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  1. FlexVolt is the truth. Just released the sds max hammer. Unheard of power from cordless. The FV Miter actually has more power than the corded unit... cords are obsolete now.
  2. Remember when it was reported that Cooley was lazy, a womanizer, a cheater, and a general low life, and the same people attacking him here were defending him then? Because I do People arent perfect, Cooley is a bit of a sociopath but thats to be expected from most pro sthletes. We should never have any illusions about anyone who has spent their entire 20 plus years of existence being told constantly they are the greatest, winning at every sport they decide to play, and never being told no with regard to anything. Theyre going to be different than the rest of us I guarantee it. So lets not just drop the illusion surrounding Cooley, but for everyone. Lets accept this and enjoy them for what they are, great athletes and entertainers I personally very much enjoy Cooleys on air presence, but theres no way im inviting him over for dinner (and no way he would come anyway) so what does it ultimately matter
  3. Oooh this is getting good!
  4. Sounds like you're one step away from the Rothschild dealio
  5. Enlist. We should have a draft anyways i could get on board with Bernie Sanders if the deal was a 5 year enlistment in exchange for a paid degree. I bet 80 percent of the kids realize between the age of 18-23 that college might not be for them anyway. And if that's the case guess what? You can learn a trade in the military too! Mechanic, air traffic, construction, whatever also, student loans are way too easy to get.
  6. So now he is bringing Hillary into this. Solid
  7. I have no idea what this means anyway, it's interesting to me how ridiculous these discussions are partisan hacks immediately circle the wagons and start throwing out accusations should anyone say anything mean about their most favoritism political crush its kind of like middle school again. Seems like we are in a good place as a country. Two groups with their fingers in their ears whining like ****es and crying when their feelings get hurt
  8. Im speaking to why this bozo was elected in the first place Like i said, enjoy being "right". But keep ignoring the issue and whining like a **** when this country trades this bozo for another. Watch the Bill Maher clip. Or dont
  9. Keep ignoring the issue hey the advice is free
  10. This is, i think, correct. Most Trump voters cannot stand the left, and lets be honest, so much of it is self inflicted Headline on cnn yesterday was that Adeles comment "my black friends" angered many and she should apologize. Nobody likes a whiney little ****. The dems need to learn to be liberal without being such wimps. They can start with standing up to the PC police which isdriving away so many who might actually agree with most of the liberal agenda
  11. The answer is John Williams. He will forever define the Hollywood score. Everything from the NBC Nightly News to Indiana Jones and Star Wars... hes just untouchable That said, i thought Trent Reznors score for the Social Network was incredible, and i always enjoy stewart copelands scores, mainly because he is stewart mother****jng copeland