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  1. There truly was no correct decision that would have been accepted by either side. Had he spoke, he would have been viewed as trying to influence the election. As we find now, he kept his mouth shut, and viewed as trying to suppress it. I can't think of any president that had that kind of heavy decision to make at any point when it comes to out democratic process. Now, I'm one that believes in full transparency and he should have brought it to light, regardless of public perception.
  2. Dave, Love your original post. Brought up class and race, religion, and so on. Since you can access their devices, use their wifi to watch porn.
  3. Did I hear it right, that Zoony masterbates to pictures of Condi, Kellyanne, and Sara?
  4. Yes, but have puked every time I've smoked it. Have tried like a dozen times or so, same result every time. Now that I think about it...I should more often to help lose weight haha.
  5. ...and you forgot, Solar Wall!!!! I'm thinking next is wind cheese graters.
  6. We haven't seen any hard evidence of collusion, but this thing keeps unraveling to a point where something must come out right? I'm sure the investigators won't release or leak any "smoking gun" that they have. Am I correct in this assumption?
  7. Objectively speaking, it would be hard not to based on what was presented publicly in the press. However, we weren't in the court room. In a case like this, reasonable doubt is easy to place. I sure as hell thought he was guilty, but we'll see what happens on the retrial.
  8. You know, I don't know how to explain it. He's a great announcer and I love when he does football. I thought his commentary was mostly fine, but for whatever reason he just doesn't have a "golf" voice. I don't know what that is, but I know what it isn't haha.
  9. Yeah, felt the same here. It just fell flat. Not every event is going to be exciting, but maybe it was the announcers or the players involved. There was just something lacking. Don't get me wrong, the announcers were fine, but they're not Jim Nantz, Faldo, McCord, Miller, Feherty, Hicks, or Maltbie.
  10. Riggo, areed. Also, 90% of natives, based on which poll is being referenced, shows no issue with it. In what segment of any part of society can you get 90% of people to agree on something?
  11. Hey blue, I'm actually about a half hour north of you. It's not too bad of a drive down to Fed Ex from Harrisburg. However, parking is expensive but is better than hopping around trains from Harrisburg. On a whim, we've always had good luck getting tickets in the parking lot and haven't got scammed yet. When we get them ahead of time, there are a couple of season ticket holders in the area that will eventually put theirs up on the Facebook marketplace.
  12. Sacks...should have been grizzly bear tags...just saying.
  13. I had a good year, most years are where I'm at. The main issue was dealing with language that was bigoted and ignorant. It allowed the opportunity to have meaningful conversations. Students often confuse what my personal beliefs are (which I don't share with them), facts, and fiction. I didn't have a parent call about displeasure with the conversations, but had a couple come into conferences to talk with me about it. They were understanding, which is nice. I think this past year may have been my last year teaching though, as I'm looking for a principal position. That'll lead to another host of issues. For the record, my principal said this was his worst year as far as teacher behavior went.