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  1. Y'all are funny. Oh it's about constitution this or mental health that. that's what YOU think it's about. That's the distraction. The round room with the answer in the corner. it's about a massive lobby selling guns for manufacturers and buying the complicity of your elected officials while using compromised media and politicians to fan the flames of the fear that drives sales.. and coincidentally, mental health problems that cause shootings in many of these cases that drive the fear that makes the sales that fans the flames that causes a crazy person to shoot people which drives the fear that makes the sales that fans the flames... you get the picture.. This is GREAT for business. Mass indiscriminate murder is AWESOME for sales. cha-CHING. But yeah, second amendment this and fluffernutter that. this country is sick, and instead of doing something about the illness, it is distracted to arguing endless points that have never changed or budged an iota in forever, and never will. It's just a merry go round of bull****, a lot of blood, and a LOT of money for people who use us for precisely this exact reason, (and as we've learned, are well funded by an enemy who probably loves nothing better than to see us going crazy and killing each other... and most certainly could not give a **** about our Constitution or what it says other than to use it to their own ends, which they have.) It's not about anything but ****ing money. Cha CHING. ~Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!
  2. Predicto once brought up a Gish Gallop, a term i had never heard before he talked about it in one of these threads one day a few years ago In a debate the weaker side does nothing but continually fling ridiculous assertions and accusations that cause the opponent to do nothing except defend against bull**** and garbage throughout the debate, and are never able to actually get their own thoughts out or even bring the debate around to any real issues at all. The entire GOP is like that. it's all the president DOES for crying out loud.. The entire right wing media machine is nothing but a constant Gish Gallop. This is what makes more reputable media react like they do. They force them to continually react to their never ending assault of bull****, which in turn makes it headline "news".. and of course distracts from the actual state of affairs. ~Bang
  3. Why would Russia normalize relations? They hate us, have always hated us, and they're winning. We look like chumps. ~Bang
  4. Gosh, i guess i'm just being silly suggesting what is coming. I've just been steadily more and more stuck in my 'derangement syndrome', constantly saying what is coming and asking if people are ready. oh, i mean what is here. Happening now. Every day. "oh it's just ginned up political hysteria and it's hilarious to watch you guys acting like it's bigger than it is." There's only two sides to this. Which one are you on? still making excuses? Still think it's funny listening to people raise alarms? Still think folks pointing at history are just being paranoid? Then you're on the wrong side. They count on your stupid, slow witted inability to grasp reality when it is shooting your neighbors right in the face. They rely on your ignorance, they survive at this stage because you're too stupid to know who they are and what they want, even though they tell you quite clearly. They count on your inability to think beyond the cushion of your own ass, and your inability to do anything except react in the ways they predict and manipulate. Best wise up. War is here. Terrorists are operating on our soil. This is what it looks like now. Terror bombings, arsons, mass murders targeted specifically towards people continually referred to as "enemies" by the people who have started the war that you are too dumb to see happening. best wise up. ~Bang
  5. War is great for business. Does wonders for popularity. Cash rolls in, poor people die. What's not to like? Everybody wins! Well, except us. ~ Bang
  6. there are no facts becuase you don't care to go looking for them. In fact, they have been tossed right by your head in this and a hundred other threads you have participated in on this very website. it is not my responsibility to teach you. As you said,, that is on your raising. the time for playing games like this is over. You have more than enough people telling you the same thing from enough sources that it should pique you to investigate. To not do so is to believe that everyone is wrong except you... and well, i guess that explains the stances you so frequently take in these discussions. Who you are and who your parents are and all of that is exactly the point. You think because you had it that way, that others who have it differently should succeed at the same level. Telling me your story somehow reflects ANYTHING on anyone else's story. it doesn't. some people have it a lot worse than you, and others simply can't get out from behind other circumstances. THIS doesn't need a list.. this just needs a basic understanding that life is not the same for everyone no matter how similar anyone wants to believe it is. If you say above you know not everyone has the same opportunity.. but that they have opportunity,, you are essentially contradicting yourself. if they do not have the same opportunity, to assign all of that to how they were raised is ignorant as hell. most people who live in poverty don't use welfare, by the way. Most live hand to mouth, paycheck to paycheck, two working parents who can't get beyond whatever limitations are in their paths. "Poverty" isn't just the starving or homeless, and it's not even all about money, really. The fact you have you boiled one of the 'biggest factors' down to one simpleminded reason is very telling. Who do you think steals more from you.. the welfare recipient, or the president's friends? (You know,, those folks who gave themselves a massive tax cut, and when the deficit did what they were warned it would do, turned right around and blamed your social security?. Those people. the ones who's opportunity is simply birth. And that gave them the opportunity to fleece us all.) ~Bang
  7. Maybe if you were raised better you would not have to ask such an obvious question. I don't have time to make you a list. And, frankly, i don't have the desire anymore, either. Attitudes like this are a massive problem, and the only reason anyone is ignorant to these truths is they choose to be. There is no societal pressure preventing anyone from being more aware of the realities of life in this country and on this world.. Fact is we've been taught we all have the same opportunities, and we do not. And that is not bound by any one factor or area to blame. ~Bang
  8. All it ever takes for anyone to have the same as everyone else is just a good raising. Not everyone's life experience is the same, for millions of reasons. You can have the best parents who do all the right things, and be trapped in a cycle of poverty for more reasons that you can count. the notion of 'all it takes is hard work and gumption" is crap. It takes more, and a bit of cooperation from the society around us. A lot of people are in their situations due to their own actions,, and a lot are not in control of those outside forces. This is part and parcel of our problem.. because we've been conditioned to believe we are all the same, we do not understand when people's life experiences are not identical. You must be like me because i am like me and we are the same. If you are not like me, it must be your fault. I have no advantages over you, because we are the same. And so we lay out simplistic nonsense answers like "just raise 'em right and they won't be poor, etc. etc. etc."... and a shrug to call it a day. Understanding level - zero. ~Bang
  9. Well.. if i may sound crude for a second... Kanye,, representative of the 'mud people' and folks long thought by most of Trump's base to be mentally inferior... HAS FIGURED IT OUT. If only the "master race' were so smart. Everything they believe.. is a contradiction of everything they are and... say they believe. ~Bang
  10. Bang

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Giants

    A few thoughts from yesterday big win. 1. Defense = PYTHON LEVEL. You ever watch a python kill something? It's slow, it's inevitable. The thing it has hold of might kick a little, it might squirm a little, but overall it is slowly and surely squeezed until it doesn't move at all. This is the Redskins defense. Right now they are #2 in rushing defense behind the Saints. They are truly #1. the Saints opponents are throwing a lot to stay in the game, the Redskins are not blowing out anyone, no one is abandoning their run game to shoot it out with the Redskins offense. The rushers they have faced are among the best in the league. Barkley, Elliott, McCaffrey/Cam have rushed for less than 100 yards combined against us right n a row. (Kamara also went nowhere, but the Saints weren't trying to run anyway.) I am officially throwing "PYTHON" out there as the nickname of our defense. 2. AP ran for 150 yards and the team as a whole rushed for 180 yards. THIS IS OFFENSE, folks. Everyone is so enamored with the pass, all concerned about not getting downfield. It doesn't matter when you have a defense that is this good and a running game that is this good. The offense DEFINITELY can be much better, and there are problems to iron out. BUT, when you can run the ball like this and clamp down on opponents like we do, this is winning soundly. I see the usual doom and gloom this morning.. we better pass when we do this! or that!.. well, so far we've run through almost half the schedule and are 3 games over .500. So, while people worry about what will happen if we face this team or that team, next week we face the Falcons, and that is all that matters. AND, for that we better pass effectively. Atlanta has too many weapons to expect we can hold them to 17. But so far, build wins. Win the division, get to the postseason. And right now, that is a realistic goal. 3. Alex Smith has a new nickname from me. Jason Campbell Lite. Dicky Double Clutch. Here's me during a Campbell play: ThrowtheballthrowtheBALLthrowtheBALLTHROWTHEBALLTHROWIT!!THROWTHEBALL!!!! I sound the same during a Smith play, although shorter. He doesn't hold it as long but damn, he double clutches like nobody i've seen since Jason. THROW IT. Why is he not throwing on that first motion? They aren't pump fakes, they are a lack of confidence in what he sees. It's good he's not turning the ball over, but we're also not getting much YAC. 4. Smith still... seems slower even when scrambling.. seems to have a hard time deciding it is time to run or time to stand in. He did stay in the pocket more yesterday, but when things broke down a little, he seemed to me to not have any feel of where to go to buy himself some time.. because it's there. he is getting good protection. Yesterday he was better than against Dallas, but still not good pocket awareness or confidence. 5. Josh Doctson grows some more, had what i thought might have been his best game as a pro. Tough plays, hard routes, good hands. didn't drop anything and for the first time i can recall, he got some YAC on a play. His blocking was superb. Liking what I am seeing as Doctson goes along. 6. Tight Ends.. is it me or does Reed seem to be playing it a little lazy? Probably not, maybe he just started off a little slow yesterday, he wasn't loafing.. but it didn't look like his best effort. i love how he turns the ball up at the sticks to fight for that first down, but he also tends to do that spin-back when he's on a dead run heading into the flat.. he loses his momentum. he had one in the first half yesterday,, maybe his 3rd catch.. he caught it on a short wheel and turned that spin instead of continuing on.. probably could have had 3 or 4 more yards than he got. (This is a nit-picky point.) Davis with another terrible blocking error.. this one a penalty on a little bubble screen to Mo Harris that took away a first down early in the game. he's straight up a liability unless he's catching the ball. 7. Defensive line,, holy smokes. MOST of you, this is the best Redskins DL you have ever seen. By FAR. This is rivaling the 80s teams, and that is no hyperbole. The defensive line IS the identity of the team. Allen and Payne are everything as advertised. They are worth every bit of the first round picks we used on them. 100% home run. Ionnidas;; holy smokes, this guy is KILLING it. leads the team in sacks, plugs up the middle completely. He is HUGE and playing bigger. Almost unblockable, he just shoves his way into the backfield like a grizzly bear in a powder room. 8. Mason Foster had a great day.. great instincts, flashing into gaps. he still suffers slightly in pass D.. not the fastest guy, but a damn good LB playing the run. Not bad at all for an off-the-street emergency signing. BIG fan of his and getting bigger. 9. DJ Swearinger is playing GREAT.. i'm hearing "All Pro" mentioned.. maybe. That sure would be nice. Regardless, Bruce or Doug better be on the phone with his agent locking him up. He is what we've been looking for since Sean. He has stabilized the secondary. He is a ballhawk that we have not had. He has the attitude we have not had. He is SMART, tackles well, plays as well at the line of scrimmage as he does deep. 10. Greg Stroman,, they identified him early and went at him a lot.. then in the second half, he got a hold on things. The scheme changed a bit to give him a little help and gave him some space to work with, and his play picked up considerably. I'd give him a very good day especially given the level of WR competition. 11. 5-2. Game and a half lead in the division. It's laid out there for us. Control is nice. ~Bang
  11. Clearly a patriot who will listen to civil discourse. ~Bang
  12. I've said it before, there isn't one other than the obvious one. This doesn't go away without it. There is no talking down people like this, and there are a lot of these people and they feel pretty bold right now.. and their leaders are fanning the fears that cause even more of them to snap. How do you un-brainwash tens of millions of people? Even the 'reasonable' ones who haven't shot or bombed anyone have spent the week actively denying, playing up conspiracy theories, believing everything except the truth. These events will increase and those who are going to increase it aren't in the mood to listen to anything except that which is goading them to these actions. They got voted out 10 years ago and got worse. and now they're back with the worst possible leader standing behind them and encouraging them. we can vote all we want.. their answer isn't reasonable. They do not care for the American way, they don't care about any of the founding principles except their guns. They are crystal clear in this. (And we'd also have to trust that the voting process isn't sold out. I'm not convinced.) This **** might go to sleep, but it doesn't go away. And i have a feeling they're done sleeping. Be ready. ~Bang