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  1. 2017 - 18 Washington Capitals Thread

    that is insane.... in a sport where clearly the goalie is the single most important player.
  2. so... .how much do we estimate that civil liability insurance will cost for guns? will it be mandatory ? (eventually) will the govt subsidize it ?
  3. you misinterpreted his words.... ... he was calling for a series of giant circle-jerks all over the midwest.
  4. ..... said every new generation since the dawn of time (.... as the old generations were yelling in the background....)
  5. that really is sick...
  6. Random Thought Thread

    the drugs in weed are safer than alcohol (for addictive personalities) but smoking is worse than swallowing.... get thee some brownies.
  7. i think he referring to the dickhead with the flag and the gun....
  8. this is just being a dick.
  9. did anyone peruse the comments section in there...? it is truly mindboggling
  10. this ^^^ was a good post but overall... i think i am the only one here that in my core thinks that the generations are *largely* the same, (but gradually getting a little better----- just a little bit less intolerant each step). there really were no "good old days" there were just different incentive structures that led to slightly different paths that largely recalibrate to the center over time (again, except for the tolerance thing...which is an undeniable improvement over time) I'm also glad that the "greatest generation" was already geriatric and too enfeebled to do much of import by the time they were given that mantle..... talk about something that would **** up ANY group of people....
  11. really?? a person's vote in Gotham City would count more than a person's vote in Smallville?
  12. Election 2018 Thread

    when Cantor is ousted from the right in a primary....... ...sheesh....... !
  13. Election 2018 Thread

    without getting much into Hogan specifically.... Republicans that flourish in liberal strongholds tend to be a good thing. They are generally throwbacks, to bygone days before RINO and litmus test issues. Business-focused "Rockefeller" republicans.... it is something our country needs, and that the GOP has become completely incapable of delivering almost everywhere EXCEPT liberal-strong-hold constituencies. so these Republicans are generally a plus, on their own standing , due largely to a a healthy self-selection bias. but, ALSO, ideologically monolithic strongholds themselves breed rot. liberal-only areas get ridiculous, and conservative-only areas get even worse. ANY one-party islands, regardless of underlying ideology, just get fetid and corrupt... it is so very obvious at the country level, when you see the ****ization of the ANC in South Africa, or the PRI in Mexico, or the LDP in Japan... you need somebody from outside of the monolith to keep the rust off of the important gears. (of course.. the longing for this is also how you end up with the electorate buying into loser cowboy "outsider" candidates... and how you end up with ****heads like Trump as president of the united states)
  14. and the child. well, grown adult child. but really..... **** almost never gets to these absurd theatrical levels without some active dumbass participation from both parties involved at every step along the way.