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  1. Ghost of Nibbs McPimpin

    Amari Cooper

    I feel you, Spiff. The NBA used to have personalities like that (they even WON titles) but now...I don't know, I can't tell you anyone besides Mark Cuban and Mike Jordan.
  2. Ghost of Nibbs McPimpin

    Game Day Thread - NFC East FIRST PLACE Redskins VS dem bois

    Who is coach of the Rams right now? (btw, if one is so inclined, they'll see I was in favor of firing Gruden and bringing in someone else, and that I considered McVay a candidate because he was being compared to the greatest minds of the game)
  3. Ghost of Nibbs McPimpin

    Rich Tandler has died

    Didn't Rich write that Redskins encyclopedia, as well? Rest in Peace, Rich, thank you for all you did.
  4. Ghost of Nibbs McPimpin

    Earl Thomas flips off his own team after injury

    So the notion from this guy (in subsequent tweet) is that this proves Thomas was right. I would disagree. Thomas is a safety on a team that isn't what it was a few years ago. He is not on a league minimum deal, he makes a fairly hefty salary/guarantee. He held himself out of practices and even admitted he was going to take care of himself on the field. One of the first thing they tell you about playing afraid of injury is that this is exactly the sort of thing that happens. You play tighter, and less naturally. To flip off your own sideline, even if it was the coach or GM down there, shows that Seattle made the right move. If they had paid him, they would have just paid for someone to be sitting on IR the rest of the year. This isn't about whether he had a case that he could get more money but if he's not a FA, then I fail to see why he must receive a new, rich contract on the wrong side of 30. This petulant gesture just demonstrates that Seattle would be well-served by getting rid of him as soon as possible. I can't believe the comments in support of him (other than wishing him well on recovery) and frankly, I find it a little funny that he got hurt after all that whining. I'd have more respect if he just decided to retire rather than play on an "unfair" contract that pays him in the top handful of safeties.
  5. Ghost of Nibbs McPimpin

    Redskins Lead NFC East

    It's less the total than the disparity between Points scored vs. points allowed, that impresses.
  6. Ghost of Nibbs McPimpin

    Post-game apathy thread: We're baaaack

    It's called growing up, I think. When you're a kid you are looking for models of excellence (at least athletically) and we gravitate towards sports stars in our society. I knew all the stats, I was a walking encyclopedia for basketball and football. I still had the leisure time as a kid, even with school. I noticed when I went to college, partly due to DirecTV not being as widespread, I didn't see a lot of Redskins games. My life was OK, I kept up with the Skins and saw a few games. After school and just working, sure it's a social occasion, and outlet, whatever. But at some point life just becomes too "full" and you're no longer coasting on the momentum built during your youth. I think this is why people bandwagon, not just because they're pathetic, disloyal losers who deserve to die, but because winning is the only thing that can sustain that youthful exuberance. They're really nostalgia addicts. There is no going home but winning would sure as heck help. I "grew up" (I don't mean teenage years) associated with the members of this site. Some were as old or older than I am now when it was a private board. We all still love the team but we move on in life. Sort of like some friends who you don't stay in contact with...just accept it and appreciate the game in small doses. But the notion of wearing another man's name (except Sean Taylor RIP) on my back or cheering on the exploits of people who are no longer my elders or peers but are now practically children creeps me out a bit.
  7. Ghost of Nibbs McPimpin

    Cowboys' DLine Boys

    If anything this is some dated stuff right here. When did Missy (and Nas and Q-Tip's) Hot Boyz come out? And then I'm thinking there was a New Orleans-era song of the same name.
  8. Sorry, I was seeing two adjacent things and linking them together. My bad.
  9. 71 plus 66 does not equal 204. Do you mean take out the 66 yarder, the 50 some yarder...any others? lol Smith had drug problems too.
  10. How Kirk reads about leadership. Young Napoleon at Toulon: "The Chief of Artillery and I don't get along, I better not step on his toes and compel requisitions of more artillery to deal with the British siege. Oh, we lost the town, if I had been told I was in charge, it'd have gone well" Napoleon at 13 Vendemiaire in Paris "Better not give those royalists a whiff of grapeshot. I mean I was ordered to be here and Marras technically has command, so I don't have full license to do what i need to do. Guess Paris falls to the royalists insurrection." Joshua Chamberlain on Little Round Top: "well gosh, Colonel Vincent is in charge, better not make him upset. We'll just hold here."
  11. Compare his **** made response to Tom Brady. Even if he's describing how people view him (and I can understand the context) and not how he handled it himself, it's just bizarre to say when you were the starter and they were trying to sign you longer term. "And he looked me in the eye and said 'I'm the best decision this organization has ever made." - Robert Kraft
  12. Ghost of Nibbs McPimpin

    Ravens Sign Robert Griffin III

    Thanks, Tsailand. People bought into Howard Gardner's multiple intelligences but it's not really a "theory" as much as a hope. I think he even admits this, more or less, somewhere in an article or conference. But it is clear that athletic ability is not the same as intelligence, nor is dexterity, etc. So it might be possible to be excellent at playing an instrument while not being very intelligent and you can be outright stupid and be strong, fast, etc. What people mean here is talent not intelligence, even if coordination and anticipation can seem almost like an intelligence all their own. If Vince Young is as stupid as his Wonderlic, it's no wonder he couldn't make it as an NFL QB. People probably do set the bar of minimum IQ higher than it really is for QB, though.
  13. Ghost of Nibbs McPimpin

    Welcome to the Washington Redskins Derrius Guice RB LSU

    We've had good running backs since Riggo and even Riggins Redskins career wasn't that long. Terry Allen and Stephen Davis come to mind. Portis was actually pretty good at short yardage, if I recall correctly. He bulked up and played differently, arguably at the cost of a longer career.
  14. Ghost of Nibbs McPimpin

    Kellen Winslow II Accused of Serial Rape, Kidnapping

    Will same change in story happen with Brandon Browner being arrested for attempted murder? Stay tuned!
  15. Very, Does it have A/C? Are you comfortable back there? does he at least pull into the Drive-thru for you and toss the bag in the back?