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  1. The most wonderful time of the year: Leak Season!!

    Bruce Allen is going to come out like a caged dog. Nobody will be safe from the blind haymakers he will be throwing trying to save his job
  2. Game Day Thread: Redskins at Chargers

    Haha. This franchise is a pile of ****. **** you Snyder, Im out,
  3. Game Day Thread: Redskins at Chargers

    Lets see more ****ty draw plays against 8 man fronts on 3rd and 3
  4. Game Day Thread: Redskins at Chargers

    The NFL is a ****ing joke. Gee, cant figure out shy ratings suck! Lets extend goodell, ****ing joke
  5. Game Day Thread: Redskins at Chargers

    I seriously just think Gruden is a **** I cannot believe what i am watching
  6. Game Day Thread: Redskins at Chargers

    **** you triplett And **** Gruden. Get your sorry ass out on that field and let the refs know. Grow a goddam pair of balls
  7. Game Day Thread: Redskins at Chargers

    What a mother****ing joke this ****bag league is Total mother****ing amateur hour.. no goddamn flags for repeated blatant holding. **** this ****bag league Gruden needs to call timeout and make a mother****ing SCENE at midfield. Kick that piec3 of **** ref right in the nuts
  8. Been saying this since day 1 of trump on this board. Continually labeled as pro trump by several of the intellectual hard hitters
  9. The sport of the digital age

    If football wants to save itself they need to give up short term revenues for long term success. 1. All games to sunday. One nationally televised game, Monday nihht. 2. All players, teams, etc. Off social media. I would look very hard at finding a way to limit the press, too. 3. Kill the nfl network. See, what the nfl has forgotten is what they teach first year marketing students at ****kicker State. Leave them wanting more. Remain mysterious. Create scarcity. The nfl is completely overexposed. I find myself spending more time trying to get away from nfl news nowadays. It is awful.
  10. Top Five: Cookie Edition

    Okay ive given this a lot of thought. 1. Chocolate chip cookie... americas greatest gift to world culture 2. Joe Joes 3. Snickerdoodle 4. Sugar cookie 5. Holiday shortbread butter cookies Anything else is wrong
  11. Top Five: Cookie Edition

    Worst list ever. Wtf is wrong with you?
  12. The answer is 0.0. Superbowls dont happen by accident, otherwise Snyder would have a chance. Assembling a superbowl roster requires a level of organizational effectiveness that Snyder doesnt have and will never have. If Superhowls could be won by scamming people and slamming their long distance, then yah, we would have the greatest owner ever. Success in the nfl requires patience, trust, and accountability. Never gonna happen under boy danny
  13. Redskins at cowboys Game Day Thread

    You forgot the s on turnover
  14. Redskins at cowboys Game Day Thread

    Team sucks, front office sucks, owner sucks, stadium sucks. Entire franchise is one big pile of dog**** And kirk cousins is going to be somewhere else next year. Sweet dreams everyone