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  1. I'll see what I want when I get there. I can see mountains and such from the plane. All while avoiding traffic and drinking whenever I want.
  2. Two pock. Beal, hypocrite. Sadly.
  3. Driving all over makes zero sense to me. That's what planes are for.
  4. No point in working for free.
  5. @Mr. Sinister , back out done with the new lady. Sorry to hear about that man.
  6. This is how I know that I am old. Cartoons. It is either that or ...well somehow having a different mindset. EDIT: or old enough... cartoons... no.
  7. Guys movies or top 5 ?
  8. So now, I need a GoPro. Thanks. Had one of the old ones... It did not work as well as this one seems to.
  9. And it was still irrelevant. That is amazing.
  10. Should, is the key word. Pitiful, if he does not. I thought I read that it was not going to be televised, but that it was going to be determined much quicker, to avoid too much media.
  11. Cost and practical use will slow this project down. Sounds cool, but who is actually going to afford or use it.
  12. NSFW - I woke up this morning -
  13. I also prefer the foil. The burnt taste ruins the entire idea of grilled corn cobs.
  14. You call it an oven ? If it can burn you...stay away from it. That is ol' school knowledge.