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  1. Nintendo isn't playing around this year (well, figuratively; I assume they always are in a literal sense). Keep dropping bomb after bomb on us. As for the game list, it's pretty solid overall; managed to get most of the iconic series covered. Chrono Trigger would have been nice, but I'm sure a lot of people are happy about Earthbound and Mario RPG (and of course I always have to brag about having two copies of it).
  2. Some of y'all may be interested to know that Nintendo announced an SNES classic mini thingie. Got some decent games on there and all, but what really stood out to me is that they included Starfox 2, a previously unreleased game on the SNES that they killed back at the end of the SNES's life cycle because they didn't want it to compete with Starfox 64 that was supposed to release in a similar time frame (before it got delayed). A ROM of the a beta version of the game did eventually leak out to the public, but this will be its first official release, over two decades later.
  3. I very much considered starting a companion thread, but I'd already replied to this one.
  4. Dear penthouse...
  6. Is that the one that's Mario Kart with Konvicts?
  7. A few of my neighbors are at least trying. One of them is "Currently unavailable", and another is "I'm a vegan". Mine is currently generic, but that's because I'm still on a temporary router until I can find my router of the future. I haven't yet thought about what I want to name it.
  8. I find it better to be on the paranoid side of security than on the lax side. Granted, I'm not necessarily against wifi from a security standpoint as long as you take the proper precautions; I have more pressing security issues to worry about. I wanna pull cable throughout the house, though, because wired is just better. On all many fronts including security, but also throughput, latency, and reliability.
  9. What if I told you that your username and password for ES is sent in the clear and that anyone on your network could easily steal them?
  10. I'm gonna be that recluse in the woods (what's left of them, anyways) living off the grid that will be the subject of urban legends. Yet inside my reclusive hovel, it'll be filled with all sorts of high tech gadgetry; just not the the privacy-invading kind that's all the rage these days.
  11. When I buy a house, I'd love to pull ethernet cable throughout the house and not need Wifi.
  12. Ah, the internet of things. Yet another security breach introduced into our lives.
  13. I thought he was gonna use his big toe on his wife.