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  1. Torn by this one. Liverpool lite vs the sister club to the Charlotte club my girls grew up in. Good memories of a summer camp Noel Hunt came over to run where my little one, tiniest thing on the pitch, won the camps "determination" award. Had a rocket of a foot even then tho. She still has the Reading jersey, Noel Hunt signed ball, and Jordan Obita signed boots from that camp. Obita was a just 18 year old at that camp, and took my daughter under his wing. Class kid at that age. We had a real nice chat last day of camp. Solid LB too...better than Alby, IMO.
  2. 2 up 2 down. Salisbury U beats RIT 15-7 to capture their 12th D3 lacrosse national championship. Now for the Terp men to make it an all MD weekend in Gillette Stadium. Go Terps!
  3. ^^Let's go Terps! Replay of B1G final. Playing one of three teams to best them during season. Salisbury in D3 final this evening at 5. Go MD LAX!
  4. Another Liverpool lad, Brooks Lennon, nets one for the US U-20s in the 41st minute of a critical game. Ref in this game is completely ridiculous. Gave a yellow to Carter-Vickers on a touch of a shoulder and Saudi dive, then books him again on a 50-50 header to put the US down a man for the second half. Six yellows and one red given first half. ****ty refereeing isn't confined to the PL.
  5. Even ex-Spurs gonna spud...?...
  6. Very entertaining game for 1-0. Lots of chances both sides. Quite impressed with the S. Korean side, well coached, technically sound, and exciting attack. Ejaria was playing deeper than I've seen him before, almost a #6 role, but looked quite comfortable there. Strong on the ball and tackling, worked it well out of the back, and pressed the attack when needed. He had two sterling chances, both on breaks off SK corners. First came early in the match from an angle left of goal, and he hit a nice strike low that was brilliantly saved. Second chance was very similar, but from a much better angle, mid second half, and he completely mi**** hit. Lot of rough touches from the young lions, to be expected at this age, Ejaria looked as smooth receiving and passing as anyone. Made one nice run through about 3 SK boys into the box first half, but got clogged up and came away empty. Bad tackle from behind second half got him booked. All in all solid performance. Ojo came on last 15 or so, and almost scored first touch from an angle that deflected off SK defender making SK keeper change directions to the turf and make a fingertip save. SK keeper was brilliant all game...got a hand on the goal, just not enough. Ojo also had a nice service in from wide that just missed its connection. IMO, Ejaria looked comfortable in his role and played solidly, but Ojo has all the tools to be a very dangerous attacking player at any level. Bright future for both if they can stay healthy.
  7. One of the things people seem to neglect when calling for guys to get cut is their ability to be solid special teams performers. Paul, Compton, and Grant have all shown a good capacity in that regard. I'm not saying that the Skins should keep them all, but if these guys are to be replaced, they need to be so with guys who can perform special teams duties as well. I'd be more willing to let guys go that do not perform ST duties, such as Hall and Lauvao. Both of their contracts would bring better cap savings also, I believe.
  8. ^^Thank you! Thank you! Wonderful start to my day. Ajax Gan!
  9. Watching CNN now. Just horrid news. Waiting to hear what the investigation bears out. Thoughts and prayers to any affected, and to all across the pond. God bless...
  10. C'mon, he plays for our farm team. You know he'll be a Red next season!
  11. Towson upset Syracuse to reach men's Final Four. NO ACC team makes the final 4 this year on men's side. Salisbury U continues their D3 dominance by getting to the final once again. The state of MD RULES LAX!
  12. 3-0! Lallana! The flood cometh!!!
  13. WOOOO! Phil and his magic foot! GET THE **** IN!!! Fuel up the coach GHH, here come the Redmen Europe!
  14. Gini! You big beautiful Dutchie you! Sweet interplay through Bobby. Now that they've opened it up, looking for a second half flood! Go you Reds! **** off you blue ****s! Laying down like a 60 year old hooker.
  15. Absolutely devastated. Was THE seminal songwriter of his era, IMO. Loved his work, his passion, his take on all things from love, to introspection, to social injustice. This one hits me hard. Younger than myself. God bless you and your family, friends, and fans. You are already missed.