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  1. Offense is a sum of it's parts. Thus the endless circular chicken and egg arguments over whether Joe Montana would be great without Jerry rice and vice versa... etc. etc. etc. Cousins didn't have "all day" to throw. He didn't need it, because he made his read and got the ball out on time, just a hair over 3 seconds. As i recall, he was among the league lead in the time it took to make a throw, but i'll be damned if i know where to find such a stat outside of paying Elias. This is a QB comfortable in what he's doing and making the right reads. He knows where the ball needs to go, makes his decision and throws on time. This makes an offensive line MUCH better. They're pretty good as it is, and that is no small factor as to why. The offense is designed to get receivers open quickly, and it does. In cousins running it, he has been highly efficient in both years he's run it, and this year he averaged over 300 yards per game, broke the team passing yardage record, and while we'd have liked to have seen better red zone playcalling, he doubled his TD to INT. Mental errors were few and far between. If Cousins is a "system quarterback", it seems he's in the right system to me. Greed doesn't really factor into the life of a professional player. the team's responsibility is to make sure they value their players properly, balancing young inexpensive draft talent with expensive veteran talent. Paying market rate for a Qb does not hamstring a team unless they do it to themselves. Because it all starts and ends with quarterbacks, they are an absolute necessity to success, and those who can achieve that success are extremely rare. The run game is alright, but if you're waiting for Gruden to grind it out on the ground, you be better off to spend some time reading up on his entire tenure as an NFL coach. The West Coast offense is not a ground game offense, and his version especially so. ~Bang
  2. Probably my worst bracket year ever. so.. much.. red.. ~Busted
  3. None of this is why I watch and enjoy football. I hate that it is all over everything now. Politics spreads it's stench everywhere. Kaepernick can't sniff an interview because he can't play AND he is a distraction, like it or not. That is a by product of making social statements, especially from this platform. It doesn't necessarily reflect anything about whether any coach or team believes in what he did or not, it's a distraction, and a big one. Who needs that? There's a lot of pressure on coaches, win or be fired. A distraction like he can cause, agree with him or not, can get you fired. That and the fact that his 30 INTs will also get you fired. The guys who ran that offense had success in 2012.. they're gone, and not due to any blackballing. It's because of LACKballing.. LAW of football #1: Offense innovates, defense adapts and forces innovation again. defense will always find a way to disrupt offensive schemes, which is why they tend to change so much. Defense dictates, offense must continually evolve.. The Pistoleros,, the guys like Kaep and RG3.. they have been regulated by defense. Elway wrote a letter. so what. If' I'm a Broncos fan, i guess i have to choose if i am going to let politics invade everything i try to use to escape all that.. like my Sunday football. I don't really care what the politics of players and coaches are, and if they choose to make them public, i don't care either. I want to see the football game. And it's totally selfish, i guess, but I watch football ONLY to entertain myself. That's it. ~Bang
  4. About 30 years or so ago i was checking the library for something new to read and i saw Chuck Barris's autobiography. I figured it'd be a good laugh with Gong Show anecdotes.. I had no idea any of the other stuff was coming.. i read the entire book like this. I must say,, it was quite entertaining ~Bang
  5. I didn't do toooooo bad this winter. Usually for me it is a steady stream of birthdays, holidays, and other gatherings from about mid august on through January.. I can try to not to eat, but it's a lot.. cakes pies, cookies, celebration and holiday foods.. I will say that i have lost since the beginning of February.. I find it hard to drink as much water as they say you need to, so I started buying cases of the small bottles.. 8 ounces goes down in 3 gulps and it's cold, so i drink it. (I bring one bottle to work and keep refilling it at the cooler.) 6 or 7 of those every day and weight is coming off, and all the other benefits are there.. sleeping better, not as fatigued. Psychologically it's not like i'm chugging big glasses of water. Right now though my wife, who can eat everything and never gain an ounce, is on a popcorn kick. She bought an air popper and a bunch of salts and stuff, so i munch popcorn while we watch television at night. Probably not doing me any good, but damn it's tasty. Tennis season is here, so semi-regular exercise has resumed. ~Bang
  6. Definitely. It's one thing to wonder if your loony friend is just spouting tough talk, but after the fact you cannot lie to FBI investigators about what you heard or knew without major consequence. 27 months seems rather light given the end result. ~Bang
  7. Good move. Meat and taters. Glad you're here, Ty ~Bang
  8. I agree, Pryor is exactly the kind of guy you need to run the fade.. emphasis on "need". You need a guy with gigantic hands and a big tall body who can sky. I HOPE signing Pryor doesn't mean we'll run it as often as we did last year, but, i think when we do, he has a better chance of being successful than anyone we had in 16. it's a fine 1st of 2nd down try with a guy like Pryor out there.. but it's a one shot, no look play. 1-2-3-throw. No other options, it works or it doesn't. And that was what made it especially dumb to me last year given the weapons on the field. ~Bang
  9. Good luck Chuck. Positive thoughts for you. ~John
  10. Yeah, we investigate nothing all the time! Seriously, next time they ask Spicer a question, he should just pull his pants down and wave his dick at them. It isn't any different. ~Bang
  11. Accomplices tend to get something out of it. Dupes end up paying the price. ~Bang
  12. if i said how i really feel, i'm afraid the FBI would start watching me. These people are tghe perfect dupes. Dumb as ****, Ignorant in the extreme, manipulated, used, abused, and begging for more like a mewling little kitten, terrified of every shadow, jumping at everything they're told to jump at, Ignoring reality, and truthfully, unable to process it anymore. from me these people get nothing but spit in their eye. (And the funny thing is, they've had spit hitting them in the eye every single weekend since the end of January... and they're OK with long as their Hannity tells them it's not really spit, but tears of winning. **** them. ~Bang
  13. lol.. who cares about anyone living in Florida except for the Emperor. ****ing cops ... who cares about them? They are SUPPOSED to protect rich white people. should feel PRIViLEGED to do so, and they should offer to do it for free. If you voted for this guy, then this is about you. Every petty load of bull**** you swallowed about Obama is what this guy is literally doing and you gutless ****s haven't got the balls to admit it. Course, that would require brains to see it, and an ability to think beyond what you've been told and conditioned to think. And once again, you prove beyond all doubt that you haven't got the mental capacity to do that. And even if you DID, I still don't think you have the balls to admit it. You ****ing cowardly MORONS. ~Bang
  14. I'd have thought so, except he played exactly one game forf manusky, recorded a zero stat line, and then went to Cincy. Doesn't make sense to me. The draft is to get low level guys who will do a sprint down to watch a guy down a kickoff. ~Bang