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  1. i don't see a single loss. 16-0 and cruising through the Super Bowl. Our biggest concern is which players will refuse to go to the White House afterwards. ~Bang
  2. Yeah, the 80s weren't just andro and synth pop. and just because Steve Earle is awesome no matter what or when. ~Bang
  3. Was it the courts who decided American steel manufacturers were likely to not be used in favor of cheaper offshore steel (in which we won't point in the usual directions.. but the rumors are russians involved with Trump businesses.) after he told the American people he was going to build the XL pipeline with American steel, to thunderous applause? we will use american Steel to build the pipeline! Uh.. no, well, maybe not. ahh, what's it matter, words don't mean anything. But pink slips do. and when the mills here lose out bids to foreign steel again there will be a lot of them passed out.. or, more to the truth, there just won't be any jobs o offer. The courts didn't swear in front of everyone he'd use American steel, only to renege on it a few days later... and the courts did not dangle a carrot to one of our hallmark american industries only to yank it away. The president did. it matters a LOT to the little guy. it just depends on which little guy you are. if you were a steel mill worker, you might think a little differently. ~Bang
  4. Thanks to the absent Predicto, I know that is called a "Gish Gallop". where is the guy anyway? I figured he'd be out of his Trump won funk by now. ~Bang
  5. There is a pretty big one called "the Daily Show.".. been doing it for years. problem is that the ones who need to hear it don't listen. (Unless he tells them to.) it may help as personal therapy, though. ~Bang
  6. i will not deny laughing like hell at Sam Dick's name, and the sheriff's accent, and wondering whether or not the chicken farmer had a hard time understanding the non-accented reporter Course, anyone who knows me for any length of time knows I will not miss a name like "sam dick" and it will make me laugh like a 7th grade kid every time. Anybody remember The Mullettes? Skeeter and Duane would love to have a beer with this guy, ~Bang
  7. Y'all should meet my neighbor Tony.. some of the worst emails i ever got from the cartoons were people calling me racist because i patterned a character after Tony.. he's a shade-tree mechanic, damn good with a car.. but hell if he knows what to call what he needs. He takes more liberties with the English language than anyone i ever met. Cracks me up talking with him. I have gone to the junkyard with him to help him rip a part and listened to him tell the desk man he needs "a froomalater" (He needed a carburetor) He'd say "It needa have a nickalitta to go up 'roun' the back way".. meaning god only knows.. but chances are if it went "up around the back way", it was a hose or a belt. Tony has also shown up at my door with two pieces of bread and asked me if i had anything he could put between it. Nowadays he shows up with a soda bottle he's cut in half and asks me to fill it with ice, (" an' lemme git a Coke if you got one." I brought him a diet pepsi.. "Izzat a coke? Do it taste like coke?" When i told him it was cola, just about the same, he gave me the squint-eye. Now he just asks for a soda,, but he's slick, he waits to see what we unload from the grocery store. I've known Tony for almost 30 years now. hell of a chess player. ~Bang
  8. I've always listened to voices, accents, local colloquialisms..,,, i've always been a mimic. (thank you Mel Blanc) That guy was perfect.. genuine through and through, and some of his phrasing just kills me. "they was a screamin' an' a-squallin'.". oh man, I love it. ~Bang
  9. doesn't bother me to say so. Fired? too late, damage done. Sean Hannity dead would be a good thing and his last breath will smell sweet when it rattles out of him. This entire country, and possibly the world, would be better off without him. Whatever that says about me, i don't care. ( i think it says i see him for what he is. Others are entitled to their opinions of that, given that this is the internet, wagging fingers and playing holier than thou is par for the course.) He's an asshole who has subverted this country and has undermined practically every principal this nation supposedly espouses. He lies continuously and plays the lie backwards when it suits his propaganda. And the morons who lap at his foreskin are either too stupid to realize it, or DO realize it and think it's OK because it serves their team. I can't respect either one. I think it's an even split, because frankly, no one with half a brain can listen to him for any significant period of time and not realize it. **** him. ~Bang
  10. Tobias Funke is a fictional character from Arrested Development. His wife knew all about him. He's a therapist of sorts, and an analyst, so he combined the two on his door to read Tobias Funke, Analrapist. I am not sure if i remember correctly, but the fallout from that led him to try to join the Blue Man group. ~Bang
  11. When i used to do cartoons (and to a lesser degree with the Bang Radio Hour podcast) by far the biggest complaints i'd get were people calling me names for doing exaggerated voice characterizations. (Fact is every voice i do i've heard before, mostly people I know. well, i give you.. uh this feller. You can't exaggerate it. Reality is always the best place to find the funny. ~Dang
  12. Which country has the most sun? We need to get on top of that **** before they start hoarding it and driving up the price. USA! USA! ~usa
  13. Frum Flar-ins to Ven-iss, from Ver-dee to Pavarotti.. oh hey, i know that one, saw his name on a billboard, must be important. ...dear friend of mine. Very good Donald, now would someone else in the class like to pick up where Donald left off? I got a dollar says before he's gone he will request one of his speeches to be printed in a pop-up book. ~Bang
  14. I don't understand these women complaining about a lack of culture change. Fox got the culture change they've been pushing for 20 years. Now they are suddenly shocked that what these clowns stood for are not just different than what they expected, but pretty much exactly what they've been saying they were for years. Fox should pay by the law, sure. But complaining about the ****ing smell when you willingly swam in the sewer for so long, i hope sympathy isn't expected.. ~Bang
  15. eh, damage is done. They'll replace him with another him. ~Bang