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  1. So wait. The key to sports betting is to make obvious bets?
  2. It is not true that these people get along and have fun parties and ****. That gradually ended in the 90s. There is a ton of animosity. Almost all of these people have huge egos and personality disorders. They dont play well with others. Ted Cruz is just the worst at hiding it.
  3. 35, mostly for financial reasons. Lost my job in my late 20's, then went to grad school and was very poor for 3-4 years. Came out the other side doing much better, took a year to travel then took the plunge. Daughter turns 2 in two weeks, she's the best.
  4. I was not pleased, but **** happens. The thieves did not get anything, I sure as **** dont leave valuables in my car in Anacostia, plus my car is entirely covered in my daughter's stuff, there is no room for anything else. Literally the most expensive thing in my car was a box of plastic spoons (which they didnt take). The Nats were mortified. This happened to four cars, so not a good look. Anyways, they went totally overboard trying to make it right, and were just awesome about the whole thing. First they were like, here's a signed baseball, but the really cool thing is they gave me tix to a game and passes to go on the field for BP.
  5. Nats related story: Last weekend the Nats Youth Baseball Academy held a big charity softball tournament for DC law firms. I was the captain for my firm' s team and we went and did well. The Academy is in Anacostia (where the underprivileged youth are, which makes sense) so not really a great area. Had a great time, really great event. Unfortunately during the tournament, this happened:
  6. Rereading the butt-dial thread. It is a gem. My blood pressure is through the roof! I can feel the veins on the side of my temples throbbing. :mad:
  7. Things to do in Cleveland ... where ultimately the answer was to put your feet up on the air conditioner and let it blow on your junk. Zoony used to be (and maybe still is) a traveling sales guy that often went to ****ty places all over the midwest, which I, along with several others, found endlessly hilarious.
  8. Tribal Wars was awesome. One that stands out to me was where a poster (I forget who) live-posted when his ex-wife (whom he was in a custody battle with) accidentally butt-dialed him.
  9. One is opening in DC soon. About 1 block from my office. You can recreate your own Boris Becker experience, but instead of "Russian model" it will be "drunken midwest Hill staffer."
  10. Just winning is the only important thing. I am somewhat expecting the Pens to come out with retribution in mind. Hopefully the Caps take advantage and use that lack of focus to score a goal or two early.
  11. I have 2 tix to tonights game that I unfortunately can't use. Section 120 (lower level), row P, seats 3 and 4. Selling for $450 total, which is less than face value. PM me if you are interested.
  12. Great start for Blake. I think he's got the stuff, it's going to be all about his command this year.