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  1. Please just turn your fan card in now.
  2. Random Thought Thread

    Big problems
  3. Random Thought Thread

  4. Random Thought Thread

    We we may have passed each other. Lol we went thru vegas up to Moab. Then thru Colorado but hit 76 right outside of Denver. In Fort Morgan for the night. The drive is breathtaking.
  5. Random Thought Thread

    Is there a more beautiful drive than I-70 through Utah? Drove it yesterday and wow...... i hear I-70 into Colorado thru the Rockies is amazing. That's on tap for today.
  6. cost of living--- whip it out on, measure and compare

    Come on over Sluggo. But please, don't tell your friends.
  7. D.C. is a fair weather sports town. Any objective person can see this.
  8. 2017 NCAA Football Thread

    How were you treated when you were there? on a side note, I can't wait for "fam" to die out.
  9. Random Thought Thread

    Mary, I started on the espn forums too. What was your name?
  10. Random Thought Thread

    Lol. I joined in 2004. I am member number 1900 or something. Gibbs was hired shortly after that and that created a surge in membership. Than thee site sold out , I mean was bought by the team a couple years later and a wave of new members arrived.
  11. 2017 NCAA Football Thread

    This. I had a whole contingent of Syracuse fans with me for the classic Bulger / McNabb showdown in '98. No issues.
  12. 2017 NCAA Football Thread

    Except it wasn't true. And it definitely is no longer true.
  13. Random Thought Thread

    My graffiti art at Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, Texas.
  14. We hit leonards BBQ in memephis. It's the oldest BBQ in the city and it was dam good.
  15. Driving I 40 for the last 2 days. Not sure fossil fuels are dead.