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  1. What to do with LG

  2. @volsmet Payne is straight up nasty
  3. What to do with LG

  4. Settle's highlights just look so dominant to me. I know the knock on him was maintaining his weight but damn, he is huge and a handful to block. I'm hoping Swearinger's comments about teammates not taking care of their bodies is a clarion call and things change in the locker room. It would be very important for a young buck like Settle who already has weight maintenance issues.
  5. You make a fair point although I think the average is skewed in part because he was out for a few games for injury (but I understand that when assessing impact, the fact that he wasn't on the field for many games should also factor in)
  6. 2018 Redskin's Major Injury Thread

    @KillBill26 That's depressing
  7. What to do with LG

    A "move or two before camp begins" is a promising sign. I definitely think the Arie injury merits that kind of strategy.
  8. @UK_HOG I would agree. He strikes me as someone who might emerge as a "face guy" for the franchise. I'm liking it!
  9. What to do with LG

    Eh .... looks like a depth signing rather than someone that can compete for a starting role.
  10. What to do with LG

    Is it an issue with the training staff, the equipment/field conditions, or both?
  11. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    If he posted top 5 numbers and went through the season concussion-free, then maybe. Especially if I had a need and more than one first rounder.
  12. What are your thoughts on what's going on behind the scenes?
  13. What to do with LG

    Fair enough. We should still draft one next year, though.
  14. Way too many other areas of need (ie, LG). At this point, I would put the Hankins talk to bed given who we drafted.