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  1. Am I reading Zoony right? Poor tax? Who hikacked him, ASF?
  2. Tonights ES Special: Return of Thiebear.
  3. No seriously WTF are you talking about?
  4. Please explain how how this relates.
  5. Yes. They’re like 1950 Democrats.
  6. Oh no. Just listen to Mitch Carmichael and he’ll tell you that the WV GOP has this state headed for the top. I agree with you 100%. I just think it’s real easy to look at WV without knowing it’s history and make the assumption that the Republican Party is responsible for the whole mess. What are are your thoughts on Paula Jean?
  7. West Virginia was ran by democrats for decades and decades. WV failed long before republicans took control here.
  8. Gonna need numbers. How much was the raise? and I can say 100% that reducing planning time is always gonna be pushed back on. 20 minutes for planning? That’s a shame.
  9. I would say that’s just an easy ploy for Republicans to use. Make it looks like teacher union thugs are just trying to bully them. It works on their base.
  10. The role of social media in this can not be understated. Less than 3/4 of all WV teachers even belong to a Union. It’s so much easier to organize and plan now. They’ve tried real hard to “bust up the union” in WV. They found out here and they’re finding out in other places that once we realize we ARE the union, it doesn’t matter what they’ve done to weaken it. I hope this happens in many more states. And I’m proud it started here.
  11. 2017-2018 NCAA Men's Basketball

    Moving the 3 point line back because Nova made a bunch of 3s is stupid. We see 50 uncontested dunks a night let’s raise the hoop.
  12. So teachers got a raise but had about 11 to 12 days equivalent added to their contract? How much was the raise?
  13. Ojeda for US Congress from WV. Republicans can not stand him.
  14. @Lombardi's_kid_brother Check this out