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  1. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    Threats: 16. Baltimore: Unless they're happy with Alex Collins which seems a stretch. 18. Seattle: Their running game has been a disaster since Lynch left, with CJ Prosise's injury history particularly brutal. 20. Detroit: 2018 starting running back is currently not on roster. 24. Carolina: Likely will bring in a RB to replace Stewart 28. Pittsburgh: Not sure James Conner is a legit backup to Lev Bell 31. New England: No legit RB in house that can really take over the gig. Round 2: 33: Cleveland: Even w/Hyde in place, I could see them going RB, Duke's contract is up in '19. 34. NYG: No legit RB on the roster 36. Indy: Depends on whether or not they think Mack can be a bell cow. 37. NYJ: Crowell is not a long term solution 38. Tampa Bay: Hard to imagine Peyton Barber is seen as the undisputed bell cow. 40. Denver: Maybe they're okay with D. Henderson and D. Booker, not sure. 41. Oakland: Lynch's replacement is probably not on the roster. 42. Miami: I don't know if they're good w/what they've got. I tend to doubt it. 43. New England: Wouldn't surprise me if they used this pick on an RB. I see about 14 teams after we select at 13 (currently, trading of course could happen) potentially taking a RB before we pick again at 44. Obviously most of them won't, but some of them seem like serious threats, the biggest of them to me are: Baltimore, Seattle, Detroit, New England, Cleveland, NYG, Indy, Tampa Bay, Denver, Oakland and Miami, and NYG, Indy, TB, and Denver might take their guy in round 1. To me, a trade down makes the most sense, we just need to make sure that we don't trade behind that cluster of potential RB picking teams that compromise almost all the selections to be made between slot 31 and our pick at 44. I can't remember if there were rumors (and the past two seasons they were wrong (the hot rumors suggested us wanting Michael Thomas in '16 and Dalvin Cook in '17), but any word on whom we seem fixated on? I feel like it was basically everyone in my big six other than Freeman and Penny but I can't remember.
  2. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    You need to look at the classes themselves, and the players themselves. I think it's perfectly fine to take shots at RB later in drafts, particularly in the 50-100 zone, but I also think you need to look at the classes and see what you have. Just recently: 2009-2014: Every single one of them was known to be horrible at the time of the draft, zero reason to reach on RB in any of those drafts which is why a few had either 1, or even zero RB's drafted in round 1. 20015: First quality class since 2008, was known at the time that the asset in the class outside of Gurley was in it's top end depth (basically a giant pile of guys with similar evaluations to 2018's tier 2 guys). Bust or not, from that class you would have been wise to throw a dart considering the depth of available on day 2 of the draft (avoiding day 1 unless for Gurley). Namely: 1. Gurley Tier 2: 2. Gordon-I didn't rate him, just don't trust Wisconsin RB's. 3. Duke Johnson 4. Ameer Abdullah 5. TJ Yeldon 6. David Cobb 7. Tevin Coleman 8. David Johnson 9. Jay Ajayi That's a pretty enormous tier 2 as you can see, and there's only one real non-injury related bust in the group (Cobb). At the time it was viewed as a superlative class in terms of depth and time has proven that judgment correct. It's interesting to look at the prospects and see how the eval has gone. 2. Gordon: I didn't trust him because of the Wisconsin angle, he was good to very good across the board in terms of athelticism, but during his career he's been dinged and not been able to showcase the athleticism with consistency. 3. Duke: I loved, loved, loved him, and then the idiot Browns coach decided to make him a pure satellite back despite having just enough size to have been a bell cow at Miami and the most productive one ever. I'm still convinced he's a star used improperly, as a Sat back he's been outstanding. 4. Ameer: Looked fantastic early, never been remotely as good since his September 2016 injury. 5. Yeldon: Looked liked a bust until he developed into a good Sat Back with jacksonville last year. 6. Cobb-Mega Bust 7. Coleman: Fear was he was much better passing game/straight line runner than a traditional back. Has split time w/Freeman and been excellent if dinged a lot. 8. David Johnson: Perhaps the funniest of all eval's and one I remember the most. He was hated on, and I mean HATED on by the tape geeks for running supposedly without toughness and being garbage inside. The he became the best young RB in the NFL in 2016 before tearing his ACL in 2017. 9. Ajayi: Never seemed a good fit in Miami where they only begrudginly gave him the full time gig. Had a 2nd/3rd round grade before the draft before medicals destroyed his valuation. That was just a fantastic class. Then it was followed up by an all time awful class in '16 that genuinely gave 2011 and 2013 a run for their money as the worst RB classes in the past 30 years (minus Zeke of course). Then you get the '17 and '18 classes which have more depth than the 2009-2014+ the 2016 classes combined and more elite talent as well. All of this really hinges on class quality, injury, evaluation and talent. Some misses are shockers that anyone would have missed on (Trent Richardson), others are clear reaches and not surprisingly disappointed (Ron Dayne, CJ Spiller, and Trung Cadidate come to mind). What you need to do is an excellent evaluation and then keep your fingers crossed that they can stay healthy (some injury issues are predictable and semi-preventable (hamstring), others can be more problematic (high ankle, soft tissue) and still others can be catastrophic and without warning (knee). To me if you look at the top end candidates there's info that can help you: 1. Barkley: We aren't getting him so no need to think about him. 2. Guice: Already showing a bad trendline with injuries, and while he plays through them, '17 is full and compelling evidence that his play dramatically suffers when he's hurt. He also was much weaker than expected in the bench though he tested well otherwise. 3. Chubb: Had a near career killing injury in 2015 that appeared to drastically sapp the explosion his game once he got back to the field in '16 (a decline of nearly 40% in YPC without the commensurate decline in OL talent that might explain away such a problem), in '17 he got back about 10% of that YPC that he had lost, but still didn't look on tape or in the numbers like the same back. Then he tested nearly as impressively as he had exiting high school at the Nike Camp. Only the 40 showed any decline at all. If you take Chubb you should worry that 1.) he'll never be all the way back,regardless of his testing and 2.) if he has another knee injury, that could be a HUGE problem. 4. Royce Freeman: Hugely productive but most people expected him to test much more sluggishly. Instead he showed very good speed for his size and plenty of athleticism for said size. His enormous production since arriving on campus are all positive markers but when people think you're slower on tape it's time to worry again if you're translating all the athleticsm to the field. Otoh, even if he looks slower, he sure as heck didn't produce at a lower level, instead he was a monster producer. Draft knowing if you are a tape guy, there's a bit of a discrepancy between the look on the tape, the production on the field, and the athelticism. 5. Penny: Worst pass blocking RB on the planet. Can you cope w/that and not punish him for something you know ahead of time he's ghastly, like worst ever, ghastly? 6. Michel: Why did he test signicantly worse than many expected? Was his remarkable supply of explosive plays more a product of his getting work against small defensive fronts that gave him more space than Chubb ever typically got? These are my questions for the big 6. All but Barkley really have at least some niggling questions. Are they enough to worry you away knowing the next tier has a great deal more questions?
  3. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    I just don't really agree much with you hear. I also scrolled through twenty years of drafts, and also through the great RB drought of 2009-2016 (2015 exempted). I don't think this 1st-2nd round gap you suggest is really there at all, and it's not really a thing. I do think you can hit on day 3 RB's plenty (just compare it to day 3 QB's which have hit at a rate below I think 5 or 6% over the past decade), but I don't think there's any correlation beyond just the fact that there are way, way, way more opportunities to hit on RB's after say the top 30 picks because there's another 200+ picks to work with as compared to the top 30. You're going to hit more often just based on the fact that every year you have 15-20 RB's drafted between around slot 35 and Mr. Irrelevant, and from 0-3 or 4 in the top 30. Of course you have more hits. Also worth noting is a couple of other factors: #1: The Great RB Drought 2009-2014 was the worst era for RB prospects in the history of the NFL BY FAR. Nothing comes close, and you can add the '16 class which was also absolutely horrific. #2: The 2017-2018 classes are generally regarded as the best back to back RB classes ever, and two of the best RB classes to come around in the past three decades in terms of depth and top end talent. #3: Career ending injuries: Over the past 20 years a pile of RB's drafted in the top 30 or so overall have sustained career ending injuries before they even had a chance to show what they were: 1998: Robert Edwards: Probably on his way to an all pro career considering he got a pro bowl invite as a rookie. Destroyed his knee in Hawaii in a beach football game, career over. Fred Taylor: Nicknamed Fragile Fred and Fraud Taylor by exasperated fantasy owners during his career, he likely would have been a HOF if he hadn't suffered a series of nagging injuries, season ending injuries, and one of the most horrific descriptions of an injury I've ever heard and despite all that, he was a still logged a pile of pro bowl worthy seasons. 2001: Michael Bennett sustained a series of injuries that destroyed his career after a promising start. 2003: Willis McGahee had his career wrecked by an injury in his last college game. Larry Johnson: exploded onto the scene as Priest Holmes career was derailed by injuries and then he himself lost his career to knee injuries. 2010: Jahvid Best: Lost his career just as it was blossoming. Ryan Mathews: Became almost a joke due to a series of injuries which derailed all but two of his 7 NFL seasons (and he produced the two lone years he was fully healthy) CJ Spiller: Was an obvious overdraft at the time, but expected career was largely derailed by injuries which sapped his athleticism. 2012: David Wilson: Suffered a career ending injury in his first season. Looked superb in early action before the injury. 2013: Marcus Lattimore: Suffered career derailing injuries in college, never made it back. All in all this would be essentially be 10 of the top 36 backs taken in round 1 since 1998+ Lattimore who was a lock to be a first rounder before his last injury in college. Nearly 1/3 of the guys drafted in that zone you're talking about either suffered career destroying injuries before they'd even really started (Edwards, Best, Wilson and Lattimore), suffered a litany of injuries that sapped their athleticism and helped to destroy their careers during their rookie contract or shortly afterwards (Bennett, Johnson, Spiller and Mathews) or played through career harming injuries that drastically reduced what could have been (Fred Taylor and Willis McGahee). When i look at things this way, it really helps to elucidate the bust factor. There's a small cluster of guys who just flat out sucked (astericks mark guys that were scene at the time as having very high bust risk and were reaches or idiotic scouting reports): John Avery*, Ron Dayne*, Trung Candidate*, TJ Duckett, William Green, Chris Perry*, Laurence Maroney, Felix Jones, Beanie Wells and Donald Brown (I may be being a bit too harsh on Jones who disappointed but did have a career, while guys like Avery, Dayne, Candidate and Perry (hell I don't even remember Perry) just wreaked of bust, while later picks like Wells and Browns looked like reaches at the time, and proved to be reaches. All the same, these guys definitely didn't live up to billing, and it wasn't health which was to blame and there are essentially 10 of them out of 36 (if you include Lattimore in the overall total) in the past 36 years. That's not that bad of a bust rate all things considered, that being said, if you add in the guys who had career killing injuries early, it starts to look worse, but career killing injuries for the most part w/those guys weren't linked to predictable factors (those guys weren't largely BMI risks). To me, the draft looks like it has 3 core tiers of RB's plus a bunch of satellite backs: I think you rank them as you see them, and take the ones that represent the best value and fit for your team/or superlative talent and you figure out how to use it rather than force it: For me that's: 1. Barkley Tier 2: Guice Chubb Michell Freeman Penny Then a big Tier 3 that I wouldn't use a top 2 round pick on. There are guys in that third group that have interesting markers but also a lot of concerns: Walton (is he still hurt hence the god awful combine), Kelly (why was his combine so awful), Roc Thomas (Former five star recruit and small school transfer, is he better than we think?), Ronald Jones (a bit too small for what we want to do), Kerryon Johnson (agility score was bad, bp was horrible, and he didnt run the 40 at the combine, all red flags), Kalen Ballage (production was god awful considering athleticsm, weak bp backs up argument that he is another michael westbunk (not a lot of passion for the game), Scarbrough (old and overage and injury prone but crazy athletic still), and Justin Jackson (much more athletic at combine then expected, but a ton of wear on his tires at Northwestern). There are guys in that third tier that I find interesting and would take a flyer on, but I think you take one of them rather than one of the guys in my top 6, odds are you're going to get a bust to add to a bench already full of them. I would look at the big 6, and grab the one that makes the most sense, and if you want to take another swing, see if Walton and Kelly have better pro days, and/or you can take swings at guys like Thomas, Johnson, Scarbrough and Jackson if they fall out of the top 100, but I wouldn't take any of them in the top 3 rounds. Way too many red flags. I wouldn't touch Ballage w/o being confident in his mental make up after serious inteviews and background checks.
  4. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    Interesting argument. I don't think there's correlation or causation there though. Historically speaking, the 2009-2014 RB classes were horrific, after a bounce back in '15, the '16 class was also predicted to be awful and it has been, now we have two more quality ones in '17 and '18 followed by another bad one next year in '19. In terms of the players themselves that fit your tag: 2017: Cook and Mixon are both legit in my view, but both had problems, Cook with injury, Mixon struggling behind a bottom 3 run blocking line in the OL. 2016: None 2015: Gordon (I was not buying, I just don't buy Wisconsin RB's period. Don't trust RB's coming out of that blocking system, in that traditionally unathletic conference (it's getting better lately with Ohio State joined by hyperathletes at Penn State and Michigan). 2014: None 2013: None 2012: Doug Martin: Bizarre RB, and now has been suspended to go with erratic good one year awful next production. David Wilson: Looked good early before sustaining career ending injury. 2011: Mark Ingram: Has been worth drafting slotting though perhaps didn't quite live up to some of the hype. 2010: CJ Spiller Was seen by a few as Reggie Bush 2.0, but I think a lot of people at the time thought the pick was idiotic. Ryan Mathews:: Sustained a litany of injuries derailing his career. Jahvid Best: Career ending injury during rookie contract. 2009: Knowshon Moreno: Didn't live up to billing Donald Brown: Bust Beanie Wells: Bust 2008: Jonathan Stewart: Injury prone but for the most part a hit. Felix Jones:Bust Rashard Mendenhall: Modest Hit Chris Johnson:Star before injuries sapped him of his gamebreaking elite speed 2007: Marshawn Lynch: Hall of Famer 2006: Laurence Maroney: Bust DeAngelo Williams:Excellent Joseph Addai:Modest performer before tailing off, not quite a bust but not a hit either. 2005: None 2004: Steven Jackson: All Pro borderline HOF caliber player Chris Perry: Bust Kevin Jones: disappointing but not total bust. 2003: Willis McGahee: National Title game ruined elite talent, but he managed to be a solid 1000 yard rusher type. Larry Johnson: Elite before injuries sapped him of his talent 2002: William Green: Bust TJ Duckett: Bust 2001: Deuce McAllister: Solid to above average RB. Michael Bennett: Solid before injuries derailed his career. 2000: Ron Dayne: Bust (and some of us like me called that a mile away-don't like those Wisconsin system RB's, especially unathletic ones unlike Michael Bennett) Shaun Alexander: Pro Bowler before the sharpest and quickest decline I've ever seen for someone at that level. Trung Candidate: Bust 1999: None 1998: Fred taylor: When not injured a borderline HOF talent. Robert Edwards: Made Pro Bowl (when it was legit) as rookie, destroyed his career in beach football game at the Pro Bowl Festivities. John Avery: Bust So that's twenty years of RB's, so let's see how they did: Total Selections: 35 (with Cook and Mixon last year) Stars: 9 (including Dalvin Cook and Joe Mixon, so keep or subtract those if you like, I believe firmly in both of them) Above Average:7 Average or below average: 5 Busts:10 Injury Exemptions: 4 So for me, that's basically about 21 out of 35 that have performed between below average to stardom levels. Only 10 buts that aren't injury related, so not too bad in my view. You've got about a 25% chance of landing a star who stays healthy by drafting between the bottom of the top 10 and the end of round 1, about a 20% chance of drafting someone who will turn out to be a good to above average RB, about a 12% chance of drafting someone whose a place holder or just average in terms of performance, about a 33% chance or thereabouts of drafting a bust, and about a 10% chance of drafting someone whose career is completely derailed by injuries during their rookie contract. For me, that seems like solid odds. Not great by anymeans, but reasonable.
  5. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    Rashaad Penny is probably a day 2 guy. He certainly is based on talent. His pass blocking is horrific. Ballage is an excellent pass catching dude, but he didn't test as well as expected and his lack of reps on the bench while not important for the position kind of reinforces the rumors that he's another Michael Westbunk (ungodly athleticism, no passion for the game). Cain never delivered up to expectations.
  6. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    analytics community, probably Matt Kelley and Anthony amigo had DJ Moore as their #1 overall WR back in January, so props to them. This is the kind of WR draft where you either pass on the position entirely, or you throw a dart on day 3, and put your chips in for the loaded 2019 class. The quality just isn't there, and it works anyway for what we have, gotta give Doctson at least one more full season, though with Alex Smith it will probably stink. I'd rather evaluate at the position and save our money either for FA talent, or '19 prospects. The RB position definitely just got cleared up. Royce Freeman has always been a favorite of mine but I was totally blown away by his combine. I was expecting a slightly better version of Perine's sluggish performance and instead he was excellent. It's a huge deal, and for me that puts Freeman inside my top five, probably at 4 for now. For me you go Barkley, or you trade down and look at Guice, Chubb, Freeman and Penny. Some like Michel, I expected a better combine, and found Guice, Chubb and Freeman much more impressive when you add in their production in college. Be aware w/Penny that his pass blocking is apparently horrific, like worst ever seen kind of horrific. I'd love to get Guice, Chubb or Freeman and see Freeman as the best value in the draft, probably, certainly pre-combine anyway. But yeah, in terms of WR it's ugly. Basically you've got Moore, Sutton, and St. Brown who seem like probably the only guys who have the physical tools to truly be great, then a bunch of slot guys and at best #2 options or worse, and all carry a ton of bust risk. It's just not a good class at all. I'd just bare in mind with St. Brown that he had the worst QB in college football last year, and the year before with Kizer, who makes many gag, he was viewed as the #2 WR prospect coming into this fall. He is still the same player, he just lost the year to horrible quarterback play and without the sample size material we want, we don't have a clear picture on what his future looks like. If he'd had a slightly worse combine I'd be more intrigued because he probably would have gone late day 2 or day 3, now he's going day 2, and that's pretty rich for a guy who had a season that was so bad it would render most prospects undraftable. But in fairness, he got zero help from his QB. Literally zero.
  7. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    Depends on the positions and depends on the drills. It's incredibly helpful w/running backs for instance. Additionally simply taking the top speed scores at TE the past several years would land you the very best TE's in draft after draft. In terms of RB the key elements are Speed Score, Agillity Score, and Burst score. Score well on those and you can generally find out exactly who will succeed in the NFL. It isn't perfect, but the vast majority of misses fail in those elements and the vast majority of hits do quite well in them. WR is interesting, basically the combine is irrelevant unless they're a total slug. The tools most correlated with success involve breakout age, market share, and the arc of their production during their career (with draft year production being particularly important).
  8. The Definition of a Loser Franchise

    except for 1993-1998. He gets out of that, but yeah, the previous 19 years, all on him. Buck stops with him and it's always been emphatically clear that his hiring interests are connected to loyalty to him first and foremost, and competence and creativity always come last.
  9. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    Actually, no. I was cheering for 0-16 in 1998, 2004, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 and again in 2014. It was very easy and always is. All you have to imagine is what its been like to be a Bullets fan (and later Wizards fan), or a Redskins fan since Gibbs I ended. There is nothing worse in professional sports than mediocrity. It is the hardest position to crawl out of, especially if you have terrible F.O. management. Even bad management can climb out of 0-16 in a good draft with with an elite QB prospect or two available. I have no idea why people find this so hard. The prescription these guys are giving us is the same prescription this franchise tried in 1999, 2000, 2004, 2010, and now against in 2018. Short circuit a rebuild by getting a vet on the fly that can fill the seats with 3-4 home wins a year while the team doesn't tank well enough to land the assets to get a truly great QB. Smart F.O.'s take their medicine, suck big time, and get their franchise changing QB. See the Giants sucking big time, truly big time, for the first time in 2004 and getting a franchise QB, having the same thing happen again in 2017 and getting a franchise QB, see the same thing happening with the Colts in 1998 with Manning and 2012 with Luck, or the Steelers, having one bad season, just one in 2004, and getting a HOF for it. You tank for the elite QB class. It was why I was screaming bloody murder for the team to trade the extra picks in the 2017 draft class for extra '18 picks to facilitate a trade up for Rosen/Darnold/Allen a year ago. You know what's worse than going 2-14, and 1-15 in back to back years? It's spending 25 years winning 5-9 games every expletive season, never being great or good, rarely being horrific, and NEVER being remotely relevant or anything to fear whatsoever. People need to realize that the 1982-1993 era is long gone and the NFL and players view the redskins, like fans viewed the Lions, and Buccanneers and Cardinals in the 1980's. We're a freaking joke. Every once in a while we make a playoff run. Then immediately vanish for another half-decade, like clockwork: Since 1992 we've been relevant in 1996, 1999, 2005, 2007, 2012, and 2015. That's it. 6 relevant seasons in 25 years.
  10. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    Maybe. Maybe not. Mahomes will have Hunt to take pressure off of him, the best TE in the league not named Gronk, and an elite game changer in Hill. I think they have a competent line, but not positive there. Everything is in place on offense for him to lead the Chiefs back. Raiders are a mess, Broncos are a mess, and the Chargers always find a way to miss a game winning field goal. Division belongs to the chiefs for now, if the Broncos get Cousins though, could be the Broncos division (and yes, the Chargers, other than Rivers, are the best set up for the long term, more young talent on defense and offense than any other team in the West). And again, Mahomes is damn good, as far as prospects go. Just raw, but with that talent, he could go somewhere. Remember it is a QB's league, BUT, we still saw QB's named Keenum, Bortles, and Foles starting on Championship weekend. If there is enough talent in place around a QB, sometimes it doesn't matter, and there's nobody out there that thinks Mahomes, in terms of talent, is a Foles, Bortles or Keenum type. He's seen as a guy with monster, monster upside. Just a guy that will mistakes considering how raw he is, and in the AFC, where the best teams have QB's in their 40's or approaching their 40's, and then a bunch of garbage (see the Titans actually making the playoffs after pulling a 1996 Norv Turner Special) other than the Jags who lack a QB. Plenty of room for the Chiefs to make more mistakes and still kill it in 2018, and bear in mind, they lost Eric Berry for the year before the season had even really started, already have Peters, and now got Fuller thanks to the idiocy of our completely incompetent F.O. So the secondary should be legit as well even as the front seven may have aged a bit.
  11. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    No doubt, at Playerprofiler, they rated those guys the 2nd most efficient collection of playmakers in the NFL in 2017. If Mahomes lives up to the hype, you guys could be monsters on offense by 2019 (you need another WR though, unless Conley breaks out and lives up to the athletic measurables).
  12. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    Wasn't Montana's fault, it's a miracle he was able to take that squad to an AFC Championship. Dude was 37 and 38 years old in those two seasons and still was good. 25 starts, 5,400 yards 60% completion rate, 29 TD's and 16 picks. Interesting, other than evicerating a Houston team with one of the worst starting QB's and QB performances ever in the playoffs in 2015, the Chiefs haven't won any playoffs games in the past 25 years other than Montana's run to the AFC title game at age 37 in '93. It gets even worse (though I'm sure you already know), other than that win over a totally overmatched and inept Houston team, and a 10-6 squeak by Jay Schreoder's Raiders in 1991 before getting curb stomped by the Bills (after which we ended up curb stomping them, the last moments of glory for my miserable redskins in my lifetime), Joe Montana is the only Chiefs QB to win two consecutive playoff games since Len Dawson lead you guys over the Vikes in IV. That's astonishing to me. You've had some great teams over the years. Not a lot of them. But some. Good lord that's depressing. Not as bad as our thorough misery in the 1993-Present era, but gosh, it's odd how after "the drive" schotty seemed to carry a black cloud with him around the NFL, touching and seemingly bringing the curse to the Chiefs, the Chargers and the Redskins after baptising the Browns first (although our incompetent owner insured we never even got the pleasure of a Schotty directed playoff choke by firing him and hiring someone even more incompetent than himself to take over as coach).
  13. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    Come on man. Conley is equal Crowder? I realize he's a physical freak, much like Hill, but he hasn't produced squat. Crowder and Conley are both '15's. Crowder: 192 catches in 3 years Conley: 72 catches in 3 years Crowder: 2240 yards in 3 years Conley: 904 yards in 3 years Crowder: 12 Touchdowns in 3 years Conley: 1 Touchdown in 3 years LDT= to Scherrf? Please I don't know enough about the Chiefs RT, Center and Left Guard so i won't speak to that. In terms of the rest of the talent, of course I'd take the Chiefs. For the record I really like Mahomes, and would gladly take him w/o a second thought over Smith and over Cousins based on salary. You won the trade by miles, I seriously view it as a potential top 5 worst trade of the decade three years from now if Fuller ends up as good as some think, continually producing as he did in '17, but there's no need to rub salt in the wound by making ridiclous comparisons that aren't even remotely accurate with guys like Conley and LDT.
  14. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    I posted this elsewhere but it pretty much sums up my feelings now: It's just embarrasing. Aren't people just tired of wasting time and money being fans of a thoughless, hateful organization run by scumbags who have the second fault of also being ignorant and arrogant half-wits? I'm tired of supporting this garbage. It's a total embarrassment being a fan of this team. And I sure as hell don't plan on indoctrinating my 1 year old in the fandom of a hopeless franchise run by idiotic scumbags. I've been contemplating a purchase of a Miracle on Ice framed photograph, or perhaps, a Framed Photograph of Donovan's famous winner against Slovenia in 2010. I want my house to be one filled with hope and promise and possibility for my son. The Redskins are bad enough, and that fandom is only compounded in misery by the presence of the choking caps and nats, and forever mediocre or worse Boulez. I'm just tired of watching other teams learn from mistakes, hire the innovative and wise, and as a result of these choices end up with beautiful moments that can be celebrated. It's been decades since D.C. sports teams have provided any of us with any of that. I'm pretty much fill to the brim with the kind of self-loathing misery that these teams enforce by dictate on their own fans by fiat. Sick to death of it. They've done absolutely NOTHING to deserve our loyalty and indeed, ritually punish us on an annual basis for our committment to such misguided loyalty. I'm beyond over it.
  15. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    They used McCloughans board in 2017 which kinda invalidates the whole premise.