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  1. It's been a long time if it's ever actually happened.
  2. What to do with LG

    Duece is gone... I actually talked to a coworker about this subject this morning. Duece is a big guy, but a good strength and conditioning coach isn't pushing these guys to increase their max lifts. He's developing the right strength, paired with physique, speed, length, and multiple aspects of conditioning. Now I'm generalizing because I have ZERO evidence to support the idea that Duece wasn't doing this, but with whats happening it does make you wonder.... and even if these injuries seem fluky, you still see a lot of muscle issues that would appear preventable.
  3. I don't think we sign Hankins... And I don't know if we mean the same thing here, but we line up in a 4-2-5 look the majority of the time ( I guess that could be called a 4-3 nickel?). Because of the fact that we have Allen and Ioan, I think they will spend their fair share of time INSIDE when we have that look. If we run that 4-2-5 concept, depending on the down and distance, as well as the ability of the opposing O-line and RB, I can see a rotation of all 4 of our young studs being in there. Obvious running situations, in the nickle look, we'll probably see more of the Payne or Settle combo with some variations... when it's a clear passing / screen situation, we might see more of Allen or Ioannidis on the interior. My HOPE is that we develop a more frequented rotation, keeping everyone fresher along that D-line.
  4. At this point I'd imagine he'll be a rotational option and a depth guy. I'd assume Payne is DT1, and Settle is DT2 for the foreseeable future. That doesn't mean that early on McGee plays more snaps than Settle as he develops, but I don't think they're banking on him being a substantial contributor.
  5. What to do with LG

    This is strange though. A torn quad? Are there any details about HOW it happened? Or if it was even on the practice field or within the fences around Redskins Park?
  6. Man it's dusty in here... Thanks bud, I try to keep things light and not get too wound up into the points of things. I like to hear peoples perspective, and actually implant myself into their points to see if it is something that I hadn't truly thought of... that's how I learn, and see things from different angles. Except Cowboy fans, I'll never understand those people.... very odd decision making.
  7. Yeah buddy. A board of people who all agree on everything is boring! We're all fans, short for fanatics, so we're going to be passionate about our opinions regarding something we all care so much about. Thank you for the kind words. It means a lot to hear that kind of stuff on a public forum. I'll admit freely also that when it comes to Stroman I've got a personal investment. My wife used to work with his mom. That of course pushed me to follow his game even more this past season, and root hard for him. I've never met him, never even talked to him, but from everything I can gather, he's a good dude, and watching his success in football is cool to see. It's a minor personal connections, but one that's cool to link yourself to. I would have passively followed him had we not been the team to get him, but since he came here, hes borderline man-crush territory.
  8. What to do with LG

    Oh absolutely... just trying to look at what MIGHT be needed to make it work. I prefer a healthy Reed over anyone in the league honestly (except maybe Gronk). I just wonder how much Reed is going to be healthy, and how much longer he has value. The guy is a concussion away from possible retirement. Personal side of things, I root for him, I love having him, and I really want to keep him. Business side of things... I don't know if the juice is worth the squeeze, and a top tier starting LG (yes, i understand has injury past as well) is worth more to me than J Reed for half a season. That said, I understand Lang for a full season is no guarantee so it would just be which one you have more confidence in being available.
  9. What to do with LG

    Yeah the only one I would really be ok with would be Jordan Reed... and it could work. Financially they're almost identical, so the cap could work. Reed when healthy is a 1st round talent grade, but he's never really healthy. They have the depth to be able to take a chance at a dynamic guy like Reed and he wouldn't be asked to run block hardly at all. Who knows, it could work?
  10. What to do with LG

    Yeah, still a big pill to swallow. I would imagine we'd have to offer an extension and maybe re-work the deal if we were going to give up any real assets.
  11. What to do with LG

    I don't think we can afford him... he's a cap hit this year of almost $11 mil and almost $12 mil next year. If we can make it work, rock and roll. Injury past and a high cap number might be dicey.
  12. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    As long as there's one there thats worth that pick. Insanely early mocks have 2 guards with 1st round grades... If they're on the board and we're up, I'd have no problem taking one... it'll be expensive in the long run, but we need the line to dominate.
  13. The Wr didnt stop, Stroman beat him to the point of the ball and made an athletic play, which was my original point. He made a read on the route and broke on it. Ill advised throw or not, Stroman made a play. I saw it as a timing play, but you may very well be right. Watching his head it appears to be his 3rd read which would contradict my point of that. I'm not too big to admit I was wrong. The hesitation may have come from an apprehension to throw the ball because Stroman had made a play and sniffed out the route. The point I was trying to make was in regards to his football instinct and his athletic ability. Both were on display on that play. He read the route, broke on it, and beat out a bigger WR to make a play. Bad qb play or not, the point still holds that he made a good play. Yeah I agree with you. Moreau could lock up the no. 1 spot for the future this year if he shows out.... I don't know that Dunbar has that ability, so I'd imagine they want to keep him at no. 2. Well, SORT of no.2 because we don't generally deviate from Left CB and Right CB.
  14. Well you mentioned Bree so that's why I made that point. And yes we could have tendered him... but to that point he failed a physical. My assumption is that the Drs were aware of this. Now it's completely possible that they dropped the ball. It's also possible that they knew he was unable to pass this physical, and they have to apply the tendor PRIOR to May 8.... once it's applied, the deadline for them to sign is July 23. Is it possible that they do not have confidence he will be able to pass a physical prior to July 23? Or at least the last time they saw him? I'd imagine he's not willing to come in for a workout for them to look at him.... If he's unable to pass a physical prior to July 23, then he would be locked in to us and then the only options are sign, trade, sit out a year.... As far as Cromartie, I can see him being an absolute upgrade over Scandrick. DRC was a cap number of $8.5 mil last year. I would imagine he's going to try to get as much as he possibly can.... and the fact that he's 32, I don't think he's going to be up for a 1 year prove it deal. This could be his final contract of his career. Now I'd say if we could get him for $4 mil+ incentives, you have to really think about it. Another factor is that I wonder if DRC is willing to play slot full time. He did it last year, but the majority of his career has been on the outside. Him and his agent very well be holding back any real negotiations until camps break and someone needs to fill an injury. I could see them holding out in the hopes that someone does get desperate, knowing that they could probably re-sign with the Giants at any time if they so chose for a smaller salary that before.