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  1. Thanks for posting @PCS. From that thread, this person is all of us:
  2. ‘Imploding’: Financial troubles. Lawsuits. Trailer park brawls. Has the alt-right peaked? This article is lovely. Who would have thought that an army of failures would **** it up and fail some more?
  3. Xbox One Vs Ps4

    Yea, I finished the SW part first too, then recently moved to the north section so I can get the mother****ing bear.
  4. Election 2018 Thread

    Due to a work thing, I am meeting with Barbara Comstock next week. And have to be nice.
  5. Aside from the obvious answer that, regardless of your feelings about them personally, one option was extremely well qualified for the position and the other is comically unqualified, one of many other reasons to vote for Hillary, or at least not vote for Trump, would be to avoid yoking your movement to such an immoral, unchristian person. It's amazing that a population of people who claim to be so concerned with the long-term consequences of their actions (i.e., going to heaven or hell), would so pathetically lose sight of the long game here and opt for the short-term win.
  6. I think they'll tee it up before election day. No question in my mind. Hopefully the long-term effect is for people that actually believe it to conclude that their vote doesn't matter and therefore there is no point in voting. I fear the near-term effect will be gun violence.
  7. Just CLAIMS that the process is being disrupted would suffice.
  8. Take #1: This needed to happen, and it's a positive sign that Mulvaney didn't just let WF off the hook. Take #2: This also really hurts Mulvaney's basic claim that the CFPB is worthless.
  9. To Redskns 2000: I agree, current believers don't think Trump is harming their movement at all. But the question is "Is Trump harming their position?" Their position is entirely dependent on how many tens of millions of adherents they have. Your last 2 sentences are the important thing. As current believers die off, they are not being replaced. As head count decreases, their political power does too. My theory is that they aren't being replaced because would-be recruits see them as hypocrites (as you noted) or, even worse, having repugnant values. Hell, the Nones (of which I am one) are now roughly 25% of the population. Just 10 years ago, they were 16%. For the Millenials, that number is roughly 35% (as of 2014). To Ashbury, I also agree, but i don't think it matters. Evangelicals self-perception really has no bearing on their political position. Their power comes from numbers, and those numbers are decreasing fairly rapidly. It matters not what people already in the club believe, it matters their ability to recruit. From 2007 to 2014, Christians went from 78% of the population to 71%. It's a decent bet that those figures have fallen even faster from 2014 to now given Trump and many other factors. All figures above according to Pew.
  10. 2017 - 18 Washington Capitals Thread

    I thought it was great. Reporter: "Can you talk about [some very fine point of hockey]?" Torts: "We sucked tonight. I'm not breaking it down for you. We just sucked."
  11. Does it need to be mentioned that Nazi ideology is deeply rooted in judging people based on how they look physically. So, this strapping young gentlemen is being ridiculed for his being a living depiction of irony.
  12. Tanking for picks??? (Sports)

    The reason for operating a sports franchise is to win championships. Period. If that is clearly not going to happen this year, then tank it and improve your team as much as possible going forward. I'm happy to see that most people agree with this position, i thought I was an outlier here.
  13. Definitely harming. When your raison d'être is your perceived morality and claimed values, and you throw those morals and values away for some temporary political power, people inside and outside of your organization are going to question what purpose you serve.