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  1. zoony

    Pathetic crowds at home opener

    What it should tell you is that coaching doesnt much matter if you dont have the right front office picking your players. On the flip side, Mike Tomlin might be special needs. He will win 11 games this year.
  2. You mean punish evil corporations and send everyone to college for free? Yah no.
  3. Im a business, i can choose between 20,000 transactions of $150 each Or I can choose one transaction for $3million, claim the event sold out in minutes, and then charge transaction fees on my sanctioned 3rd party site for the product Ive already sold Why is anyone shocked is the better question?
  4. zoony

    Some Hard Truths

    Conversation 1. `mr. Snyder, we thought it would be a good idea to upgrade the menu at FedEx. We would like to hire David Chang, celebrity chef and DC sports superfan, as a consultant. We would also like to upgrade the quality of our ingredients and facilities. We estimat the cost to be $3 million. We are sure that this will improve fan loyalty and the gameday experience. You idiot, we cant absorb a $3 million margin hit. We already dont make enough on concessions. Lets quit using beef for our hot dogs. Pork is fine. Margins will be up $100k. Now stop bothering me Versus Conversation 2 We want to make our gameday experience excellent. While it will require a $3 million investment, fans will appreciate it and we will still make a lot of money. Great idea. Lets be excellent. We will more than make back our investment in the long run. By the way, this happened
  5. zoony

    Some Hard Truths

    Snyder is a dumbass. He is the exact opposite of a confident leader. He is worried about outcomes, short term results, and appearances. `hey bruce this is your last year, you better get it right` [Bruce trades for alex smith and clings to the thought of 9-7, one more year] Versus 'Redskins FO Team... our goal is excellence, every day. Excellence in what we do, how we treat others, and our process. We are striving to get better everyday. We will never be excellent, but that is what we will strive for. Lets benchmark excellent organizations across the nfl, other sports, and other industries. Lets adopt those practices. I empower all of you to be excellent. Lets trust the process, results will take care of themselves. Let me be clear. I am not concerned with the results. I am concerned with our organization striving for excellence in what we do. Results will follow, and even if they dont for unforseen reasons, my faith amd confidence in all of you will be upheld. I only ask for your passion, collaboration, loyalty, and tem work. Anyone not on board, now is your chance to leave. I will reassign you or get you a great job somewhere else." [Redskins GM enters rebuild mode, installs 3 year plan] This is something snyder will never get. He is a little boy
  6. The GOP in middle America is fighting against the looney left on both coasts. Many tennesseeans will vote for Phil Bredesen. Great businessman, smart guy, great governor. His opponent is not trying to run against him. She is running against the people who are pushing the radical left agenda. Makes perfect sense, not sure why thats a shock Ps hope Bredesen wins he is one of my favorite politicians. Imagine a Democrat concerned with business and economic development, fairness for the middle class, healthcare, and working people. Its all but impossible, but they do exist
  7. zoony

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    This is where i am. Coaching change wont solve anything
  8. zoony

    Some Hard Truths

    Can you imagine ANYONE connected to this **** ass organization doing something like this? Boy Danny would fire them
  9. zoony

    Some Hard Truths

    It will be opposite George. We will be perenial champions
  10. zoony

    Some Hard Truths

    Bruce Allen drinks Coors? Who knew? Snyder tries so hard to get respect that nobody respects him
  11. zoony

    Some Hard Truths

    Im okay with cocaine if it would help
  12. zoony

    Redskins vs Packers Prediction Thread: Slippin' Away

    Aaron Rodgers is smiling and winking at the sidelines by the 3rd quarter, just like our playoff game