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  1. HVAC Contractor's know they have you by the balls in the middle of summer or the dead of winter. Never say yes without a minimum of 3 estimates.
  2. A little premature don't you think.
  3. Yeap, I used to always look for my kids missing frisbee late at night and look into people's windows
  4. First child at 35 , second at 36 and third at 38. Two girls and a boy. My wife had 2 miscarriages before our first . Medical condition. Our thoughts were always 3 kids. I wouldn't change how anything happened . Can not ask for better kids ,now young adults. We have been blessed.
  5. Damn, 50 minutes late.
  6. Anyone still watching this? Travis buying it this early on surprised me, but when he got shot in the neck I new then he was a gone. Nasty bite on the stomach was revealed just before he fell out of the helicopter
  7. I couldn't help but laugh, sounds like me when I try to run.
  8. Frankie Valli- Venus #1 SONG when I was conceived Purple people eater
  9. The Empire Strikes Back
  10. A Day in the Life Lucy in the sky with Diamonds Then the rest of the album
  11. Memorial day weekend, my get everything done in 3 days . Open pool, pressure washing, get yard ready for summer, ECT. Haven't been on here, much less the internet. Sit down and pop a beer. Grab phone and open it only to see Greg Allman has died.☹
  12. Once an asshole always an asshole 😁 I would be more concrrned about your ankles then your neighbors dying.😊
  13. Can't really name a favorite . I liked all the 007 movies. I guess if I had to really pick one I'd say it was Octopu$$y for the obvious reasons.
  14. Going with the gold ankle braces , kool
  15. 15 Years in different types of commercial construction from carpenter to assistant superintendent followed by 20 yrs with a Maryland school system maintenance/ planning estimating dept. Had a accident at work and was retired with disability. Now I just do a lot of this