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  1. Net Neutrality 2017

    Seriously getting about sick of republican senators and presidents straight up insulting American citizens. Trump i can forgive somewhat because we knew what he is prior and we knew he had no respect for anything but himself. we know he's an uncouth boor. We know he's a childish narcissist from the outset. Ted Cruz,, this is an American senator who has been seated for nearly 15 years using the term "snowflake' to describe concerned constituents. I don't care who he is or which party he's in, this behavior is beneath the dignity of his office and standing as a US Senator. Unprofessional & uncouth to say the least. Our politicians take their behavioral cues from online troll bros. ****ing embarrassing. But a-ok to the average GOPer. Encouraged and rewarded for such behavior. You ****ing idiots. ~Bang
  2. What is happening? it's called a drug war, moron. Good ol' capitalism. A fight for customers. ~Bang
  3. Hey, leave my gluttony for Sunday punishment out of this. ~Dang
  4. Net Neutrality 2017

    in 1999 the state of Maryland deregulated power companies because the power companies lobbied the general assembly to do so. They called it the "Consumer Choice and Competition Act" Basically it gave any competitors 7 years to build new powerhouses and string new lines, at which time in 2007 everything would be deregulated and open competition would set prices. well, what the **** do you know, nobody built a new system due to how much it would cost and 7 years not being enough time to create the structure needed to sustain a new power grid. Powerhouses, rail lines to supply fuel to generate.. hydroelectric systems,, lines and substations... it's impossible to build it within the time allowed. In 2007 the average Marylander saw a 73% increase in electric bills. Z, you and i both use SMECO, and ours went up over 70%,, i remember it like it was yesterday.. unreal. (and we'r a co-op that supposedly buys electricity from the most cost effective source. Remember back in the day sometimes you'd actually get a check from them because you didn't use as much as was budgeted for the year? I haven't seen one since.) Maryland now has the 4th highest residential electricity rates in the US. And THAT was signed on by a democrat governor, Parris Glendenning who's entire tenure saw him do two things. Raise the cost of basic necessities and taxes on ALL marylanders, and dump his wife and run off with his secretary. Point is,, big business will screw you if given the power to do so, without exception. This is what happens when the government steps in and mandates a monopoly, regardless of how it was couched in their stupid "competition" language. A question for those smarter than me,, when Reagan broke up the phone company monopoly, the ability to open competition was that the already-in-place infrastructure was to be referred to as a "common carrier", which could be used by any of the competitors to carry their signal. What is the difference? ~Bang
  5. I think the term is "activist judges" Say, GOPer! See how LITTLE they respect your intelligence yet,, or are you STILL too stupid? A dog learns faster than this. ~Bang
  6. Let him plea down from firing squad to noose. ~Bang
  7. Net Neutrality 2017

    How about simply keeping american small business viable and able to compete in the world? The greatest tool for economic opportunity that exists. The greatest encouragement of innovation, and enabler of progress ever in our lifetimes. Pro Buisiness? Pro market? **** you, GOP. You ****ing clowns don't even know what you stand for. You stand for nothing, you weak, spineless embarrassments. ~Bang
  8. Net Neutrality 2017

    The only thing i see in that video is how many of his teeth i'd like to see him swallow. or spit onto the pavement.... or leave embedded in a brick. i ain't picky. **** this ****ing guy. **** every ****ing person that voted for these ****ers. ~Bang
  9. Net Neutrality 2017

    representative government my ****ing ass. **** these people. Die in a fire. ~Bang
  10. Net Neutrality 2017

    Hope i still have a job in a month. Good chance i won't. ~Bang
  11. wait a minute. A little over a year ago the existence of an investigation meant guilt. I sure wish these pinheads would make up their tiny little minds. ~Bang
  12. Who wants Olive Garden?

    Looks like it's gotten a facelift! Best thing about them was they used about a pound of butter in EVERYTHING. ~Bang
  13. Who wants Olive Garden?

    IHOP is carnival food. My 2Am joint wasn't a chain, it was the Honey Bee in Glen Burnie, which I THINK still exists. The greasiest greasy spoon i've even been in. ~Bang
  14. Election 2017 Thread

    Sue him into oblivion. Take his horse and his stupid tiny little pistol. it is awesome to see the turnout numbers. Awesome to see the numbers among black men and women. This is how you transform the south. HOPEFULLY with this folks will see the proof of their error in half of us staying home last November, and the general error of believing your vote is worthless There is power if enough vote. Even if you feel your vote doesn't count, this proves that if enough people go out and cast their ballot, then it does. ~Bang
  15. Election 2017 Thread

    That 'deck" the President refers to is what we human beings call "Moral decency" **** this clown. ~Bang