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  1. We have 17 days. It could be done faster. I wouldn't want to do less than 2 weeks. It's 36 hours driving from me to Bakersfield, ca.
  2. Heading on a cross country road trip guys. Gonna see a ton of stuff I've never seen before. Really looking forward to New Mexico.
  3. And they all post on ES.
  4. Called it.
  5. Lol my my network has been named GET OFF MY LAWN for about 5 years.
  6. I like Home Depot. Use it all the time. I used to buy paint there but I don't anymore.
  7. Huh ugh it must be different store to store.
  8. Pro desk would have saved you a few hundred.
  9. Did u go to Home Depot pro desk? How big is your kitchen?
  10. I use home depot for everything. get an order over $1000 and go to the pro desk you'll get a nice discount will also take an additional 4% off. Also even if they aren't running their 24 months zero financing special if you just ask they'll give it to you. I had to buy the unfinished oak cabinets so that I could stain them to match the cabinets that were given to me. They are made by RSI products I believe that's just the Home Depot brand. As far as what cabinets you need you have to measure out your space and figure out the size of the cabinets and where they're going to fit.
  11. L Hmm my experience was not the same especially with the grandparents part. "If you cal your grandma mom and your mom Pam, you going to jail."
  12. Got my first cabinets in.
  13. Not hard. I usually miter inside corners because I'm lazy and caulk is helluva cover up. But buzz is right.
  14. Cut a hole in kitchen wall that goes into small living room closet. The fridge will recess into that to add counter space. Closed off door from kitchen to laundry room for same purpose. Painting finished flooring almost done.