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  1. Hankins is possibility but more than likely will resign with Giants. Poe just left Indy with no deal. Not signing with them is not good good. Either he is dilusiomal about compensation or the back injury is a real red flag. Next up for him is Atlanta.
  2. Scot McCloughan - G - Free Agent Redskins fired GM Scot McCloughan. Related: Redskins Source: Washington Post Mar 9 - 7:18 PM
  3. Kirk Cousins - QB - Redskins ESPN's Chris Mortensen reports Redskins franchise player Kirk Cousins "appealed personally" to owner Dan Snyder for a trade.
  4. We screwed the pooch with Cousins now the front office is imploding. What free agent in their right mind would want to sign with the skins??
  5. He put up good stats this year and would probably really help on the back end but I think he will have a pretty good market that the skins will not get in a bidding war over.
  6. What about LB Craig Robertson. I know he visited with the Saints but I have not heard that a contract was offered. Would he be a good fit here?