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  1. Without High Pitch Eric, he is doomed. ~BAng
  2. The Official "Marvel" Thread (Movies,Comics etc)

    I thought i saw a trailer for Cloak and Dagger a few months back. is that a movie or a TV series? ~Bang
  3. PJ gets my first ever Haha. ~Bang
  4. I like the new 'like' features. Seems some folks' avatars have changed. ~Bang
  5. The Official "Marvel" Thread (Movies,Comics etc)

    So when Disney starts it's own streaming servicel up soon, will all of these will be cleared off of Netflix? How fast should i watch these? i am not a binger, i prefer to space them out. ~Bang
  6. Nationwide Removal of Confederate Statues

    Yep, and guys who beat their wives don't beat their wives. they just have violent disagreements with her face. **** these ****ing ****s. ~Bang
  7. Always loved X And one just because. I was surprised with this when it lurched across my Spotify this week. If you get by the cheesy break, the rest of it rocks in a far out mix of older Rush and Brian Eno. ~Bang
  8. All Things Star Wars Thread

    Nah, i meant cartoon it all means the same. I've got to hurry, Netflix is canning it Sep. 7 Mace Windu = BAD MFer ~Bang
  9. Trump called Romney a loser and was cheered. Pretty much shows his standing with the base. ~Bang
  10. All Things Star Wars Thread

    I've been watching the Clone Wars cartoon on Netflix, and I must say i enjoy the living hell out of it. It's corny sometimes, it's made for kids, but it's also got some good animation and terrific action. ~Bang
  11. Some people i knew as kids have definitely made it easier to leave the past in the past and drop them. i figure he or she won't mind, obviously we're much different adults. Knowing you 35 years ago means nothing. ~Bang
  12. In that hour, Trump will resign, Terrelle Pryor and Josh Norman will collide and be carted off the practice field with no word on what happened, and everyone will lose their minds. Some will throw open their office windows and scream their posts at passing strangers, others will run through the streets, yammering their thoughts on these events at people walking down the sidewalk. I expect several of you will be tased and put in St. Elizabeth's for observation. I predict at least three of you will do these things wearing a wrapped towel, shampoo still in your hair. (Larry, for one.) I predict Jumbo will stand on the moose antler platform that serves as City Hall in his Yukon town to shout about these doings, only to be stopped several times by the gathered crowd to define most of the words he's yelling at them. He will then insult them and they won't know it. I predict Zoony will use the hour to perfect his double lipsnort brown jug blowing technique, and will win a grammy next year for his red hot album "Lets G'wan Down t'the Olive Garden". I predict TK will spend the first hour distracted by a Star Wars movie someone is watching, and then the site will be down for 3 hours. I predict PJFootballer will hate what they do to his hair. Predicto will have time to listen to Bob Seger's "Night Moves" twice. And hey, Andyman is here.. whatcha know 'bout that! He can tell us what really happened ~Bang
  13. I live in Southern Maryland and work in St. Mary's County.. deepest red area in Maryland. So, there's a LOT of Trump support here, and several who I work with. Those folks you can't get away from and we do engage, but lghtly. After all, we're a news organization, so we do talk current events. I do have a couple of good friends who are supporters. One of them and i agreed long ago that we don't agree on some things. Other than that, i like her a lot, she's a nice person with a nice family. I like her husband, and her sons are good upstanding young men. One's a merchant marine, the other holds down a high GPA as he makes his way thru college. I consider her a good friend. She and i can laugh and talk about anything else. Occasionally we dance around on the line, but it never goes too far. She's of the "hold my nose" and pull the lever because he's the GOP candidate group. Likewise with my friend Rob.. nicest guy you'd ever meet,, and he and I are very much opposite, not just politically, but in a lot of areas. He's very religious, I am decidedly not, for example. But we focus on those things we enjoy about each other and that keeps the air clear. Rob and I can even talk about current events and keep it completely civil even in distinct disagreement, and even can agree on some things with each other. With Rob and I, we realize we've got the same goals in mind, but differ widely on how to go about achieving them. I actually enjoy talking with him about these things because he has some clear ideas from the truly conservative viewpoint, and not this fringe fanaticism that is associated nowadays. Neither of these people would ever support what happened last weekend. And both of them would also agree trump fumbled, even if they would be defensive. But then they'd go back to what it is they support, and it's largely economic. If i thought either of them did have those feelings we saw on display in Charlottesville, I'd call them out on it right away and it would certainly be a problem. But, neither one of them are Trump trumpeters, so to speak. No mass memes, no constant anger and such. You know... Grown ups. ~Bang
  14. Marvel comics never shied away from the issues of the 60s. Stan is the MAN. ~Bang