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  1. Because the House doesn't have enough moonbats flying around already............. FL. GOP candidate claims she was abducted by aliens and they told her Earth’s secrets http://www.liberalmountain.com/us-politics/fl-gop-candidate-claims-abducted-aliens-told-earths-secrets-details
  2. Ok, somebody PLEASE tell me this isn't true..............ostensibly the "meals" FEMA is handing out in PR, a NutriGrain bar, a can of vienna sausages and Skittles https://twitter.com/jnsanchez/status/918491902147743745
  3. If you love Tailgate, don't lose your privilege

    I embrace my sludgosity
  4. If you love Tailgate, don't lose your privilege

    Ok, before this spins off the rails into yet another fount of bull**** as so many threads seem to do, here's a thought. Just speaking for myself, I know what a snarky snotty SOB I am at times (and the times we live in seem IMO to justify most of it) but exactly where/when/if I am dancing along the edge? I have no clue. Honestly, I don't have the faintest idea whether I am on a watchlist or completely invisible as regards this, so howsabout a regular, gentle "word to the wise" when people say or do something that doesn't quite rise to level of action but might be indicative of the kind of excess that could lead to it? Just to give us some benchmarks. I am sure that the troublesome members have heard from the mods, probably more than once, but the rest of the vast, amorphous sludge field of posters, probably not. So, just a report card kinda thing, you're ok, you're not ok but you don't have to worry, you DO have to worry, we have to worry about YOU, WTF is your problem, etc., etc.data points.
  5. Alternative facts, alternative words, alternative meanings, alternative economics, there's a consistent trend here.....................
  6. I think you're 100% correct, in fact I am hoping for it because that mentality will be their doom, and I am all outta empathy and sympathy and warm fuzzies for this ****. Stupid should always be painful.
  7. I dunno, maybe I'm naive, maybe I'm just stubborn but I still insist on looking for the silver lining. We are still only in Act 1 of this tragicomedy, the declarations and choosing of sides part. The hardcore loopy Xtian righties have chosen their path, their fate and their executioner in this POS. I'm reminded of that "Cabin in the Woods" concept where you have to decide, your choices dictate your fate. They have. Overwhelmingly they pander to their base as much as the * does, screaming into their holes to get those recognizably comfortable echoes that they are addicted to, indifferent to the effects or costs, utterly indifferent to reality. Willful ignorance and indifference to reality- sounds like one helluva plan, good luck with that. If you thought those cosmopolitan blue urban areas were exerting some irresistible pull on the power of youthful energy before, what the **** is it going to be like when staying in the red actually becomes a dystopian nightmare? When there literally is no hospital, no safe water, no nothin'? The hinterlands have been hollowed out for generations by youth looking for something better, a better life, a better job, a fuller view of the world, whatever, and yes, this was exacerbated by the crass corporatism that shipped out all the blue collar jobs to places where labor or safety laws didn't apply, but now, this is going to accelerate that diaspora. They're gonna need walls alright, walls to trap and imprison their own children to keep them from escaping in search of potable water or education.
  8. Y'all seem to be missing a salient point here, it's in Utah. Probably one of those polygamist things where her kids aren't all her kids, etc. On an unrelated note, I'd have been thrilled to be left in a corn maze.
  9. Of course it is, that's why them hurkanes keep a'hittin rednecky states, them there people ain't hatin hard nuff! Settin' fire to Cali's dope crops is sending a very different message though............
  10. http://www.msnbc.com/all-in/watch/how-trump-gets-those-great-golf-scores-1072243267809 I know, shocking!