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  1. The Official Maryland Terrapins Thread

    Losing Bell is massive. Durkin has almost the entire offensive staff to refill now, and it's getting on in the offseason. IMO, there's nobody on staff that would be a good replacement for Bell, I hope DJ looks to some lower level teams with explosive offenses for an up and comer to bring in. There are plenty of pieces to work with in College Park, need to make a splash like he did with snagging Bell.
  2. ES Soccer Thread

    Actually negotiating the sale of my business as I speak. So, the only job I may have available will be someone to tote my golf clubs! I think a little holiday back home in July sounds like a wonderful idea!
  3. The Official Maryland Terrapins Thread

    Gotta drag Turge through the **** again on this one too. Drew up a superb play to get Huerter free for the should be winner, only to blow the inbounds. Wife asked me why nobody was guarding the inbounds pass, and I said I really didn't have a problem with that, as you'd expect them to try and throw it near half court, and that gives you one extra defender. When I saw them come out in man, though, I said that I think that's a mistake, too easy to get caught chasing. Well, what happens? Cowan gets caught chasing. If you're not guarding the inbound guy, you have to zone up at half court, and force the pass to be in front of you...simple basketball strategy. It seemed to me as though they'd never even practiced for a moment like that either, which would be another HUGE coaching gaffe. ill wait to see what happens in the next 2-3 weeks with this recruiting class, it could be an all-timer, but Turge is moving himself closer to the door, IMO.
  4. ES Soccer Thread

    I think VVD gets the armband next year with Ox the vice captain, FWIW. TBH, just happy to hear from GHH. Thought he may have drinken himself into a stupor.
  5. ES Soccer Thread

    Was ****ing going nuts watching that. If only he could've won the ball and made a chance. Showed the team what Heavy Metal Football is all about.
  6. Most of them are... Mom's basement with their pants around their ankles.
  7. 2017-2018 NCAA Men's Basketball

    F UNC!🙂 Time for Clemson to make history and end "The Streak" Tuesday night!
  8. 2017-2018 NCAA Men's Basketball

    How about a 15-2 run to finish the game to give OSU a 65-64 win over Texas. Heck of a run.
  9. ES Soccer Thread

    Watching this Leipzig also. Keita showing all why Klopp loves him, best on the pitch by a mile...and, those deep Couts blasts? Yeah, got that!
  10. The Official Maryland Terrapins Thread

    Ouch! That was a thumping! Not unexpected, down a starter, and two others who play substantial minutes, and another of your top players battling the flu. Recipie for disaster going into Columbus against a hot team. Cheka got off the bus hot, and was giving the ****eyes all kinds of trouble early, but as soon as Turge gave him a blow, OSU went on a run, and never looked back. Oh well, after the Jackson injury, it was evident that this season would be a struggle to get into the NCAA's. Nothing has changed. They're gonna have to scratch and claw for every victory. On another note, going to see Lecque and Hamilton (two kids UMD has been linked with) in a couple weeks. Also, going to try and catch Wiggins at some point too. Crazy how much high school talent there is in this area. Cross your fingers and knock on wood for two of Moses, Lecque, and Tyger to pick Maryland. Then we'll see just how good (bad) a coach Turge really is.
  11. The Official Maryland Terrapins Thread

    BIG game tonight! Im surprised that the ****-eyes are only 4.5 point favorites off their thumping of MSU. Wiley out adds another dimension, shortening an already short Terps bench. Never been a Wiley fan. He came in amid much hype, but can't stay healthy, and is just a mediocre player. He and Nickens killed that class, Cheka, who was a long shot, has been the best of that class. Nickens gonna need to bring his stroke to Columbus, and Bruno and Cheka gonna hafta deal on Diop inside for the Terps to have any shot at the upset. Damn, I hate Ohio St!
  12. The Official Maryland Terrapins Thread

    A good win at home against a team that they're better than. Not really a surprise to me. Can't believe all the whining from Iowa. They got plenty of calls also. Watch their guy take 3 steps on a layup. Bohannon is a helluva shooter, but a little **** too. He was playing chippy all night, and crying every call. Cowan spanked his ass. Hawkeyes may have ensconced themselves behind OSU as my #2 most hated team in the B1G...well, maybe tied with Penn St. Solid team win last night. Tomaic provided positive minutes, and 6 of the other 7 who played showed up and scored in double digits....Nickens sucked once again. Love when this this team plays at tempo, but with an 8 man rotation, that's probably not sustainable. But, man, do Bruno and Morsell look good running and throwing it down.
  13. ES Soccer Thread

    Kinda like VVD?
  14. ES Soccer Thread

    Put him in a USMNT shirt, and he heads it over the bar.