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  1. Would be interesting to see a chart comparing percentage of suicides vs mood altering drug prescriptions. Im not convinced medicine is helping on a macro level Its flat out scary to see the relationship between mass shooters and prescription drugs, however who knows the causal relationship
  2. Turkey is falling victim to Muslim Extremism and their president is the face of it This is exactly what Muslim Extremism looks like.
  3. Thats a great year for movies What happened to hollywood?
  4. Theyve already gone back to Turkey This is what Muslim Extremism looks like. Incredibly brutal and violent
  5. Allen and Anderson for me. I think Allen is capable of making plays as a rookie, and I think Anderson plays a lot better than his measureables
  6. Doesnt he play the same exact character every time?
  7. Hahaha, Saint Comey all of a sudden. Classic ^^^ I want to be fired by Donald Trump
  8. Wow, glad you are thinking of your son and trying for his best interests That is a tough situation and I hope the best for him
  9. And completely toss political and legal strategy out the window, and act like a bunch of hysterical chimps in a cage filled with poo and slingshots The media has made Trump. Let that sink in (It wont, but one can hope) And of course, now Im labeled a Trump supporter LOL. #****ingidiots
  10. Its funny when the liberal circle in here is occassionaly interrupted. People literally lose their ****. Carry on. By the end of the day you all will have sufficiently raised your blood pressure and built a case that could be brought yo the supreme court, content in your smug satisfaction of being right about everything and verified by other hysterical linerals. You can do the entire thing again tomorrow. Also prepare yourself to circle the wagons on the next interruption in groupthink. What about all of the other charges besides the Russia stuff?
  11. Cnn, nbc mostly. But i read a lot of random articles from a lot of sites, too And cnn told me you suck, too
  12. Have any formal charges been brought? Anything pending? Oh yah, no. Because conspiracy and stuff. 7 straight months of Russia, 2 years of other BS. That you have to ask how this is a frenzy is the issue