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  1. Memorial day weekend, my get everything done in 3 days . Open pool, pressure washing, get yard ready for summer, ECT. Haven't been on here, much less the internet. Sit down and pop a beer. Grab phone and open it only to see Greg Allman has died.☹
  2. Once an asshole always an asshole 😁 I would be more concrrned about your ankles then your neighbors dying.😊
  3. Can't really name a favorite . I liked all the 007 movies. I guess if I had to really pick one I'd say it was Octopu$$y for the obvious reasons.
  4. Going with the gold ankle braces , kool
  5. 15 Years in different types of commercial construction from carpenter to assistant superintendent followed by 20 yrs with a Maryland school system maintenance/ planning estimating dept. Had a accident at work and was retired with disability. Now I just do a lot of this
  6. think I will head to the pantry to fine some popcorn
  7. I never start multiplayer until the campaign is completed. This looks great. I can't wait to play this COD.
  8. Have not played COD since B Ops 1 and MW3. When they went futuristic with the game that was it for me. This just might draw me back in.
  9. Rest in peace Don Rickles. One of my favorite comedians growing up. Loved watching those Roast. Don't think I ever missed one.
  10. Just a few things I thought of after reading this thread. Could of been a fleet vehicle , rental Unaffordable, young kid , high insurance, to many tickets. Traded it in. Run the vin # through carfax.
  11. I have lost 10 - 15 lbs. Most I have ever weighed was 265 lbs. 6' 3" 250lbs has been my average for most of my adult life. I am currently at 245 lbs. Dr's scale the other day. Have not lifted a weight in 25yrs. I don't really work out. No weights or running. Really no physical exercise at all. I just stay active by not laying around all day when I am home.
  12. It really does look like it, doesn't it. You are the first to notice , from a picture of it posted on here. It has been hanging on my family room wall for decades and not one person has ever said a thing
  13. House phone
  14. I Have not been on ps4 for about a week now . 4.50 update was waiting for me to download. Does that mean that I am able too use and external drive now ? I am to lazy to go back however many pages it is when I saw this being discussed