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  1. ES Soccer Thread

    Not sure why they can use VAR to go back and call a penalty, but not to go back and look at Griezmann diving.
  2. ES Soccer Thread

    That was pretty! And wholly deserved.
  3. ES Soccer Thread

    Great. First goal a direct result of a dive. All the talk about how great this WC has been, but I’ll remember it for all the diving and embellishment. Thanks FIFA for training your referees to eliminate that **** from the game.
  4. ES Soccer Thread

    Alby just gonna Alby. Can’t help himself. Wish we had had a stud LB coming up, be nice to get £10-15 from some Spanish side for Alby. Sounds like Origi and Solanke are having so-so starts, but Danny is up and running. I’d guess a loan for Solanke might do him good, and as good as Danny can be, can we trust him, or do we take what we can get? Origi is the baffler. Talent galore, head nowhere...I’d almost be willing to give him a chance this season, and if he does well, sell him next window. Don’t think you’d get much for him now. What about Brewster? When is he due to start training? He and Curtis look like the real deal. Can’t wait to see some of the kids here on the 22nd and 28th. Hoping I’ll get to see both Ward and Karius my 2 games also. Getting the house decked out for the week. Gotta let the lads know how big they are even in North Carolina! I’ll post a pic. oh yeah, been promised a ticket to the training session Saturday evening. Hope we get to interact a little with the guys. Love to get Big Virg to sign my new shirt!
  5. ES Soccer Thread

    That is WONDERFUL news!!
  6. ES Soccer Thread

    https://www.thescore.com/worldcup/news/1571323 Sounds like Hazard wants to move. Also, was listening to SiriusXM Soccer channel this morning, and they were talking Kante to Barca for $$ and Gomes. I realize Chelsea doesn’t need to sell anyone, but if these guys WANT to go...
  7. ES Soccer Thread

    This just in...Raheem Sterling still can’t finish. I’m thinking he has photos of Southgate doing a sheep or something. He’s sucked eggs all tournament with Vardy and Rashford on the bench. He is fast tho...
  8. ES Soccer Thread

    Great bit of business this. Excellent cover for the front 3, and could be a super sub when needed. I hope he makes the flight statesward so I can give him a proper welcome.
  9. ES Soccer Thread

    The beauty of transfer season!
  10. ES Soccer Thread

    Wow, this could get interesting. Conte out, rumors of Willian, Hazard, and Kante moving? Chelsea playing this season to avoid relegation?
  11. ES Soccer Thread

    Thanks for the updates mate! Back to the east coast, where I know the water is close, after a wicked two day jaunt. Good trip, wish the circumstances were better. I’m sitting in wait and see mode. I trust Klopp, so if he says yea, I’m behind it. Shaqiri is a no brainer for that sum, long as he is good with a backup role. Still unsure if Fekir has the pace and ambition to be a Kloppster, but he would add some playmaking talent. The Dybala rumors gave me a chubby, and Juve will be looking to bring some money in after their BIG spend, I reckon, doubt we’ll see that tho. Still waiting for the Pulisic signing. Think he’d be a great complement, as he could sub anywhere the front three, and has been playing the 10 for the USMNT. Love to see that out of nowhere announcement, ala Fabinho. oh yeah, and Karius has gotta be cooked, eh? Saw he let one through his legs the warm up for Chester. Confidence looks shot. Took him months to get the cobwebs out of his head after his first try as #1 when he had a couple mini blunders. I’d love Oblak, but don’t think they’d spend the cash. Keep an eye on the new young US keeper trying to make us forget Tim Howard. Name is Zack Steffen. He’s 23, and just keeps improving. Clean sheet his first national cap, and made a few worldies to hold France at 1-1 the friendly just before the WC.
  12. ES Soccer Thread

    Oh yeah. I’m part of the local Charlotte Reds fan club. We’ll be having a big to do at The Dog House starting at 10am. Will walk as a group to the stadium, signing and chanting, not sure when. I’ll start my partying at The Rogue on East Blvd. as I’ve become friends with the owner, a huge Liverpool fan from Ireland. I’ll be wanting to catch the Open Championship final round.
  13. The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    Bryant and Robinson look like the only guys with true potential to me after two games. Brown has looked as I thought he would be coming out, a tweener sized solid all around player that is not REALLY good at any one thing. Thought it was an uninspiring pick when made, and nothing I’ve seen thus far has changed my opinion. He is very young, so there is that.
  14. The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    Then he’d sound like Jeff Van Gundy.
  15. ES Soccer Thread

    Bartlesville. But I get the gist.😏