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  1. Poll: do you trust "sourced" info/articles?

    Depends on whether the source is a reliable one or some yokel nobodies ever heard of at a blog. I get kind of tired of the whole "biased against us" argument that's been around since Snyder took over. Journalists don't care about us unless there is a good story to write, or they can milk Snyder is a napolean type stuff. So if they're reporting on us, and it's a reasonably respected source, I believe the information until proven otherwise, especially considering the smearing the redskins F.O. has engaged in w/outgoing coaches, F.O. staff and players. I am always more inclined to believe outside sources. Sometimes it ends up wrong, but I trust it more than sources that have an incentive to lie or to misrepresent for the brand.
  2. Welcome to the Redskins Samaje Perine, RB, Oklahoma

    Perine had two major knocks on his stock from what I can understand. #1 his tape looks vastly better from 2014 than it does from 2016 and #2 he is not a terribly athletic running back, while his speed and acceleration are adequate, they are not superior, and secondly, he doesn't have tremendous burst or agility. He comes out with comps like Jordan Howard college version (Howard had a ton of haters and only a few liked his upside, focusing on his toughness, finishing runs and instincts between the tackles), and crazy comps like MJD before the combine but not so much after. The key is that he has to have the ability to be more than a short yardage/goal line back. That's his floor, if his strength, instincts, vision, and adequate speed and shimmy are enough to get him to consistently break runs and bulldoze tacklers then he can be a fantastic back. It all depends. I wonder if he could be like Bettis? He's about 20 pounds lighter so there's that, I have high hopes for him, but there's plenty of bust potential here as well. He's gonna get his shot, and if he can do something with it he could easily become an all time fav with Redskins fans who miss the days of big tough running backs like Riggins, Rogers and Riggs.
  3. Welcome to the Redskins Jeremy Sprinkle, TE, Arkansas

    I wanted a replacement for Reed when he retires, which I expect to be soon because of his concussions. We draft for the long term future, not just '16. Getting a guy like Njoku, Everett, maybe a Kittle, or a Butt could provide us with a. legit replacement (Butt of course is more of a Witten/Heath Miller love child rather than a freak like Reed, but he's also a legit pass catching weapon). Part of my urgency is my belief that Reed (if he's sane) will probably retire in a year or two, and having developed his replacement in house should be a major priority. We also needed what Sprinkle was brought in for, no doubt, but we also need a legit replacement for Reed when he retires for his own mental safety and well being.
  4. Welcome to the Redskins Jeremy Sprinkle, TE, Arkansas

    Not someone, me. I did. And you're evaluating his skill set incorrectly (at least in my view). I'm not disputing his catch rate, as others probably mentioned, and as was mentioned in the draft coverage, his catch rate is ridiculous, excellent for a TE, particularly in this class. That being said, catch rate isn't what determines success or failure at the next level, for pass catchers things like Market Share, and breakout age and air yards are far more important than anything else, on top of that analytics groups like those at rotoviz have created regression tree's to help analyze a given prospects chances of success (on a purely pass catching TE angle, not blocking) and with regards to his production, breakout age and combine, there's nothing to recommend. By every measure the upside angle is low. Some guys beat the odds, both Barnidge and Tamme blew up in '15 for instance despite looking kind of blah as prospects (and Tamme in general, has had a perfectly respectable career). When it comes to Sprinkle, he will make his bones as a blocker and hopefully provide us with 25-30 catches a year and some red zone TD's and effectiveness in general. He's not going to be a stud pass catcher. I am hoping beyond hope he ends up being my ceiling for him, which would be a poor man's Marcellus Bennett or Brandon Petigrew but both of those guys had a lot more upside coming out of college in terms of athleticism and draft pedigree. I think he'll make the squad. Not sure who gets cut at TE, but somebody will to make room for him because of his ability as a two way player on offense. Too important to not keep around as long as he's competent on both ends. Was he a steal in the fifth round? Well, depends on what you mean. I tend to think you mean something beyond what I mean: I think he was a value: I think in a typical TE draft he would have gone in the late third to late fourth rather than the mid-fifth. I think we got him a good 25-50 picks later than would've been typical. So in that sense, I think he was a value, a steal for me is more a Tom Brady or Jamaal Charles on day 3 kind of scenario. That's a steal. Our '81 draft was full of steals. That sort of thing. He's a legit value. A guy with top 100 pedigree to me, at worst top 125, and we got him after the top 150 were off the board. Not bad at all. Please don't take this as me saying he sucks. That's not what I'm saying, I'm saying that his game is blocking, and not pass catching, and it's not because he has poor hands, his catch rate as PFF mentioned, and as the Draft broadcasts mentioned, was excellent, but he was not utilized in their pass game at all. Even after Hunter Henry left and he owned the TE role his #'s did not go up appreciably higher, his market share and production remained tepid. He was utilized in Arkansas as a blocker and only occasionally as a target in the passing game (topped 50 yards and had more than 3 receptions only twice and three times in 12 games this past season as the only option at TE (Henry topped 50 yards in a game 7 times in 13 games and had 4+ receptions in 6 of 13 games with Sprinkle as competition for targets). Seems to me that Arkansas was using him to block almost exclusively. Howard had the same issues at Alabama, and we blame the coaching staff for that, but it's worth noting that Howard's love comes from his insane measurables combined with his epic production in the college football playoff. Sprinkle doesn't have either of those things, his measurable aren't impressive, and he didn't blow up ever. At that point in the draft the only TE's left from such a prestigious class worth going after were Sprinkle, Hodges (not exactly a TE), and Saubert and all had some major flaws (Sprinkle's Belk incident, and middling at best athleticism and production metrics, Hodges total inability to play as an inline TE to this point, and Saubert's tragically bad hands). I'm fine with Sprinkle, I would have gone after one of my fav RB's there, but if I'd had a well thought out board at the time Sprinkle would have been near the top of it. Liked the pick then, like it now, just with reservations and the accurate (to my mind) view that we shouldn't get our hopes up regarding his pass catching career upside, I will be absolutely stunned if he ends up regularly catching more than 30-35 passes in any given year, stunned, but that's fine as long as he can block and be the kind of player that other teams are required to honor the threat from.
  5. Welcome to the Redskins Jeremy Sprinkle, TE, Arkansas

    No. Jonathan Allen was the best prospect available from what I understood (not confident in my ability to scout DL's other than sniffing out busts), I was hoping Everett would be there at 49. Didn't expect any of the big 3 to fall to us.
  6. Welcome to the Redskins Jeremy Sprinkle, TE, Arkansas

    Honestly you're wrong about this. Replacement level TE's who can catch are indeed, a dime a dozen, they stink, and that's why so many greeted this class of TE's, perhaps the best ever, so happily. With the stud TE having dried up from the college ranks for several years (it's telling that as Gonzalez retired, Hernandez went to prison, Witten grew old, and Gronk suffered a series of season ending injuries, no TE's of note have managed to replace their quality with anything like consistency: Kelce and Reed seem the closest, but the former has had injuries and a coach and QB that fail to utilize him effectively while Reed has been waylaid by injuries and concussions). The league is littered with barely adequate pass catchers, if that's what you mean by plentiful, then sure. But you're missing the forest for the trees here. The reason this draft was so special was precisely because of the quality of the pass catching TE class. Just about every scout and analyst on the planet has rightly called the class either the best ever with only the '10 class close (which wasn't close to as deep, but did feature Gronk, Hernandez, and Jimmy Graham,and Pitta sandwiched around a bunch of bust's and mediocre guys like Gresham, Moeaki, Dickson, Graham etc. This draft featured 5 different TE's who rated equal to or better than any TE drafted since '10 other than Eifert, and Ebron in Howard, Njoku, Engram, Everett and Shaheen, and that's not even bringing up Butt, who rated equal to or better than Hunter Henry (who went early 2nd last year), and Butt went in the fifth freaking round. Guys like Kittle, Sprinkle, Smith and Saubert would have gone late day 2 or early day 3 typically but instead were all day 3 picks. The pass catching TE's in this draft: Howard, Engram, Njoku, and Everett in particular would have been the #1 TE's in virtually every class over the past fifteen years other than Shockey in '02, KWII in '04, Vernon Davis in '06, Eifert in '13 and Ebron '14. All of these guys might have been first rounders in A LOT of classes. That's why I'm bummed. This is a rarity. When you get TE's of this quality, they typically go top 5-15 (see Shockey, KWII, Davis, and Ebron) but because this class was so loaded with cream at the top AND with ridiculous depth, these guys fell. I can live with us losing out on them because we got Jonathan Allen, and as long as he can render his ho-hum combine irrelevant because of all of his other tools, I can live with that. My issue is that at the end of the day, Sprinkle isn't what made this TE class special. He's a good blocker, and a poor receiving weapon: "...An unremarkable athlete, he posted a 34th percentile college dominator score, as well as a less-than-breathtaking 53rd percentile breakout age of 21.1. Phil Watkins, the author of the Rotoviz TE model estimated the probability of each member of the 2017 class emerging as a long term NFL starter. Sprinkle…did not feature at the top of this list [...finishing 12th...]....if we look at Kevin Cole’s combine measurables tree, again we see little to celebrate with regards Sprinkle’s future....Sprinkle ran a 4.65 at his pro day, clearing the first obstacle, but was only able to deliver 15 reps on the bench. He also only managed a 30 1/2 vertical jump....We may be erring somewhat on the negative side with regards Sprinkle’s hopes in the NFL, so lets see what comps we can find....I don’t think if I were to walk into the Hall of Fame selection meeting when the above players [Kenard Backman, Andrew Quarless, Ted Bolser, Tamme, DJ Williams, Luke Stocker, Jesse James, TJ Williams...] retired and tried to get them nominated I would be allowed to say more than a few words before security “re-accommodated” me outside. There are some solid pros on the list, notably Brent Celek, Jacob Tamme and Gary Barnidge, but very little superstardom...." link: I can deal with the pick because I can see the rationale and a way we can use him well to disguise play calling and improve red zone efficiency. I'm gonna hang my hat on that, but I would have very much preferred landing a day 3 pass catcher to develop behind Reed (we have options there, but I'm not super enthused about either of them at this point, though I wouldn't say they're bad, I think Paul and Carrier both have unusual talent, but both have also gotten hurt repeatedly like Reed) like a Kittle, or a Jonnu Smith, or a Butt or Hodges. Nothing to be done about now other than cross fingers and hope he turns into an excellent blocking TE with some pass catching chops, it might happen, and I liked the pick btw in terms of value, I think he would have gone top 100 to 115 last year, instead we get him 154th :). Btw, a good chunk of the quoted material above exclusively concerns itself with pass catching chops and predictors of that, it isn't super concerned with his skill as a blocker, which obviously we are very concerned and interested with.
  7. Welcome to the Redskins Jeremy Sprinkle, TE, Arkansas

    I've been of mixed emotions on the pick. On the negative side, I wanted us to land a stud TE from the draft, and my stud TE's were Howard, Njoku, Engram, and Everett with a second tier of Shaheen, Butt, Kittle, J. Smith, and Hodges. For me Sprinkle didn't fit in either of the tiers, just not a good enough athlete and for me, getting blocking TE's that can catch adequately is easier to replace than Jordan Reed types, and TE's like Howard, Njoku, Everett, Shaheen, Butt and Kittle struck me as butter options in terms of guys that can add something to the passing game (in some cases, a ton), and be at least adequate on the blocking end. One of my main reasons why is like many, I don't see Reed as long for the league. Just way too many concussions. All this being said, I think Sprinkle may be perfect as a means to disguise play calling in the red zone, and he adds yet another huge target in the red zone for Kirk to hopefully up his comp percentage. At this point the size of our pass catchers is just flat out absurd, bully's well and truly if they can put it together. Sprinkle lining up will not give away play calling, and just as good, he's a legit blocker, and as such, I can see the reasoning. We'll just go Reed replacement hunting down the line I guess. From what I can tell Sprinkle just reminds me of a less athletic Pettigrew, or Martellus Bennett, basically a very much poor man's version of both of them. Some Comp's:
  8. Welcome to the Redskins Samaje Perine, RB, Oklahoma

    He didn't do well in camp, but the team was impressed enough with a 7th round to stash him. Why? Pedigree and athleticism. 5 star recruit to Georgia, more impressive than Gurley as a freshman before having his career derailed by injuries. At the Combine he blew up, posting a 100th percentile size adjusted 40 and a 100th percentile w/o the size adjustment. In the agility drills he finished in the 61st percentile. In the BP he finished in the 87th percentile with 25 reps (just 5 short of Perine), his SPARQ-x was in the 92nd percentile. He's essentially a monster athlete who disappeared at Georgia due to injury and Gurley and healthy Chubb. In Washington he struggled to stay healthy during 2016 (hamstring issues) before being placed on injured reserve with if i remember right, a UCL injury. He could be one of those guys that never turns into anything, but considering that 3 of the 4 best RB's we've had the past 25 years have been day 3 after thought draft picks (Terry Allen, Stephen Davis, and Alfred Morris), he could just be the next too,a nd unlike Allen, Davis, and Morris, he has a deeply impressive resume coming in. Maybe he never gets it, but in terms of raw athleticism, he's easily the most talented back on our roster, whether he can do anything with that talent is another question.
  9. The "I wish we got THAT guy!" thread 2017 edition

    Round 1: Nobody I would have picked over Allen. Don't like the bad combine, but not sure how much combine matters with semi-interior lineman, plus I heard an interesting debate between Josh, and Matt Kelley about him, and Josh's point was that: shouldn't have surprised people that he fell, he wasn't a great fit for 4-3 defenses because while he could line up all over the line in a 3-4, his tweener physique wouldn't fit nearly as well in a 4-3, add in the arthritis and bad combine and some teams were a bit gun shy. Made the best sense in Round 1, just HUGE that he was there. Round 2: Definitely would have gone another direction: My targets: Joe Mixon DAMN IT!!!!! the rumor that Mixon was going to the Bengals in round 2 if he lasted that far proved prophetic, okay so backup plan would have revolved around Deshone Kizer, Zach Cunningham, Jordan Willis and Tannoh Kpassagnon. If I was convinced that we couldn't sign Kirk, I'd go with Kizer, if I felt we could get it done, I'd probably go Tannoh, greater ceiling with a similar risk to Zach, but that would be really tough. I don't have a firm enough sense of Willis as a prospect to render a verdict right now, as he might be one I'd be willing to pick over all the others but I just don't have enough info. In terms of who we took, I definitely think he was one of the top 6 or 7 guys available considering our needs and his talent, I just liked other guys better. Round 3: Kareem Hunt, Chris Godwin and Moreau made a lot of sense here, but I pass on Hunt because there are another five or six backs I still like a lot, I love Godwin but we just took Doctson, so I cosign on Moreau. Really liked that pick. Round 4: Like the Redskins I would have seriously considered RB with one of our fourth's, between our 3rd and our first pick in round 4 Hunt, Foreman and Conner were all plucked off the RB board, and all 3 were featured in my top 15 at the position (Hunt and Foreman inside the top 10, Conner near the bottom of my top 15). With Perine, Mack, Joe Williams, A. Jones, J. McNichols and Hill still available, I take a pass. If the medicals clear, Carl Lawson is the pick here, if they don't, I grab Perine. Round 4 Pick 2: I select Jake Butt without a second thought. Round 5: Jeremy McNichols is the pick here with Aaron Jones as the backup, and Saubert, and Sprinkle also under consideration. Round 6 Pick 1 and 2: With RB addressed (I have either Perine and Jones, or McNichols as my back out of this class), I can move my focus to the best DB, LB, lineman and/or TE on the board. Best players available are Hodges, Roulier, and Ishmael Zamora. I go with the best two available at both slots, so Hodges and then Roulier if he's still there or Zamora. Round 7 Pick 1: Chad Kelley: I had him in the top 3 available QB's and a top 60 prospect. I. Zamora, w/him having lasted forever I get suspicious he may be a UDFA, so I grab him early. So Ideal Draft: 1 (17th): Jonathan Allen DT 2 (49th): D. Kizer QB (or Tannoh Kpassagnon if Cousin's is going to be resigned) 3 (81st): Fabian Moreau CB 4 (114th): Carl Lawson OLB if medicals clear, or Samaje Perine RB 4 (123rd): Jake Butt TE 5 (154th): Jeremy McNichols RB if Lawson's medicals cleared, if not Aaron Jones RB. 6 (199th): Bucky Hodges TE/WR/H-Back 6 (209th): Chase Roulier OG/C (if off board I select Chad Kelley QB) 7 (230th): Chad Kelly QB (if already selected, go with original Redskins selection (Harvey-Clemons), I liked that pick 7 (235th): Ishmael Zamora WR It's kind of a testament to how impressive the draft was for me that when I look at my haul (Allen, Kizer/Kpassagnon, Moreau, Lawson/Perine, Butt, McNichols/Jones, Hodges, Roulier, Kelly, Zamora) and am not so sure mine will end up better (I have an inflated sense of my own scouting ability at the playmaking positions, less so w/regards to the lines-other than sniffing out likely busts).
  10. Welcome to the Redskins Samaje Perine, RB, Oklahoma

    Haven't read through all the thread yet but I wanted to add some insights from some of my favorite sources, rotoviz is on the cutting edge of analytics as is player profiler and Matt Kelley, Matt Waldman is well known for his film study work and being highly skilled at evaluating RB's (despite being in the fantasy community he makes some coin doing freelance work for NFL teams from time to time too) though I wish he paid more attention to analytics. Fusue Due has made a lot of noise with the information he's dug up on Fournette (particularly the god awful comparison between his play in the I formation w/a lead fullback, and how his production drops by around 40% when operating as a lone back, something that suggests major issues at the NFL level), as well as his evaluations contrary results (Ishamel Zamora, a UDF was inside his top 3 rankings at WR for instance). Personally my view of Perine is two fold: #1 there seems to be a clear dichotomy between Perine in '14/'15 and Perine in '16, namely, he looked much more athletic, and much more skilled early in his career, and much less dynamic this past year. A lot of concern that he may have been carrying injury, or just broke down a bit, it's that stark, the possibility that the team coached him to run differently could also explain it. If we get the '14/'15 Perine, we get a future pro bowler, if we get the '16 guy, I think we get an adequate starter a bit better than Kelley. I think w/the line in place and hopeful improvements in run blocking which remains middling, and a passing game as capable as ours, Perine could thrive. There were other RB's I would have preferred: Nicholson, Aaron Jones, Kareem Hunt, and some I valued fairly similarly like Mack and Hill, but Perine, at slot 114, was a genuine value, I thought he should have gone top 85-100, I think he's a legit starter, whereas I didn't think that of Matt Jones. I preferred Nicholson for his passing game background and chops (was a WR in high school till late), as well as his dynamism as a runner, he's exceptionally skilled, but also raw in terms of instincts, Jones could end up being the steal of the draft. Had legit top 50-75 talent in my view. Just a monster stud. I firmly believe NFL F.O.'s were idiots in letting these guys drop until relatively late day 3, and view them as top 5-6 RB's in the class better than the bulk of the RB's selected. The problem is F.O.'s look at both of them and see satellite backs, rather than bell cows. I think they're flat out wrong, and I do give us and the Bucs a bit of a pass w/regards to them because we already have possibly two stud satellite backs in house (Thompson is very good in the row, and Marshall could develop into a monster if he could ever stay healthy), so it wasn't really a need, while Tampa actually did draft McNichols probably as a challenger for Sims role and w/the knowledge that they may be able to kick Martin to the curb if the suspension allows them to cut him w/o cap consequences. The Packers I'm less sure about. They brought in Jamaal Williams, similar to Perine, but a teeny bit more athletic while being not as strong, Aaron Jones, a monster stud, and an interesting athlete in Mays, while seemingly ready to give Ty Montgomery a good 10-15 touches a game. Wouldn't be a surprise if Green Bay experimented with a stable approach to give defenses different looks. Hunt's a personal favorite of mine. Tested poorly at the combine but won plaudits for his performance in film study, just looks like a dynamic, instinctive back with great balance and acceleration. I think he wins the KC job and turns into a top 15 RB in this league if not better. Was surprised he went so early though, after the combine he belonged in that muddle with Kamara, Perine, Mack, Hill, Williams, Jones and Nicholson. He was my favorite of the bunch but he still belonged in there. I forgot to mention Joe Williams, a steal for the Niners, word is that the Niners had him off the board due to his quitting (story seems to be family issues were too urgent for him to give the time necessary to play pro ball, but when the team was hit by a barrage of injuries at the RB position, he offered to come back in order to help), but that Kyle did the cliche'd, "Standing and pounding on the table for his selection" deal. Really like him too. Anyway w/regards to us, I make no prediction for Perine other than that he'll win the starting job. Kelley is a classic backup, he can step right in and perform Perine's role adequately but lacks Perine's athletic profile and skill set, he makes sense as the direct backup while we try to see if Marshall can be turned into Thompson's replacement and eventually perhaps the Lightning to Perine's thunder. Either way our RB will improve a bit as long as the line can stay healthy. This was an excellent value and a solid pick in my view. My fav part about the pick was that unlike the Saints, Texans and Steelers who made puzzling moves, and the chiefs who pulled the trigger too early, we waited, and got a potential steal at corner w/our third rounder, getting better value by starting the day 3 RB run (always good to start a run rather than get stuck in the middle or end of one) in the early 4th instead of using a mid-3rd on a back who'd be no better and perhaps worse than RB's we could get 35+ picks later (in my view, and that of many I trust, the RB's rated around 5th-15th, are so similar, that waiting on the position made more sense than grabbing one early so long as you got the guy that fit your system's needs (for me and for us my guess was players like Perine, Hunt, Jamaal Williams, James Conner, Mack, Hill, J. Williams and perhaps McNichols and Jones (if we had our eyes open about them being legit bell cow's)), w/that knowledge in tow, it made sense to wait, there were literally at least 4-6 RB's (and as many as 9 if using my approach ) that depending upon our valuations, fit our needs and could be picked. These guys were taken 86th-3rd (Hunt), 105th-3rd (Conner?!?!), 114th-4th (Perine), 121st-4th (Joe Williams), 134th-4th (Jamaal Williams), 143rd-4th (Mack), and 156th-5th (Hill). Starting the day 3 run was clearly, especially if we had our evaluation sound, an excellent decision, and allowed us to land in Moreau, a possible steal, by avoiding reaching in round 3, and also prevented us from likely being stuck with Brian Hill, or nobody if we hadn't pulled the trigger when we did (only Hill was still available by the time we picked in round 5, although all save Williams and possibly Perine would have been available w/our 2nd 4th rounder if we'd chosen to wait a bit longer than 114). Basically every single back with a seeming bell cow evaluation went before our fifth rounder save for Brian Hill. A few insights from sites on the cutting edge of the metrics revolution, and some quotes from guys I trust and more: "....Perine played in only 9 games this season. Despite battling injuries and splitting time with Mixon, only Perine and Garrett Wolfe reached 4000 rushing yards and 48 rushing touchdowns in 35 or fewer career games since 2000 per..... most of Perine’s production came in his first two seasons with close to a fifty percent market share of Oklahoma’s rush attempts, rushing yards and rushing touchdowns....Since November 1st Perine picked up more rushing opportunity in their final three games. He boosted his 2016 market share of rushing attempts and yards from 27 percent to 34 percent in both categories and accounted for 40 percent of the Sooners rushing touchdowns....Samaje Perine is built like Eddie Lacy and Andre Williams. While those seem like ominous comparisons, both were considered good prospects entering the NFL. Neither of which have the production resume of Perine, especially at such a young age....Perine has displayed some competence in the passing game, something that Williams never did at any level and what Lacy wasn’t often asked to do with the Packers...I expect Perine to succeed if given a similar role to what Lacy experienced in Green Bay. In the right situation, he could be a highly productive running back capable of scoring double digit rushing touchdowns each year. He’s currently expected to be a second or third round pick in the 2017 NFL Draft....We’ll have to see what his combine numbers look like. We know Perine is unbelievably strong... He’s still relatively young and would be 21 years old at the start of next season. Perine’s numbers point in two opposite directions. His 1,713 yards and 21 TDs as a freshman paint him as a Jordan Howard clone, and it’s easy to see him following Howard’s 2016 trajectory. On the other hand, his athletic profile gives him a very small chance of early relevance according to Cole’s model. Player Profiler: Matt Waldman:
  11. Love the pick in terms of value. He could have gone a good 75-100 picks earlier just based on his athleticism: Davis's profile is exceptional other than his market share #'s: rotoviz on Davis:pre combine write up: "....Although smaller than both Brown and Hogan, Georgia State’s Robert Davis still boasts impressive size at 6-foot-3, 220 pounds per the Georgia State media guide. He’s been a consistent producer over the last four seasons, ranking second in Sun Belt Conference history in yards receiving — behind only T.Y. Hilton — and fifth in career receptions. Davis has yet to turn 22 years old, making his career-long production that much more impressive.Davis’s 0.31 final-season Dominator Rating is a little less inspiring, as is his complete lack of special teams contribution, an area of importance previously identified by Jon Moore. Despite youth, size, and production, Davis could have a hard time sticking on an NFL roster if he ends up going undrafted...."Post-Combine Write Up:"...At 6-foot-3 and 219 pounds, Davis ran a 4.41 forty and jumped 41 inches in the vertical to go with 136 in the broad. He also posted a 6.82 in the three-cone. According to Kevin Cole’s regression tree analysis of combine drills for WRs, Davis falls into the most positive node in terms of success rate – 48 percent of WRs with a similar profile notched a top-24 PPR season in their first three NFL seasons.HISTORICAL FREAK SCORE COMPARABLESDavis’s stellar athletic performance at the combine placed him at the top of the 2017 WR class in terms of Freak Score, a RotoViz metric using height, weight, and speed to predict future touchdown-scoring potential at the NFL level....As you might imagine, we get a wide range of possible outcomes. On the top end we have guys like Larry Fitzgerald, Marques Colston, Mike Wallace, Kelvin Benjamin, and Martavis Bryant. On the bottom end we have a laundry list of guys you’ve likely never heard of.This isn’t a great surprise given that athleticism is only one element in projecting future NFL success. Although we cannot guarantee Davis will stick because he tops the 2017 WR class in this metric, it is certainly player profiler:Speed Score (size adjusted): 98th PercentileBurst Score (High and Broad Jump): 99th PercentileAgility Score: 62nd PercentileCatch Radius: 98th PercentileSparq-x: 68th PercentileDominator/Market Share: 56th PercentileBreakout Age: 97th PercentileIn terms of WR's, while there were some available I liked better, he's definitely the most explosive left. His best comp is Donte Moncrief.
  12. Let's just say we do not agree even slightly on this prospect. I think Hodges as a pass catching option, was a top 4 TE talent in the draft, top 5 at worst, but I also think his lack of ability to play in an in line role, for now anyway, makes him a problem. Engram actually did play some in line, Hodges lined up, if memory serves, 4 or 5 total times in line. It's on a totally different scale. After Howard, Njoku, and Engram, only Everett had as much potential as a pass catching option as Hodges. He also was a monster at the combine, and an analysis of the #'s shows he was absurdly productive at the college level. Catching and route running issues are technical and easily fixable (and not major concerns in my view for him compared to learning how to be an adequate blocker), what he brings to the table in terms of athleticism, and raw production #'s matches some of the most interesting comps available. Based on comps alone and athleticism, he could have easily been a 2nd or 3rd round pick. He very much IS a special talent, in my view. Whether he can translate the talent at the next level? Not sure, that's always the biggest decider, can you make the leap? The fact that he has a background as a QB can only help, but his success will depend on how teachable he is, and how hard a worker he is. Wish we had gotten him, he would have been nice insurance for Reed. I'm skeptical on Sprinkle as anything other than a blocking TE in the vein of a Poor Man's Petitgrew with a 10 cent head apparently if the Belk Bowl incident doesn't have more to it, than was reported.
  13. The big problem was taking the safety before the TE. Safety was a HUGE reach, could have gotten Kittle or Butt if we'd gone TE first. I know people love Hodges, and he's a fantastic athlete, but he's also been a WR exclusively for the most part, not sure how we'd use him, and the fear would be that he'd telegraph passing plays by his presence and total lack of in line TE skills. But I understand the fondness, he's a special talent. Sprinkle's an in line blocking TE w/an excellent catch rate but ho hum skills beyond that as a pass catcher. And yeah, the Belk bowl theft? Really?!?!?! Was that an innocent mistake ($450 free, maybe he can't count?), or is he just an idiot?
  14. I don't know squat about him, but the write up's seem to suggest: Elite measurables, but plays so soft he's not startable. That's depressing, he sounds like he should have been drafted in round 6 or 7, not now.
  15. The Official 2017 Draft Day Two - 2nd/3rd Round - Discussion Thread

    No Everett' a monster, but w/higbee in place, I don't quite get it. Shaheen and butt are the last elite te's.