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  1. I would say men who want to grow boobs but keep their genitalia and cross dress are not everyday Americans. Also, a viewpoint that America sucks as a country, the star spangled banner is racist, and white people suck is not an everyday American ideal. Though it is for many I guess.
  2. So anyone who disagrees with your worldview is a piece of **** who shouldn't be confirmed we live in a republic. Quit acting like a bunch of whiney *******. Seriously lets focus on the serious issues like what Trump is eating for lunch. Should be a banner on CNN in about an hour
  3. This is true. However I think in the frenzy surrounding Trump the left has not and will not acknowledge this its easy to point fingers at the right and most of the time well deserved. But the party of gender identity, wage gap myth, BLM, millionaires sitting for the anthem, and overall "we hate ourselves and this country" has veered completely off course from the values of everyday Americans. None of this will will be acknowledged much less changed. Quote and whine in 3,2,1...
  4. Well in the bright side, none of Scott's former teams won until he left
  5. No team should be going into a draft with as many needs as the Redskins in year 3 of a rebuild. An incredibly poor draft last season with three straight years of bad free agency.
  6. So now we are back to drafting for neeed rather than BPA?
  7. I dont see much in the way of "Dan is a meddling owner" stuff anymore, at least among the smart, credible posters. What is consistently said about him is that he lacks leadership skills, organizational competence, HR skills, and leadership. Also that he is basically a giant baby. In which cas4, the bolded part is very relevant
  8. Or an IP address. No, no he doesnt Mike could you please keep this stuff off of our board please? I would suggest calling law enforcement if the issue persists
  9. I think christopher walken was the best
  10. Albert Haynesworths AGENT made more money off his Redskins contract than Dan and Bruce are willing to pay a potential GM. Just outstanding. Outstanding
  11. We have a child running our favorite team. Good grief On another note, thanks for the awesome write up!!!
  12. I just dont think they can pull off a preemptive strike. Seoul is within artillery range, youre not stopping that with any kind of missile defense I do give the Trump administration credit for the idea to start sanctioning chinese companies who are doing business with and enabling the DPRK. This puts the pressure on the chinese where it should have been all along
  13. I just demod a tile floor, then took down the old thinset and installed a new tile floor. **** that, i was sore for an entire week. Something about working in that position straight up sucks for your legs, knees, and back. Rest of it was relatively easy, fixtures and toilets and vanities. Maybe pay someone to do thee floor and do the rest yourself On the other hand, good luck finding a contractor who does quality work. Im just about convinced they do not exist
  14. No i get it Black player waves a broncos flag at a **** the pigs rally, controversy White GM writes a letter endorsing scotus candidate, okay Because racism and ****. Like i said, dumb article