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  1. I do. That you don't seems particularly heartless.
  2. I long for the day when the likes of Trump, Kelly Conway, Steve Bannon, and the rest of this traveling clown show are a distant memory.
  3. Lineup tonight, if the rain holds off: 1. Trea Turner (R) SS 2. Brian Goodwin (L) LF 3. Bryce Harper (L) RF 4. Ryan Zimmerman (R) 1B 5. Daniel Murphy (L) 2B 6. Anthony Rendon (R) 3B 7. Matt Wieters (S) C 8. Wilmer Difo (S) CF 9. Stephen Strasburg (R) P What's wrong with Michael A. Taylor?
  4. Okey-doke. Thumbs up for keeping it real. [Sarcasm emoticon]
  5. OK. So, other than disparaging a dead kid, what is your point?
  6. "Paloffs Are Now"!!!! (Original, not the revision.)
  7. I don't think taking a propaganda poster worth about 5 won as a souvenir is exactly "acting like an asshole," much less deserving of a 15-year prison sentence, much less deserving of a death sentence.
  8. "Word salad word salad word salad. I'm a slimy ****."
  9. One of the great threads was the one posted with the news that Joe Gibbs was returning to the team. It was like the second coming, literally. Of course it didn't work out all that great in retrospect, but the pure unadulterated joy in that thread was something to behold. We were so naive.
  10. Baby Danny DeVito???!
  11. Now that the owner of the golf course has, by his action, signaled that it's okay to do so, I suggest that everybody playing at a Donald Trump-owned golf course feel free to drive your golf cart right onto the green for your putts. No sense wasting time parking on the cart path or in the rough like in the past. Pull right up to your ball and putt away.
  12. Reason number 8,456,955 that Donald Trump is a ****ty person... He drives a golf cart right onto a ****ing green. That's about the first thing you learn not to do when playing golf. However, he is apparently too arrogant and lazy to follow that simple rule.
  13. So in other words, wall to wall coverage.