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  1. ...but abortion and guns. Oh, forgot school prayer.
  2. Is Tiger Woods washed up?

    I figured he'd come back and win a tournament or two as long as the body held up. I didn't think he'd be in the hunt like this, this quick. It's impressive how hard he is pounding it. Was it the 14th hole where he had the fastest swing recorded of any player this so far? As long as he drives it good this afternoon, he wins. At the Honda he looked good, but he looks even better this weekend.
  3. Is Tiger Woods washed up?

    It's been fun again watching golf with him in it the last couple tournaments. There's just a different buzz in the air when he's playing well.
  4. ...and maybe the companies that had their tax rates reduced at the federal level could kick in...
  5. http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/22614341/liangelo-lavar-ball-donald-trump-shoplifting-scandal-rocked-ucla-ncaa-basketball-season via https://deadspin.com/report-donald-trump-didnt-actually-do-anything-to-free-1823464794 But according to a team source cited in ESPN’s report, the players were not under house arrest when Trump got involved, and had in fact already had their passports returned to them and flights home booked. From ESPN: So it looks like LaVar Ball was right when he said that Trump didn’t really do anything to free his son, and that Trump was being an even bigger ****head than we thought he was when he tweeted, “I should have left them in jail!” in response. This is the kind of stuff that angers me because often it goes unchecked by major news outlets. I can't blame them either because there's just so much crap to sift through and research. Here, ESPN did the dirty work. I know this won't be a major story, but important nonetheless when it comes to him using Twitter to throw shade over other major issues like Russia.
  6. So serious question, when Carson is ultimately forced to resign over a set of china, is there any token minorities left in the cabinet and/or white house staff?
  7. The Gun Control Debate Thread - Say hello to my little thread

    Ignorant question, but why in the hell is a grocery store selling guns? I was not aware of Kroger being in the gun business.
  8. The Gun Control Debate Thread - Say hello to my little thread

    In all honesty, I can see the positives and negatives of arming teachers or other school personnel. The concerns I have are things we (administrators and teachers) all talk about behind closed doors. Our whole admin team have discussed it at length. The one thing we can't reconcile is what would students do because they eventually find out pretty much everything. Another thing, my opinion of course without any conclusive research to back this up, is that many of these school shooters (and foiled plots for that matter) appear to be white males who are under say 25 years of age. Would an age limit on certain types of weapons be helpful? I know there are exceptions to the norm. I know the issue has been brought up, even to the president. Once again without solid research to back up this assumption, the fact of the matter is these 15-20 year old kids and young adults are still figuring out how to navigate emotional stuff thrown upon them at home, school, work, etc. Maturity could help. Throw in experimenting with drugs and alcohol, it appears to be a ****tail that preventing the purchase of high capacity weapons would behoove an age requirement.
  9. The Gun Control Debate Thread - Say hello to my little thread

    As a principal, certainly this issue has been on my mind since last week's events. Hell for that matter, it's been on my mind since getting the position this past Dec. 4. I cannot imagine arming teachers. There are so many things that could go wrong. Tshile has really summed up many of those reasons in an earlier post. There is significant training that must go into it and teachers don't have enough time now to do trainings now that are required. I'm not sure adding more guns to the problem helps the situation, much like the right would be likely to say adding more money to education doesn't necessarily help it. Every school in my area has an SRO. Who else should have a gun? I know many administrators are not interested in having a weapon and wouldn't want that responsibility. Likewise, same for many teachers. I'm sure there are volunteers who would help and would be reliable in a chaotic situation. The one thing that concerns me isn't all the issues brought forward in the recent pages of this thread. If I missed it, I'm sorry. However, that one thing is: students will eventually find out who is trained to have a weapon. Students eventually find out nearly everything. What's to preclude a student from jumping a teacher or administrator for a weapon if they are carrying? Suppose a law like we're talking about passes and includes the stipulation that the gun must be in a secure location. Fine, but how long does it take to get to the location of the gun? How long does it take to get the gun out of the safe? In this case, are we in a better position because of this? :I really don't know that answer, but will say students will most likely find out where they are even if they can't get into them. There are many schools that do have a weapon within the building. Only certain people know. In these cases, I know the teachers don't know about them. Has this actually helped? Not sure because no reporting of any of these incidents reveal that. I'm also concerned about what happens if the volunteers or personnel who are permitted to carry are out for the day? This happens often in schools as there are sick days, personal days, trainings, competitions, field trips, etc. These happen frequently and a weapon within the building is useless if the person isn't there. These are just brain droppings, but concerns I would bring up in a discussion about this issue.
  10. Other profile questions: 1. Do you: A. Deep state B. Deep throat 2. Hand size: A. Small B. Medium C. Large 3. Fettish A. Pee B. Something else
  11. So how would one rank the worst weeks of the Trump presidency? It's hard to rank them. I would say maybe the Charlottesville week could be the worst. One of the Russia weeks has to be right up there.
  12. Like many here...the republican party left me. The religious right during the 2000s really turned me off. Also, combine that with the fiscal irresponsibility of the 2000s; I couldn't identify with that party. For the party that wanted less government intrusion and less debt, they've expanded the size of the government and increased the debt more so that any democratically run part of the government for several decades now. The absolute final straw was the implementation of No Child Left Behind. It was an unmitigated disaster that increased the role of government and ballooned expenses related to education. The tea party folks were the final nail in the coffin. Bang really summed up the rest of my thoughts for me in his earlier post.
  13. That bass line was basically lifted from Hall and Oats' I Can't Go For That. This was before Donna Summer. The basically used later also in Livin' On A Prayer from Bon Jovi, then finally Comedown from Bush. Now Quincy's daughter Rashida, I love me some her. Last, an article from GQ..https://www.gq.com/story/quincy-jones-has-a-story
  14. Kirk will get more...then Brees will average more per year. Then Rodgers is up next. That one will break the bank...over 30 million a year.