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  1. the day Sean Hannity dies will be a good one indeed. i hope it's tomorrow. ~Bang
  2. thankfully for me, this doesn't seem to apply to typing ~Bang
  3. More it's really just anti whatever a lib'tard says. The best thing anyone could have done is have Rachel Maddow go on tv and praise the Turks for decisive action agaist these troublemakers. There would have been a huge outrage with Fox leading the charge, and something would have been done. Liberals should smile and say that after review, they love all of Trump's policies, and these pinheaded idiots will **** themselves trying to get rid of it all. Or maybe liberals should release a study claiming that holding your breath for six minutes is bad for you, and they want to pass a law banning it. ~Bang
  4. I think there's really a very simple way to avoid the whole problem. Shut the **** up. Seems a lot of people forgot this is an option, and since they can't shut the **** up and insist on saying insulting and ignorant things, they get to meet people who will slap the **** out of them. She asked for it. She may not have thought that was the answer to what she asked for, but oh well, once again, the best way to avoid that man slapping her is to shut the **** up, mind her own business, and not be an asshole to the people around her. This isn't "what we've become" this is what we ARE, and now we just see it. What we are "becoming" are people that are tired of taking **** from ignorant pigs. It doesn't matter that she's a woman.. i see this as no valid protection anymore on moral grounds. She stuck herself in harm's way, and what happens after she steps into it is as much her responsibility as his. I've been in many a scrap. And the first rule to not be in one is don't put yourself in a situation in which you are unprepared for the consequence. Opening up your yap like she did put herself in there, and once there, no sympathy for what happens if it fits the crime. In her case an open hand slap right across her mouth was a fine response. I noticed that even though he took off, she shut right the **** on up. Think she'll think about what she's going to say on the bus tomorrow? ~Bang
  5. No time, my man! i wish. ~Bang
  6. I'm not much one for social media vigilantism, but this asshole should get what he deserves. Ride his ass out of town on a rail. ~Bang
  7. Brian's Song. I still can't make it through the end. When i saw it the first time as a kid, it ****ed me up for a whole day,, crocodile tears. ~Bang
  8. Someone should just send Ubaldo home tonight. Tell him he's got a hurt foot, and if he questions it, stomp on it. ~Jeez
  9. damn, i never know what to say in these threads.. so i'll say the typical, but know i am thinking of our greatest friends tonight. ~Bang
  10. Damn lots of good movies there. I picked Blade Runner, but on any other day it may be something else. ~Bang
  11. Why does anyone think the government can do anything about this? Seriously, this isn't "PC" amok, this is people with a voice,, and what do you know, people REALLY enjoy making life miserable for as many people as they can, and have decided every little offense requires instant judgment of death or outrage beyond any reason shall follow. we're a nation of victims, convinced every single wrongdoing is not our fault, and not only are we blameless for anything, we WILL find blame, and we will exploit it for ANY amount of satisfaction. we live in a society where we had to pass laws to stop people from suing people who tried to help their relative or whoever after having been in an accident. Our court systems are cash machines, and we have an overly litigious society driving us to view each other as nothing more than the Cause of All of Our Problems. And if it won't get you money, some internet infamy is just as good, because from my ****ing chair in my ****ing living room i know everything about every goddam thing, and godammit, you BETTER not piss me off, because I will obsess over every little slight there is until i get my pound of flesh. PC isn't the problem. People are. You cannot get PC enough for anyone to ever stop ****ing complaining. Because even if the thing you're asking is perfectly reasonable, the general response is "**** YOU", because you ain't tellin' me nothin' about nothin'. And we have a media who thinks "College Student called a bad name" is ****ing NEWS, and touts up every indiscretion into as much full blown hysteria as they can,, and what do you know, we have hysterical people everywhere believing that every single incident is indicative of "what's wrong with this country", rather than being an isolated incident played into clicks on facebook. Typical exchange on facebook over "story" on "Boy harrassed by student for wearing blue shirt" (Actual story: boy says, yo man, that's too much blue! You look like a football field in Idaho! Other students laugh.) Ms Busybody: Oh, i think that's terrible. His father's uncle was a police officer! Why shouldn't he wear blue?! Shirley Overreaction: the teacher knew somebody who's father got killed by a cop! It's insensitive, ****! L'Enfant Provocatuer: Trump is going to stop ALL of this ****! **** these Mexicans and their disrespect for America and so on. People. ****ing SUCK. and no leader can change that, ~Bang
  12. Bestiality and treason are hardly comparable. Just kiddin'. ~
  13. He really is one seriously DUMB mother****er. ~Bang
  14. Mata Hari has fulfilled her duty. Now she just has to look pretty while we fall apart ~Bang
  15. Throw their ambassador out of the country, and tell them to go **** themselves. Come on Donny, don't be such a ****ing pansy. They beat Americans and fought American cops in the capital of the United States of AMERICA. And NOW they feel justified, have called US wrong for our citizens exercising their constitutional rights, and sent the message that you cannot and WILL not protect Americans here at home, even though that was one of the key planks in your campaign of bull****. ****ing embarrassing and infuriating. ~Bang