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  1. Bang

    The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

    It's a completely ham handed and half assed attempt to score feel-good points with a disabled minority. if they REALLY cared they would have been telling those people they've been wearing braille all year. Opportunity.. LOST. ~Bang
  2. Bang

    All Things North Korea Thread

    "Supreme Leader Un is committed to dragging out this silliness for as long as possible so you might be tricked into voting for this buffoon again. So long, suckers... and thanks for the fish," ~Bang
  3. Holy CRAP i suck at this game. see y'next year! ~Bang
  4. Bang

    Hey guys, just stoppin by for a bit!

    I wonder if it is obvious yet that NONE of us can do anything about hiring and firing so WARNING us is pretty stupid. I mean, unless trolling was the goal, which i believe. Because why else show up right after the game to say "hey, your guys sucks"? Worry about yourself. Try not to have another major meltdown like last year, and before you go caterwauling about smith, best check Andy Reid's success record when it isn't the regular season. You can warn us about Smith, but it's clear you haven't figured out that guy yet. Now click your red slippers and get the **** back to Kansas, Dorothy. ~Bang
  5. Bang

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Colts

    Thoughts on the game: 1. Ultra conservative. Looked like they had been reading the paper this week about how dominant they were in ARI. Figured the Colts for easy, and got manhandled up front on both sides of the ball. Played to not make mistakes rather than to make plays. (Edit: reading DJ Swearinger comments, he said they probably paid too much attention to media praise this week.) 2. Manhandled up front on both sides of the ball. it is not often that our offensive line gets ripped like that. but shredded they were. and i think it is because... 3. The snap count is unbelievably predictable. This cannot be overstated. The Colts knew it and tee'd off on it. "Rhino Rhino Ready go" isn't making anyone wonder. Their DL was moving forward before our guys were out of their stances. Proof: we got two hard counts that easily drew them offsides. The second one .. Trent false started.. So if the snap count is SO unchanging that an obvious attempt at a hard count caused Mr. all world LT to jump... it's the SNAP COUNT. seems to me we had this problem with Kirk as well, so I will now look at JAY. Change the snap count. Change the cadences. The Colts were jumping so fast that we probably could have hard counted 6 or 7 offsides out of them before they backed off. 4. Everyone is going to be screaming to sign a wide receiver again. So our entire WR crew underperformed again and could not get separation again. Last year our entire WR corps underperformed and could not get separation. I have to look hard at WR coach Ike Hilliard. When all of our receivers show the same problem,,, and then we change them out and the new batch shows the same problem.... sign all the WRs you want. If they are taught bad habits they play badly, and for 2 years they have played badly and have exhibited bad habits... you have to look over their heads. 5. Josh Doctson plays weak. Not just yesterday. Just in general. The boy is weak. Smith's first long pass to him went right through his fingertips, and a LITTLE effort to extend probably results in a catch. (Feet down, well maybe not,, but ball in hand is the first priority, and he made a very weak attempt at it.) 6. The Defense tightened up after getting gashed early. but had NO answer for the little crossing routes and rub routes. Thoroughly confused them all game long, and it was pretty much ALL the Colts did in the passing game. Their last TD was a prime example.. they left TY Hilton alone and 3 of them followed the 'rub' guy to the outside.. Hilton just waltzed across the line with no one covering him at all. 7. Credit to the Colts,, even if the Redskins did complete a pass,, no matter what they did, the Colts defense flowed to the ball and gang tackled fast. rarely did you see fewer than 5 or 6 Colts around the tackle. YAC was non-existent. 8. But you take a defense that is teeing off on a snap count, crashing SO hard on the line of scrimmage, moving so fast to the ball, there are ways to exploit that with misdirections, nd other tactics,, and we didn't do anything. we stuck to the same old gameplan throughout, and never adjusted to what they were doing. (and as i said above,, when a hard count causes a false start.. you aren't changing anything up to meet the defense.) They better tighten up. ~Bang
  6. Watched the first episode of "Jack Ryan" last night on Prime and it totally blew me away. I thought I'd have a hard time not seeing "Jim" when looking at Krasinski.. and once it got going.. wow. This is going to be a fun show. ~Bang
  7. Bang

    The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

    This is ridiculous ~Bang
  8. Hi crazy paranoid here who gets laughed at for suggesting the administration wants to arm teachers because their overlords want to sell as many guns as is possible. Except now the administration suggest giving bonuses to teachers who are armed. Oh,, ha ha! Just another baby step down the path of total insanity! These people don't REALLY want to do this stuff! i must be out of my mind! ~Bang is tired of being right about these people
  9. Bang

    All things Sports Talk Radio - DMV (met)

    Loverro knows baseball. I'll give him that.. and i think it is because it's largely from the time he views as golden.. when sports journalists wove tales of heroes and largely held in their own hands how the narrative was presented,, which was largely positive, mom and apple pie americana. And he's good with boxing, because again, he harkens back to the old days with all the great champs of the fifties.. with fat guys like him smoking cigars in dark arenas and writing more tales of heroes. Nowadays there isn't any of that mystique. The curtain is completely gone, and he is forced to react rather than drive, and what he has to react to, he doesn't like. Athletes with their own voices not flowing through his typewriter.. he doesn't really like it. He thinks it's out of place. I think this is why on the radio when it came to the Redskins he overreacted as much as he did.. he can't drive the story where he wants it to go because he has no control over it like they used to. ~Bang
  10. Bang

    What do you Believe??? (Religion)

    See, again i go back to the cop out. It is always so convenient. God is what i want him to be. Those other folks certainly believe he is on their side. Just because you believe he's not doesn't mean that is true either. If there is a god, he is Crom. for Crom cares not for anything but Crom. THAT i could believe. At least that makes sense in full view of everything. ~Bang
  11. Bang

    What do you Believe??? (Religion)

    I am sure there's plenty of good work that gets done. I know there is.. and all of that is commendable. But overall, no, i have no faith in people. And yes, it is a broad generalization of a lot of people. But the whole topic is a broad generalization. I disagree the whole thing isn't geared toward the big cop out at the end.. the whole of it is based on what happens after you're dead. All of it. There are plenty of people who do It may be true that this crop of evangelical shysters is a vast minority, but they're strong enough to have inserted the worst president in our history, and have damaged this, country,my country possibly irreparably. It's very possible their fervor in supporting this disaster will result in wars, with potentially millions of people killed. But hey, god will be on their side because their don will tell them so. So since i get to hear it chirped at other religions in which minorities stand up and **** things up for everybody, clean up the house if you want to change the opinion of a guy like me. I know many people that go on missions and do good thing.. a guy i play tennis with just got back from a mission with his church in central america helping build things.. then he gets back and he's supporting a racist president's racist policies, parroting all of the lines that typically get parroted about the things driving deep wedges into us. He doesn't love his neighbor. He pretends to. Sorry again, i am likely all over the road on this.. much going on in my head today. busy at work and trying to juggle serious thought on this may not be going well, i'm afraid. ~Bang
  12. Bang

    What do you Believe??? (Religion)

    Simple numbers on survivability. for us to do so, a lot of people need to die, and birth has to be limited. no one is going to do anything about that, and we will deplete our resources no matter how much we conserve simply because of the sheer number of people who will need to share them.. as they decrease. the expecting us to sin is a cop out and exactly what i am on about above. i don't care, i will be morbidly gluttonous, unashamedly greedy, slothful, I will fill my heart with hate. I will cheat on my spouse, i will be violent, and if not overtly, then by supporting violence against those i hate / fear, ..and all the while, i will be proud of it. and in the end, all i have to do is believe in the almighty fairy, and I get saved. Personal responsibility: abandoned. Why bother with it? There is no punishment in their minds. None. None of them are going to hell, they don't even consider it because the whole thing is set up with the Big Cop Out at the end, and everybody gets a trophy. The best thing the future could do is abandon the myths. Take the responsibility. Sorry, i don't mean to be insulting.. i just can't abide the 'logic' behind any of it. ~Bang
  13. Bang

    What do you Believe??? (Religion)

    I'm an atheist and i have little faith in humanity. I believe a lot of humanity would like to move forward and thrive, but we are constantly held back by those who live in the false notions of the past and fear of the future. As a species, we are doomed. We are already at an unsustainable rate of population growth, and it will only increase exponentially. We are completely unwilling to realize it, make any hard choices, sacrifice any comforts in order to survive. In fact, we have extremely powerful groups fighting against it. Fighting to bleed every last dollar out of everyone as the whole thing declines. to boil it all down into biblical terms, it seems to me that humanity revels in the seven deadly sins, and as such, will suffer the fate of those who do. And i don't mean that has anything to do with any afterlife... but if it does, these people are convinced that no matter what they do, how many commandments they break, no matter how many of the 7 they are addicted to... that everything is going to be a-ok and this God thing will take care of them. They have abandoned personal responsibility. How does anyone respect that? That isn't faith, that is lazy unprincipled ignorance and utter hubris. ~Bang