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  1. The true tragedy here is no one is commending the monument for stopping the car from running over a mother duck and her adorable ducklings that were crossing the road behind it. Or.. it could be argued that since it doesn't say "thou shalt not runneth over mine stone with thine automobile" then all is clear. thanks. i'll be here all week folks. Be sure and take care of those bartenders and waitresses. ~Bong
  2. Oh come on,, it's not a vacation. McConnell needs time to kidnap the kids of holdout congressmen so as to make a proper threat for them to do what literally almost no one in the country wants them to do. "representative government' my ass. ~Bang
  3. Why shouldn't they? Putin is winning easily. Unbound by any loyalty to the US or responsibility to our laws and sovereignty, he can pull strings and manipulate while his puppet can have his propagandists ask "what crime"? He is taking down the US without firing a shot. ~Bang
  4. It's her power and strength that would give her the chance. There hasn't been a female tennis player who is as physically strong as her. Tell you what.. if it were a question as to whether she'd be higher than 700 within a year .. I'd take that bet. She might even be top 100. She's a hell of a good player beyond muscle. ~Bang
  5. I think Serena is physically strong enough to handle the volleys.. the men do volley hard and to compensate, you play deep behind the baseline,, but that makes you have to hit it a lot harder and farther to get it back. The serve.. as i said above.. most of men's tennis is about the serve. And I think Serena does have a powerful serve.. maybe not AS powerful, but strong enough. I think the biggest difference would be the five set marathon... but give her time to train for it, and I don't see why she couldn't erase that as a detriment. ~Bang
  6. Serena would mop up the floor with him. And she might have done it when he was in his prime. the main difference is the stamina factor.. five sets vs three is a major difference. but in terms of the game itself.. Tennis is about ball placement first, .. power doesn't come into play nearly as much. And Serena can move the opponent around just as well as the men could maybe move her around. Pro tennis so much anymore is about the serve.. a guy like John Isner, for example.. he's almost ALL serve,, he's highly ranked because he's 6'8" and he serves straight downhill, but the opponent that can return his serve and make him play has a damn good chance of beating him. Volleys,, why isn't Serena capable of hanging with the men? Serena is one of the best athletes that the US has ever produced.. she may not break in with Federer or Nadal or Djokovic's or Murray's air.. but to say she'd rank in the hundreds is ridiculous, in my opinion. ~Bang
  7. Well, you could start by legalizing marijuana, you'd clear out a lot of jail space currently occupied by people who's offense should not warrant prison time. But there's too much profit in incarcerating our citizens now. That is too much of a ripe plum for the people profiting to want to give up. Especially when all their procurement labor is funded 100% by the government, and is easily corrupted. ~Bang
  8. I think believing this is entirely media generated is .. uh,, media generated. ~Bang
  9. Smoke is not enough, but when billows of it are coming out the window, you'd be a fool to not make sure there's no embers. There's too many shady things to not require some answers. ~Bang
  10. When the independent counsel decides there isn't any outside collusion after conducting a thorough investigation, that'll be that. And, so we're clear, I'm not for one of those Whitewater witch hunts that start off on a shady land deal and settles on a completely unrelated blowjob several years later. I'm talking about finding something real and connected to what could be very serious and damaging to our country. Apparently a couple of months is "how long' the GOP thinks it's necessary to investigate such things. ~Bang
  11. Have they reported actual evidence? "Right now" is a very key phrase, because at one time in practically every investigation, there is a "right now" when there is no proof. "right now" i keep hearing to sweep everything away because "right now' there isn't concrete proof. that would be sloppy and irresponsible to the country. ~Bang
  12. is there some sort of 7 month statute of limitations on this i'm not aware of? I'm not one who likes political games, they are counterproductive and hurt we the people. But, i don't see this as a political game to be played, and this very hard push to sweep it under the rug before investigations have concluded is troubling. You're right. I am better than that. Are you? The smokes and allegations and associations .. considering what it is, isn't it paramount to find truth? Our highest intelligence and law enforcement agencies seem to think so, and so do I. ~Bang
  13. There is simply too much smoke to ignore. WAY too much to not turn over every rock and find out what's up. They haven't even really begun turning over rocks. there's just too much at stake to just wave things off on first glance, not with as much smoke that is billowing around. Smoke that pre-dates the election considerably. ~Bang
  14. honest answer. i see plenty of reason why. You don't? the GOP is led by the biggest liar I've ever seen. he doesn't even care anyone knows he's lying, the narrative and the excuses given to him change right along with whatever fantasy is in his head. The possibility he absolutely sold this country out to our biggest enemy is becoming more and more likely, and this clown changes his story on it almost daily. The attempts at drawing equivalency are ridiculous, and once again shows the main reason why I quit the GOP so many years ago... they honestly think we are that stupid, and they honestly KNOW their base is, and more than willing to follow whatever idiotic 'logic' they are given for the lunacy they support. ~Bang
  15. Over / under on GOPers who would have believed Obama if he'd have gone public about Russian interference.... I'm going to place it at 2. Over / under on GOPers who would have claimed it was foul play to steal an election by the Democrats and that Obama should just shut his lame duck muslim terrorist sympathizing Kenyan mouth? I'm going to set the number at "all of them". ~Bang