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  1. I don't disagree that the FA haul thus far has been average. Most of my frustration has to do with their handling of Kirk. That said....having the amount of money available when we had it played a major role in those acquisitions. Other teams were interested...we outbid them. Not saying I agree with the approach, but they were considered free agents and those are solid acquisitions. I'm fairly certain that the FO had their eyes on those negotiations...with all of the agent talk behind the scenes...very little catches NFL FO's by surprise.
  2. That's true, but based on how they handled free agency up to that point, they had the flexibility cap wise to respond. Certainly a gamble, but hauling in Norman and Jackson within a 3 year period is pretty solid.
  3. You know...that brings up an interesting point. I wonder if the skins FO have identified several potential free agents / June 1 cuts the skins have their eyes on, but aren't yet available. Davis, Norman, Jackson...