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  1. Neither is ................. There are coaches names that are edited by the filter. Team names also. The ones that are you are supposed to let it fix itself.
  2. Actually... A and A2 correspond. I will certainly admit when I have flaws. I think it is pretty much all the time. B: Did that statement say that ? Present that time I was doing "drive bys" I don't think so. Certainly you led on your statement. C: We can take that off the board. Glad you read the rules. Most of it is common sense. Side Note: We should take all of these types of conversations off the board. Good thing is that we have two people who simple disagree, Ron is not a spammer he is just working on a project to get results...same as Redskins fans have been doing for years.
  3. Umm... I put something else in. Marvin Gaye has been gone for a while unfortunately. I refused to have sex with a woman that is under the influence. I think what you meant is that you put the sensual sex into sex. Not to mention...all sex should be consensual.
  4. Well, he is ... how do I put this... not a city guy. Ankles has no excuse. However, zoony is not excused. He has been in planes before.
  5. I tend to call Bull. Wizard of Oz ? Even without cable that comes on all the time.
  6. Bus.
  7. A: So we can understand how to use a computer and many years after now we have never heard of Google? ...just ask the question. A.2: So you admit to either not knowing the rules or ignoring them. I like rebels...without the flag...actually some with the flags are cool folks too. B: Ask any Mod, I have never flagged or reported a post. I am not in cahoots with them or anyone else. I was actually trying to prevent you from someone else reporting what is essentially spamming. Daggone it it, I forgot, you don't know the rules. C: I believe the word you should have posted was "relevant" after so many threads which you stated were later to go to the 80's decade thread. Why not simply ask all of us ignorant folks to pick out a movie from each year in one thread ? I'm not upset or irritated by your threads... I was simply throwing out a suggestion or constructive criticism. EDIT: I have been told that I have some clairvoyant senses. Not to mention, I was indeed in the 99th percentile as far as IQ. I enjoy a little smack talk here and there as long as you don't call me racist. haha. You would have to participate in more Tailgate threads to get that joke though. No hate, seriously.
  8. LSF, When do I get some home cooking and smores ...something? Geez, I'll buy the ingredients. I know you have been around here for years ( maybe 10 ? ) and I have come to appreciate you immensely. Best part is when we disagree. We are still civil and don't act like some of the idiots around here. Serious note: I am truly happy for you having the opportunity to spend with your family. Enjoy every freaking second of it...even the parts that piss you off initially you will most likely sit back and laugh about later. You will laugh at the people and hold your opinion. That is why I have respected you even in a disagreement. See those kids, and rock it out. Come see me in Vegas for Halloween. Then we can do it all again next year.
  9. A: Head start of what ? A and B are referring to the same thing. Did you ignore or simply miss the part where I stated KH Edit ? B: You did. Spelling out the F word with periods or using a hashtag to spell out the S word...same ****ing thing. C: It's off-season and it is the Tailgate. Surely you do not expect a tailgate thread ( unless political, to gain a lot of steam). Some of these folks are just messing with you right now because it is so repetitive. Think about the other recent movie threads started. You can not be so obtuse that you don't comprehend that.
  10. You and I need to have a conversation about the "Hopefully" part of your post. I love my family and seeing them. I just don't feel like I need to be around them all the time as a grown ass man. EDIT: I had a much longer post that I deleted. Things will change, I hope you are ready for it.
  11. See, I don't consider you a person that is selfish AT ALL. I consider myself particular. I love the comforts of home. Heck, I took my wife to my parents house for the first time last month. I STILL felt uncomfortable and we only stayed one night, and she has met my folks a few times now. She loves staying at someone's house... I hate it. Her thing is either friends or family, my argument is I want to take a dump with some privacy. Not to mention, I don't want to form opinions about your family and say something you might think is rude. I guess it is mainly a bathroom thing. I need a clean bathroom. Everywhere we have stayed as far as family is clean...thankfully. Still not my bathroom. And pets...Shedders, We both wear black often. I do not want pet hair on me all the time.
  12. Rain Man, It was a great movie and story. Perhaps I am biased, I love to gamble. Seriously, I still love Die Hard, and a few of the others. Rain Man was presented better, executed better, and received very well. Most of those movies are just ehh. From my opinion. Some are certainly watchable a second time...most are just carbon copies of movies we have already seen. A: I think most folks would figure that out. B: Don't get yourself in trouble for circumventing the filter. C: Let one popular year completely die off...then start a new one. No response for a few days, and feel free to go for the next year. You have them so crowded that folks are losing interest. Again that is my opinion.
  13. @mark327 ,Heck, my weekend started on Wednesday night. I have tomorrow figured out...but not tonight. Just got back in town about 2 hours ago. One thing after another to do all weekend. Wife was salty that we left today ( only person we didn't see was her Grandfather )...but I KNOW if we stayed longer today...I would not be back home until Tuesday or Wednesday. I suppose I am spoiled, I like to just have my time to unwind, beverage, eat, and relax at home. It keeps me young. This chick is going to have me looking like George Burns pretty soon, Right now, if I shaved I am looking along the lines of Pharell (Age-wise). Forgot to add, RIP Mr. Allman.
  14. I had the CD called WWF Aggression - I broke it years ago and never replaced it. The reason I used that video is because the entrance only plays half of the song.
  15. Let's go back to 2004 - NSFW !!!