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  1. It's not, and that doesn't really matter, unless it's the WB fan Classic
  2. Why?
  3. I spent 3 months collecting redskims starting lineups. Now, I'm finished. ...chec out ebay seller emac0824 He has every one, out of the package like i wanted.
  4. Just turn sigs off. Or use mobile version. ...ftw
  5. i'd imagine the internet got tired of me around 2006.
  6. I feel like I've read the whole Internet. Nothing interesting.
  7. running joke with a coaching buddy of mine. always late to staff meetings. 15 minutes at least. and ALWAYS has time to stop at chic-fil-a and NEVER has some for anyone else.
  8. what state will be the first to crown a girls champ basketball team with a team of dudes transitioning?
  9. Right now it's my starting lineup collection. can't wait to have the time to build the mini stadium
  10. put then on top of a coffee table or bar and seal them with clear epoxy.
  11. @AsburySkinsFan joking aside, i see it man. its disappointing. i argue with my parents about it
  12. dam, that's deep. i just figured the strip mall upped the rent too high or shut down.
  13. If they didn't center the burger on the dog. ..moved it up to line up with one end. .. @zoony would eat it. Sucking on a hamchilidog, outside the tastee freez
  14. just a random hip hop line that popped in my head. i wouldn't know much about it lol
  15. Having cash is highly addictive