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  1. After looking over the conversations on more "pro-trump" internet locations they are saying "Finally, Mueller has completed his investigation. No knowing collusion!" And, the ever more popular, "See! This was always FAKE NEWS about Trump. Mueller failed to link into the White House." eMails, Benghazi, better than Hil.
  2. From the report on its methodology. Talk about cooking the numbers. “This information includes both individuals who committed offenses while located in the United States and those who committed offenses while located abroad, including defendants who were transported to the United States for prosecution. It does not include individuals convicted of offenses relating to domestic terrorism, nor does it include information related to terrorism-related convictions in state courts.”
  3. Destiny 2 - Xbox One/PS4/PC

    Ya'all should try the clan: "Dad's of Destiny Relics" it is a very active and fun group on PS4 for us folks in the EST. Highly recommend this group. (We even take non-Dads). We have raiders, pvp'ers, sherpas, etc... ps... how can I only have 5 posts? I've been here since 2003!
  4. Now close out the half in the lead. Don't relax.
  5. The Destiny Thread (PS4 and Xbox One)

    Destiny 2 Reveal Gameplay Trailer D2: 7 Minutes of Game Play Action
  6. The Destiny Thread (PS4 and Xbox One)

    Three years in and I think the Vex is still a myth. Favorite raid is VOG, least favorite is WoTM.
  7. 14 years of lurking

  8. The Destiny Thread (PS4 and Xbox One)

    I am pretty addicted to Destiny as well. At this point my ps4 is just my direct line to Bungie's servers. I just recently found myself in a Twitch streamer's video during the last iron banner. I particularly like this bit when I wipe out the team on control point C. (I'm the titan that leaps up and hulk smashes all of them). I am also a member of a Dads of Destiny clan.
  9. The Destiny Thread (PS4 and Xbox One)

    Anyone getting into the hype of Destiny 2? (Damn that Gary wrecking our vault and loot)...