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  1. How Do We Edit Signatures Now?

    Thanks TK. I forgot I posted the question until just now when I remembered I wanted to edit my signature again.
  2. Where do I go to edit my signature now? I can't find it under Edit Profile and this Technical assistance forum only shows about 5 threads, and I can't get to any old threads which might have such information. I've looked everywhere and have given up. Thanks.
  3. Season Ticket Renewals

    Dear old man shaking his fist at the clouds. It's the 21st century. No more phones attached to the wall. We drive cars instead of riding horseback. We can fly like the birds. We have light bulbs and LEDs instead of candles. Computers in the palm of our hands not taking up an entire city block. Donald Trump is President. Stuff happens. Things change. You don't need a ticket stub. Its on your phone. Guess you haven't gone to sports in other towns, concerts, plays, etc. Paper tickets are old stuff. And this coming from a 60 year old. Life will go on.....
  4. Season Ticket Renewals

    Lots of good sideline seats still available. I just upgraded myself from the 15 to the 40 yard line in section 220. My friend just upgraded from upper deck to the 35 yard line in 223 I believe. Most available seats are on the visitor's side. Lots of good end zone seats also. As far as I could tell, no obstructed view seats behind the pillars are available. So perhaps it is true they are not selling those tickets. Sad to see how easy it is now to get redskins season tickets. No longer a ticket in demand. Login to your account and try to buy tickets. It will take you to the ticketmaster app and you can check various sections you are interested in. Then call the ticket office with the seats you want to upgrade too. Took me two minutes.
  5. I always love a guy with a little self-deprecating humor. Have a great weekend.
  6. Season Ticket Renewals

    I agree, there is much less interest in seat upgrades than past years. We used to add pages every day of people interested and declaring their upgrades. Sad. And yes, we are in agreement (probably in the minority) that there really is something special about watching our dear Redskins in person. A lot of fans poo-poo the idea of seeing the game live in person. I understand the value to entertainment ratio argument. Never understood people's complaints about the "game day experience". For me, the football game IS the game day experience. Not the food, beer, pomp and circumstance, Wi-Fi, parking, ease of access, and other stuff. Thanks for the seating update. I guess I don't feel so bad if I'm not missing possible seats closer to the 50. HTTR!
  7. Season Ticket Renewals

    This really irritates me. Why not open all available seats to people at the beginning? What if I waited and now could have gotten better seats than I got at 3pm yesterday. I just don't get it. Shouldn't people in the lower level sideline, corners and then end zone get first crack at sideline seats before upper deck and less senior season ticket holders? The TO ticket policy has never been consistent or fair. Arrggghhh.
  8. Season Ticket Renewals

    Yep, section 238 rows 4 and 5 are under cover. That's my old section. And for the person who asked yesterday, I cannot upgrade as of 8am Friday morning after having upgraded a about 3:30pm Thursday. Can't see my tickets or available seats.
  9. Interesting how monopolies think they can charge as much as they want to make a profit. Falcons found out that they made more profit selling at reasonable prices and made more profit in hire volume sales. IF food and drink prices, I would buy more than I buy now. Now, I buy nothing. Do all my eating and drinking in my tailgate. I pickup a free water/soda as a designated driver.
  10. Season Ticket Renewals

    You get locked out at first. In the past, some years we could get back in the next day; sometimes not. Not sure if they have a clear set of rules. One year, long time ago, I upgraded twice during two days. They were selling obstructed view seats like they were season tickets. At least back as far as the pillars. I didn't see any for sell beyond row 12/13. I heard the same rumors you heard. Seats in front of the pillars are not bad seats in most cases. Overhang can be an issue for some. Were your seats on the aisle in row 3?
  11. Season Ticket Renewals

    I bit the bullet. I moved over 2 sections to about the 25 yard line in Section 224 on the aisle. Unfortunately, I move to the visitors side. Hopefully I don't regret that. But I've wanted to move closer to the 50 for over 5 years now. Still curious why so many seats opened up just before 3pm. Lesson for others. Don't give up once your window opens. I've been checking every 10-15 minutes since 10 am when my window opened and upgraded at about 3:20pm
  12. Season Ticket Renewals

    Very interesting. At about 3pm, dozens of more prime sideline seats opened up on both the home and visitor lower level. They were not there moments before. It was like the Redskins released a bunch of seats for the 2pm window group. 4 seats opened up in section 204 but I dawdled too long whether I wanted them or not and someone else grabbed them. I'm on the other end of the field. Would have just been a one section upgrade but would have been a longer walk to my parking area. I'm a little bummed. But the interesting news is how hundreds of new seats magically appeared just before 3pm. Hmmmm.
  13. True, but from most opinions, the Redskins are a highly dysfunctional team in the front office. Why would you want to go there. Just sayin'. I have no inside info. Working for a team, he may have more direct input to implement his policies whereas with the league, he essentially was an advisor/consultant. Could be money. Could be grooming to take over for Bruce. Who knows....
  14. By all media accounts, he is an experienced NFL business guy who has worked with all the NFL teams from the NFL office. Before that, he worked many years for Madison Square Garden (or whatever the corp name is) running their venues. So the guy has a lot of experience. But I do find it odd leaving the league office for a team job. Usually that is a step down. And the NFL league office has been known to dump league office personnel on teams. But maybe Dan is offering $$$ and possibly is grooming him to replace Bruce. Who knows at this point.
  15. Hasn't been announced. Bruce did say a few months ago that we would know by July 4.
  16. Season Ticket Renewals

    I don't think upper level is available yet. In the past, they opened lower level first and then the other upgrade windows included the upper level folks. I assume that is still the process. I am already in the lower level so we are not permitted to "downgrade" without going through the ticket office. But there are some very good lower level seats still available at this point. 30 seats between the 45 yard lines, mostly on the visitor side in the 100 level
  17. Season Ticket Renewals

    There are seats in 104 and 139 that would be upgrades for you. At least one section closer to the 50. I'm bummed too. No upgrades for me. I'm in 238 and want to stay in the 200 level. I am too old and can't stand all game long to get seats in the 100 level. With all the complaining, I had hoped more home sideline seats would be available. But then I've been hoping for about 5 years now. :-) Seats are not disappearing very fast either. I refresh every 5 minutes or so.
  18. Season Ticket Renewals

    For all those whining about not getting an active link in your email. How dumb are you? Anyone who has had season tickets for 2 or more years know you upgrade through your Redskins Ticket Account. Login to your account and follow the quick link to Tickets Upgrade. Then follow the simple directions. Really not hard, even for a 10 year old. Also, you cannot upgrade from your cell phone. So I bet most of you checked your email on your phones, right? IF you really wanted to upgrade, you would have opened your ticket account on a laptop or real computer and seen what is available to you. Yeah, I have no sympathy for morons who just like to complain. IF you are a first year season ticket holder, you get a pass. In past years, the Redskins also sent a FAQ on how to upgrade; something they did not do this year. For those wondering, there are quite a few tickets on the sidelines in sections 104, 139, 118, 119, 121, 122, 124, 125. Lots of tickets available in both end zones. The 200 level seats are pretty much sold out except a few decent sideline seats on the visitors side. I can't see the upper level at this time.
  19. Lots of guesswork and conjecture from all the Bruce Haters. I agree with Cooley from this morning's show. Bruce has secured the stadium location. His political contacts were critical for that to happen. LaFemina has no relationships with the DMV area. He knows nothing about the local or state politics. You don't bring a new guy in to SITE a new stadium. LaFemina specializes in RUNNING a stadium and sports business; something that is not Bruce's forte'. Whether Bruce now focuses more on football and less on business, or goes to Oakland, or retires, we're all guessing. He did buy a new home in California last year. Maybe he is looking to move west either for work or to retire. And while some of you think Snyder is trying to shove Bruce out the door, Dan loves Bruce. He's not going to screw him. But he may be willing to help Bruce go/do what he wants to do in the near future. That's what good friends do.
  20. Season Ticket Renewals

    Wow! Great seats! I love my 200 level seats. Row 4 also puts you under cover from bad weather but still open to see the whole field. You now have some of the best seats in the house.
  21. Season Ticket Renewals

    So I hope their server can handle all the people trying to upgrade at one time. Interesting they combined 20 groups into 8. But to be honest, very few people could upgrade in the lower level sideline because those seats do not open up as often. End zone seats are often in plentiful supply.
  22. Season Ticket Renewals

    Location is first priority followed by season ticket longevity. Redskins upgrades start with lower level sidelines first by seniority; then end zone and seniority; then it moves to the upper level. Or looked at a different way, the most expensive seats get to upgrade first based on seniority and it moves forward. I am sideline but the lesser expensive seats and have been a season ticket holder now for 16 years. My upgrade time is Thursday at 10am.
  23. Season Ticket Renewals

    Unfortunately, that is easier said than done. Ticket brokers typically buy tickets under an individual's name not the company name; or they buy from a season ticket holder. It is just difficult to identify brokers, or even individuals, who are just trying to make money off the Redskins tickets. Reading more about what the Broncos did.....They took away season tickets for accounts where EVERY GAME was listed online. They did not take back season tickets from folks that listed a few or even most games. In most cases, these are likely brokers. But some, could be STHs like me, who were unemployed or underemployed and have to sell season tickets temporarily until they get their income right again. Teams have to be careful about screwing actual fans. But yeah, to your point, no team WANTS visiting team fans in their stadium; and that includes Dan Snyder.
  24. Season Ticket Renewals

    The bigger problem is if you take tickets away incorrectly for just one Redskins fan, the Washington Post will skewer the Redskins. In reality, the cost of season tickets has forced many die hard fans to sell some or even most of their individual game tickets to afford to go to a small number of games. OR, in my case one year, I sold my season tickets (to a Redskins fan, though) because I was unemployed. Food on the table is still more important than my Redskins....but not by much. It will be interesting to see if the Broncos face any fallout from their action.
  25. Season Ticket Renewals

    That is actually quite untrue. I have had conversations with senior Redskins officials and the number of visiting team fans is a source of great frustration for them. They make nothing from aftermarket ticket sales other than any advertising $ they make from relationships with StubHub, etc. The problem is how do you stop fans from selling their season tickets. The sale of tickets on the internet is a problem faced by most every NFL team. It is not unique to the Redskins. The internet provides an easy source of tickets for visiting fans where ever you are.