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  1. Can't wait for the story tomorrow where the lead clothing designer for Forever 21 is like "actually, it refers to, like, boys and stuff."
  2. Possibly the first thing she didn't plagiarizer from her predecessor.
  3. Xbox One Vs Ps4

    Can't wait to get my Lone Mountaineer all ****ing hammered in Sunnyside.
  4. Today marks 2 years and 7 months to go (hopefully).
  5. Greatest Athlete in D.C. History (team sports)

    Agree with this. It's Ovi for me, and the only other person in the discussion is Walter Johnson. Walter Johnson led the Senators to two World Series (at nearly 40) with records of 23-7 and 20-7. In his prime, in the '10's, from 1910 through 1919, the Washington Senators were 130 games UNDER .500 in any game in which Johnson did NOT get a decision. In the games with Johnson, they were 124 games OVER .500. Think about that for a minute. Johnson is STILL the winningest pitcher in baseball since 1900 with 417 wins. For context, and there is some need adjustment for era, but Max Scherzer's WAR over the last 3 seasons (during which he has won 2 Cy Youngs) is 6.6. Johnson's average war for an entire decade was 10.9 per year. Also, last year, Scherzer had 268 strikeouts in 31 games pitched, in an era where batters do not give a single **** about striking out. Johnson had a year where he had 313 Ks in an era where striking out brought shame upon your family (albeit in 42 games).
  6. Should defendants be screened from the jury?

    Jury selection and coaching your client how to present him/herself.
  7. WaPo: Dying at your desk is not a retirement plan

    I mean, I'm not doing so well that a $2,500/month post-tax payment doesn't suck balls. I'm also pouring money into the loan that should be going to retirement so I can retire at 55.
  8. Not sure if the DC Police have jurisdiction on the Mall, but it will be DELICIOUS irony if the majority-black DCPD get to stomp the **** out of some white assholes at a "white civil rights" gathering.
  9. WaPo: Dying at your desk is not a retirement plan

    I paid off my undergrad student loan today. My grad school loan is still well into the six figures.
  10. Another exhibit where we need a symbol to put around sentences to clearly denote whether they are 1) things that Trump or his staff said or 2) things that are substantively true.
  11. Election 2018 Thread VA-10: Comstock Moves From Toss up to Lean Democratic
  12. Election 2018 Thread
  13. Request for one more base to be covered: How long is left in his term.
  14. The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

  15. Election 2018 Thread

    Comstock ****ed up. She tried to placate moderates by speaking out against Trump’s dumbassery and voted what her constituents wanted on Obamacare ( after cowardly waiting until the lasr minute to see how the vote was going to go), and in doing so left daylight between herself and Trump. So the Republican base isnt going to turn out for her and the moderates she hoped to capture are going to vote Dem because 1] Trump is a dangerous racist asshole and 2) Trump is bad for NoVas economy. I’ve met Comstock and frankly think she is a good person who works hard for her constituents. But her politics are wrong for her district and she has no courage, so she’s gotta go.