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  1. So there will be something new at Nats Park on opening day... field level premium seats down the first base line where the tarp used to be. They'll be sunken down some so as not to disrupt the view of the seats behind them. It looks like you'll be able to look right into the Nats dugout from those seats.
  2. More Polka:
  3. When you change the soundtrack from cyber metal to German polka:
  4. Asked and answered...
  5. Yeah... none for me, thanks...
  6. Um, so how do I pay for that?
  7. I don't know how you get single payer done. That may have to wait until after the 2018 midterms. Wink.
  8. If it does last four years, and he does decide to run again, I wonder if someone will challenge him for the GOP nomination.
  9. Paul Manafort, Carter Page,and Roger Stone knew damn well they were going to get called before the committee anyway, by subpoena if necessary. Their simultaneous "offer" to "voluntarily" appear is a naked effort to preemptively spin it in a positive light.
  10. "Health care reform is HARD." --------------------
  11. Crack spackler