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  1. Im going to wake up tomorrow in an I Am Legend scenario right?
  2. Workout Thread III

    That realization you aren’t invincible.
  3. I assume this means that they’ve successfully fixed the Pats game.
  4. So you think that the party that has 51 votes should get everything it wants and nothing it doesn’t want in a system designed to require 60 votes? Im sorry, but that is stupid. The system was designed so that isnt how it works.
  5. It’s still bull****. Since the drafting of the Constitution, our system of government has (by design) required some level of compromise to function. The things the Dems are asking for are supported by a large majority of Americans. Republicans are free to prove themselves unable to govern.
  6. I believe the working title is “ we go.”
  7. Are Republicans going to be WAY more outraged that the President reached a bipartisan agreement with Democrats to fund the government than that the President ****ed a pornstar while his wife was nursing? LOL.
  8. The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

    You don't have to hate Romo to think that **** is funny.
  9. Workout Thread III

    Wanna get drunk tomorrow?
  10. The Grilling and Cooking Thread

    Panela. Similar to mozz, will not melt.
  11. Not saying it's right or fair. But Trump has long been known as being morally bankrupt. There is no as-yet uncrossed moral line for him to cross that his supporters will not tolerate (and those people claim the moral high ground based on their religiosity).
  12. I'm guessing that it doesn't. I mean, it's sort of fun to talk about, but at the end of the day, people on the left already know that Trump is an awful person without a hint of morality. People on the right will either dismiss it as fake news or equate it to the Lewinsky affair (conveniently forgetting how outraged that made them and still makes them). This does not move any needles. Plus, this is the second nearly identical story. Same thing came about about playmate Karen McDougal, nobody cares. ****ing Melania doesn't even care.