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  1. Honestly, I've always thought the Founding Fathers probably weren't justified in starting a war*, so maybe that's not a great comparison anyway. *Please don't report me to the RNC. Thanks.
  2. Snopes says it's false... I'm on my phone, but you can Google it yourself... "Pence Jesus Care".
  3. I just watched a show that made a compelling case that sport hunting is the best (and possibly only) way to protect said endangered species. A few rich guys can provide a lot of money which pays for that protection in otherwise cripplingly poor areas, and it gives the locals incentive to discourage poaching when otherwise they have no reason to care. Who cares about some rhino when your child is starving?
  4. I'm not sure you can read too much into that. If I was working in the Trump administration, I'd lawyer up too, even if I wasn't guilty of anything. Especially if I wasn't guilty of anything. That goes triple if it turns out to have some element of RICO. Those cases are notorious for dragging down even incidentals in a wide net. A lot of people would argue that the RICO laws are actually a serious government overreach.
  5. Now THERE'S a conspiracy with some legs for me. WHY don't posts count in the Tailgate? Who benefits? Don't mod me! I HAVE QUESTIONS!!!!!
  6. All I will say is you should apply that same level of skepticism and questioning to the alternate explanations you have apparently embraced. Good luck.
  7. In another thread you claimed that Bush orchestrated 9/11. Shouldn't it have been YOUR tears in this scenario?
  8. I read that it was anti-depressants in the water supply that eroded the foundations of building 7 and brought it down.
  9. He doesn't sound very pro-life. Sounds me more like he failed a purity test, which as I recall is how we got Trump in the first place, with Democrats that didn't support Clinton.
  10. I wish one of the parties had tried the minority government thing. I find the very idea fascinating,
  11. Tell it to the Israeli asset in ISIS that got burned, or the people affected by the next attack that might otherwise have been stopped.
  12. Yeah, according to the analyst I saw this morning, a big monkey wrench is that one of the principle ideas of Brexit was to close the borders, but the Irish party they're bringing into coalition is firm in its demand of an open border with Ireland. Wow this got messy fast, and it was totally self-inflicted. On the other hand the pound is $1.27, so it's a good time to visit for American types.
  13. Rs hold the house, but the ONLY thing that's going to get them to move is a sufficient public backlash. Nobody gets to opt out of that.
  14. Sorry liberals, you (we) are now in the position conservatives were in in November. Conservatives might not have liked Hillary Clinton's policies, but it was necessary to vote for her because Trump was legitimately dangerous to the nation. Same deal here. Liberals might not like the policies a President Pence could put in place, but it is necessary to press for impeachment/article 25 because Trump is legitimately dangerous to the nation. Some things transcend politics.
  15. The Russian government is a criminal enterprise.