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  1. 2018 Draft Day Thread

    I may have to adjust my projections based on the cowboys imploding. First I hear they lost out on Mathieu because they couldn't reach the Jerruh's in the Bahamas on vacation, then I find out that they didn't even start developing a coherent Dez plan and draft plan until March. Good God, what a disaster. i thought they were just starting to get it, now, not sure what I think. Such a relief to have both the Giants and the Cowboys run by colossal idiots. Unfortunately can't say the same for Philly.
  2. 2018 Draft Day Thread

    Except that the '17 board was put together by him and the scouts. For some reason people want to give credit for '17 to anyone BUT the guy who was putting the board together for the previous year, as if they would toss out his board and rebuild it from scratch in six weeks. I despised the Scherrf pick and didn't like his '15 class. The '15 class has a pro bowl caliber guard, a solid if erratic pass rusher, a mega reach that everyone everywhere except DC thought was insane in Matt Jones, Crowder was an excellent pick and a great value. I liked Spaight but it hasn't happened, Ky Jarrett was actually a hit, but suffered a career ending injury, considering the caliber of his play, that was a tremendous pick. The rests were misses. The '16 class had Doctson, a prospect I loved, but he's been hurt one year and inconsistent at best in year 2, Cravens was a lot pick due to mental make up issues and the concussion, Kendall Fuller was a mega hit, probably his best pick period and you don't even mention him which is odd. Ioaniddis has turned around and actually become a starter caliber player, not bad for a 5th rounder. I liked Daniels and Marshall but neither could stay healthy. I hated Sudfeld and am not surprised he was a bust. Whatever you like about the '17 class you need to give him at bare minimum at least partial credit. Maybe the cowboys like to halfarse their offseason (at least based on reports regarding why they didn't go after Mathieu, or make a clear and coherent plan to address the future with Dez etc), but I seriously doubt McCloughan had nothing, not even a board set up as of early March 2017. That's just ludicrous, and there's no way in hell we could rebuild it from scratch either. There's things he did that I hated, and things he did that I liked, but you're misrepresenting his work a great deal in the post above, ignoring his best pick (fuller), soft selling a great pick in Crowder just because the Redskins, like every other team in the league other than Minnesota, didn't recognize the hidden talent in local top Maryland recruit Stefan Diggs, ignoring Ky Jarrett, ignoring Preston's Smith quality seasons, which are precisely why he's been so damn frustrating (8, 4.5, 8 sacks in 3 seasons, and 30, 39, and 42 tackles, smells like Brian Orakpo light (Orakpo had 27 sacks in his first 3 years to Smith's 20, and sat between 50 and 60 tackles per year, so far Smith's basically produced at about 2/3's what we got for Orakpo (Smith drafted around 40, Orakpo around 11th or 12th or whatever), he's basically a borderline league average edge/4-3 DE so far. Not great, not bad, just, mediocre, which is what he sounded like when we picked him (which is why the pick bothered me at the time, but I was probably too critical. Just had that distinct Kenard Lang stink to it, that pick). In '15 I graded that draft a D+ or C- at the time. In retrospect it probably deserves a B-. I loved the '16 draft and gave it a B+, but in reality, it looks more like a C right now. The '17 class was built on his board. Had some hits, and misses, but overall, looks like a B+ right now. He didn't make the picks, but he did have a huge role in that putting that board together. To my mind he wasn't as good as I had hoped he'd be, but he was solid, and far better than the clown hopefully we kick to the curb in the next week or two. Of course Id kick them both to the curb in a second for Sashi Brown.
  3. 2018 Draft Day Thread

    This is something that always confuses me. If this is so, why did they take Akpe in the fourth instead of Settle? They had Akpe also with a third round grade? They thought there was a stronger chance Settle fell? I just don't get this reasoning, we benefited from it twice (with the trade down for Guice, and Guice still inexplicably being there, and with Settle). While it turned out okay, seems like a risky proposition to indulge in that could bite us in the rear a ton if we play that game too much. Just happy it didn't this time.
  4. 2018 Draft Day Thread

    What a wild draft. Day 1: Payne: I gave that a "D" Day 2: 2nd Round: Trade down for Guice: I gave that an A+ 3rd Round: Geron Christian: I gave that a B Day 3: 4th round: Troy Akpe: I give this a B-, risky with tons of upside 5th round: Tim Settle: I give that an A+ Wow, What a turn around.
  5. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    You're missing Quite a few: Oregon under Chip Kelly USC under Pete Carrol Stanford under Jim Harbaugh and to a lesser extent David Shaw Cal under Tedford was good for a while and reached a zenith in 2004 with Lynch and Rodgers together. Those were the squads. We produce great QB's, but we've been on a downward slide since Harbaugh left, USC's been a mess since Carroll left and Oregon since Kelly left. Basically it was an excellent conference from around 2002-2010, now it's been on a slide for a while. Part of it's culture, we have a lot to do out here and don't prioritize football like you guys, it's very much an outdoorsy culture, i know as many people into biking, backpacking, skiing and snowboarding where I live as I do that are into pro football and college football, probably more actually. In the bay area it was a bit different, up here in the Lake Tahoe area, traditional sports are popular, but nowhere near as much as say college football is in SEC country.
  6. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    We already have Sprinkle for the run blocking angle. Coming out he was considered a competent in line blocker, and competent pass catcher. What we need is someone athletic to replace Reed.
  7. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    That's fair. The problem is that Jones can't remedy our three down bell cow dream because he's terrible between the tackles, and he can't solve the satellite back when thompson's injured problem because he's provided no evidence that he's actually effective in the passing game (rarely used, and when he was, he was terrible at it in terms of production and efficiency). Joh Kelly is the ultimate roll the dice back. Do you get the Kareem Hunt pipe dream part II, or do you get the more likely unathletic bust grinder AGAIN. I don't know. People are clearly obsessed with the Florida tape, but he's terribly unathletic so one just has to pray that his rare tools (vision, contact balance, satellite skill set) is enough for him to make the leap. He and Mark Walton are two of the few guys outside my Big 5 I think have a chance at actually becoming every down backs. More likely they're busts, but there's a chance with them.
  8. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    Mark Andrews is the most similar to him. The Freaks are Goedert and Gesicki, they're your E. Engram/Njoku types.
  9. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    Jones makes absolutely no sense considering our problems. We have no back that can gain yardage against stacked boxes and normal fronts between the tackles and that's exactly what Jones sucks at. What he excels at, THE ONLY THING HE EXCELS AT, is running in space/off tackle. That's it, and we've got that covered with Chris Thompson. Picking him would leave us with the exact same problems we had last year: No RB on the roster capable of doing anything between the tackles.
  10. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    Since when are Alabama prospects safe?!?! Saban's Alabama 1st and 2nd round busts and disappointments: Let me pile on (Busts and disappointments (considering draft slotting) in bold): 2009: 1.06 Andre Smith OT: Bust 2010: 1.08: Rolando McClain LB: Adequate player, bust for draft slotting. 1.20 Kareem Jackson DB: Bust 2011: 1.25: James Carpenter OT: Borderline adequate 2012: 1.03: Trent Richardson RB: Bust 1.07: Mark Barron: S: Bust (eventually found his way in the right system to be a starter though) 1.17: Dre Kirkpatrick: DB: Disappointment (didn't become a stud, but has started for the bulk of his career) 2013: 1.09: Dee Milliner DB: Bust 1.10: Chance Warmack: OG: Disappointment 1.11: DJ Fluker: OG: Disappointment 2014: 1.17: CJ Mosley: Disappointing (he's average more or less) Day 2 busts and disappointments include: 2012: Courtney Upshaw LB 2013: Eddie Lacy RB (Ate himself out of league) 2015: TJ Yeldon RB 2016:Cyrus Jones CB: Injured 2017:Cam Robinson OT: Major drop from December 2016 to the draft to now seems justified. Ryan Anderson LB: early returns are negative. The idea that when you draft an Alabama player you're getting a stud is a total fiction. Just like prospects from any other school, Bama guys hit, bust, and disappointment, and we never know which ones we'll be able to file under which heading until they've actually played in the NFL. Tend to think that the sheer quantity of NFL caliber prospects on the squad when they sign as recruits tends to camoflage talent, you can't be sure whose flaws are actually being covered up, and whose talent is being subsumed into the team concept and will be revealed at the next level. Alabama prospects present problems other university prospects do not because of this. Instead of being more of a sure thing, it's more of a difficult thing to evaluate. Seems like the busts have been fewer and farther between at the top of the draft in recent years, but more day 2 guys have been missing lately too. Lol, exactly what I'm suspecting will happen at 44 and how I've defined it as well.
  11. 2018 Draft Day Thread

    Lol, Like Vince Wilfork, and Jonathan Allen and Warren Sapp, or the most famous version, Dan Marino.
  12. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    None of these things changes the fact that this team won't be contending for squat next year. They may think they are, they aren't. I want decisions made that benefit the next F.O. that replaces them, I don't want decisions that are tossed into the dust bin the second a new administration arrives. I don't have a problem with Vea or Payne in a trade down, or at slot if we can't move down (though I NEVER buy that argument), but I sure as hell don't want the pick forced over the long term good of the franchise. We're fans generally for life (although they've just about committed homicide on my fandom), 1 year only matters to the guys that are there for a paycheck, not to the fans. We pay the price for short term thinking, they just go back on the NFL retread hiring industrial complex moving rack, airport style, to be hired again by some new useful idiot owner (Tampa Bay, Oakland, Washington, whose next? etc).
  13. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    WWWWWHHHHHHHYYYYYYY??????? You don't draft players for a one year freaking contract. You get these guys for four and a fifth year option, get the best damn player, I don't care what position (other than LT, and RG), we can use help everywhere. Don't force the gd DT pick. I don't understand that argument AT ALL Do you think this team is super bowl bound or something? Why does 2018 matter more than getting the best player long term?
  14. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    If I'm wrong, make fun of me to your hearts content, but I've never gotten any sense whatsoever that's in play. Basically, it's browns take a QB at 1, take best positional player on the board at 4 (Chubb or Barkley) or trade down from there. I've never heard even the slightest inkling that there's a trade up effort for Barkley. There's been a sense that he'll either go to the Browns at 1 or 4, the Giants or 2, or be snapped up by the Colts or Bucs at 6 or 7 (though maybe Elway's gone stealth on his views on Barkley). That's how it plays as far as I know. I've got a lot of concern on this as I own the 1.01 in all but one of my 8 dynasty leagues lol, which is just MASSIVE if he lands in the right situation. NYG is a bottom of the barrel one (horrible OL, retiring QB), Cleveland is problematic (loads of weapons to take away touches and issues at QB and coach), Colts are a mess, but the Buc's are set up almost perfect (and if Luck is healthy, his chances would look much better with Indy).
  15. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    Pretty sure he didn't. Some dude in Wisconsin usually wins, but I think some other obscure dude won last year. Kind of a pointless win. My only complaint is when people aren't clear about whether their mock is what they would do given the needs and BPA, or what they hear from sources. The latter can be helpful (smokescreen or true), the former isn't.