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  1. ES Soccer Thread

    Should be great for Sargent and his development. He will see the field far more at WB than the other big clubs, and get to test his mettle against some top flight competition. The Bundesliga is becoming a nice little training ground for American talent.
  2. ES Soccer Thread

    Oops, don't know what happened
  3. ES Soccer Thread

    Interested to see the side Klopp puts out today. We know Ward, Grujic, and Ox are in, what will the rest be? Hoping to see some youngsters. My guess: Ward, Flanno, Gomez, Lovren, Moreno, Ox, Grujic, Hendo, Solanke, Sturridge, Woodburn. Go Reds!
  4. The Positive Thread

    One positive is that they didn't sign Kirk to a roster breaking multi-million $ contract... ....right?
  5. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    Watched a ton of USC vs Texas game last night, and next to Darnold, the best player on the field was Malik Jefferson from Texas. Dude was a heat seeking missle, all over the field. Great vision and instincts, and when he got to the attack point, he brought a bucket of pain. Could not stop gushing over the kid. Guess it's because I'm an old LB.
  6. Game Day Thread - Redskins at LA Rams

    He will NEVER be cut now!
  7. 2017 Fantasy Football

    Bradford inactive, guess you gotta go get someone now!
  8. 2017 Fantasy Football

    That's a toughie, but I see it such: Maclin- solid, and Panthers back 4 are suspect, but I just don't trust Taylor. Watkins- going against Skins D is always good, until proven otherwise. If Norman shadows him, though, could be tough. Golladay- great debut, but can't expect those results weekly from a number 3. Lions against the best D backfield of the three. I'd probably lean Watkins (I'm starting him) and hope he gets away from Norman enough to do damage. Game could be a shoot-out.
  9. 2017 Fantasy Football

    Crowell is their bell cow. No question for me. Gurley for sure, second is a toss up. Had D looked strong last week, but I'd still go Murray...got no clue what's gonna happen in Ariz. I'd def keep Bradford, but if I've got a player I could stand to lose, I'd pick up Flacco too, then make the decision who to drop when Luck gets fit.
  10. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    A ranked power 5 school "expecting" to give up 40+ points to freaking Memphis? If that's the case, little Mora should be gone yesterday! When your D can't stop anybody, that puts unrealistic pressure on any QB to score every time. Not making excuses for Rosen, he threw some dumb passes (and I like Darnold and Rudolph far more), but kid can throw some darts. Certainly not going to make excuses for one of the worst defenses I've ever seen from a supposedly good power 5 team.
  11. The Official Maryland Terrapins Thread

    Would have been better had Texas snagged the victory. I was rooting for em!
  12. 2017 Fantasy Football

    Thought you liked players that get to go against the Skins twice (as do I). Marshall looks good for 2-3 TDs those. I dropped Woodhead. Too long out to stash for my tastes, and not a super talent. Reckon he'll still be available when he gets healthy, and one of the other two may lock down that job by then. Also, Rawls was there as a replacement.
  13. 2017 NCAA Football Thread

    Tigers making a statement tonight. Man alive is that defense talented!
  14. 2017 NCAA Football Thread

    Clemson not going to nearly as tough as last year, because Kelly Bryant is just not a good passer. They're gonna have to wait till next year when Sunshine takes the reins.
  15. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    UCLA lost because their defense couldn't stop a high school team.