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  1. Whether or not he meant "black people" is obfuscated for a reason, because no one can prove he did, and he will never say so. And in fact it will be used against anyone who accuses him of it. But what he absolutely did say without any need to read between any lines was that if you don't conform to his idea of patriotism, you maybe should leave the country. And that fits so many of us. We can pick whatever we think he meant, and we're right. He's a threat, bottom line. ~Bang
  2. Vaya Con Dios, Manny! The plight of the 2018 Orioles

    Good grief why not trade Manny for a few Bazooka Joe comics and a pair of socks. If we get enough comics we can send off for a cool ID bracelet. ~Bang
  3. At what point can the cops just bust in? None of this is clean. ~Bang
  4. What do you say when you don't know what to say? I wonder who he is threatening,, does he think Un cares if Japan or SK pays the price for any action? ~Bang
  5. I saw a video once.. it was a big demonstration in the middle east.. one of the anti-American rallies we'd see in the 90s. By and large the crowd was peaceful.. chanting and protesting, but non-violent. Then some guys came in and started fires, burning US flags, starting up the rabble. Before long it was a riot. It doesn't take many rabble rousers to rouse rabble... and once it starts.. well, peaceful people can easily turn into rioters. Mob mentality is real, and if you're in the middle of one of those crowds, getting caught up in it is often a matter of self preservation. That said, i am well aware that the left and it's collection of anarchists at their fringes that are no strangers to rioting. They show up a lot. This is also an historically proven method for all sorts of ways to destroy your enemies. I am not one who yells "FALSE FLAG" all the time.. but the possibility must be considered whenever we see these things.. the overt manipulation of our population by our own politicians, outside influences, and our media means that I have little trust in what I am seeing is what it actually is. If I am right about everything i've said,, these factions are playing for keeps. As in "We are keeping this power by any means necessary." ~Bang
  6. Unfortunately, i am now so jaded i am having a hard time convincing myself that the fix isn't already in. I truly believe Trump will not go quietly into the night, and his followers are already threatening civil war. Peaceful transfer of power will surprise me if he loses. I will happily say I'm wrong if I am. ~Bang
  7. So the NKs blustered and threatened and found offenses? say it isn't so! Why, who would have ever thought they'd do anything but act in good faith. After all, their just terrified of Trump. Same ol' dance. They will do this while the heat turns up on Donny's big fat ass at home on other issues, and they know that he will end up doing anything to smell like a rose again. The other day he tweeted out how this summit should earn him the Nobel Peace Prize,, and then of course he expounded on how it doesn't really mean anything and he woudn't accept it anyway.. which means he touches himself thinking about it all the time. As soon as Donny is primed, the NKs will make overtures again, and fat boy will jump at them as if someone was offering him a Big Mac fried in KFC grease. Lube up, everyone! ~Bang
  8. I really respect your opinions.
    I always appreciate your input on the various topics we all kick around.
    Figured i'd say so.



    1. Renegade7


      Likewise :cheers:


      We don't always agree, but us being able to recognize that and fighting to respectfully find common ground is another reason I'm glad you're here, too.  We both want to do the right thing, the hard part is always going to be trying to figure out what that is, but absolutely worth it to try and keep trying.


      Thank you,


  9. No, but the President continuing to say things to discredit the free press, to hint at remove any media that questions him, when he continually day after day rages against the press who are seeing through his lies, and when he encourages his followers to berate them at every single rally... when he wants to control the DOJ to lock up his political opponents, as he drops hints about a third term and president for life.. as he admires the strongmen around the world like Duarte in the Phillippines and then echos that he thinks it's a good idea to execute drug dealers (Which they do in the phillipines with death squads and vigilantes.. proof of a crime is not required).. as he continues to say all of these things,, and then you couple it into the sincere shift toward militarism and symbol worship that has been cultivated for about 20 years... THAT is conditioning. THAT is propaganda. And that is not Democracy at work. That is how democracies have been exploited. Remember, Hitler was "elected". ~Bang
  10. So when does reality set in? Conditioning is happening. Denying it means you've already been affected, or the history of these things should be checked. (And know this CC84,, i don't think you are stupid.. we are arguing points, i am not lumping you with these folks ) The entire point i am making is that we are seeing the tools of propaganda at work. Renegade is right, it is a path toward authoritarianism. (I don't think they are even hiding it very well anymore. I think they feel that enough of their support is of that blind type and will defend whatever they say, and never listen to those who see right through it. ) One of the methods is to establish fealty to symbols and militarism. Those legitimately questioning are being shouted down. the president and his band gaslight every moment of the day. Their followers simply believe they are right because of who they are, no other reason. Look at how many of their values they have already thrown away. It should not be ignored that we are following in the footsteps of the worst history has to offer. ~Bang
  11. Love your optimism,, wish i shared it. Unfortunately, history shows once authoritarians take power, they have to remove those who would question and fight back. And then the rest of the ugliness happens... camps, disappearances, slavery, conquest.. it is the path authoritarians must take. There isn't any other way to go. When your entire cult of personality is built on pointing fingers at others (all your problems are because of the liberals... the mexicans are why you are poor. Muslims want to kill you and God..) then eventually you have to act on it or you lose that power. And as the path continues, those who fall onto the wrong side of things increases and increases, because you always need a new scapegoat to direct the mob against. They came for my neighbor, and isaid nothing. then they came for my other neighbor and i said nothing then they came for me. If everything is someone else's fault, there always needs to be someone paying the price. Eventually that will be you. ~bang
  12. there is a major difference between questioning and being contrary so as to establish narrative. The major difference being "questioning" is to seek an answer What we see all too often is establishing answers, then question those who do not adhere to it so as to discredit them. If questioning was what was actually happening, truth would matter. But it doesn't. Side of the aisle is more important than truth to a lot of people. Hardly any of those talk shows "question". They establish narrative, and convince people they are only asking questions, and this is what truth we have learned. The fact is that "Americans" is a HUGE body, but it doesn't take the entire body to press the rest into submission. In all of those cultures in the past that have walked this path of destruction, there were plenty of people who saw what was happening. And as i have said in the past here,, often evil takes root because good people findit hard to believe the irrational aspect of them and expect to be able to give answers to their "questions". For example. We have roughly 30% of our population who "question" all the time. But they have shown time and time again that truth is not what they are interested in. Do you think Hannity and his legion are simply asking questions to glean truth? They ignore truth,. It is propaganda, and propaganda's final goal is to condition response. Right now the President has been trying to lay the groundwork for shutting down our avenues to legitimately question, and his followers are enabling it. Propaganda takes a while. Trump slowly but steadily drops hints about removing the media (except the ones he likes), he even said in as campaign speech that maybe there was a 2nd amendment solution to his CNN problem. Every single night at every single rally there is the obligatory turn around and scream at the press pool in the room. Threaten them. Trump eggs them on and riles them up. Trump has now on 2 occasions mentioned how he admires China's decision to establish their president for life, and a couple of sweeks ago suggested "many are saying" that his presidency should extend beyond 8 years. (To wild cheers) Every time he does this, every time these talk shows propagandize (ie: Hannity.. think his questions have any desire to find any truth except the one he is trying to create?).. it firms up the road. One way to make a compliant population is enforced nationalism, worship of symbolism, and weaponized militaristic zeal. Right now if you question why the military does this or that, you are not supporting the troops, and a good many people will not listen to what you are saying because they are offended that you don't just blindly support. I respect our military, but to believe any military is not capable of the worst is naive. We are proud of our military, but our military also committed atrocities at Mai Lai, and other incidents. But the nuance of what is actually being called out is lost by the thickheaded notion of "support our troops" means 100% no matter what... which is 100% true for a lot of people. Using your half and half measurement, the issue is this... 50% of the country thinks you don't have to stand. The other 50% does, and of that group, a solid percentage would be violent in their response to people not standing. Plenty of videos from last season of people being attacked in the stands for not standing. Good people rely on reason, and expect that because that is the right thing to do, other people will as well. But the others don't give a **** about reason, and by the time the good people have exhausted the 'civilized' ways of dealing with people who have no intention in dealing with them, it's too late. there is a solid group who couldn't care less about truth, and in fact get great pleasure out of exasperating those who desperately try to give them the truth. Demands of blind unflinching fealty is what they consider patriotism. That makes them very easy to exploit with "questions". ~Bang
  13. "Maybe you shouldn't be in the country" not too long a step to 'maybe you should be in this camp" It is the inevitable direction these things take. Kilmeade's comment is by design, and this sentiment will grow just like it is supposed to, and just like it has in the past anywhere else words like this have been uttered. Fox is state propaganda, and we know it. Ask yourself. When they discuss their Final Solution, on which side of the fence do you think they will put you? ~Bang
  14. the point is not that the military is bad, it's that blind cheerleading national symbols and militarism has never been good for any society. Once it becomes a natural blank check of zealous support, the slopes get slippery. Throughout history, societies that follow this path inevitably become aggressive and eventually need to be destroyed. There is nothing inherently wrong with supporting our military. It's the people who demand that support without any checks on why it is given, and without any conscience towards what that fervor actually does that are the problem. Blind devotion to symbolism and militarism leads to actions of conquest and oppression. For the last 20 or so years, we've been Pavlov's dog when it comes to this. We are conditioned to not question anymore, to cheer blindly and chant USA as if these things do not enable what history shows is is practically inevitable. Watch a Trump rally. See it in action. too many people do not separate any distinction in what any of it means. To them it means superiority and forcing their will, shouting down anyone who dares go against their grain and question any of it. Now lets keep giving these people power. What do you think will happen? (Spoiler: they will keep finding reasons to send our kids off to fight. In regimes like this and attitudes like we see on display among their followers, it is the only thing they have to control power.. keeping us angry and fearful, and directing that anger and fear towards their chosen scapegoats. Mexicans, Muslims, and so on. Eventually the firebrand rhetoric that they are so attracted to isn't enough anymore, and they have to act on their fearmongering to keep control. Then we get talks like "Final Solutions" and things like that. History... blah blah blah learn something something repeat it. Who cares. USA! USA USBARK!UBARK!BARK!BARK!BARK! BARK! Good boy. ~Bang
  15. the entire kneeling "controversy" was a distraction. Ask those who vehemently oppose it why they are kneeling and most of them will offer up a "don't care" .. because for them the symbol is more important than the message. They have allowed the message to be lost in their ginned up anger,, never realizing that if they only listened, they'd stop kneeling. So play up the angle and what do you know, the battle lines are redrawn and people who want to protest police behavior have to start yelling to even be heard over the new fight that was created. This is how propaganda works, folks. We are way way too easy to manipulate, and that means not only is it working,, it's been at work for a LONG time to condition response as quickly and surely as it does. This is why i say just forget it and kickoff already. We allow screamers to dictate the discussion, and we need to stop giving them the floor. Anyone can play the song in their home and stand up til their heart's content. ~Bang