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  1. I'm not sure that I would characterize his last game as outstanding, but it was better than he'd played the past few with JK in charge. Still too many mistakes for my liking. Pulisic is a budding superstar, problem is there are no others who read and play the game at his speed, save for Dempsey, who is in his career twilight. More and more American youngsters are going to Europe to develop, unfortunately there are none (Wood, maybe) close to Pulisic's level. Gonna take some time to raise the entire team's level of play. If JK did one good thing during his tenure, it was to get American lads to go overseas to develop their games.
  2. HUGE game for the guys tonight. 3 points in Panama puts them right where they need to be. Interplay between Pulisic and Dempsey was sweet the other night, hoping to see more of that tonight. Would love to see Wood for Altidore, though. In time... No Brooks, maybe Besler tonight. Can't believe they've got no one better than Gonzales either. Sucks us east coasters have to stay up so late to watch.
  3. Terps girls playing like they've never seen a basketball before. Slocum getting schooled by Ducks Frosh PG. SWK looks clueless. Horrid defensively. #becauseDCsports
  4. Sound like someone we know? Hmmm...Napoleon Complex, more money than sense, tyrannical boss with hair-trigger temper....hmmmm...
  5. Nice half by the guys. Needed to make a statement, and they did! Now, if Arenas can just find a couple guys who can think and play the game at close to the same speed as Pulisic, they might be able to give our neighbors to the south a go. Really need to find some CBs, and replacements for Bedoya, Bradley, and Altidore. Guess Wood takes Jozy's spot when he's healthy. WOW! Goal and assist less than 5 mins into 2nd half! Any question who the best player wearing the US kit is right now?? C'mon FSG, make it happen. Pulisic looks GREAT in red!
  6. I think it's safe to say that he can be a last round flier...unless you're in a league with a bunch of other Skins homers.
  7. I feel ya man. I knew Bruce years ago when I lived in the DMV. He was an agent back then. I wasn't a friend, but I've spent a couple days on the golf course with him. He's a great guy, the kind you'd love to hang with for a few hours, have a couple beers and talk football. And, football is his passion. He has been in and around football literally all his life, and make no mistake, the Redskins are his team. He grew up with them, and has always been a Redskin at heart. He has his dream job, and I believe this franchise is in very capable hands as long as he is President. Bruce is the perfect buffer to keep Dan at bay, IMHO.
  8. Let's also not forget that in Bruce's 7 years here, the Redskins have won 2 NFC East championships. They won one in the 19 years prior to his arrival. Also, while in TB, the Bucs won 2 South titles during Bruce's 5 year tenure. During his seven years in Oakland, the Raiders won 3 AFC West titles. That makes 7 division titles in the 19 years Bruce has been in a front office. Id take that in these next 19 years.
  9. Only because 1/10 are gay.
  10. Guy I like to fit this bill is Jadar Johnson, Clemson safety. Excellent size, great athletic ability. Sat behind Kearse and others till this year, but still got on the field enough to grab a couple ints each of the past couple years. Went out and grabbed five this year as a starter. Some sites have him listed as a SS, but I watch a lot of the Tigers, and I think he is a true FS. Superior ball skills. Was a big time basketball player in HS, and it shows with his ability to position his body, and high point catches. Good leaping ability. Only real knocks on him are his lack of starts, and he's not a big time hitter or tackling machine. That's why he's a day 3 guy. Definitely a ball hawk though.
  11. The guy I liken him to is AJ Green. A guy Jay knows well. Check their measurables from respective combines...eerily similar. If he becomes another AJ, Kirk gonna bag a truckload of Benjis.
  12. NBA schedule makers did them no favors. 6 back-to-back games in a month. Only one break of more than a day, after playing at Cleveland, on the road to LA. I'm with you, 50 may be a dream. Just avoid the Cavs till the conference finals.
  13. I may be the contrarian here, but I really enjoyed the last two episodes. We know what's coming: There's a storm a brewing, and Rick is the eye of that storm, but he needs that storm to grow large and powerful before descending on the Saviors. Last week brought crazy Morgan and committed Carol back into the fray, and this week Daryl got to clear his head about the Glenn thing. With that three headed Hydra of vengeful fury leading the charge, Neegan, who seems to be getting a little cushy, and the Saviors, have no idea of the hellfire about to rain down on them. Last week was about transformation and realization. Carol realized she can't get away from her past and the insanity of the world as it is now by hiding out alone. Morgan thought he'd found some peace, and a surrogate son in Benjamin only to have that too stripped away. Last straw. Morgan snaps back to wild man, but kills the offender in front of Ezekiel et al to bring them to the realization that they are at a point where it is now kill, or be killed. This weeks episode was more about introspection. Daryl and Maggie help each other find some solace, and get their minds right. Sasha and Rosita come to a mutual understanding, but Sasha, who's had a death wish for some time, forces the call. I'll be shocked if the shadow guy isn't Dwight, and expect him to and Rosita to become a thing. That will be the final piece to the puzzle. To have Dwight working from the inside, yet finding the love he'd lost with Rosita. Interested to to see how the confrontation between Rick and Co. and Oceanside plays out. Will he attempt to parlay, or just roll in and say, "You can join us in destrying the Saviors, light out on your own, or go down in flames, but whatever your choice, these guns are ours."
  14. Dez was the best player on that team. Melo was the shiny new thing, but opponents figured out that he's not a distributor, and he's going to the hole looking for the foul. He's struggled as a jump shooter the last couple years as defenses try to thwart his driving. Melo never improved. He's the same player he was two years ago.
  15. Let's go Lady Terps! We know the NCAA tried to royally screw y'all. 3 seed, UCONN bracket, playing a 6 seed who is one of the hottest teams in the country. It don't matter. Take that disrespect, let it take form. Bundle it up into a giant chip, and set it on your shoulder, then go out and make those foes in front of you pay--dearly--for that slight. WVA today, Duke, UConn and everyone else tomorrow! It's Championshp time!