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  1. Ravens Sign Robert Griffin III

    Thanks, Tsailand. People bought into Howard Gardner's multiple intelligences but it's not really a "theory" as much as a hope. I think he even admits this, more or less, somewhere in an article or conference. But it is clear that athletic ability is not the same as intelligence, nor is dexterity, etc. So it might be possible to be excellent at playing an instrument while not being very intelligent and you can be outright stupid and be strong, fast, etc. What people mean here is talent not intelligence, even if coordination and anticipation can seem almost like an intelligence all their own. If Vince Young is as stupid as his Wonderlic, it's no wonder he couldn't make it as an NFL QB. People probably do set the bar of minimum IQ higher than it really is for QB, though.
  2. Welcome to the Washington Redskins Derrius Guice RB LSU

    We've had good running backs since Riggo and even Riggins Redskins career wasn't that long. Terry Allen and Stephen Davis come to mind. Portis was actually pretty good at short yardage, if I recall correctly. He bulked up and played differently, arguably at the cost of a longer career.
  3. Kellen Winslow II Accused of Serial Rape, Kidnapping

    Will same change in story happen with Brandon Browner being arrested for attempted murder? Stay tuned!
  4. Kirk Cousins tops biggest contracts

    Very, Does it have A/C? Are you comfortable back there? does he at least pull into the Drive-thru for you and toss the bag in the back?
  5. Kellen Winslow II Accused of Serial Rape, Kidnapping

    Yeah, every victim in the series of events is older. I laugh that he said he was looking for his dog, a red dog...Clifford.
  6. Kirk Cousins tops biggest contracts

    "or what?" Vos thinks I'm going to put him on ignore. No, I will clown him every chance I get. There were people who were Jason Campbell fans, RG3 fans, whatever who were less bizarre to me and still were very pro-team even if they were mad at a coach or thought we were making a mistake. GTFO. I think they call this "ghost-bully"
  7. Kirk Cousins tops biggest contracts

    Yeah but that has nothing to do with 1) Whether people wish him well or not or 2) How GOOD a QB he actually is. Right now you seem less like a fan of the man's playing ability than someone who should just go follow Minnesota and stop polluting the site. I'd be absolutely fine with you if you just acted like you're a fan of the dude without having to white knight for him in EVERY aspect, even non-football ones. "Who has it better than Kirk Cousins?" Why is that relevant? Are you living in his big house? Does he let you drive his cars around? Then who cares?
  8. Kirk Cousins tops biggest contracts

    Stop riding his jock, dude.
  9. Surprised not to see this here, considering how close we seemed to be to taking him back in 2004. Because of the nature of a string of crimes and likely DNA evidence, not easy to make the traditional defenses one would see in other cases of sexual assault (guilty or no.)

    LOL@ at the dude named after Rebecca De Mornay
  11. delete me

    Delet this
  12. All In Dallas Cowboys on Amazon Prime

    "All In Dallas Cowboys" I bet, the only question is all what... Cocaine? Other Teams? Dudes? Goats?
  13. Avengers Infinity War - HERE BE SPOILERS!

    Did someone say Snyder did a deplorable job with the DC movies, even though Justice League was the worst because they Whedoned it up and there was something weighty and real about the Superman and Batman he was building and how it was based off comic books (if people would bother to actually read the classics of the genre and not regurgitate Comics Code nonsense as being THE platonic ideal of a character)? These Marvel films are like cotton candy, tasty treats for a moment then they're gone. What lasting impact have any of them made? Is no one else tired of cape**** movies by now? Jesus Christ
  14. Jeff Fisher Must Be Arrested And Tried For His Crimes Against Football

    Hello darkness, my old friend...

    He got a 38. But beyond that, Stanford is one of the few big time schools where you'd expect (esp at QB position) to be relatively bright. Not a genius, not high GPA, not 'curious' and 'inquisitive' but a baseline intelligence.