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  1. The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

    What really happened today:
  2. That's going directly into the Own3d Thread.
  3. The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

    Here's a gift for you and for all Mitch Hedberg fans. He truly was a comic genius. I'm not quibbling over the rankings, just enjoying them all: https://www.buzzfeed.com/mrloganrhoades/a-complete-ranking-of-almost-every-single-mitch-hedberg-joke?utm_term=.hk8QQ1EBk#.vvQ77geQA
  4. 2017 Eclipse Thread

    Felt the temperature drop in DC. It didn't get dark, but there was a weird softening of the light as the temperature dropped noticeably.
  5. 2017 Eclipse Thread

    The moon is just starting to take a bite out of the sun here in the DC area. I plan to pop outside periodically to check the progress. Got a pair of approved glasses from a neighbor. We ordered glasses online last week Thursday. Checked the shipping status yesterday and they were scheduled for delivery tomorrow. Thanks Amazon. Cancelled the order.
  6. When he drives himself:...
  7. I've seen a new, Mafia-ish nickname for him lately - "Donny Two Scoops."
  8. That real-life tragedy was the basis for this scene from Jaws:
  9. If you look back at my post, I did not wish for his death. I would read his obituary with glee. But I would not wish for his death. And I've said before that it's not because of his policies that I can't stomach the man. That's just icing on the Trump **** cake. It is because he is a despicable human being.
  10. It's been 9 months since the election and he is still using "Crooked Hillary" in his tweets, like a 12-year-old pissant. So much for healing the Nation and being the President for all of the United States. I say this with all seriousness: **** this clown. He is a despicable human being. He could die of a heart attack tomorrow and I would celebrate.
  11. Oh. Max's neck again. Dang.
  12. Okay I just got home. Why the hell is Matt Grace pitching in the 3rd inning? Do I want to know?
  13. ... And while posting, judging by your jjjffkfkfffffg covfefe.