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  1. Recruiting is shaping up nicely with the big guy back running things in Knoxville! We are bringing big boy football back to UT, I cant wait for us to take out WVU in Charlotte in the opener! Sorry to go OT, but my Volness is an illness I cant fight, I just have to let a little out here & there to keep my ..relative sanity.
  2. My uncle used to coach at VT, I always have a bit more interest in guys from schools he used to coach at. The fact that your wife knows & worked with the person who brought him into this world is a very interesting & much more personal connection than most will ever have with a guy the Redskins draft. This team is like family to many of us, so when they add a person you have some connection to, its nearly impossible not to feel more invested in how they do. Heck, knowing your partner in this world knows his mom makes Me root for him even more. Here's hoping season one is the first step in a long career in Washington for Stroman. Few things reveal more character than displays of empathy & humility - your enthusiasm for the son of Mrs Stroman & humble responses within a disagreement display each. The internet is a place where, too often, ugliness prevails. A person can pose as anyone on the internet, it is too rarely a place where our better selves are revealed. The world could use more OVCs.
  3. If he is able to steal Kevin Rogers from the Colts FO, I'll believe he is ready to make the Redskins great again.
  4. Crowder vs. Richardson

    People seem to like the perceived benefit of taking the top off of a defense more than the actual benefit of moving the chains. This likely stems from unresolved prom night frustrations that linger in our subconscious.
  5. Crowder vs. Richardson

    You think Crowder would have been the #3 option at SMU this year? 🤔
  6. All sincere form of discussion is a win imo; if I did not respect your views, I wouldn't bother wasting your time. I have not posted a great deal, but I have read the board for many years & I respect your opinions/insights immensely. It is the time you invested in breaking Stroman down that encouraged me to look at him more closely myself. That one play is insignificant, but having now looked at more of his clips, Im more excited about his potential to make an impact for us. When people like yourself keep discussion engaging, more people, like myself, will gain simply by paying attention -- whether we agree or disagree with a specific point is of no consequence -- what is of some consequence, as a member of this site, is you getting people to look more closely & offering everyone here the opportunity to discuss the thoughts you took the time to share. Thats the kind of thing that makes this place so uniquely enjoyable. Httr
  7. Simmie will be able to tell us ig there are any noticeable distinctions between the two.
  8. Ragnow allowed no sacks & only 3 pressures in his college career, or so I read. Payne only played 3Q in this game, he was held with almost as much regularity as he was doubled with, but he just continued to be the first off the line & never stopped dominating this game even as Ark gave up on the run & Payne was forced to do something many say hes awful at, rush the passer. If not for being a merciful gentleman, Ragnow would certainly have been the one to blame for the sack Payne had in this game that was called intentional grounding. Its amazing that our 315lb non pass rusher was the only guy to beat Ragnow for a sack, much less 7 of the 3 pressures Ragnow ever gave up. Consistently off the los first, being held blatantly regularly, reading screens, & he blew up the last play of the 1H when Ark had the ball at the 4 & decided to go for the TD; Payne lines up over the center & just whips him quickly with an explosive rush & Ark goes to the lockroom with zero. I wouldnt be surprised if he ends up more disruptive in the passing game than in the run. He has the looks of something special, I think he will prove to be a top 3 player from this class. *shot loaded out of order, my apologies*
  9. "I don't think is so simple that hey they take him later so they didn't love him that much -- especially when you are posting here about how you much you think of Payne" I dont see what your point is. I have pointed out plays where Payne was very disruptive, what does that have to do with anything? Your point alludes me, my friend. If we had a first round grade on Guice, why risk losing him? We didnt move back a spot or two, we gave everyone the opportunity to go get him after he fell to us. Thats a very clear indication of our own concerns, Doug Williams telling us his grade doesn't mean anything - trading away the opportunity to draft him in the middle of round 2 tells us quite a bit. I dont want to be down about Portis' take, I simply disagree with what took place vs Arkansas. I dont start with a conclusion, I wanted Derwin James, but I watched Payne & am very impressed with what I see. His pass rushing is consistently criticized, but Pruitt didn't ask him to get up the field as much as guys with superior highlight clips did. I dont believe he was credited with a single tackle in the Arkansas game, but he could have had 2-3 sacks in the first 10 snaps he played. He wrecked Arkansas when it was close. I think a lot of people see the lack of stats & let that impact how they see the film. As for the guys watching the clips, Id be more interested in what you see vs Arkansas than 2nd hand information from Portis or Cooley. I will look back to see those thoughts of yours, but Ill refrain from rehashing anything. I wasn't particularly impressed with him vs my Vols until I watched the game a 2nd time. He won nearly every snap, something you clearly noticed. I value a disagreement as much as an agreement, the value is in the discussion & being willing to put your considerations out there. I respect that you don't shy from possible criticism, the draft discussion is the most enjoyable part of the season for me, but also the most difficult to navigate cleanly. The best scouts get these guys wrong with regularity, there are simply too many variable. When we drafted Payne over Derwin I strongly considered seeing how far I could throw my remote control. After a walk & a talk with my therapist, I decided to watch the Vols game more closely, then the UGA game, and I changed my mind completely. Being a diehard Vol fan isn't easy, we rely on large quantities of beer & xanax to get us through each season. Now my NFL team has become Bama-North, these guys just wont leave me alone, even our new HC is from Bama. But, having watched more football than Im comfortable admitting, Id be shocked if Payne isn't a great player for us. The Arkansas stills above are a perfect example of why he gets overlooked by some; they run a bootleg away from him, triple team him, he clogs the middle for a LBs tackle, stunts & beats a tackle forcing a scramble, & causes an INT grounding. No stats, but he dominated the Arkansas OL thoroughly. He isnt asked to rush the passer a lot, but if you watch the Vols game again, watch what he does on the last play of the half. Heck, I'll just post the stills of it. Another play that doesn't show up in the stats, but displays an agility & natural pass rushing ability that I believe will have him in a pro bowl or 8. I enjoy your considerations a great deal, my friend. Below Payne lines up over Tennessees one truly special OL, Trey Smith. This is a hail mary so Payne is free to get up the field, its one time when he's let loose to cause damage any way hes able. Our new 315lb human gets off the ball first, splits a double team with a spin move, puts a freak (Smith) on his ass, & you can even see him being held as he busts through the line...alone. Hes just unbelievably special imo. Httr