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  1. Man. Watching the WBC pregame show on the MLB Network and the crowd is going to be raucous tonight! Let's get this USA! It's been awesome seeing Adam Jones become the face of the WBC!
  2. As far as Kerrigan goes? He's had to work much harder because our interior DL'men can't get a push up the middle. Yet he's consistent year in and year out.
  3. Join me in congratulating Haphazard on a big milestone. His work on here should be commended and he provides a service that all of us on here should appreciate. Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Hap on their 50th Wedding Anniversary!
  4. I hear ya dawg. As much as I like Foster and Compton's understanding of the game? They simply don't have the athleticism to make the impact needed at ILB. They are the proverbial "just a guy" at their respective positions. They are both average at best in all facets from attacking the LOS to covering TE's.
  5. Have no problem cutting RJF. Need a total Dline rebuild. Just hope McGee and McClain aren't the perceived answer.
  6. Keep reading slick. Several people have given the obligatory, kool-aid drinking, burgundy and gold glasses wearing "good signing" type response(s). Why do you think people are arguing about it? How's that for an "adversary?"
  7. So Cooley did his film breakdown on McClain and McGee and it isn't pretty. Like I said. Our Dline sucked and it still sucks. Keep up with your delusions though.
  8. Oh my God. I'm not talking about "winning the offseason!" I'm asking to add ONE legitimate impactful DL'man for once! These thrift store bargains the last several years are THE reason our defense sucks! It still sucks!
  9. What part of "as of today" did you not understand? I realize you can't "fix" a team solely through free agency, but when the defense was as atrocious as it was you would hope that the tree agent's you added would help improve the defensive woes. It hasn't as of TODAY.
  10. As of today we have made no improvements to our team. We have taken two steps forward and two steps back. Nothing but lateral moves. Don't try and convince yourself otherwise.