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  1. Flynn is still holding out for the * to save his ass, I don't think it has sunk in yet that he (and all the rest) always were expendable.
  2. Here's the thing, the guy could draw a LOT of support from a wide range of demographics that wasn't dependent on politics at all! He could run on a genuinely independent ticket, garner support across party lines and not be beholden to either side. Enough support and he could stare them down politically. I like that thought. He doesn't appear to carry a lot of baggage ego-wise, so I could see him trying at least to get good advice and do something positive. He seems to come across as a sincerely thoughtful and decent guy, of course he is in the business of pretending to be **** so that doesn't necessarily mean a whole lot, but we could do worse. We ARE doing worse, and if politics is just going to be a mass marketing effort, what could you do with an even halfway decent product as opposed to the festering VD chancre that got sold this late time around? Fun to think about on a rainy Monday..............
  3. http://www.gq.com/story/dwayne-johnson-for-president-cover REALLY not the worst idea I've ever heard....................... where'd my marbles go?
  4. I know its too early but hell, that's what we do every year. There is always a guy that gets focused on to be "IT" and apparently this year Perine has been nominated. It's like seeing a movie trailer and getting amped without watching the flick, but I'm a'likin this kid. One thing that stands out to me with this draft is that we got some young'uns who aren't going to be swayed by the attention, humble and centered enough to grasp that essential fact that getting here doesn't mean you made it, it is just the next big step demanding that you knuckle down even harder. So far, they seem like they can, and will. So C'MON DOWN! Burst on scene and make 112 couples name their kid Samaje next year!
  5. I think they ought to find a proper, appropriate location for those statues................ tell Oliver to bend over
  6. Another thought provoking article that just may win the award for scariest thing I've read lately........... https://www.nytimes.com/2017/05/15/opinion/trump-classified-data.html?_r=0
  7. You don't, this demographic is verging on the masochistic, so you let them bleed............ ...or drip as the case may be. You focus on the third of the country lost in their torpor and stir them to action. Demonstrate repeatedly exactly what the cost of this is and goad them to get off the couch.
  8. See how wound up I am over this?? I hear ya, HR has to tread lightly, but IMO that is exactly why he cannot be just another shill for this lunacy. Someone has to man up, and the list of possible candidates is painfully short
  9. FTFY Everything about this "administration" is so damn amateur. Please keep up the good work you ****ing morons
  10. Dude, Scalia Although I don't mind you anticipating hoisting a glass for Alito either. The entire funeral for Ailes had less class and character than I flushed this morning.