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  1. Great start for Blake. I think he's got the stuff, it's going to be all about his command this year.
  2. This is extremely helpful, thank you!
  3. This is, i believe, the plan. This is also the plan. Just going to rent one for getting from SF to Napa, then Napa to Somoma, then back to SF. Not trying to drive on a wine bender.
  4. Will put it on the list. The menu is an encyclopedia. I was also told to go to this place in Oakland. I am planning the timing of the trip around when I can get tickets to the French Laundry. I like food. I LOVE spicy food. Unfortunately, Mrs. PB can't handle it.
  5. LOL. Occasionally i get "randomly selected" just so they can make a show of harassing a white person.
  6. Please post a recap when you come back.
  7. This IS research. Tell me more.
  8. Pretty much. He's definitely going to oversell it.
  9. Bump! I want to plan a trip to San Francisco/California wine country. Probably just 4 or 5 days. If you are from the area or are familiar with it, where would you go, what would you see, where would you stay, etc. Thanks in advance.
  10. God, please let that be true. It's the only way we're getting rid of Snyder. DC would have a new team within a year given the regions population and economics.
  11. Obama (current) I wasn't sure about him in 2007-08, but he really grew on me. Very bright, for the most part did things the "right" way. Could be professorial or be the cool guy. Kept a sense of humor. Was able to pull the knives out (politically) when needed. His post-presidency office is in my building. I haven't seen him yet, but a few of my colleagues have. Churchill (past). I mean, the guy was a hilarious drunk and also exactly the man that a particular moment in history needed.
  12. Snyder is already playing the stadium game, he's evidently been in talks with representatives in NoVa and Terry McAulife. Luckily, but not surprisingly, the residents are strongly opposed to it because of the financial outlay and traffic concerns.
  13. Strip club in Vegas.....I've heard.
  14. Plus the cheerleaders are going to be so hot (I'm assuming they'll be recruited from Spearmint Rhino).