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  1. Equifax Data Breach

    Pound-me-in-the-ass prison.
  2. The point of the analogy is that the analogies being used a pointless because they hinge upon the world-view of the analogy maker. It does nothing to bridge any gaps in understanding of one another when the analogy is built purely on the premise of ones
  3. I do not believe I have made such direct comparisons. It matters not. As long as you refuse to support their person, you are supporting Trump.
  4. You're not winning anyone over with your brow-beating and blaming of others. You want independents to vote for your candidate? Then get us a viable candidate to vote for. I was a Texas resident throughout the entirety of 2016 (side note: Texas awarded an electoral vote to Ron Paul, so it truly was the state that best represented me). And no, I would not vote any differently.
  5. Must I preface every post with how dismayed I am with whatever new stupid things he's done each day to be allowed to comment on anything else? Okay, here goes: Trump did another stupid thing today. Now something else: I am annoyed by the constant harping from people in here telling me and folks like me that we're terrible/stupid/whatever other insults hurled our way because we didn't vote for Clinton as they demanded we do. That kind of "you're with us or **** you" mentality is the kind of thought process I expect from our President. I expect better from the Tailgate.
  6. Don't use George Washington's name in support of political parties. He expressly warned us about their dangers in his farewell speech.
  7. RIP Stephen Hawking

    A big loss for mankind today. We were so lucky to have him for as long as we did.
  8. Nope. Nor do I want someone like Clinton. I lost the election long before the first vote was cast. Ultimately, though, I don't think Trump (being elected president) is the problem. He is the symptom of a greater problem that produced him. If we're lucky, he'll be the symptom that makes us finally get off our asses and go to the doctor and possibly be cured of our illness.
  9. I have to stop your analogy here. Clearly people have differing opinions on the level of absolute **** the two candidates were. Your analogy fails by only painting things in terms of your own personal opinion of the candidates. I could make the same analogy with a different set of opinions on the candidates: On this particular day in November 2016, we were all (almost literally) placed on a life-raft in the middle of the ocean, told we were going to have to be there for 4 straight years....... and we were collectively given a choice between collectively getting a supply AIDS-infected sewage that people someone has spent a lot of time sculpting into the shape of a sandwich (oddly, someone was trying to make it look like a sandwich before you even set sail, much less got stranded), and a hastily prepared diarrhoea stew. Of course that analogy gets us nowhere; it just states that both candidates were ****, which is merely one person's view on the choices. Ah, yes, my response to someone being lambasted for voting their conscience rather than voting how someone else tells them they should vote. How pompous of me. If someone actually likes a Republican or Democrat running for President and votes for them (even if it's Trump or Clinton), then more power to them. I respect that they will vote for who they personally want to see president even if I disagree with whom that means they vote for. If someone chooses to vote for a Democrat just to keep a Republican from winning (say... Clinton), then I accept that, too. It is not my preferred candidate selection methodology, but it is not for me to tell people how to come to their decision on who to vote for. If someone tells me that I voted incorrectly because I voted for the person I truly believe to be the best candidate running rather than using their methodology for picking a candidate to vote for, that is where I start to have a problem. If you don't want someone like Trump being president, then don't go throwing your blame at me for not voting for the person you voted for. I certainly am not blaming individuals for it. It is a systemic problem that needs to be solved at its root.
  10. No, I do something. I vote for a person I actually want to be president. If the Democrats or Republicans want my vote, they have to earn it instead of play the "The Other Side Is Worse" game. And I'm not the pompous one going around telling people they're "****ing stupid" because of their own political choices.
  11. Random Thought Thread

    The world has lost an incredible mind. We were lucky to have him as long as we did.
  12. Random Thought Thread

    Didn't someone on here have an anecdote on here not too long ago saying that she is not, in fact, good people? Some comment from someone who went to school with her or something? I feel like that was brought up the last time someone pointed out how creepy she is.
  13. I don't play sides. Picking one of two abhorrent candidates chosen by the aristocracy that does not represent me or, frankly, the vast majority of the country, is not an option I will abide. As long as the sheep keep lining up and doing what they're told, we'll keep getting horrible candidates that don't represent us. They've even got their flock turning on those who refuse to play their game and blaming them for society's ills instead of the ones giving us the horrible "choices". You want to vote for the "lesser" of two evils, be my guest. But I will not be brow-beaten into voting against my conscience because someone thinks its stupid to vote for a third party rather than vote for a monster.