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  1. mcsluggo

    Naked People Run Amok related news.... there is no more at the link... but that last sentence was crucial to the pathos and scene-building-tension in this story.... artist re-enactment of what Bost <might> have looked like, before his fateful decision to turn to a life of criminal bathroom climbing.... . . . . edit.... actually.. i googled, and this is what he DID look look like.... during: and in his linked-in profile/mug shot....
  2. mcsluggo

    Unpopular Opinions Thread (Non-Political)

    now, that is just crazy talk!
  3. mcsluggo

    Unpopular Opinions Thread (Non-Political)

    i don't know why you would share that with us..... ?
  4. mcsluggo

    Unpopular Opinions Thread (Non-Political)

    you are even more WRONG than usual with this post! (spoiler for cussing....)
  5. mcsluggo

    The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

    I'm not sure if this is the correct place for this... but damn, Sweeny Todd! (if it is indeed not fake news... )
  6. mcsluggo

    Naked People Run Amok
  7. mcsluggo

    Random Thought Thread

    your link didn't work... but i found it on-line...
  8. mcsluggo

    Random Thought Thread

    where is that..? i LOVE halloween!! we get what i consider a ton of kids... but that is probably about 100 to 200 ish kids (on weekends) we used to put out 20 or 30-plus jack-o-lanterns (back when clarksburg maryland used to have their pumpkin festival.... i miss that!!!!! ) ... and people would refer to our house as "the pumpkin house" now that my kids are older, we are down to 5 to 10 pumpkins. yester-year (ours were <only> about 50 of that total ) last year....
  9. mcsluggo

    Random Thought Thread

    you do know that the autocorrect learns from YOUR specific texting history, right? jeez gramps.... how old is that dead dessicated hole in your chest....??
  10. mcsluggo

    The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

    nah... he is thinking: "I gotta get one of those..."