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  1. Karate Kid...because Elisabeth Shue. Not a great actress, but man was she my first crush!
  2. She has nice breasts...ask Donald.
  3. Marley and Me - you knew damn well ahead of time the dog was going to die, but get sucked in anyway!!! Seven - not sure if it was just the mind screw at the end of it or what but after the first time watching it, just remember thinking WTF? The Notebook - not sure why, but must be getting softer at an older age. On a more serious note, Shindler's List and the Green Mile. Really powerful movies.
  4. Probably like the sh!!show it is now. I think you'll see many parallels written between this and Watergate as far as the personalities involved goes. Paranoia will make people do many stupid things.
  5. I want to see the Rock's birth certificate!
  6. and at least 32% of the population will think she's an entitled **** who should have been happy to have been in the presence of the Donald.
  7. Derivative as hell...and Zepplinish, but still an incredible new band: Then the Darkness, singer is an acquired taste:
  8. Man what a great year for movies! It's rare for so many good comedies in one year too. I voted Caddyshack. It's the one I can watch the most. However, Raging Bull is incredible.
  9. Is Trump that smart to send a message this way? FTR...I did read the article. but not sure if a message such as that was meant for Flynn or not.
  10. It is sad because we won't ever have the chance of finding he died ever again. Too soon?
  11. Yeah, seems he hanged himself. Selfish, sad, all those emotions wrapped up in one.
  12. Way too young! Great talent for sure, but did have some addiction issues. I hope that wasn't the cause for this, at least for his family's sake. This is now Layne, Weiland, and Cobain from that brief era.
  13. ^^^ This is the kind of stuff that goes unnoticed because of all the shrapnel that lies in the wake of Trump's impulsive mouth and actions. Now, is this a horrible thing? No opinion, but initial feelings are that private employees should not be put on state-run retirement programs, even with government contracted work.
  14. Back to Pence and Veep...Kasich would be a good choice. If the party was smart in the first place, he would have won the primaries last year, but alas we're stuck in this muck.
  15. Well then how do you explain 2013? I could justify all those other years as just good coaching and signing players who are good at possession of the footballs. So 2013 and 2016 were the anomalies in these stats. What are the chances it'll be in the mid to low teens next year? I suspect pretty good because Bill will not be happy with that 27 number.