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  1. So Ricky does love the poles...
  2. Goes to show how bad of a candidate choice Hillary was. For her to get the full party backing at the beginning of the whole process was a mistake. It was then, and in hindsight looks even worse. The lack of young leadership in the democratic party is more than worrisome.
  3. I watched Bill Maher over the weekend. The most telling part for me was during a conversation show in a video embedded in the article posted below. This all pretty much happened as the video and article explains. Eventually Cupp agreed, which was a nice surprise. During the show, she seemed rather down on the Donald. Wish there was more of this among the base, but as the Pew research demonstrates, that's likely not going to happen. This was rather telling: https://egbertowillies.com/2017/04/23/bill-maher-uses-poll-force-conservative-concede-gop-base-tribal-facts-dont-matter-video/ Maher read a couple of results from a recent Pew Poll that gave a distinctly different impression about the GOP base. It made it quite obvious that the GOP voter is hyper-partisan, so much so that it clouds their ability to think objectively. It is that reality that allows them to be so easily deceived by their politicians. Bill Maher pointed out that even though the economy has not changed in any meaningful way under Trump, Republicans magically believe it is doing much better. When Obama wanted to bomb Syria, only 22% of Republicans approved. Now 88% approve of Trump bombing Syria. The income tax has not changed under Trump. Yet, Republicans went from it being 39% fair to 56% fair. Democrats answers remained statistically the same. "They are more tribal," Bill Maher said of Republicans. "I am sorry. And they are less concerned with observable reality. That seems like, there are facts in there that say that."
  4. Well Nugent and Kid Rock are considering running for office on the Republican ticket. Sure it's not a coincidence.
  5. Well not only did he throw away a life of riches and fame...he threw away an opportunity to make a positive impact on the people who needed it the most. He chose to be the smaller person. Sorry for his daughter, but not much other sympathy to go around.
  6. He'll pop up on YouTube or a podcast. We were talking about this at lunch today. It seems conservative personalities have the most baggage or fallout from things they've decried or are immoral. For example: Rush with rehab and painkillers Bill O'Reilly here Ailes for obvious reasons Nugent with underage girls in the past James Baker Brian Williams (he is a conservative correct? Could be wrong about this one) Bill Cosby (once again, think he's a conservative) Who else am I forgetting? Libs have been fired for saying stupid things, as have conservatives. But I see words as separate from actions in most cases because pundits are filling air time and trying to get a reaction out of people. Who on the liberal side has been a blowhard and been busted for things they've decried about over the years?
  7. LSF...Bill Cosby might be the only one on the level of the Falcons.
  8. Wouldn't it be something if one of the correctional officers staged a suicide? That's be a hell of a story. From what I gather from Aaron's lawyer today is, he'll try to acquit Aaron of his own death.
  9. He'll make for an excellent 30 for 30 at some point.
  10. Thing is, he'd be kept on board had sponsors not started pulling ads. Money talks...
  11. Kosher, put the Cubs in the same boat.
  12. Like Riggo....Thank you Aaron for saving the taxpayers some much needed money!
  13. This kind of stuff is what really angers me about the whole stadium process. Who in their right mind on a city council thought they could see this much money from 17 spring league games? http://www.vocativ.com/421529/stadium-economist-not-an-economist-mark-bonn/ The study claims that in exchange for spending $81 million to refurbish their spring training facilities, including over $61 million combined in public funds from the city and state, Dunedin would reap close to $71 million when all was said and done. A 2009 study of Bonn’s was also used by the New York Yankees when the team sought $27 million in taxpayer dollars from Tampa to bolster Steinbrenner field. Using Bonn’s math, the Yankees promised those public dollars spent would yield $162 million, even though they hosted a grand total of 17 spring training games in 2016. One problem with the Dunedin study is that—in addition to the fact that Bonn is not an economist— They obviously had doubts, but still agreed to dole out the money anyway.
  14. So back to the price thing on the last page. Just ordered a quarter beef (the rear quarter) yesterday. It'll get butchered, processed, and packaged for $2.99 a pound. Can't beat the price to do it that way at all!
  15. Saw this on 60 minutes the other day. Hard to believe we can put money up against constitutional rights, but alas it's happening. There were some great points during the 60 minutes segment. Thought of bringing this up Sunday night, got busy, and forgot about it. Thanks for starting the thread.