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  1. KDawg

    The Offensive Line Thread

    Saw it coming from a mile away.
  2. KDawg

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Texans

    On TV it DID look like it hit the crossbar. I jumped out of my seat when it happened thinking it was going to bounce in. But then I realized the refs had already started their no good motion and that the ball bounced too far after contact for it to have hit the crossbar. But man did it look like it. Made for some unrealistic excitement.
  3. KDawg

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Texans

    I don't think it did. I think the camera angle made it looks that way... but in reality it hit in the middle of the end zone.
  4. Cousins is who he has always been. Tony Romo. We've had multiple posters make that comparison and its no different with the Vikings. And being Tony Romo is pretty darn good. But he needs to find a way to get over the big moment mistake bug that he seems to have attached to his soul.
  5. KDawg

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Texans

    Which they actually did get the PI. Just not the call.
  6. KDawg

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Texans

    That works for me. Although the PI there should have been called and netted us those yards anyways. But with the clock where it was, the ball where it was, and the kicker the way he is... I don't think the pass to Doctson was a great decision.
  7. KDawg

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Texans

    I agree with ya about the 4th and 10 part. But I think we spiked a time or two (can't remember) that we didn't need to and could have rushed to the LOS and got a play off. My position is more that we should have been on 3rd down there. But the OP clearly doesn't read like that. Good catch.
  8. This one isn't quite sitting right with me. I'll start with something I rarely do... I strongly feel that the refs took the game out of the player's hands. The roughing call on Preston Smith was questionable, but understandable given the current landscape in the NFL. So I can't get too upset with that. But the Norman PI and the lack of a PI call on Doctson changed the game. I struggle blaming the refs completely, because the team missed several opportunities to win the game, but this is a game where the refs certainly didn't help. Pros: -McCoy came in and looked good. He is a good fit for this offense. I said before we acquired Smith this offseason that I really liked Alex, but I was completely comfortable with Colt. Mentioned it a few weeks back in a QB that shall not be named and Alex Smith debate that McCoy might be the perfect mix of the two for this season due to his grasp of the offense and his play style. I still believe that. There will be more in the cons section, though. -Adrian Peterson. -Forced defense turnovers and opportunistic plays. -Tress Way. Cons: -Clock management on that 63 yard field goal attempt. I feel like the Skins could have gotten 7-8 more yards and gotten out of bounds and set that kick up much better for success. -Alex Smith's injury. Regardless on where you are in the debate on him, this injury is not great for team morale on an already banged up team. I think the team likes and responds to Colt. My biggest concern right now is the backup spot. The names we're bringing in scare me and I have John Beck dreams dancing in my head. -Mason Foster in pursuit on outside flow. Bad angles and slow. All in all there wasn't alot to be overly concerned with as far as actual play is concerned. The Smith/Reed miscommunication on the pick six not considered. But there wasn't a ton of encouraging play, either. I hope they turn around and get ready for Dallas. This is a huge game coming up.
  9. KDawg

    Starting QB 2019???

    2019 is not the year you draft a QB, in my opinion. You hold out for 2020 if you can. Id go into 2019 with McCoy and a young veteran (CJ, Mullens, etc) that could compete for a job. Maybe a flyer on a mid round QB. If we luck out and get a gem, awesome. If not we do what we can in the 2020 draft to acquire the best QB we can.
  10. Check my posts. I never complain about officials. But they lost this game. Phantom hold on Norman and Doctson got physically abused. I believe it was the same side judge.
  11. That was the worst call I’ve ever seen
  12. Colt is such a good fit for this offense. I was on record saying I really liked Smith prior to us acquiring him, but I’d be comfortable with Colt. Mentioned it a few weeks back that I think Colt May be a better fit to our offense than our previous QB and the one who has started every game for us so far this season. Not because I think he’s necessarily better. But because he knows the offense, gets the ball out and takes some risks. And Gruden trusts him. Hope this keeps up
  13. I’m not shocked Gruden is opening it up. McCoy KNOWS this offense like the back of his hand.
  14. I said awhile back that Colt May be the perfect mix of QB between Cousins and Smith (I mentioned Cousins name, but please don’t make this comment about him, I’m just making a point). Aggressive yet still a bit safe with an arm similar to Smith. Not going to make too much of the TD pass right now. But I think he fits us right now, especially considering he knows the offense. We’ll see if I was correct.