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  1. Was today the line in the sand for republicans who have tried to justify what Trump has been doing since 2016? I'm curious to see if/how this gets spun by the party in a positive manner.
  2. Firmly Gen X at 1976. No one complains about us...
  3. Sacha Baron Cohen Dupes Political Leaders

    Holy hell! Sure news anchors will read off a prompter, but at some point they realize they're in the middle of something weird...not these guys. Amazing to think Sasha can make up some award and someone will do the photo op.
  4. I suppose going public. It seems there's so much here, but I assume it just takes so much time to verify the chatter. Couple that with Mitch not wanting to sign off on President Obama's willingness to acknowledge Russian meddling complicated matters. I'm just surprised there wasn't more revealed prior to September of 2016 because it seems this had to be years in the making.
  5. The fact that Russia had such long term plans do do this and the fact our I.C. didn't find anything until the leadup to the election surprises me. Also, didn't Trump trademark MAGA in 2012 right after the November elections? Did just find the claim on Snopes, and yes it's true. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/trump-patent-maga-2012/
  6. Standing during the Pledge or National Anthem

    Maybe he'll write a letter on behalf of Steve Keim for his DUI arrest...
  7. Ultimately, it appears Cavanaugh is the best of the 4 choices Trump whittled the decision down to. Dems could fight it, but then get another nominee who may be like an Alito. They'd be wise right now to pass him because they're likely not going to get the votes to flip this confirmation. There's no guarantee they flip the Senate come November either. This was a good piece. Certainly it could be viewed as biased since Cavanaugh was one of the writer's students. However, Dems need to be smart here, which they have not done so well in recent years.
  8. Kellen Winslow II Accused of Serial Rape, Kidnapping

    I believe it was Taylor, not Arrington...
  9. The Root: White People are Cowards

    Fair point, certainly respect your perspective.
  10. The Root: White People are Cowards

    Xameil, The research isn't based on just one study. There are many highlighting these points in education research. Destino's data points out there are approximately 92% of households have the mother living within the house. I'm assuming the other 4% not represented include grandparents, fosters, and other unique circumstances. The research is based on the most common indicators of success. If the father has a masters' degree and the mother has a bachelors' degree, obviously education is valued within the home or family unit. Consequently, resources to provide the children opportunities that those who live in poverty are not prevalent. This includes things like activities, tutors, and having someone to help with homework or studying. While you are correct, the issue is the kids don't really have a choice. Many kids in poverty are stuck because they're literally just trying to survive. Mom or dad get busted for theft or some other crime; the kid is dealing with them being around. They get kicked out of their house, foster care, evictions, and so many other things are out of the kids' responsibilities. The kids don't want to do the things their parents did, but somehow they have to survive and the cycle then repeats. Easier said than done and not sure what the answers are besides more resources.
  11. The Root: White People are Cowards

    There are many. For instance, things like sin taxes (cigarette, soda, etc.) impact them more than other income brackets. Poverty stricken folks do not have cars at all or if they do, the cars have issues. There are a lack of affordable grocery stores in urban, poverty stricken areas; leaving them to shop at convenient stores that cost much more. Poverty stricken areas do not have banks (there are, but not in many rough parts of town), citizens in those areas are then charged fees for cashing checks. On that note, poverty stricken people are more likely to not have a bank account, writing checks requires money orders. Along those lines, they are more likely to have overdue bills requiring money orders, which you guessed it, include fees. Affordable, healthy food is not available to them. Diets of poor people are much more unhealthy. This is just a short list of barriers that are stressors on them trying to overcome a bad situation. These kinds of things spiral into other aspects of life, such as schooling and finding ways to just get by. Side note...One of the best trainings I have ever gone through was from the Milton Hershey School here in central PA. It's a private, tuition free school that provides schooling and housing for lower income children in the Hershey area. The trainings they provide to schools nearby is excellent and eye opening.
  12. The Root: White People are Cowards

    Xameil, there are always outliers. In my case, I certainly follow my mothers as do each of my close friends. Ultimately, people with higher levels of education put a great emphasis on education, which leads to higher wages. While in poverty, it's hard to overcome it because of all the barriers put in place.
  13. The Root: White People are Cowards

    Article from a grad class given to me from one of my former superintendents http://www.ascd.org/publications/books/109074/chapters/how-poverty-affects-behavior-and-academic-performance.aspx I used to have hard copies of education journal articles outlining how the mother's level of education impacts the things mentioned in the article above. When studying poverty, it's hard to get out of poverty because the system is rigged against folks in poverty. A lack of education creates a barrier mothers (and fathers) can't overcome and eventually impacts the child, continuing the cycle. Reducing poverty to its simplest form, the education level of the mother is the root factor leading to many of the outcomes mentioned in the article. Education success then is key to overcome poverty, leaving the education level of the mother as the most important factor in overcoming poverty.
  14. The Root: White People are Cowards

    You must not work at Fox News.