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  1. Yeah, yeah, CNN is not the gold standard Walter Cronkite of the modern era, tough titty If you consider them in a vacuum they leave a lot to be desired If you compare them to the alternatives it's a KO in the first round And oh yeah........
  2. I admire the sheer stamina and fortitude some of y'all have to keep arguing about this subject. Me? I'm just here for the snark 'til something tangible goes down.
  3. So the right holds the WH, the Senate and the House but those EVIL LEFTIES!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Pretty good for a Tuesday, Trumpcare going down like the ****in Indianapolis
  5. So just for future reference, where should I look to find an oncologist that will accept chickens in payment?
  6. Ohhh, ACCESS! Yeah, they'll have access, we've heard this before. Yanno what? I have "access" to luxurious yachts, builders all over the world will sell me one no matter what I am or believe, I just have to pay the bill. Guess who doesn't own a ****ing yacht
  7. So how long before Congressional Rs find a way to muzzle the CBO and it's unwanted facts that keep tripping up their schemes?
  8. There seems to be a YUGE disconnect between the Congressional Rs and those that identify as R out in the populace, that IMO is where the fake news/ cognitive dissonance/ WTF on a cosmic scale resides at the moment. Given even the smallest opportunity to catch their breath and look at what's happening the reaction has been pretty consistent, "HEY! WTF is this ****??!? Most of the funding for healthcare or retraining or basically anything that helps us is going down the tubes??" The politicos telling themselves that it was all only dissidents on a Soros payroll is facile masturbation to deny the realities here, their message IS getting out and people ARE understanding it, the problem is that their plans entail leading massive numbers of sheep to slaughter. Now focusing and funneling that into some D support is a very different concept, you are stepping all over their religion and people defend that no matter what the reality is and no matter cost they pay to do so. "May you live in interesting times" Are ya starting to "get" why this is a curse?
  9. Well catching up in this thread has been fun, kinda like having someone stick a fork in your ear and scrambling your brain like an egg. Several prominent names mentioned, ie. Clapper, Schiff, etc, have said they haven't seen evidence, they did not state there was none, There is a clear difference here far beyond mere semantics, and it stems from the investigation(s) ongoing, there is a process and they are not yet at the point where they can or will offer up conclusions. It would be wildly unprofessional and counterproductive to have anyone inside making any comments on them at this stage (you know, the way Comey did) and as such anyone making claims that there IS nothing there is just straight talkin' out their ass. Gotta give Ed (Rskins) credit for this straightforward statement: I seem to recall a lot of (?) lefties yelling about letting the investigations run their course before making any declarations vis-a-vis police shootings, terrorist attacks, etc., how is this fundamentally different? We (as in We the People we Americans) have to suck it up and show a little faith in the system and a little strength of character in allowing the process to work. You cannot have a meltdown about the system being destroyed while at the same time rail against the very same system working on this. The Fox echo-flat out denials are laughable and somewhat insulting, but how is that anything new? Seriously, they've been training people to insert head in orifice for years, did some of y'all really just notice this happening? Enough of the pearl clutching, this did not just start. The far left anguish and chorus of cries for impeachment and imprisonment and executions is a different flavor of the same dish, although to give credit it has been pretty damn amusing at times. There are elements on the extremes at both ends that don't bear notice and quite honestly do not bring one single worthwhile comment to the discussion. The vast majority of Americans reside somewhere in the midground between the two, a spectrum of views and beliefs that still allows people to discuss and debate and even argue while at the same time recognizing and acknowledging the basic humanity in all of them. The wide, amorphous indefinable "Middle" is not lost but kinda does need to be rediscovered by many and repopulated by those that seem to have fled it. There will always be an abundance of finger pointing and blaming, but after that horse**** wears everyone out, where are we going to go from here?
  10. Tell yourselves all you want to that's there's nothing there, nope, no proof, no collusion, lalalalalalalala........... Just don't go waving the flag on the 4th if you're ok with a hostile foreign power, correction, THE hostile foreign power on the planet, interfering and usurping a presidential election as long as your shills tell you it's ok. It's not, it's goddam un American, unpatriotic and a repulsive insult to all those that have spent their lives building this country.
  11. http://www.newyorker.com/humor/borowitz-report/obamas-barrage-of-complete-sentences-seen-as-brutal-attack-on-trump
  12. Yup, you'd only have to buy off maybe a dozen people