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  1. While I have no doubt that a Trump company gets a little extra attention, it is in fact normal procedure for the FBI to investigate and attempt to counter corporate espionage by foreign entities. Here's an article from 2015 for example:
  2. I understand how this can happen in theory... I'm pretty sure the burden of proof for a judge to determine a parole violation is different than that for a jury to convict someone for a crime, in that a judge doesn't need to determine it happened beyond a reasonable doubt. That would leave it possible for there to be enough evidence for a judge to find parole violated by the commission of a crime, but not enough evidence for the jury to actually convict. Still, it sucks and hopefully the media attention will cause something to overturn this in some way.
  3. Don't think about purple elephants.
  4. This was from Jumbo just before he shut it down:
  5. I think that since you are apparently aware that all the previous Cousins threads were locked, pending new and actionable news, because it's all been played out, that your choice to start a new one is... interesting. Better read quick.
  6. "Triggered" has entered the wider internet culture as a word (usually used jokingly) for becoming upset by something. I've never heard it used in any other context, and I doubt the people that wrote that tweet had either. Still, it's not terrible that they took it down. They make money by entertaining the public and if enough of the public is actually offended by it, why wouldn't they minimize the loss of revenue? It's not like the government made them do it.
  7. I think you should calm down and cut him some slack. Let's review what we know: 1. General McMaster has had, up until now, an impeccable reputation. This is why you are so frustrated. 2. We have reports that Trump is annoyed that McMaster talks so much in meetings (which is something we should want, given point #1). 3. We also have reports that Trump flies into a rage whenever he doesn't feel like his people are defending him to the press. 4. We know that at least once, after he has flown into a rage about a percieved lack of loyalty, he has fired a senior official with a stellar reputation despite the fact that it has terrible optics. 5. We know that should Trump fly into a rage and fire General McMaster, the likelihood of him appointing someone even close to as good, or "adult", to replace him is pretty low. See the previous appointee (that Trump still wants back, apparently), or most of the rest of his appointees really, minus General Mattis and maybe one or two others. Given all of this, I think we should be able to overlook a couple of non-denial denials to the press. Heck, there's a very real possibility he's the one leaking all of this. He certainly has the access. Bonus bullet point: 6. There is no "s" in McMaster.
  8. I did, actually. Originally I clicked on the picture in order to see what a billionaire UAE businessman writes on Instagram, but when the picture was blown up I was immediately struck by the fine china and Happy Meal. I presented the information without further comment, but the comments beneath, which I read to see if others noticed, show that others saw the same thing. I kind of hope a family child is just out of frame, and kind of hope one isn't.
  9. There is a plate of chicken nuggets and french fries in that picture.
  10. I posted this in the other thread:
  12. And yet he gets glowing approvals from Eric Holder and Preet Bharara. Not sure a better choice could have been made. Although it would have been hilarious if he chose Comey.
  13. It certainly could be a Mark Felt type that's tired of the treatment of the FBI, or someone in the CIA or other intelligence apparatus. The timing, though, one day after it is revealed that an Israeli source was burned and put in life threatening danger is pretty interesting. The memos didn't come out after Comey was fired. I find that fascinating.
  14. Since I'm speculating, would anyone be surprised if the original source on these Comey memos was Israel, in retaliation for the burning of their asset? Of course, once the NYT broke it and others knew to ask, all the other sources confirmed it.