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  1. To quote Dave Chapelle, aka Black Bush: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-NkX86uPI0
  2. 2018 Washington Nationals - High Cheese

    ^^^FP just mentioned that on the broadcast. Wonder what we gave up.
  3. Greatest Athlete in D.C. History (team sports)

    I'm going to add this guy to the list of nominees (One bad word.): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CVEqOJs42T8
  4. 2018 Washington Nationals - High Cheese

    From Mark Zuckerman, an Interesting quirk regarding today's resumption of the Yankees game from May 15, which was stopped by rain with the game tied at 3 in the 6th inning: Q: Juan Soto was still in the minors when this game began, but he’s now eligible to play in the resumption of the game. If that happens, would this now be considered his major league debut? A: I don’t know an official answer on this fascinating question, but logic certainly says the answer is yes. If Soto plays in this game, it will become his major league debut, five days before the real one occurred. Turns out some people really do get a second chance to make a first impression! http://www.masnsports.com/nationals-pastime/2018/06/a-primer-for-tonights-unusual-sort-of-doubleheader.html
  5. I eagerly await the day when Trump and others in this administration are housed alongside Paul Manafort and can tell us first-hand whether they themselves are surrounded by cages or "walls built out of chain link fences." Not that I'll care really, because... out of sight, out of mind.
  6. 2018 Washington Nationals - High Cheese

    Today's lineup vs. the Blue Jays and RHP Sam Gaviglio... Bryce at DH, Brian Goodwin in right field SS Trea Turner DH Bryce Harper 3B Anthony Rendon 1B Daniel Murphy LF Juan Soto CF Michael A. Taylor RF Brian Goodwin 2B Wilmer Difo C Spencer Kieboom RHP Tanner Roark
  7. The Washington Post reports on Trump's lies from the impromptu press conference: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/fact-checker/wp/2018/06/15/five-whoppers-from-president-trumps-improptu-news-conference/?utm_term=.e39aa4ef3c7a
  8. One of the CNN commentators mentioned the burden for Manafort to work on his defense while being a couple hours south of his lawyers, so I wonder if that means he’ll be in Orange County.
  9. 2018 Washington Nationals - High Cheese

    Trea Turner strikes out way too often. It’s like nails on a chalkboard watching that big loopy swing with two strikes. Swallow your pride, set aside your power trip, choke up and shorten up with two strikes. Please.
  10. CNN and MSNBC tonight both showed clips of Trump’s White House lawn lie-fest and pointed out each lie: - The IG report exonerates me. - It’s the Democrats fault children are being snatched from their parents. - Paul Manafort only worked for me for 46 days. - We got everything in the deal with Nort Korea. - On the campaign trail, many parents of missing soldiers from the Korean War asked me to bring their sons home. (Think about THAT one for a second... the Korean War hostilities ended for the US more than 60 years ago. How old ARE these PARENTS of Korean War soldiers who asked Trump for help in 2016?!?) ****ing liar. So I give them credit for that. After his Fox and Fiends circle jerk he faced real reporters and lied some more. One question he didn’t answer was from an unknown scribe who could be heard over the din asking “Why do you continue to lie, sir?”
  11. Im sure Tucker Carlson has no problem incarcerating 10 year old children snatched from their mothers trying to enter the U.S., but God forbid putting sweet Paul in jail just because he attempted to taint witnesses in his upcoming trial.
  12. 2018 Washington Nationals - High Cheese

    Tonight's lineup against the Blue Jays and RHP Aaron Sanchez: NATIONALS RF Adam Eaton SS Trea Turner CF Bryce Harper 3B Anthony Rendon DH Daniel Murphy 1B Matt Adams LF Juan Soto 2B Wilmer Difo C Pedro Severino LHP Gio Gonzalez Don't forget that Michael Morse is in the booth tonight with Bob Carpenter, subbing for F.P. Santangelo who is attending his son's college graduation in California.
  13. I have noticed that I reflexively mutter some version of “what a ****ing asshole” at the TV EVERY TIME Donald Trump appears. It’s almost like a tic now. If I was raising a toddler in the house, the child would think that the man’s name was “President Whata****ingasshole.”