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  1. Redskins exit physical must go through Kathy Bates. Can't say i'm disappointed Breeland failed his physical either.. if we can get him back on the cheap, color me pleased. ~Bang
  2. Any fan of Ian Dury, i can raise a glass with. Sparkle. Clean glam, man. LOVE those guitars. Scientific spoiler: pink doesn't actually turn to blue. It's not nice to stare.. And one just because.. it's a hell of a cover. It ain't what you think.. ~Bang
  3. yeah,, i know. This is the sad part about it. For a lot of people, not just that group, being proven wrong is just more reason to dig in. ~Bang
  4. Who cares if we 'learn' anything. Shoving every single bit of this right down the throats of the holier than thou bible thumpers who swear that this guy is chosen by God is fun. Making them suck up every drop of their hypocrisy is gratifying, even if they never understand it. I want to keep shoving it down. Hard. Hold them down on it by the back of their tiny little pointy heads til they ****ing gag on it. They've earned every single drop of it. And i will greatly enjoy seeing as much of it splattered on them as can be. Just line 'em up. ~Bang
  5. If Baltimore's bullcrap forces Grant back at a reasonable deal, i wouldn't complain a bit. We are light at WR. We need him. We resigned Quick, which is nice, but last year he was only targeted 8 times. What the hell is that? I like Mo Harris as a nice longshot to root for, but they tried to cut him last year and injury forced him back late in the year. Pryor isn't back, and isn't missed... but even with the addition of Richardson this group is still VERY light. After the starting 3 of Doctson, Crowder and Richardson, Harris and Robert Davis have a combined 12 career receptions (all by Harris. Davis hasn't been targeted). Quick hasn't been a factor. We can definitely use Grant, and we could stand to draft another WR and maybe even look at late FA options and June 30 cuts. ~Bang
  6. This guy ain't chopped liver. I truly think some of our fans forgot we drafted him in round 1 last year. we could use some depth, but i would not call it desperate. Both of our starting inside DL got hurt, Allen missed more than 2/3 of the season. Our two ILB got hurt.. Foster missed more than 2/3 of the season. Ionnaidis missed a couple of games and then played hurt with a broken hand for a month. Those things are going to damage your run defense. But prior to those injuries, this defense was making noise. That said,, if we went and got Benny Logan on a nice friendly deal, if we used our top pick on the big boy from Washington, or Allen's line-mate at 'Bama, i wouldn't complain. And if we don't, i would be alright with that as well. And further, if we decided tomorrow to drop the 3-4 and go back to a 4-3, i'd be VERY happy. Maybe i'm wrong, but it seems to me our interior guys would be much more suited to it. ~Bang
  7. Yup, i think Bennie Logan fits that "make the defense better" and 'get the parts to win" a WHOLE lot better than "let's wreck the cap for overrated aged Ndomakung Suh." That's what I'm saying. Not sit still. I like Logan a lot better than Suh, for the fact I think he's on par as a player, he's younger, and he's not on record saying he wants to cash in a big payday as he goes out. Everything about Logan would help. Nothing about Suh would. He's a player.. but what we'd get for how much more we'd pay it's not worth consideration. However, now with the Brown resigning AND Jonathan allen back healthy,, i think we can look back at the first month of last year's defense and think it doesn't need a whole hell of a lot to keep us stout. Allen and Ionnaidis were tearing it up inside. Our 3rd down D had done a 180. They were crushing the pocket, Smith and Kerrigan were getting off. Foster returns, and he was also killing it til he got hurt. Brown is a run stopping machine. (and I saw the same thing starting to show in Spaight... good instincts to diagnose and knife through to make hits in the backfield. Good depth that got quality playing time.) So, while Logan would be a nice add at a good price, I don't think we need to make the kind of signing to 'fix' anything. I think Allen and Ionnaidis were doing quite a nice job of being the fix. Support, fresh legs with the talent of Logan.. I would start to be very happy indeed. Lanier came on strong last year as well.. had himself a fine season of development and now has a lot of playing experience to build on. I like the interior DL's base. ~Bang
  8. If Baltimore failed Grant to clear a path for Crabtree, he should pay Aqib Talib to jump him. ~Bang
  9. I'd be perfectly happy with Bennie Logan. Much prefer him than Suh, who only has himself in mind. I mean, if we want to go back to the reputation of signing older overrated players for stupid money so they can retire fat and laughing while we stay at 5-11 forever, then Suh is our man. Gas up the jet, tell Dan to get out the most gaudy gem-encrusted money bags he has and go get him. Logan's a player. I'd have liked him to sign here last year, but I'll be alright to have kept the seat warm. ~Bang
  10. Is Pryor worth Keeping?

    It has to be cheap, but i'd let him in to compete for a spot. No guarantees. He works hard, shows all the right signs, but for some reason had nothing going on out on the field. Could be injury, could be a bad relationship with the QB, could be other injuries like OL taking timing away. Could be he stinks and can't do it, either. But I'd say at a quarter of what he just made or less, with most of it incentive based, why not find out? ~Bang
  11. Ah, now i do. One could only hope, eh! We'd be saved! ~Bang
  12. And how easy it is to spread discord and misinformation. to build on what i said above, i can actually forgive folks for being suckered.. people do.. it happens all the time. But by now you better damn sure have figured it out. ~Bang
  13. Lots of people fall for cons. Lots of people seem smart, but truly haven't got the slightest lick of sense. I guess that can translate to "people like you".. but if i was one of those voters suckered by this charlatan, i'd be pretty ****ing embarrassed by how easily i was manipulated. Or, i'm too stupid to realize it. (Because actually looking at this presidency thus far and believing it is good also qualifies for the 'too stupid to know better' column... with a nudge maybe into the 'too stubborn to admit it" column) For me, there isn't any middle ground left. If you voted for Trump, you're either an idiot or a sucker. Folks can argue it all they want. but reality is what it is. ~Bang