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  1. So his wife cost him at least $38 million dollars in 2005 right? A Russian bride may have been cheaper.
  2. They should consult Tom Brady on how to handle the matter... Would the phone purging happened today if not for Nunes the last couple days?
  3. I was uncomfortable during the Bush and Obama years with the expanded executive actions privileges each had. I am not more worried about since Trump has taken office. Hopefully, those will be curtailed come the next pres.
  4. Not gonna happen because of Citizens United. Also, lobbyists would pull funding from any candidate that would propose such a thing. In order for an amendment to pass, we as a country are going to have to get past partisanship. To get 2/3 of anyone, lets alone 2/3 of the states to pass a proposal on an amendment is impossible in this climate. It won't change anytime soon. However, disclosure of tax returns is a great one! How many years would suffice, 20 years of returns?
  5. "Well they weren't good then, but they're good now."
  6. At this point, why would it not be? Could almost go to trial with the dossier as a closing statement.
  7. Buzz, I was gonna 3D print one...
  8. Not that this matters, but how did Comey come off in all this? Was he credible? I didn't get to see any of it today. Were his answers something either side of the coin, repubs and dems, would dismiss? Is it evident there should be an independent investigation? Is that even possible considering all the ties many connected to Washington have?
  9. Haha...have an analog clock in the house now that needs a battery. Thinking about chucking it.
  10. So what did we all grow up with that we thought was essential that really is no longer relevant? So far home phones, daily newspaper deliveries, and analog clocks...
  11. The last of any evidence for live performances on YouTube are from 2014. However, I'm pretty sure he was playing through October of 2016. I had some relatives in Texas wanted tickets. Think it may have been a college or some related performance center nearby.
  12. He always has. As far as I remember, he didn't have a normal band just used local musicians in each town. Sent out sheet music to where he was playing. He was playing even a bit last year.
  13. I bet you people with landlines still have analog clocks!
  14. LSF, Increase literacy, critical thinking, and acceptance. The reason things like this work is because of a lack of education and people not realizing how decisions made by others affect them. Yet, the new budget proposal includes less funding for education.
  15. It's all about the nukes baby! Screw food for senior citizens! Hell after the red button is pushed later this year, why must we fund food, arts, and after school programs? In all seriousness, I see this budget the following way: Trump likes draconian language and is willing to negotiate after the fact. I think he wants to make these cuts to make states foot the bill so he can say, "Hey I lowered taxes." Block grants are essentially the cure all for all flu like symptoms.