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  1. John Keim replied Anthony Perez‏ @AP_1975 15m15 minutes ago @john_keim is your colleague Dianne Russini telling the truth about Cousins and the Redskins? She has tweeted about it today. John Keim‏Verified account @john_keim 12m12 minutes ago have said all along I didn't think it would happen; would require a change of thinking. But easy to say no to offer that is far off Dianna Russini‏Verified account @diannaESPN 2h2 hours ago There’s a lot of water under the bridge between Kirk Cousins & Washington. Told a long term deal "doesn’t look promising" by 7/17 #Redskins
  2. Niles Paul‏Verified account @NilesP_ 1h1 hour ago Trying to figure out if I should end my camp this year with a water balloon fight or a dodge ball game