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  1. I dont disagree with the premise. Not sure why anyone would. Most institutions are designed to get Americans into debt. It is big business
  2. Uplifting Stories Thread

    There is probably little bits of skull and brains all around your cv boots. Give it a good washing. You might want to change your air filter too. Mine gets puppy fur in it on occassion, really effects performance
  3. This is exactly the type of dumbassery that got the orange bozo elected. Just an absolute joke. And completely ignorant about. Complete and total ignorance. Hoping this ends.
  4. Good grief what a **** show. Come on dems get your ****ing **** together. Bernie aint the answer either. Please oh please
  5. I think it might be naieve to think that 15 years of social media hasnt distorted opinions of self across society. The chistorical comparisons dont really hold up in the information age. Constant selfies and cruising for likes, i think its definitely had an effect. Though i wouldnt limit it to just millenials, its a societal problem. That said, if someone at my high school took a picture of their dinner and bragged about how good it was, they would get their ass kicked. Nowadays its just how millenials eat lunch I also feel like millenials are the least intimidating generation of all time. In the 1980s or 70s when you walked past a group of teenagers it was a bit uncomfortable. Ive never seen that with millenials. Come to think of it i never see groups of teenagers anymore, theyre all pasty white sitting at home all day Just jokes
  6. The Grilling and Cooking Thread

    Have to admit Im surprised to see you doing the 321 method, i thought you were an amazingribs.com disciple. (I might have you confused but thought you quoted from the site quite a bit) https://amazingribs.com/tested-recipes/pork-ribs-recipes/last-meal-ribs-recipe-best-barbecue-ribs-youve-ever-tasted The Texas Crutch. This optional trick involves wrapping the slab in foil with about an ounce of water for up to an hour to speed cooking and tenderize a bit. Almost all competition cooks use the crutch to get an edge. But the improvement is really slight and I never bother for backyard cooking. If you crutch too long you can turn the meat to mush and time in foil can soften the bark and remove a lot of rub. I recommend it only for competition when the tiniest improvement can mean thousands of dollars. Skip it and you'll still have killer ribs. But if you've seen it on TV and must try it, click here to learn more about The Texas Crutch. The Crutch is it is baked into a popular technique called the 3-2-1 method which I do not recommend. Two hours in foil or butcher paper is far too long and can make the meat mushy. Try the Crutch after you master the basics. i do it too though. Try the johnny trig style with thai chili sauce and parkay. Yes, parkay. It is completely obscene
  7. So ive been told that gen x is historically small, by US generation standards. And that millenials are the largest generation since the boomers. Is this true?
  8. Yah this kind of stuff doesnt get me fired up in the least. Its just kind of... factual I mean, maybe the team can start winning. Then we can cry foul
  9. Just in a cursory glance of his scouting reports and stats... a guy who likes to play physical at the LOS but lacks elite speed... yah, sounds like a safety. Or they could get him on PEDs and get that 40 time down. Im fine with that too, worked for richard sherman *just jokes. We all know that richard sherman does not use PEDs. Thats silly
  10. The entire platform and vision for the united states is `trump is putins puppet and likes to get peed on by prostitutes`. Thats really the extent of it
  11. The Chinese have it right. Their foreign policy is straight quid pro quo. The US is quid pro we will pay for everything dont worry we dont need anything in return actually why dont you **** us with no lube. Great point. It should include S Korea, Japan, Singapore, and a host of other allies across the world who dont pay their fair share and take advantage of the US economy, while getting to hoard their cash and spend it on themselves.
  12. Kellen Winslow II Accused of Serial Rape, Kidnapping

    I remember gibbs passing on him to take sean taylor
  13. The act of journalism is a complete joke. A get rich scheme stoking the fires of fear Maybe start with applying basic editorial standards to reporters on twitter. Would never happen because news organizations are looking to hire journalists with the largest social media footprint. How do you get a large footprint? Be provacative and fan the flames of fear and hysteria. Thats just for starters. But dont sling **** all day and then take offense when someone calls you a turd.
  14. Really nice catch. I thought the american automobile industry was out of business. Thanks for that. Try buying an american car in Japan in the 1980s. I can personally attest because i lived there for the majority of the decade Everyone wants to talk about everything except whats at actual stake here. Either you are going to argue that Japan DID NOT close their economy and illegaly dump on the US markets while our political leaders looked the other way, or you are going to argue that they did. Either position you take, at least we will remain in our lane.