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  1. Westbrook, I appreciate your abilities. Shame we on this board can't come up with anything beyond our 3 Super Bowls. At this point, it's all we got.
  2. Busch1724

    7th Annual ES Survival Football League!

    If they had a kicker, they'd be 2-0 against two pretty good teams.
  3. Busch1724

    The Giants...lol

    What the Giants should have really done was draft o-line. A rookie QB behind that line would get David Carr'ed. Saquon will look good at times. There were too many times he was hit behind the l.o.s. and it wasn't because of his stutter steps. They need to build the trenches and quick.
  4. Let the liberal, tree hugger, hippies out there suffer. Less dems to vote...
  5. The GOP will just propose more tax cuts...just like came out earlier today.
  6. Busch1724

    Unpopular Opinions Thread (Non-Political)

    Vampire movies suck! They're all the same. One falls in love with another. Should I bite the love interest? Of course I will and deal with it later. It's basically the Titanic movie over and over again. You know what happens in the end, why bother?
  7. Busch1724

    Unpopular Opinions Thread (Non-Political)

    Chris Collinsworth is an excellent announcer. Al and Chris are the best football duo on TV.
  8. I've always wondered how the NRA had all this money. There's only 5 million members. At 40 dollars a membership, there's not a lot of money to do the lobbying they do and pay the people on their staff, print and distribute their magazines, etc. So yeah, they're washing money. https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/how-many-members-does-the-nra-really-have_us_59651114e4b005b0fdc8fe90 https://membership.nra.org/FAQ
  9. Busch1724

    7th Annual ES Survival Football League!

    But a tie is not a win, rules say pick one team to win...just saying lol
  10. Busch1724

    Gameday Thread

    Thing is Gruden is tough on quarterbacks, not in a good way. Thankfully we have his brother in that regard.
  11. I think that schools without A/C are going to be a hot topic. They have been here in central PA. There have been many closures because of mold issues. It's costly, but as schools close, I notice more and more people asking why doesn't (insert name here) school have A/C? With state testing and accountability measures more prevalent than before, I see a shift. Who knows where the money is coming from, but there will be enough public outrage.
  12. Busch1724

    7th Annual ES Survival Football League!

    Stay away from divisional week one games...hence why it was wise to avoid N.O. and Pittsburgh. Green Bay should win, but you never know. Baltimore looked good to me...
  13. When does that modern era start?