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  1. Time to be responsible

    So a little tip... You're a good poster and offer good insight into many conversations. Don't take that from us! How about this for accountability: for each wasteful purchase, you must purchase an equally expensive item from the Cowboy's section of www.nflshop.com. That'll fix you up real quick!!! When all is paid off, burn the pile of Cowboys garbage you collected. The plus is FIRE...or just donate it to some needy families in Texas. Then you get some of the money back as a charitable donation. Seriously, good luck and well done making this happen.
  2. Standing during the Pledge or National Anthem

    An interesting nugget in the CBA...If collusion of any kind against players occurs and 14 or more teams are involved, the CBA is immediately terminated. Sure it's not likely to happen, but just found it interesting. Pretty sure that came to be after the collusion situation in baseball during the 80s.
  3. He could give a Skittle to each person. It sure would help rationing.
  4. People love to feel fake outrage. Both sides of the aisle play it well. Like you, laughed, and realized he'd have to apologize. Hope he doesn't get sacked, because the offended mob may be coming.
  5. ...not that there's anything wrong with that.
  6. A Confidence I Haven't Had in 25 Years

    Defense looks totally different without Norman.
  7. Would assume she has kids to another man prior and he has kids to another woman prior right? Maybe they have a couple of their own. She must have some extra bacon left over at breakfast and realized one of the litter was missing.
  8. Standing during the Pledge or National Anthem

    They did the same thing last week before the Bucs/Patriots game. I was actually surprised. I kind of figured the league made that happen. Then on Sunday, there were anthems shown.
  9. One thing I saw this past weekend was enlightening. Sure he's not been great at operating some of his businesses, but he has been successful at many of his businesses. Universally, he's seen as pretty good in the golf course department of his business portfolio. However, an article that came out over the weekend that Trump Turnberry and Trump International Golf Links has lost 25 million dollars last year. Turnberry is seen as one of the best courses in the world, typically top 10. his name is toxic across the pond, but his golf courses have been seen as one of his better assets...especially the courses he owns. He does own some very good ones.
  10. This is a vendetta for him to tackle because of a few events from the recent past. First of all, in 2009 ESPN ran a pretty damning 30 for 30 about his role in the failure of the USFL. It was aired several times last year, which I'm sure was was not lost on him. Second, he has tried a couple of different times to purchase an NFL team only to be rejected. Third, he will take credit, and somewhat has already, for a decline in the NFL's popularity. He could care less about what happened in Charlottesville again last weekend, since it doesn't involve him. Granted, we all know this about him, but we need more powerful people to speak up about it. By powerful, that means donors and influential politicians who have nothing else to lose. Corker doesn't count since he was initially on board, with plenty of Trump's praise.
  11. So yesterday he had the time to recognize Columbus Day, but didn't have the time to recognize a Jewish holiday at the appropriate time.
  12. So this has been rumored for such a long time. Questions, why did it take so long for it to become an issue? I mean obviously, someone decided to speak out at this point in time, but so many people knew about it.
  13. Best song I've heard since Greta Van Fleet's new tunes. A classic and can't believe it isn't covered more or was even super popular: ...and
  14. Well it's low hanging fruit. It requires the least amount to work to tackle, just offer hot takes with no research required. You also get away without having to really do a real work to make change...just riff.