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  1. If you like bedbugs its great!
  2. 550, tops This entire conversation is hilarious. Everyone is such a **** nowadays
  3. Youre assuming there is some other way for them to get attention. People use what they can do get ahead, you shouldnt fault them for it. Men do it too Also, there are many women and men that do both. I wish I was one of them, Im too ugly. But i would if i could
  4. If i was your neighbor i would totally make mine "Theyre running out of you!"
  5. "Played out joke from 2005" maybe? Or "Yawn"
  6. Recent 30 for 30s i have seen have been terribly produced, not sure if its bill sommons effect or what Hope this isnt the case with this one Also, on a related topic, funny how everyone trashes the WP constantly but they are ALWAYS viewed as the definitive source from the past, even a few years ago.
  7. In that case I actually prefer big box
  8. For what, specifically?
  9. I had a wifi thermostat and changed it out for a very reliable non wifi that is straightforward and programmable. I have never regretted not being able to set temps with my smartphone Everyone keeps saying our homes are going SMART, but i genuinely wonder if this isnt like the wall to wall carpeting trend of the 60s, etc. I think it is mostly a big croc of ****.
  10. Ive just never been satisfied with anything ive purchased at depot or lowes. Everything is price point driven for them so you have manufacturers that make cheaper lines just for them, ie Kraft Made cabinets. Independent dealers they are high quality, lowes sells the particle board version. John Deere, Cub Cadet, all manufacturers do this I dont even buy paint there anymore. Even their deck screws are complete garbage. Rust thru in a couple years. They dont sell SS deck screws purely because of price point Ive never saved money in the long run going poor quality
  11. There is still a ton of sloppy defense just like there was in the 80s. Look at yhe last time we played Luck and the Colts, or what Atlanta did to us on the ground last year. In the 80s and 90s there were several defenses that were able to shut down dickerson and sanders.
  12. You should look at some of the Bridge players like Jon Ogden for instance who blocked Derrick Thomas who played in the end of the Hogs era Ogden said Thomas was the best he ever faced. And it was pretty universally accepted that LT wss better than Thomas. Also, as much as I love Trent, he was nowhere near as good as Ogden, probably the best tackle in the history of the game
  13. The hogs of the 80s would be physically dominated today. Too small imo I agree with you on Dickerson, the upright striders are definitely runners of yesteryear. Hlwever Sanders could play today and probably be just as dominant This part is also true. What WRs and QBs had to deal with in the 1980s were literally people trying to put them in the hospital Thats why I will always give the edge to Montana over Brady as the GOAT, just because of what Montana had to deal with. Modern NFL rules are just too slant3d in favor of offenses
  14. Looking good Major Few people understand how much work that is. Its always the details that take FOREVER. Demo and rough in is 2 days, installation another two days, and then trim and caulk and detail is 2 years.... We are getting some quotes on our kitchen. I plan on doing the demo and rough in and tile, but im going to let someone else do the cabinets and countertops. Too much that could go wrong