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  1. So what youre saying is that there are people who arent hysterical children with 1500 posts on a football message board about trump and who constantly troll twitter and think the country is coming to an end? I dont believe you. Sorry
  2. Most trump voters I know were simply voting against Hillary
  3. I appreciate the advice and I get it. EVERYTHING in life is about practice. Math, learning a language, public speaking, golf. That said, i actually have a decent putting stroke. I struggle with two things, neither of which are helped by putting at home. Reading a putt and lag. I swear i would rather be 100 yards out than have a 40 foot putt that starts uphill or finishes downhill. Im lucky to land one 15 feet away. Or a 20 foot putt over 2 feet of fringe. I never have any idea how hard to hit it. Its also fun when the greens dry out over the course of the round and then are flash watered Funny you mention that, i got a new putter for my bday and really like it. Have only used it twice rhough. Its an Odyssey Works i found on clearance... oversize grips. I really like it
  4. Sorry, youre not a libertarian. Neither is Larry, even though you both claim to be
  5. I shot an 85 Sunday, which is really good for me. Im normally low 90s, high 80s on a good day. I have been really working on my driver and my short game. If I could do away with 3 putts i think I could hit 77 or 78, not kidding. It is ridiculous how many times im on in 2 and end up with a 5. Pretty much every par 4 ugh. Then, i always have that one meltdown hole where everything goes off the rails
  6. Make no mistake, libertarianism is directly tied to white nationalism. Always has been... the ron paul zombies vehemently defending him when his white nationalist papers were outed, I mean, thats all you need to know. One need only peel back a few layers of the onion "Free markets" is code for doing away with welfare, planned parenthood, affirmative action, DHHS, and countless other programs that racists want to do away with. You never hear them ranting about corporate welfare
  7. Mod talking here... please no more mention of the leaked episode in this thread. Thanks
  8. We talk about social media warping the minds of children but we severly underestimate what it is doing to adults. You are correct, 100% fantasy land these guys are living in. The same is true for many so wrapped up in politics. Look at some of the regular posters on tyis board. Crazy town
  9. Phil Taylor could really be something for us at a position we are in desperate need of talent
  10. How many episodes this year? I forget
  11. Its going right over my house but I will be out of town, good times
  12. My bad, i thought you were super rich
  13. If Im Sir Jorah, Im kicking Jon Snow in the nads and taking Longclaw back. **** if some **** was walking around with my dads sword