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  1. it doesn't belittle her to say that she would (probably) be out of of her natural element. Its a specific skill set to sit in front of those panels for a looooong time. Keep your composure and wits about you, and present an even and consistent account of WHATEVER you can recall about a traumatic night 30-plus years ago. It would be a sucky situation if you were talking to a caring therapist, that wanted to help you tease out the truth from your memories. Instead you get grilled by a bunch of assholes, some of which don't actually want to know what you know, just want to make you look non-credible. I have a PhD, and i am sure i would look like a booger-eating-moron in that situation. (probably safer, and more accurate, to say... i would look even MORE like a booger-eating-moron than i normally do......)
  2. that is a total bul**** answer. you say something that, to my knowledge has no supporting facts whatsoever, AND doesn;t seem to have any motivation/motive consistent with what we would expect to be in his self interest I ask you what motivation there could be... and you say: "people on the left will have to ask the senator whether he has stopped beating his wife or not.... " complete, and utter bul**** response. edit >>> although.. there should be a smile upt here, as well
  3. I personally can't remember much of anything from ANY parties i went to in high school, in the mid 1980s. I wouldn;t even remember if i was there, much less any details of any events that might have happened to OTHER people
  4. why would he do that for Reagan? and for a supreme court candidate that was already known to be ultra-right-wing-conservative? what is POSSIBLE motivation ?
  5. i misread the thrust of your post... but i see it now. thanks
  6. mcsluggo

    2018 Fantasy Football

    if Wilson scores a TD i win. If he doesn't, i lose. simplicity is sweet, sometimes.
  7. that isn't at ALL what ANYBODY else in this thread was saying. not at all.
  8. that is the problem.... its not a narrative of "the accuser must be lying". its a narrative of "what do you do when you don;t have enough evidence to support either claim"? (because the alternative to your statement is a regimen where the basic assumption that the "the accused must be lying")
  9. i haven't been following this closely.... did the dems hav this information sitting on their desk for a while before it was released?
  10. the security issue..... looking at sunspots.
  11. that means that the accusations have to be investigated. and 30 years later, the chance that there will be credible evidence, one way or another, is small. In which case..... we will be right back where we are. but it will be xx months later, and there will be a burning turd smoking on the table in the confirmation-hearing room.
  12. I agree... this is a "no-win" setup, whether the accusation was <contrived>, or not. i don't know how "the process" possibly ignores a bombshell like this. and on the other hand, i don't know how "the process" possibly comes up with a scheme to get to the bottom, and find an "answer" there is no "answer" that senate confirmation hearing can uncover. period. absent some new bombshell... people just have to believe one side, or the other, and there is no rules-based way to sort through that, so people will just revert to "what they WANTED to do anyway" This sucks for "the process", overall. But it actually means that if a borderline kavanaugh "supporter" is looking for an excuse not to vote for him...they might be able to jump on "the uncertainty" as cover to do what they wanted to do anyway....? (and again... THAT sucks for "the process", moving forward)
  13. mcsluggo

    Stupid **** Wilbon Says

    I always liked Wilbon ..... when i read him (occasionally) or heard him briefly (VERY occasionally). But it has been years since i did either. he and Kornheiser were a good matching