trump and His Cabinet......God Bless America; OP Updated

    On the topic of the CEOs leaving the council...while I respect their decision and agree with them completely on principle, how can you affect change if you are not part of the group than can influence said change. You may disagree with the president, but leaving won't change it. Force Trump's hand. Issue a statement of your position on how he bungled this past weekend. If he doesn't like it and throws you off the council, then speak up again. You can disassociate your company while still being on the council.
  10. Devil's advocate. Kid Rock likes all cultures. His music is evidence of that. Silver lining, maybe he can influence social justice a bit more within the party. The GOP certainly could use some socially liberal policy for sure. That I think we all agree.
  11. Trump and His Cabinet......God Bless America; OP Updated

    That's the thing that jumped out at me. I live in massive Trump territory here in central PA. Finally on Facebook, starting to see the criticisms of him from those who supported him happening. Sure it's too late, but it is happening. DogsofWar1 mentioned that point, and can say I am seeing it.
  12. It'd be nice if the president would say something condemning this...not holding my breath though. This whole thing makes sad, every part of it. The fact we have a group of people with these beliefs organizing such an event in this day and age, leaders of this event having the ear of an important politician, dichotomy of police treatment in this event versus say something like BLM, the fact these idiots are getting their message out there because of the national coverage of it, the fact the press must cover it because it is important, and the hypocritical hot takes that will result from this event frustrate me but recognize their right to do so as sickening as it is.
  13. ESPN's 50 Greatest Black Athletes

    And that explains why Bill Russell is as low as he is.
  14. Trump and His Cabinet......God Bless America; OP Updated

    Would it even have books? If so, I'm going Green Eggs and Ham.