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  1. If you love Tailgate, don't lose your privilege

    if i tell, i might break these new rules. (But between you and me, they're on the Group W bench.) ~Bang
  2. Do We Suddenly Have a Dominant Defense?

    The push up the middle, the linebackers are FAST and reading properly. The DBs are playing tight up on receivers and not giving up 9 yards before contact.. the rookies and young players are playing with attitude and to use the cliché.. "flying around". Zach Brown needs to stay, he's been a spark. Mason Foster is earning it every week. Mike Tomsula, Torrian Gray, these coaches have made a tremendous difference. They've brought attitude out, and suddenly many of our same personnel now look like those vaunted "football players" we were being told they were. Look at Dunbar this past weekend.. they went at him, and he answered big time in the clutch. He's no longer a WR converting,, he's a cornerback, and playing well. Monte Nicholson is a torpedo. But not enough credit can be given to the interior DL.. Ioannidis has been a BEAST, and Jonathan Allen has been doing what he was drafted to do. (Lis Franc sprain scares the hell out of me, though.) Preston Smith looks like a Pro Bowl player right now,, multiple techniques and high motor, and spectacular resul;ts thus far. Kerrigan without his usual injury is better. High rotation on the Dl keeps them fresh. I'd love to see Junior start to gain benefits from all this. just goes to show how we've missed that upfield rush pushing into the QB's lap and forcing them into sacks and mistakes. I LOVE when the defense is like this. ~Bang
  3. If you love Tailgate, don't lose your privilege

    Well, i'm just glad all my rants can be backed up with super scientific data and complete collections of 8x10 color glossy photographs with circles and arrows and all stuff like that there. ~Bang
  4. I didn't' like him last year, tripping over his own two feet. I didn't like him the year before, but he really didn't get much chance to be better. this year he's running good routes, making clutch catches. What do you know,, football players get better with practice and effort. and, apparently the coaches, those guys who live football, have been telling us what he could do and he's doing it. Glad to have him, and glad he's making good use of his chances. ~Bang
  5. I'd hang up on him. But not before screaming as loud as i could in hopes of rupturing his eardrums. ~Bang
  6. He's a ****ing disgrace. An utter ****ing disgrace, a national shame. A disgusting human being, with no redeeming grace. ~Bang
  7. I think the Redskins released a statement that indicated they had NOT directed players to stand after it was spread on social media that they had. Actually, it looks like they skirted saying anything about what they expect of the players. ~Bang
  8. Anyone want to bet Trump thinks Kurds are what got Miss Muffet in trouble? ~Bang
  9. Redskins 49ers Post Game Assessments

    Thought that Breeland block was dirty.. looked bad. Hope he's back soon. ~Bang
  10. Right, being offended means i'm relevant. If someone puts their thumb up or 'hearts' me, i am validated. and i need that because i am needy, and because i am needy, i must make sure that anyone who is in any position above me has to be reminded that they aren't better than me. Even if they are. ~Modern Humanity
  11. The Skins RB situation....

    I want more Mack Brown. the guy runs with the most pop of any of them. i do not want to see games with Thompson as the main rusher.. he's not built for it, his injury history is too big to ignore. use him the way he's been used and he pays off big time. Using him as the lead rusher will wear him down. Brown runs HARD. He hits the hole hard, He has burst and vision. More Mack. ~Bang
  12. Jay Gruden: Buy or Sell 2017 edition

    I do not understand that timeout.. i really don't. No matter how many ways i try to see it, it's just the dumbest damn thing that could have been done. Luckily we survived it thanks to the young'ns in the secondary making plays.. but damn,, that time out made NO SENSE AT ALL. that's not even a "rookie coach" mistake.. it's a 'what the **** am i doing" mistake... and he should be well beyond that,, There is NO ONE on that sideline who doesn't see this and talk him out of it? ~Bang
  13. OK, just know i am thinking of a joke that subtly suggests that she's calling me, but that i am far too mature and sophisticated to ever say it in a public forum. ~~Bang
  14. I for one applaud these folks for following through on the usual parent's threat. I understand that in the past they have also given the kid something to cry about, and turned the car around so no one could go to Fun-land. ~Bang