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  1. I think almost everyone in here is in overall agreement, it's just what you value more. I totally agree that Sly is the better actor, and has in terms of film standards a better resume, given his writing and directing. But, just like in the film composer thread, I value singular achievements more than consistency as long as the person in question isn't a pure one-hit wonder. Which Arnold obviously isn't. Let's use Carl Weathers as our equals sign. Sly had to prove himself over the span of 4 Rocky films to be the alpha dog over Carl in their film world (which wasn't even Carl's choice obviously). Arnold literally walks in to a jungle shack, destroys him in arm wrestling, and Carl admits defeat in their film world. And both narratives are convincing in their own way. When I compare Sly and Arnold, I am looking for peak iconic performances, and what makes Arnold's the pinnacle is he is the most believable action star in history. That is one of a kind and will never be replicated, only imitated.
  2. Sly never won an oscar, was just nominated a few times, but Arnold doesn't need an oscar to prove his influence on the film industry. Harrison Ford is who I think is the better competitor for Arnold in this discussion. Sly indeed has more versatile credentials on paper, but Arnold pulled off roles no one else will ever do. Arnold is by far the more once in a lifetime figure. I go with Arnold. Sly is certainly amazing but more in the jack(ed) of all trades type of way. Arnold's highest highs are untouchable. Arnold is numero uno.
  3. For me, Arnold easily wins, Arnold always wins. T2, and Predator are the two films that all action movies still try to replicate (Matrix was added to the pantheon). T2 is the best action film ever made, and of course Arnold is the centerpiece, but that is still in tandem with other monumental talents like Cameron and Hamilton. Predator is Arnold's most impressive feat, because he's the only human being in history that could pull that film off, it's a once in human history occurrence. Arnold, at his acting peak, was the most convincing alpha male you could ever put in front of a camera, because he was an undefeated Mr Olympia who had the physical stature to stand up against anyone, in an era where that type of body composition was genuinely strived for, making him the best of a, then, desired list. Mr. Olympias are often smaller in stature, so while jacked, still aren't necessarily convincing alpha males if put up against people such as, Charlton Heston, Clint Eastwood, Harrison Ford, etc. And nevermind the capability of acting. Arnold is what made absurd musculature cool, in today's era, it's considered humorous. Further, the reverse process of an actor going through a rigorous weight training regimen for a brief moment in time to be jacked for a role is also more synthetic since you know deep down they aren't as jacked as they are truly representing, it's more a symbolic closeness you are forced to accept. Arnold is the only one that truly fit the part, he's what made the part. Think about the masculinity that Arnold pulls off in Predator, Xzibit style. He is the alpha male among alphas males, while the galaxy's most alpha male systematically kills a list of Earth's alpha males, Earth's most alpha male kills the Galaxy's alpha male, making Arnold the ****ing alpha male of the whole Galaxy. Even Sly was an imposter to a certain degree, but his career isn't necessarily predicated on Jacked-only roles. My personal favorite film he's in is Cop Land, he's fantastic in that, and is a truly underrated gem. That would be the movie I'd miss the most if you erased his career.
  4. Who is Your Favorite Movie Composer?

    I think that for all intents and purposes John Williams is the best, but I agree, Morricone is the 2nd best by a significant margin...The Mission has one of the best themes in the history of humanity. Zimmer while clearly an amazing composer, doesn't make themes that stick with you after a single listen the way that Elfman, Silvestri, Vangelis, the aforementioned top two, or even John Carpenter (good call on that one clietas) do, which takes away some personal points for me.
  5. Random Thought Thread

    honestly, Federer winning is perfect for me, any time Djokovic loses I consider it a W in my book
  6. Random Thought Thread

    I am sooooo pumped for the Federer Nadal final... predictably, as a football fan, Nadal got me into watching the sport thanks to his physical style of play... and unlike the redskins, being a franchise, Nadal only has so many years left, I am SO PUMPED... I actually think he's going to lose in 4 sets though
  7. 2016-2017 NFL Gameday Thread

    My brother is a Falcons fan and it is quite frankly surreal how good they've looked on both sides of the ball so far in the playoffs... The whole dynamic of regular season / postseason meltdowns and failures stuff come into play for them, especially so considering no matter who wins this AFC game they will be going against the kings of having "been there before." But damn they look good, and unlike the Panthers last year who dominated the NFC, there is that core element of their offense being sustainable from game to game since it's not predicated on the QB having to put himself in harm's way to keep the offense as dynamic as it is. Julio has been my favorite non Redskin player since he entered the league, and I usually end up in awe after watching him on a given day, he's ridiculous. Hopefully they can exorcise all their demons against either of these two teams in AFC. I have familial reasons to hate the Steelers, and yea sure it will be interesting if Brady/Belichick get to 5 rings, but disregarding my brother it would be awesome for the Falcons to win the SB. And nevermind the on-paper crap, ATL is great on O and good enough on D and ST but I have nothing but fear and respect of the Steelers and Patriots so the game should be a great one.
  8. Are you happy the Cowboys lost?

    Ha, well, I feel obligated to post in this thread because it looks as though I am the only member on ES, maybe in the entirety of ES history, that fits in my cross section. My answer is no. Nevermind was I upset about them losing, my dad essentially makes me a Cowboys fan in any circumstance where the Redskins aren't directly affected such as head to head matchups when the skins still have playoff hopes, or games that affect playoff chances in other ways once down the stretch. So, I'm rooting and am pumped up about the Cowboys *almost* as if they are my team when watching them. The major difference is, other than empathizing for my dad after the loss, I don't get the gut wrenching sensation that you get as a true fan of a team when your season ends. Aaron Rodgers is absolutely ridiculous and might be the most incredible player in any sport, so I truly love watching him play anyway. It's like watching Jordan or Mozart or Michelangelo type level of insanity when he's at his best. Just better than everyone else. With that said, my family's final team remains in the playoffs, the Falcons, and now will have their shot to make it to the SB if they can somehow corral Rodgers. The Falcons really are playing well and while Matty Ice always seems to thaw at the worst of times, they really are built properly for a SB run, much like the Steelers in the AFC, with serious threats all over the field on offense and just enough speed on D to not be entirely a pushover and capable of big plays. It started off promising this year with the Redskins, Raiders, Cowboys, and Falcons all looking legit to various extents this year, but now I'm down to 1 team, and for the Falcons to win anything they have to beat 2 HOF qbs in a row, a tall order.
  9. And, one of the most important ones of all is, Aaron was drafted well before the CBA rules cut down on practice time, which has dramatically reduced the number of reps backup QBs who are there to develop actually obtain.
  10. Letting Kirk go because of trying to pinch pennies despite liking him is the part of this equation that is a sucker's bet to me. If you have the conviction to not want him at all, that's fine and understandable, but to not want him because of a year or two of where he's ranked on the payment chart is overlooking such basic QB economics. The QB position is the one that is legitimately fairly paid in the NFL currently, all the other ones screw the players out of getting paid for current production more or less. It's so simple to understand that Cousins is up next on the carousel and because he threw for nearly 5k with a solid TD/INT ratio and had another winning record and bla bla bla, he's going to make just about or more of what the current Elite QBs made based on their contracts from multiple years ago. That doesn't make Cousins elite, but enough years have gone by where the contracts are going to be similar. I guess he should make less than Johnny Unitas made too. No NBA player should ever exceed Jordan's contract. The salary cap goes up for a reason, it's because contracts continually rise. Who gives a **** if for 1 year Cousins is the highest paid QB. Carr's contract will literally dwarf Kirk's when he's up because he's both better and younger. And so on. Aarons next contract will make Cousins contract look like change found in the couch because he's that much better relative to Cousins. This is seriously like the end of Dumb and Dumber when using the logic that Kirk by appearances shouldn't be paid the most when there are so many obvious factors why it will happen for 1 year, or maybe 2. Maybe none. And he should be let go because of it. Every time I read that by somebody I picture Harry and Lloyd making a terrible decision. Second, of any team that knows pushing the salary cap to the limits and coming out just fine, again and again and again (except when the little giants ****ing steal money) , it's us. And today, the salary cap is tougher to fill out than in the past since FA's are starting to become fewer and far between as rosters grow younger. That's why, us "saving" our money is asinine because, a smart team isn't going to waste their money on free agents when there is no QB on the roster, paying these FAs at the exact wrong time for when the team would be competitive. We aren't going to preemptively go on a giants 200m shopping spree on D after letting Cousins walk and before even drafting a QB. If we are going to spend money, it's going to be maximizing the cap after knowing our QB situation is solidified on the roster. Which for us, since QBs don't grow on trees during FA, is Cousins.
  11. Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    I haven't had much time to post recently and I know the level of commitment it requires so I feel like I'm doing the MB a favor lol... but this is what I need to ask most pertinently. Why does Ryan Kerrigan have a burgundy spike coming out of his deltoid on his image framing ES?
  12. 2016-2017 NFL Gameday Thread

    Julio is easily my favorite non redskin in the league
  13. I am definitely saying that RG3 is a happier person now, and I am definitely not putting blame or responsiblity on his wife Rebecca in any way shape or form. RG3 being wildly in love with someone else and being happy does not implicate Rebecca, the person, as holding him back, whether intentionally or passively, etc. See, the labyrinth already begins. "Rebecca holding griffin back" implies a great many things about her as a person, which is not what I am doing at all. I am not justifying him ruining his marriage, cheating on her, splitting the home up for his child, etc. I am saying that RG3 made a move that provided him a better state of mind because he's now happier. That doesn't mean I am blaming the wife, I am blaming RG3's unhappiness as a contributor to poor preparation and play, which may change because he made a change in his personal life that makes him happier. It might sound like it's splitting hairs, but it's actually a massive difference and I cannot stress that enough. Rebecca might have been the greatest person in the world and RG3 totally ruined her life. That's why I am intentionally ignoring the reasons for the split and just cutting to the emotional outcome for the football player in question that plays a 24/7 position where there is so little room for error.
  14. I'm gonna be honest, I am happy for RG3 to have moved on into a happier relationship for himself. It gives me a slight urge to root for him a bit now, because I feel like this is one of those things that might affect his play where previously there just seemed to be an impossibility of good performance based on his practice and game tape, as well as soundbytes and internet/media content. I haven't posted much recently but I am sure will ramp up with the season approaching. I'm not saying this is what will unlock "RG3" again necessarily, but what it does do for me is show that RG3 had something holding him back personally, and made the move to change it. Why does personal life matter for the QB? The same reasons why I backed Kirk early on, the same reasons why I gave up on RG3 in 2013. Because the QB is a position in sports where there is literally no leeway whatsoever for repeated faults or mistakes on the field. Meaning, there is in reality, no limit to how hard you should work and be committing to the sport. That's why when I hear our QB Kirk say something like he has his day broken down into 15 minute intervals, I trust that he's not going to completely bomb, just like last year. I'm not saying it would never happen, but to me, just knowing his preparation acumen, I would indeed be surprised at a total KC meltdown at this point. Back to RG3, my point is, anything that was "off" or making him have to fight upstream getting removed from his life, even if it's his "personal" life, for the 24/7 job of pro QB, any positive change - in any area - is going to translate to the field somehow. And RG3 ever since the end of 2012 seemed to have tons and tons of little things preoccupying him and/or holding him back. Shanny stuff, Danny stuff, media stuff, injury stuff, and perhaps multiple elements in his personal life. Perhaps he is still so far back in his progress at QB that even small improvements won't cut it, but that's why I say that I am rooting for him now unlike before. Because there is a sign that something in his life has changed for the better, and given his style of being more of a "confidence breeds confidence" type of guy, I could see him internally happy being a massive change to his focus and execution in practice and potentially on game days. And perhaps this creates a domino effect with other things in his preparation at QB. Of course, the whole family breakup thing is unfortunate, but honestly, he's a pro QB who won a heisman trophy and ROY, so in the selfish football psyche aspect, I believe he is doing what is better for his profession by putting himself into a happier state of mind.