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  1. bird_1972

    The Offensive Line Thread

    Besides PFF rankings, I was hoping you'd opine on what you think our 1-2 year plan should be regarding the O Line. While you appear to be less "down" on our OL than I am, I think we both agree that it needs to be addressed in the offseason and beyond.
  2. A good coach doesn't get "punched in the mouth early" and not be able to readjust and fix the problem in-game. It goes to show that a) he cannot adapt his play calling to match what's happening in game and b) he doesn't prepare his team appropriately so they don't find themselves looking flat against opponents that get out to early leads. He sucks.
  3. bird_1972

    Redskins receiving corp is beginning to shape up

    But what if the problem isn't necessarily the WR corps but the QB and the coaching? Just a thought.
  4. bird_1972

    Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Honestly, if we are in "win now" mode and we made all of our offseason decisions based on this, AND we don't win now ... heads should roll. That includes Allen + all coaching staff.
  5. bird_1972

    Redskins receiving corp is beginning to shape up

    Really? These are the quotes from his presser yesterday. Doesn't sound like he thought it would linger for the season: On the long term effects of WR Josh Doctson's injury: "I don’t know if it's anything, it's just a nagging deal I think. If you think about a swollen heel or a sore heel, every time you put your shoe on and run, it's going to be a nagging type deal. I don’t think it's anything that will keep him out of the lineup for the next few weeks, but it will be something that he's got to a get a new shoe probably and something to work with and deal with." On if the injury was aggravated in practice: "Yeah, he got kicked in practice, couldn’t get his shoe on until Thursday I think it was, so he wasn’t able to practice Thursday or Friday and then Saturday he started feeling a little bit better. Sunday he said he felt pretty good, but he didn’t do any practice and I wasn’t quite sold, so we kept him out last week."
  6. bird_1972

    Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    This is because the people running the organization SUCK!
  7. bird_1972

    The Offensive Line Thread

    Love this thread. It is so needed. This unit has been worse than I feared coming into the year and I was one of the ones banging the table for interior line help headed into this year's draft. LT: Williams He is still really good for now but as you said, he is getting old and oft injured. We need to plan for his decline now, not when it's too late. Plan: hold tight until drafted OT ready to take over (see plan for Moses below) LG: Lauvao Even when healthy, is merely JAG. And the dude is never healthy. I think his run blocking is better than his pass blocking. Regardless, this was where we really needed help coming into the season and we are just rolling steady with who we went with last year. Not good. Plan: draft LG in first three rounds in 2019 C : Roullier Seems to be doing well, although as K Dawg mentioned, we are getting crushed on stunts up the middle. Not sure if that's on him or bad coaching/preparation. Plan: roll with Roullier RG: Schreff Best OL after Williams and young/relatively healthy. Plan: roll with Schreff LT: Moses I've been really disappointed with him this year and late last year. Not sure if he's regressing because he has been hurt or if he's just unreliable. Regardless, not sure we should just stand pat here. Plan: ideally draft OT in first round either in 2019 or 2020 - a total stud that will eventually take over for Williams but in the immediate time frame would replace Moses at RT. Geron Christian would then be groomed as the Nseke of the future (assuming his ceiling is that of serviceable replacement and not elite starting Tackle, hence the type casting) Overall, I'm totally against trying to sign OL in FA other than as a backup since they are either washed up or way too expensive. These are the kinds of players we have to draft. If we want to sign starters off FA, prioritize WR. We can't seem to properly scout/draft WR anyways.
  8. bird_1972

    Press Release: #REDSKINS Quotes - Gruden

    Believe me, there is further he can go. ^^^this x 1000. If you really want to be impressed, watch that local show he does with Cooley and Baghdad Bob. He really comes off like a rocket scientist.
  9. @Monk4thaHALL, that mansion ain't gonna pay for itself, you know!
  10. bird_1972

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    Pack this guys bags. He needs to hit the bricks after the season. ^^^THIS is why we can't have nice things. Exactly why this team has sucked ever since Snyder bought it.
  11. bird_1972

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Saints

    Thoughts I had after last nights game (other than an overwhelming urge to throw my beer through the TV) were: 1) We need to replace Allen/Gruden this offseason and get a real GM and a competent coaching staff. Seriously. 2) We need to unload as many highly paid vets as we can - those we can trade, we trade. Those we release, preferably do so with minimal cap implications. 3) How many draft picks do we have in 2019? We're gonna need them all. This has to be a real rebuild.The team I saw last night has no business calling itself an NFL franchise.
  12. Someone should convince him to sell. He could get a lot of money for the Skins...