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  1. Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    Is T. O for ****ing real?
  2. You know what I haven't said in a long time and I so do like saying it so much. When a skins running back hits the hole perfectly. "Boom......... and he's gone." I am hoping beyond hope to see Mr. Guice do this many times. Good luck DG.
  3. Yeah.... On that specific clip everyone got fooled by the draw play. They were in catchup mode from the second he broke into the second day.
  4. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    How did he look?
  5. Kind of curious as to when Hanky Panky and DRC will sign....... are they in a holding pattern to wait for someone to get hurt? Seems like a big gamble to me.
  6. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    I wonder if he did the same old violent unsnapping of his chin strap like he can't believe it actually happened again!
  7. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    Nope....... Still no Hanky Panky. Just checking, anyone know where that dude is?
  8. Can't wait to watch him play....
  9. Lots of paragraphs written without all of the facts..... Where have you guys been for the last.... I don'k know maybe 60 years. All of a sudden it's like they did what! The girls were forced to do what! Dan and Bruce did what! If the girls were forced to do anything they will hang those involved.... I would be very surprised if anyone was forced to do anything....peer pressure is a mother ****er.
  10. 2018 Draft Day Thread

    Antonio Calloway will be suspended 4 games before the season starts........
  11. 2018 Draft Day Thread

    Nice job FO!
  12. 2018 Draft Day Thread

    Guice Rd 2?
  13. 2018 Draft Day Thread

    Welcome to the redskins Mr. Payne..... Let's get it on....
  14. 2018 Draft Day Thread