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  1. Is Pryor worth Keeping?

    I don't think he is worth keeping based off last year's performance, but I could be wrong. I'm no talent elevator. Can someone answer this though: There were rumors during the middle of the season of a potential Pryor trade. I remember Cleveland's name being thrown around. Were those rumors true and what would we have gotten in return? If there was never any intention of bringing him back why wasn't he just traded then? .
  2. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    All-Time Record as GM / Executive VP / President: 90-117- 1 (.4348) Record as GM / Executive VP / President with Redskins: 52-75-1 (.4094) Record as GM etc. with Redskins minus McCloughan years: 35-61 (.3646) 13 NFL seasons, 4 playoff appearances: 30.7% Boo.
  3. I'm not sure that is ever going to happen. An article from about a year ago: WP: Tired of the Redskins dysfunction? There’s one person to blame.
  4. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread Also, time to update those standings. Jerry Jones (1989) - 4 NFCCG Appearances, 3 Super Bowl Appearances, 3 Super Bowls Jeff Lurie (1994) - 6 NFCCG Appearances, 2 Super Bowl Appearances, 1 Super Bowl John Mara (2005) - 2 NFCCG Appearances, 2 Super Bowl Appearances, 2 Super Bowls Dan Snyder (1999) - 0 NFCCG Appearances, 0 Super Bowl Appearances, 0 Super Bowls Is it any surprise that Snyder and Jones, two similar owners, have had the least amount of success the past 20 years relative to the rest of the division?
  5. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Well it looks like he's back to being employed, so even if there was no gag order there would be no need to speak on it at this point. Does his hiring back in the NFL give any indication of what happened while he was here or how the grievance played out?
  6. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    So who can we blame for this move? Allen? Williams? Or maybe they took a vote? Very effective. It sure would be nice if we knew who had final say and signed off on the deal. If you make a move and have faith that it will pan out then you should have no issue with saying that it was your call. Maybe we'll find out in the next couple of days but I'm not holding my breath.
  7. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    This was posted in the Kirk thread but I thought it was worth a mention since it's primarily about Allen. Washington Times: Losing Cousins should be last straw for Bruce Allen
  8. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Jerry Jones (1989) - 4 NFCCG Appearances, 3 Super Bowl Appearances, 3 Super Bowls Jeff Lurie (1994) - 6 NFCCG Appearances, 2 Super Bowl Appearances, 0 Super Bowls John Mara* (2005) - 2 NFCCG Appearances, 2 Super Bowl Appearances, 2 Super Bowls Dan Snyder (1999) - 0 NFCCG Appearances, 0 Super Bowl Appearances, 0 Super Bowls *Not including the run the Giants made when they played the Ravens in the Super Bowl. Howie Roseman has the Eagles playing for a Super Bowl soon after Chip dismantled that team. Meanwhile Snyder and Allen are spinning their wheels. Is there any hope for this team?
  9. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I hope this is just speculation on Rappaport's part.
  10. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    So Williams is asked about his new role and his first response is that it's good to not have someone with the GM title. Umm... ok. Why is this a good thing? After checking, I see there are only three teams in the NFL without a GM: the Patriots, the Eagles, and the Redskins. The rest of his response seems to imply that McCloughan overstepped his boundaries, or was perceived to have overstepped his boundaries by people in the Front Office. He also states that he doesn't deal with the equipment manager, trainers, etc. and "overlooks the personnel department". It sounds like he won't be doing the nitty gritty of scouting players and will simply manage the personnel people, which is not necessarily a bad thing since his reputation as a scout isn't renowned. So the structure appears to be: Snyder -> Allen -> Williams -> Everyone else reporting to Williams IMO this is essentially Williams "playing" the role of GM (without the title) and the people who report to him doing the dirty work. And if history is any indication, Allen will make sure his voice is heard in decisions. I still believe accountability is an issue with this structure. If this is really how things are set up just give him the GM title with the same responsibilities he outlined.
  11. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Not sure how legitimate SportingNews is or how credible the author is, but could there be any truth to this? SN: Bucs should keep Dirk Koetter as coach, for sake of Jameis Winston This is the first I've heard of "rumors" about Allen leaving and it seems unlikely.
  12. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I am not saying that you or Golston is wrong. I am sure there is probably some truth in what he is saying. But maybe the below had some influence in how he views Allen and the front office in a positive manner? WP: A Redskins-Scot McCloughan separation seems to be a question of when, not if If we assume that the article is accurate, then Allen backed him up when our previous GM wanted to go a different direction.
  13. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I have heard the same thing about the Ionnadis pick and so far that looks like a great pick. I think someone else on this board has mentioned McCloughan said Gruden has an eye for talent. In my opinion if that is true, then our best hope for acquiring talent is via Gruden because I have little faith in Williams and the rest of our front office and it doesn't appear that structure is going to change anytime soon. But that is one pick. Everyone hits and misses. It's about hitting more than you miss. McCloughan had to allegedly fight to draft Crowder. He's having an off year, but for a fourth rounder that is a good pick. Fuller is having a great year. Scherff is an elite guard, yet Gruden makes an off the cuff remark at his end of year press conference about needing to do better than "drafting a guard and a wide receiver"? Really? He's not a saint and he didn't hit on every pick. See Matt Jones, Cravens, and Doctson (although I think it still too early to write him off). And as far as final say, he says as much in his introductory presser. It's a direct link to the question: Yet we hear this: A Redskins-Scot McCloughan separation seems to be a question of when, not if Who knows how those two years would have went if he DID actually have full control? It could have been better. It could have been worse. But with the track record of this organization, Allen, and McCloughan, I'm inclined to believe Allen's interference was a hindrance. Also I don't need to skew anything to make this front office look a certain way: Year - GM - Record 2010 / Allen / 6 -10 2011 / Allen / 5 - 11 2012 / Allen / 10 - 6 2013 / Allen / 3 - 13 2014 / Allen / 4 - 12 2015 / McCloughan / 9 - 7 2016 / McCloughan / 8 - 7 -1 2017 / ??? / 5 - 7
  14. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    2015 and 2016 McCloughan ran things*. 2017 they used his draft and FA board. Now he's gone. *We were told he had full control over the roster, but reports have stated that was not the case.
  15. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Well to be fair, I didn't revise anything. Yes it's easy to use hindsight, but looking back on that draft, and the majority of Shanahan's/Allen's draft classes, they aren't great, at least in my opinion. The problem is that even though he could find the big players (Williams, Cousins, Reed when healthy, etc.) he wasn't able to build a deep roster via the draft and FA. The middle to tail-end of the roster is just as important. And yes, even the great personnel men miss on players. McCloughan drafted Smith over Rodgers.