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  1. The "Non" Mt Rushmore Symbols of the Dan Snyder Era

    I've noticed his non-Redskins ventures failing, too, no way to ignore it or act like it ain't happening. But especially looking at latest front office reorganization is another sign to me if slowly relenting. This convoy for me is always going to start with knowing he wants to win and this not jus being another marketing venture for him. He's done a lot of mistakes, and I can have a convo with anyone on that, but I'll come back to it. I can't make anyone believe that, one day I believe I won't have to. Is getting and staying out the way really leadership?
  2. Random Thought Thread

    Lol, she older? This convo gave me flashbacks to our video game days, where she was intelligent enough to to find one move I couldn't stop and Joe Gibbs it down my throat until I could stop it, it was adorable (we're 2 years apart) PS4 is first playstation I haven't owned, and she invited me into a trap with some Modern Warfare one day, had to dig deep into my goldeneye days to keep from getting embarrassed in front of my nephews. Glad you get to see your grandma, cherish that, all mmy grandparents were dead before I graduated college.
  3. Random Thought Thread

    No idea, but always loved that song, they sang the hell out of it.
  4. Random Thought Thread

    My little sister is a worthy adversary as well, couldn't be prouder.
  5. Had reputation of playing defense hard enough you couldn't show off in front of the girls. J was too inconsistent, so that's why I stopped playing. The pass distributor thing only gets you so far once they realize you can't get the ball in the hoop consistently yourself, well. I think too much like football and not wanting people to score, played a lil in high school (took break from smoking cigarettes that season). Then USNT should rent other players from other sports. This wouldve been perfect timing for LeBron to be out it there. And before you say anything about unnecessary risk, allowed to play international competition, is it marketing to restrict a player to one sport?
  6. Random Thought Thread

    You still looking into Ohio or Texas or whatever comes to you at point? No idea how that relates to IT and demanding experience for entry level positions, but ju's realized I don't remember if you did an internship or not. Keep pushin, Bruce Banner.
  7. The "Non" Mt Rushmore Symbols of the Dan Snyder Era

    More then fair, and opinions aren't facts.
  8. Random Thought Thread

    I agree Id like to see a thread and why. I'm in another position where there isn't enough time in the day, but all the sudden I'm hourly again as a contractor. Will my hourly wage go up if we cut back to 30, that's a quarter of my income gone otherwise.
  9. The "Non" Mt Rushmore Symbols of the Dan Snyder Era

    So if a non-Redskins fan starts going off on Snyder, what do you do? Pile on or draw a line? This doesn't have to be us or them in regards to Snyder supports and Redskins fans in general, don't even play like that, we have enough us vs them as it is already. Some people part of this franchise over the years, like Haynesworth, I have no problem tearing apart, I don't consider Snyder in that territory.
  10. Tax Bill

    If they are serious about campaign finance reform as Bernie was, Dems votes will look more familiar. Sometimes I wonder if politicians worry their message won't win people over if they had to fully explain it instead of focusing on attack ads. So they hope to outspend people instead of proving they're the better candidate, but i don't think many of them want this as much as we may think. Most of them are jus flat out trapped, no other way to put it. If they don't take the money, someone else will. As for this stupid ass tax bill, was talking to someone who listed off a bunch of agencies they wanted to get rid of and I told them taxes is so low we'd still be running a deficit. Radio silence.
  11. No, that's not what I'm talking about. I'm already there, if there are ingredients that they believe can scientificly trigger mania in bipolar people(heaven forbid for type 2 just a's much as type 1), that's a big deal for me. Not even being specific about other factors or what nitrates they are talking about is introducing a problem to a question.
  12. Uplifting Stories Thread

    So is this a Good News thread? Praise Allah, thank you, @China
  13. See, I think I remember you saying you used to be a P.E. teacher, so it would make my day to find out you was dunking on those kids to teach them about life. Posterizing children before they hit puberty, you're a monster.
  14. I read the article, no mention of physical fitness of any of them or if they were type 1 or type 2 bipolar. Are we talking about the same nitrates that get absorbed into vegetables from the soil they are in? I know this is meant to be funny, but this is the perfect example of an article with not enough information but to get attention. That article actually doesnt help me at all and can't find a scientific paper on it (would appreciate help if anyone can find it, I want to read it)
  15. I hope I never see a screenshot of those No votes again. Can we at least pretend to have fun in this thread for a change? Who in here can dunk? I'm 6'2, so I think if I keep working out, get from 230s down to 210s, I might be able to pull it off. I don't know what my wingspan is, I'm not a bird, but my reach works, so it's good enough.