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  1. Hood rats are female.
  2. Not the cheese.
  3. Wait... we all have prejudice. I can not stand by that one. If I see a guy at my door with a bicycle, short sleeve white button up, and a name tag. Yup pre-judged.
  4. Because of PC...regular men have lost their voice. Men don't have rights or freedom. Speech...nope...shut up.
  5. Take a peek at the rest... Damn.
  7. Still no love for MASH.
  8. Make it a flip flop.
  9. Pineapple makes a pizza soggy and does not go with tomato sauce. No thanks.
  10. And I have no problem with them writing the report.
  11. I DO NOT WANT the Bullets to trade that guy. I am simply saying he is the most valuable asset. LeBron is not worth it at his age as great as he is. Curry is not a complete player, some other guys are simply not available. I don't think KD is worth it either and and he is not interested.
  12. Even testicular ? Yet they live in cities with a TON of food options.
  13. My parents actually have more swag...because of us. We all have our lives on lock. It is truly a great feeling. Their entire thought process was about education, discipline, paying attention to things, and building. We have always and all tried to build and learn. Sometimes the discipline and paying attention has failed with my siblings. Solid.
  14. So are you saying they are above the law ?