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  1. Seems to be a lot of that going around this year. Well at least there is in my war room.
  2. Today brings the release of Snake Pass. Cute little game playing with the mechanics of controlling a snek.
  3. Why would you wake yourself up? Lucid dreaming is an adventure!
  4. your wife already got another new ride? lern2luciddream
  5. I've got Curds projected in the first round.
  6. Don't worry guys, I've totally built a really big annotated draft board and am completely prepared for the draft this year.
  7. Don't forget remakes of foreign films.
  8. I know. It makes me sad. And not in an artsy movie kind of way. Can we fire Hollywood?
  9. Took them bloodsuckers how long to reboot Spiderman? Big thing for me is whether or not the movie needs to be remade. Was the technology just not there back then to really do a justice to the kind of movie it wanted to be? Things of that nature. In my opinion, Momento is one of those movies that was perfect as-is. What is the new one gonna be? Momento Millenial: Man-child suffers from inability to remember new things because he's grown so dependent on his smartphone for information! One day, his phone is infected with the SnapChat virus where it is unable to retain new information; it's only available for 15 minutes before it deletes itself leaving him with no knowledge of his life since the virus hit!
  10. Hasn't been twenty years yet :/ But that does explain Hollywood's Ghost In The Shell.
  11. Why are they remaking Momento? D:
  12. Maybe they're the Game****s (use your imagination).
  13. If Obama went after Trump for libel, would Trump take the stand and purger himself?
  14. So you're saying they don't play where the sun don't shine?
  15. I meant a generic deal unrelated to sports where Papa Johns is doing 50% off.