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  1. Im sure all the toy manufacturers are thrilled to give more of their business to amazon
  2. Faster and more efficient and cheaper to just pour concrete, but cool story bro
  3. WH: 2018’s Happiest Cities in America

    I credit all of the ricearoni
  4. WH: 2018’s Happiest Cities in America

    Yes, everyone here is hateful and miserable. Though im not sure online surveys are fair because we are all too dumb and backward to use the internet. Also, not sure this is an online survey because we cant read. Stay up north, thanks in advance. This place SUCKS!
  5. Buzzfeed: The Information Apocalypse is coming

    This is terrifying ****. Makes me want to cash in my 401k and go on a week long bender in vegas. Whats the point of having a bunch of money in retirement when society is doomed
  6. Great Movie Scenes

  7. Great Movie Scenes

  8. Great Movie Scenes

  9. Great Movie Scenes

    Two scenes from the most underrated movie of all time. Both NSFW so link only 1. Gary Oldman is the man... hes come a long way to winning an oscar for Churchill https://youtu.be/S3S_qqhL_4A 2. Dennis Hopper -vs- Christopher Walken https://youtu.be/roeKtHFlxYI
  10. Is Tiger Woods washed up?

    Shouldnt he be taking it easy? Maybe not try to swing so hard
  11. Browns renting Tyrod for 1 season while they groom their draft pick... smart
  12. Is Pryor worth Keeping?

    Pryor seems to be really good at yoga, exercise balls, and balancing on top of bowling balls while juggling live mice. If you dont believe me follow him on twitter. That said, he sort of sucks at WR
  13. The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

    I know im a bad person, but i find this hilarious