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  1. Welcome to the Washington Redskins Troy Apke S Penn St

    I thought Adam Archuleta deal was he was a work aholic in the weight room. But lack the speed to really cover the receivers.
  2. La'il had made it clear during the draft that if he wasn't drafted by Rd 3 or 4 he would not sign and sit out the year. He wanted to be able to choose where he went as an udfa
  3. Who Starts at QB in 2018

    This team does not seem to have a plan for the future of who will be a quarterback. I honestly do not believe Kirk will be back next year. And it's putting a very sour outlook for me. I can't be happy that Kirk is going to be our qb this year. Knowing even if he has a great year. This team will be starting over next year. Usually about this time of year I'm getting ramped up and ready for football, and excited to see my team come to my home town. But this year, I'm just too depressed too even care to go watch them play.