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  1. "MORALITY" tired of people talking about morality. Fact is that almost 100% of humanity are completely full of ****. Morality is defined by how i can judge YOU, because almost everyone fails utterly to live up to the 'morality' they pretend to believe in. (Some take it to the extra step os pretending they are 'forgiven' for their mortal failings, but they scream and point louder than everyone else.) Most people keep their indiscretions hidden very well. Liars, cheats, thieves, adulterers, drunk drivers, drug addicts, you name it.. utter depravity is much more common than anyone wants to admit. The chances are the louder someone screams about morality, the more they ignore it themselves. We scream "hypocrite' as if it isn't something we're also guilty of. The difference between most people and those they are screaming about is that no one has discovered their secrets. I've always thought it is most difficult to lie to one's self, because unless you're chemically imbalanced, it's impossible. You always know when what you say is true or not. But apparently I am dead wrong. people lie to themselves on a regular basis, and consequently, scream about everyone else. In this country, it has been my distinct impression in almost all of my dealings with people that the overall attitude is "if you're not cheating, you're not trying." People pride themselves in how they got over on someone else. Tired of hearing about morality from people who pretend to be moral. Liars. ~Bang
  2. Have fun with that. Here's the new sign up in Calvert County. (This is a billboard on route 4, which if no one knows is actually Pennsylvania avenue.. roughly 40 miles from the White House front door.) at least this one isn't threatening everyone with gun violence like the one from early summer. You be compassionate. They show up at my door they won't be getting anything but what they give. If you think for a second that any of them are willing to listen about anything, you are either with them, or naively strolling up to the slaughter. No thanks. These folks deserve none of it anymore. Patience is exhausted. As i've said numerous times, this group have spent the last 20+ years treating political differences like enemies, drinking hate and fear like water, and are currently placing this country's greatest enemy on a platform. And now that Americans are realizing that these deplolarble mother****ers DO view them as enemies in every sense of the word, that they are LAUGHING while they sell their country out, they want to cry for civility and understanding and dialogue. **** them. ~Bang
  3. Yep, the first thing to understand about this group of bullies is that all of your 'understanding' will not be reciprocated, it will be mocked and used against you. If a person needs to be convinced by now to not vote for Trump or his endorsements, they have no intention of changing their mind, and it doesn't matter anymore how much further this administration swirls us down the toilet. They deserve no understanding at all. and if that causes them to dig in, then so be it. Their intent is crystal clear, and there is no dialogue on the agenda. ~Bang
  4. Wouldn't one fringe or the other satisfy the plan of destabilizing? ~Bang
  5. Vaya Con Dios, Manny! The plight of the 2018 Orioles

    Wearing black today. These five better pan out. ~Bang
  6. I'll give him that unless it turns out to be just another scam.. it is something that needs to happen ASAP. THAT is actually a positive step that will help the country. ~Bang
  7. Maybe a tank will accidentally go off when it is facing the reviewing stand. Ah, dreams ~Bang
  8. I am really getting tired of being able to predict these ****ers this easily. Play along at home. Here's how: decide what America would and should do in any given situation. then decide which way it can go that will hurt the US as much as possible. That is the way Trump will go. Bank on it. The admin will try to extradite political enemies of the fat **** to Russia. and the GOP will back him. Any doubt? I know it gets old for me to post "toldya' all the time, but holy ****. ~Bang
  9. Trent Williams convert to LG, Will Shields #HOF

    Nah, i am totally in agreement with @OVCChairman who says he needs to be in space to use that speed and athleticism against pass rushers. Left tackle ain't broke. Don't fix it. ~Bang
  10. Y'all are just sick of winning. Look, in about two months we have denuclearized North Korea and won the Korean war, stopped thousand of pre-school illegals from stealing your jobs, we have Put the Chinese and Canadians in their place with super-tariffs that will give more Americans than you can shake a stick at plenty of time to catch up on their leisure reading, AND we've gotten Russia under our complete control. PLUS we got a kick ass new soccer ball. ~Bang
  11. totally agree. We are just now getting by the reputation of free spending wheeler dealers. People who don't pay as close attention to us only go by the last cliché they remember. And i am sure we are just as guilty with other teams. ~Bang
  12. I don't see how it is realistic to expect this team to be in dead last. After the injuryfest of last year, we still won 7 games. Prior to the injuries setting in, they were looking pretty good, especially defensively, and simply the health we get back should be enough to boost that considerably, AND factor in the new pieces added. I think the Redskins are going to have one of the better pass rushes in the NFL if they stay healthy. People can debate how we did at QB,, upgrade, downgrade, lateral.. either way, one thing isn't in question and it's smith's intelligence.. he will not make the killing mental errors, and we know Gruden's schemes work. The giants did what we always used to do. Sign free agents and fire the coach. They do have a veteran QB who can play well, and can also play as badly as anyone you've ever seen. They patched holes, and McAdoo thinks that is the difference to win the division. the Cowboys lost a hall of fame TE, and have a receiving corps every bit as unproven as ours, and frankly, i think that loss of Witten is going to be HUGE unless Prescott can back defenses out of the box. i am not sure he can, and haven't seen anything to indicate it's not going to be Zeke facing stacked boxes all day every week. Of the three, i think it's the giants or Cowboys who are the likeliest candidate for the cellar. ~Bang
  13. Well, if anyone knows that the path to immediate success is a bunch of free agents and a new head coach, it's us. Based on our experience, it's safe to assume the Giants are going undefeated. Last year the giants were only slightly less injured than the Redskins, who's players lost the most games to injury in 2017. The Giants won 3 games, and the Redskins won 7. To me that shows a distinct disparity and it isn't even close. With the most injuries, the Redskins more than doubled the giants output.. Now they are back healthy, upgraded, with a veteran QB who will run this offense like it can be run. The real question is, who the hell is calling Ben McAdoo for opinion? Goofiest **** out of NYC since Rich Kotite. ~Bang
  14. Trent Williams convert to LG, Will Shields #HOF

    I am starting to become convinced that Trent is having a legit Hall of Fame career. Step for step there, and i saw a couple of other videos of other drills in this workout that are just as impressive. His athleticism is amazing. ~Bang
  15. Holy crap, as if this whole thing didn't resemble a bad spy novel to begin with.. Or an excerpt from "the Omen" ~Bang