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  1. That has definitely been an acceptable answer for some people for a long time. I get what you are saying. But if that wasn't acceptable to you before but is now, it'd be cool to hear why.
  2. Thats pretty much much what is happening. That wasnt always ways an acceptable solution.
  3. I think this is a good read. What do we do about it? Or can we? edit: I read whole article linked on Facebook this link goes to paywall.
  4. Saw thread title and immediately began looking for this rant. Didn't disappoint.
  5. It's fun to watch the tables continuously turn. I remember not too long ago the right was complaining about how we wouldn't label terrorism as such when it came to a certain group.
  6. Now, I'm not saying he should've hit her.......but I understand.
  7. you are not lying.
  8. i can not watch UP. way too relevant to me and some of my wish-i-would've's.
  9. i understand the younglings use of the word triggered in their vernacular, and i am trying to figure this tweet out.
  10. I think that the NCAA model is striving for a semblance of competitive balance and it doesn't jive with title ix so well. I also think that the law as it was written was short sighted in its effects on male sports. But hindsight and all. I would also say that if male sports are being discriminated against, we should maybe be looking at a fix like we did with title ix
  11. @AsburySkinsFan that's a good read thanks.
  12. Title ix has been fabulous overall. It has had its desired effect and that can not be denied. But like everything it has had a few negative side effects. And right now is a confusing time because, well what do we do with it? You can almost argue that the tables have turned but the law hasn't.
  13. Title ix it reads that you must provide equal opportunity for those who have historically been denied such, i.e. females.
  14. Baseball does it right. You can get drafted out of high school but if you go to college you can't be drafted for 3 years
  15. this travel ball mentality is creeping into football, at least around here. I actually had a 7th grade girl at my school explain to me that her 3rd grade brother just switched travel football teams for more exposure. smh this might be the worst....charging parents all this money to play a sport they have no business playing 2 seasons of.