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  1. I'm betting Trump sleeps with a Trumpy Bear and talks to it sweetly each night.
  2. So what's the over/under on indictments on Friday? 4.5? The pumpkin is upset about something...
  3. Busch1724

    90s music

  4. Busch1724

    90s music

    Ahh the 90's
  5. Busch1724

    2018 Fantasy Football

    16 team must be brutal...but could be fun if there was no bench whatsoever. Would make deciding whether to drop players during byes worth it or not.
  6. Wonder what the admission requirements were for it. I'm guessing asshole, but maybe if the university gets a reboot the new requirements would be dumbass. That would make Red Forman proud.
  7. TWA and Zoony must be gifting them for the caravan.
  8. Didn't catch it then, or thought it was a joke, can't remember. I've failed as a citizen! Did you make your purchase?
  9. So since Trump couldn't go to Vietnam because of bone spurs, it may be entirely possible he can't be out in the rain since his arthritis may act up. I'd hate for our dear leader to experience such excruciating pain while outside in inclement weather. I thought for sure Trumpy Bear was fake news, but hell Walmart is selling them for $56.85. Guess it's the perfect place for it. Plus Snopes says it's true. What a great Christmas present. Yes I said Christmas!
  10. Busch1724

    Election 2020 Thread

    Devil's advocate...people really hate Ted Cruz. Granted, O'Rourke tapped into something, but people really hate Ted Cruz.
  11. So far no evidence of a piss tape, but that's being held back for something really important
  12. Busch1724

    Redskins receiving corp is beginning to shape up

    Tate isn't that good. He's solid, not worth a draft pick for a rental player. No need to be foolish. Someone brought up Dez, he's done. He was done last year and not worth the locker room hassle. Tate and Dez aren't making our WR core any better.
  13. Busch1724

    The Giants...lol

    Boy he threw that chair as well as Eli's ducks!
  14. So most importantly, what was this dude's stripper name? I'm going with "Sock"