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  1. Kosher Ham

    The "Ask a Mechanic" Thread

    Daggone it. No name calling. hahaha. I am far from an expert. I will call myself an amateur. I'm more in the realm of this...
  2. Kosher Ham

    Random Thought Thread

    They will get you every way they can these days. Can't wear the bootleg uniform though. Tough spot to be in for all involved. Also find out how much testing is, when it is required, and how often. That can ring up some dollar signs also. I'm so old that when I was involved it was very reasonable (probably expensive for the times). Something like 20 bucks a week for unlimited classes. New belts and such cost more but cheap. You know what... I'll ask my brother real quick...hopefully.
  3. Kosher Ham

    Random Thought Thread

    Starts your own business. It doesn't have to really make money if you OWN all of the property within said business and the land/building itself. As long as it breaks almost even ( for most businesses ), you can support the business off of interest alone in many circumstances. Obviously, meaning the business has a reasonable model/plan and has the potential to be profitable.
  4. Are you sure he didn't mean simply that Jesus people are dumb?
  5. Kosher Ham

    Random Thought Thread

    Not really woods in Ashburn for the most part these days.
  6. Kosher Ham

    Random Thought Thread

    Wait...Single ? ROAD TRIP !!! Seriously, about pet love. Huly has several dogs and works in that field. Her name is based off of a cat. Mostly it was a silly statement. Wait, where in VA ? I make my rounds up there from time to time. Be in Chesapeake in about a month. When I win the lottery...might just visit Try the a ride for more than it is worth...then take him to a Lakers game.
  7. Kosher Ham

    Random Thought Thread

    Hell, even saving works. Many lottery folks can't even figure out how to save a few bucks a month. Investing is an afterthought if you can not even make an effort to save 50 bucks a week. Before folks jump on me... I certainly was in the position of not being able to save. Training... It hurts short term and it rewards long term. Same for all rewards. Train to gain the reward.
  8. Kosher Ham

    Random Thought Thread

    I HATE very few things. I can not stand when someone offers to hold an event...then makes it uncomfortable for no damn reason. Going to an event ...for about an hour tonight. I can not wait to leave tonight around 8PM. I suggested simply going to a restaurant...shut down. So irritating. But,but,but...Huly is named after a cat. She is a dog person moreso. Hounds IIRC. Good Luck.
  9. Kosher Ham

    Random Thought Thread

    I can help you with this situation. No, not Master Rhee. What makes you think I am not in the demograph ? So being poor is an educational or financial demograph ? I'm broke and stupid as hell. Many folks here can attest to the stupid part.
  10. Kosher Ham

    Random Thought Thread

    Scratch tickets ? Ehhh... to me it is all entertainment. Scratch tickets aren't as interesting. Same as any other gambling. Winning is fun, I don't expect to unless I can hedge the bet with information about the wager.
  11. Kosher Ham

    Random Thought Thread

    I am curious what details that I may have missed do not include the girl being a suspect. Crazy story to read about though.
  12. Kosher Ham

    Random Thought Thread

    None of you are interested in winning 1,000,000,000 before taxes ? (565M+ after) I threw my 4 bucks in the pot. Why not?
  13. Love your post...except this sentence. Every behavior is not a negative, or even sometimes considered positive by many. I can go a lot of ways with this one. Laws are created to have folks comply to standards, which may or may not be normal to them.
  14. Kosher Ham

    ***2018-19 NBA Season Thread***

    I certainly didn't expect the Lakers to win last night. I saw LeBron trying to lead, and I saw some of those young guys trying to step up to the challenge. Just a matter of time for it to all start clicking and they get the confidence. 3 point shooting can not be ignored though. That needs to be a huge focus for this team to be successful going forward this season. I think the 3 point shooting will improve. So much pressure on them now with LeBron and many pundits expectations...they will figure it out enough to slide into at least a 5 seed.
  15. So videos are still cool...right?