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  2. I went ahead and bought the sheetcake. Wife has to do the icing herself, but it's happening.
  3. Trump and His Cabinet......God Bless America; OP Updated

    Congratulations on surrendering your moral superiority. Enjoy hell.
  4. Im really pissed that i have long-standing plans tomorrow, else I would have ordered an American flag sheetcake from Wegmans and 2 cases of beer, invited my neighbors over and talked about Hillary's emails.
  5. Random Thought Thread

    I have this. She also makes 6 figures and is hot. I met mine at a tailgate party.
  6. Trump and His Cabinet......God Bless America; OP Updated

    Bannons first move will be to start a war with the jewish people in the WH. He'll call them liberals or New Yorkers or globalists, but make no mistake. Bannon v. Javanka will be ugly.
  7. Nationwide Removal of Confederate Statues Author is the author of “1861: The Civil War Awakening” and director of Washington College’s Starr Center for the Study of the American Experience.
  8. This would be my preference too, and ive actually participated in such counter protests. unfortunately, i dont believe we changed the WBC's point of view. They are still a thing as far as i know. Problem is it's really hard to pull off outside of a fairly large city. There is a reason this event happened in Charlottesville Va when school was out. These guys may be idiots, but they know better than to show up in the Bronx. Well one found them, didnt it?
  9. I've said repeatedly, repeatedly, that not physically fighting these people in the strrets is not the same as "just ignore it and it will go away." The fact that people keep saying these are the only 2 options leads me to believe that they know their argument sucks and need to rely on strawmen. I know you can do better, I've seen many of your other posts. Re: the history book crack, thats just ****ing stupid. 2017 America is not the same as 1933 Germany. Kind of a lot has changed. The fact that you are making that comparison leads me to believe that youve never read a history book and that you think history only exists so that your life, special snowflake, has context. This isnt a matter of getting to "no nazis." There have been Nazis since the 30s and the Klan for forever in our country. They ebb and flow depending on a bunch of societal factors. The goal here is to keep them a fringe movement, not a mainstream contingency. Trump is obviously the worst thing that could have happened. Can't change what happened. But Every time thay win a news cycle, they gain attention, legitimacy and normalcy. They win news cycles by causing chaos. We marginalize them by letting them have their pointless rallies without them becoming national events. Afterwards, we talk and write about how pointless it was and how stupid and un-American their beliefs are. We elect people who actually find their beliefs abhorrent. We teach our kids that they are bad and sad people. Your strategy of beating them into the ground wont work. These guys have been beaten up their whole lives, it's why they joined a hate group. I would love for the police to just silence them, sometimes the First Amendment is a mother****er. Should we suspend the First Amendment? While Trump is in office, no less? Your proposed solutions sound simple. It's because they are.
  10. It was absolutely clear. Those 60 mil do not care.
  11. Oh believe me, I get it. You We minimize it by marginalizing him and then getting rid of him in a way that demoralizes theses ****ers. Or creating enough political pressure that he actually repudiates them in a meaningful way. But a streetfight followed by "on many sides" is now a rallying cry for these assholes. Another bad outcome of that strategy.
  12. You cant really believe that if you fight them in the streets they will go away. i cannot understand that line of thinking. They showed up so that they could fight people.
  13. Trump got "exposed" because of it? What does that even mean? It's been clear for 2 years that he is the most favored candidate of white supremacists, and he loves them back. Nothing was exposed, it was reinforced. This is a hate group. It needs conflict to exist. Galvanizing people on the other side is not a bad thing for them. What is a good thing for them is the extraordinary amount of attention they got, which will swell its ranks and embolden it. That is a very bad outcome. Edit: LOVE the tubas and ridicule approach.
  14. The strategy of physical confrontation used last Saturday was a complete failure on all counts. I know people's gut reaction is to get out there and punch some Nazis (not withstanding the fact that nobody here actually did that), but the fact is that Charlottesville was a tremendous day for a minor fringe hate group: they got 3 or 4 entire news cycles devoted to them, the ****ing President had their backs, their show of force looked pretty forceful. They got everything they could have wanted. It was sad to watch. This isnt 1930s Germany. We arent in the Great Depression. Fascism isnt taking over. The fuel for these "movements" is attention. Trump has brought them a ton of that. Minimize it and you starve them of oxygen.