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  1. Election 2017 Thread

    He mentioned he doesn't live in Virginia. I'm guessing he just gets the ads on TV because he's close. Worst of all world's, really.
  2. It sure is starting to feel like our typical dirty business as usual politicians have been doing shady stuff like this for years, but it's flown under the radar. Trump and many of his team are morons, and have taken it so far and done it so incompetently and corruptly that it's all blowing up in their faces, and maybe going to take down a bunch of others on the way down. No tears here.
  3. A Confidence I Haven't Had in 25 Years

    Uh, the Bears went 13-3 with a Superbowl appearance that season. Is that the comparison you meant to draw?
  4. I appreciate the sentiment, but Kelly is in a position where he can be honest (publicly) once. My hope is that he's following the military approach of raising hell behind closed doors, then presenting an outward united front once command has made a decision. I'd certainly rather have him and McMaster and Mattis and even Tillerson (who is apparently a Mattis ally) in that job than whatever Bannon wing sycophant might replace them, even if they have to stroke the boss' ego to the media from time to time to stay there.
  5. I think it's just an effect of actually being there and seeing it first hand. I think I've mentioned this here before, but even when it seemed like everyone was calling George W Bush a moron, I didn't agree (this is not a matter of comparison issue, though now W looks like a Constitutional scholar by comparison, but I digress). My feeling was always that W had an expressive language disorder, where the thoughts in his head didn't quite make it to his mouth, particularly when speaking in public. This was kind of backed up by people who would relate that in one on one interactions, he came (comes) off quite well. He's not a genius, but I don't (and didn't) think he's stupid. Trump, on the other hand, comes off as a straight up moron. His vocabulary is limited, he substitutes adjectives for thoughts, and he can't form a coherent sentence without a teleprompter. And yet, despite all of that, I bet if I was in a Cabinet position, I would come out of meetings shaking my head and muttering about what a moron he is. Sometimes it's more visceral when it smacks you in the face, even if you already knew it intellectually.
  6. I think it's actually worse than that. Unless I missed something, I don't think she's excoriated anyone. All I saw is that she used the media to ask for more help because people are dying. I didn't see her mention Trump at all. Trump's problem was that she did that after he tried to tweet that everyone was very happy with him and the government's response, and what a great story it was, so it embarrassed him and instead of being a decent human being, he flipped out and continued to make it all about himself. I'm actually surprised we're not hearing stories about administration officials strongarming locals into saying nice things in the media by tying it to prioritization of aid.
  7. Italy's not in Europe any more?
  8. Probably not in general... Why would THIS terrible story make an impact when all the others did not? On the other hand, I've seen a lot about this: Puerto Rican devastation could mean more Florida voters: I'm pretty sure THEY will remember and care. Maria and Trump's tone deaf reaction to it could literally cost him the election in 2020.
  9. What is with Ted Cruz doing his best Napoleon in that picture? Was Trump not alone in thinking he was running for Emperor?
  10. One would never know it from the number of times you've brought it up.
  11. Whatever issues I have with your reasoning, I can't criticize your vocabulary and word choice, This also makes it clear that rational discussion is pointless. You are way too wound up to see dissenting opinions clearly. I'd suggest coming back and rereading my post later. To answer your question, though, read this: Courts Considered Trump’s Twitter in Ruling
  12. Your reasoning is fatally flawed. Donald Trump the private citizen has the right to free speech. It gets murkier when we consider Donald Trump the leader of the executive branch, but if he's still just expressing his private opinion, he still has the right to free speech. Imagine, though, if he issued an executive order making it illegal for late night show hosts to criticize him. That would be a clear violation of the First Ammendment... the government suppressing political speech. Where you go wrong is that Donald Trump, Head of the Executive Branch, has used his twitter to criticize (and create a chilling effect against) the political expression of NFL players. This is not just his personal opinion at this point... he uses that twitter to set public policy. It has been cited in court cases. It has become an arm of the federal government. When he wanted to ban transgender military members from serving, for example, that was his first tool. That is a clear violation of the First Ammendment.
  13. There's one in the heart of London in Trafalgar Square, actually. Oddly enough given to the British by Virginia in 1924.
  14. He'd probably commit perjury too, except in his case it'd be because he was bloviating about how many, how beautiful, and how interested his extra-marital conquests were.