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  1. I agree with all the above stuff. Ref was a ****ing moron, and should sit a good, long suspension after that joke last night. Worst call may have been the card on Nagbe, and the assistant botched the offside on Zardes that cost the first score. As far as the game: another butt ugly job by this US squad, and I don't EVER want to see that back 4 together again. Had it not been a crap El Salvador team, the US probably gives up 4 or more that game. This squad is really sub par, and I'll be interested to see who Arenas chooses for the WC squad. The only players that looked the part last night were Howard, Nagbe, Morris, and Arriola. Dempsey looked disinterested, and Altidore continues to suck any time he dons the USA kit. Can't get the youngsters up soon enough for seasoning, and to get a rapport going with Pulisic, IMO.
  2. Skip the first half. Palace just packs it in, sometimes with all 11 in the defensive third. More things change, more they stay the same... Can't believe they'd play like that an exhibition though. Second half cracker from Solanke off a nice layoff from Origi. Grujic with a howler from way out made the keeper work, and Kent almost snuck one in off a nice slicing run. Origi gets the second when it falls to his foot after Phil cuts up the Palace defense. Liked what I saw from Kent. Needs to tidy up some, but he's a talent. Flanno has no place on this team, unfortunately for the local lad, he's just not talented enough for this level, IMO. Red's depth showed, as they outclassed Palace second half when they finally started subbing out. That with no Mane too!
  3. I like some of the things I see from him, but then he seems to waft off around the field at times. He needs more determination and physicality to his game if he wants that #6 role. He's still young and can grow, but I think a few years in Europe would have helped his development more than an MLS Academy.
  4. No. Ugly ass game.
  5. How typical. US defense gets exposed again, right after Bedoya does what he does, misses a sitter. Oughta be a Geico commercial.
  6. I saw better play from some of the U20's at the WC a few weeks ago. Martinique just needs to keep packing it in, then wait for the inevitable mistake from the US defense on a break.
  7. Bruce has the C team going tonight. Interested to see what happens. Especially looking for good games from Morris, Zardes, and Agudelo. Rest of the guys suck anyway. Well, maybe Arriola has a chance...
  8. Thanks for the update GHH! Really think that TAA and Ojo pairing could begin pestering the PL in a year or twos time. i also think that I may be developing a Grujic man crush
  9. He's easy to find if you live in Charlotte.
  10. Well, that game just set soccer in the United States back 10 years...blech!!!
  11. Too bad for Rowe, MOTM for me. Was hoping for Zardes to replace Bedoya, who continues to suck...and play. SMFH. Morris for McCarty NOW Bruce! Play to win!
  12. More holes in this defense than in Albert Hall. ****ing embarrassment.
  13. Great work by Rowe there, and super finish from Dwyer. 2 caps, 2 goals. Can't ask for more than that!
  14. Just a **** awful half of soccer on display in Tenn. Looks like Arenas' plan is to not lose. Dax is NOT the answer for Bradley, and Zusi and Bedoya both need to be retired from the USMNT. Corona is a ghost. I do like what I've seen from Rowe and Acosta, but the rest of this lot need a foot up their ass.
  15. BOOM! Jalen Smith signs to play with his old teammate Morsell. BIG get! Now, if they can get Quickley and Brown, the Terps would be legit Natty contenders immediately. Make it happen Turge!