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  1. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I don't think anyone is arguing that. Like i said before, he's been a terrible owner and would appear to be the primary cause of the struggles of the team.
  2. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    To be fair, some of the personnel decisions REEKED of Snyder being involved. All of it is speculation, but the idea is that if it walks, flies, and quacks like a duck... The whole Shanahan era unfolded almost exactly as the critics speculated it, and for good reason.. Snyder had his own problems
  3. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I fully get that, and I'm not even saying I disagree with you. At this point, I in my heart have the same questions, and have my own doubts that we will ever become a winning franchise as long as he's in charge. I'm not necessarily referring to fans in your position, I'm more looking at the fans who clearly are closed minded in thinking that Snyder is evil and can never do any good, regardless of how successful the team is. I will freely admit that Snyder has (on the surface) appeared to do what all fans have wanted him to do, and that's hand the football ops over to a football guy who has experience. His downfall is that Allen is the guy he did it with, and it clearly didnt change the direction of the franchise. I think over the last 12 months, Snyder has taken another step in the right direction. Allen's responsibilities have diminished, and people have been put in place. We have 2 legit front office up and comers that (from what I've heard) are destined to be high level execs in the future... Now this is all just anticipation on my part, but I have to freely admit that I like the direction that the team is going in. We wanted to address the trenches via the draft and development. As it stands right now, 4 / 5 starters on the O-line, and 2/3 (if you go by the 'base' 3-4 formation) starters on the D-line were drafted.... that's assuming McGee starts the season but is likely to get supplanted by one of the young bucks we drafted. We've been very selective in our free agency, and have not had a BIG contract written since Josh Norman who was a product of opportunity. We have stability at the QB position with a very capable player. Albeit not the 'guy' we all wanted to have here for the future in Kirk Cousins, and the events causing that divorce are in large part due to our own FO, but we also didnt get desperate and handcuff the team to try to save face in the headlines. We've had clear and decisive ideas about player contracts and negotiations, and what would appear to be a bigger picture plan in place regarding the signing of people like Gallette and Bree. Both of those guys had a lot of fan support, but the F.O. appeared to have a better idea than we did, now that we see 2 of our top FAs in this class are still sitting at home without a contract in place. Looking at this direction, it would appear on the surface to me, that Snyder is letting football people run the football team, and he's at least attempting to surround himself with people that are smarter than him.. something that a good manager needs to do. These are all moves that the team made, that I'm sure he had VERY LITTLE influence on, because they're football moves made by football people. EDIT: That all said, not once have I ever said or felt any level of pride or happiness that he owns the team...
  4. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    As much as it pains me, I feel like a certain sector of fans don't think along the same lines you do. That they've got a predetermined opinion of Snyder, and they're quick to find any hole in any plan or action he takes, regardless of the outcome. Its like that movie Major League. The team is terrible so Randy Quaid's character gives up and turns on the team. The Indians make a push for the playoffs and he continues to boo and be anti-team while all the fans around him are getting excited. Now he eventually comes around, and only time will tell if the most cynical fans change their tune of Snyder and co if he ever finds his way to success... but a part of me thinks there is a segment of this fanbase who will NEVER support anything Snyder does, regardless of the outcome.
  5. Trent Williams convert to LG, Will Shields #HOF

    To play devils advocate here, It would mean that your thinker scientist had at one point had successfully run an experiment in the past, and the assistant you have on staff has also shown the ability to dream up basic experiments as well. I don't think moving Trent inside is what's best for the team because I am not confident in Nseke for 16 games at any position. If anything, I'm looking at Christian at LG and using different schemes to help mask the deficiency. I can understand the mentality of "get the 5 best lineman on the field" but to that point, I'd look at Nseke inside before I look at moving Trent there, simply because of just how good Trent is on the outside.
  6. The "Non" Mt Rushmore Symbols of the Dan Snyder Era

    ABSOLUTELY! One of the best stories I've ever heard, and it's a philosophy I've tried to adopt as a manager myself. Know your people and what they're good at, and let them do their jobs. I heard a story about Jack Welch... former CEO of GE. If you don't know who he is, the guy set the standard for management for a lot of people. Under his tenure, GE's value went up 4000%. He was interacting at one point with one of his department heads (I want to say it was the guy in charge of washing machines) and the guy went into a long winded explanation about the engineering of the motor or one of the other components. He stopped the guy mid sentence and basically told him "I'm not worried about the details, you know a hell of a lot more about that subject than I do, do what's best." He lived by putting the right pieces in place for them to excel, and he let them do their jobs. Welch couldn't tell you everything about everything that was going on within his company, but he had confidence in the people he had to make the right decisions, and he was VERY successful.
  7. Trent Williams convert to LG, Will Shields #HOF

    I was so excited about that guy from the camp pictures.... and he literally did nothing in the league.
  8. Trent Williams convert to LG, Will Shields #HOF

    Violently agreeing lol, I like it!
  9. Trent Williams convert to LG, Will Shields #HOF

    Sorry I wasn't trying to be abrasive, just having an honest conversation. I adjusted the wording a bit to try to temper the sound of it a bit. I just wanted to point out why I personally would not be in favor of the move. I do agree that you want to field the best team you possibly can... but I don't want to cut off my nose to spite my face. To your point, you're absolutely correct, if Callahan wants that set up, he should do it. I can't speak for him, and I'd assume that if he felt that way, Trent would have already been moved. All of this is just speculation on my part, Callahan clearly is smarter than I am when it comes to football, so like you, I will trust his decision one way or the other. I'm just a keyboard jockey on a message board, that guy is one of 32 people in the world who have the title he does. O-line coach for an NFL team. My reference to Kerrigan was less regarding this year and more in years past. In years past we have COMPLETELY slept on the DT position... so the comparison can be similar. We've been very bad at addressing LG (and yes I agree it's probably the most glaring hole on the team) but I would prefer it be addressed the same way we have addressed C, RG, and recently, DT. Through youth and development. I would assume the team wanted to address it but the right opportunity didnt present itself. There may have been a decent option via free agency, but we had Arie who could possibly be a stop gap til we find the long term solution, and we were approaching the draft. Things broke wrong (I personally was REALLY hoping for Hernandez), or right depending on your opinion, and we ended up getting Christian and Guice which very well be a net win vs picking a Guard high in the 2nd round. Again this is all speculation on my part, but I have to believe the team and Callahan understand the need and whatever their options are. Again, not trying to argue, just having an open dialogue.
  10. Trent Williams convert to LG, Will Shields #HOF

    Who plays LT? You want Nseke out there for 16 games? I'll freely admit that the experiment worked for a short term when we tried it, but it's not something I want to see for 16 games. Imho... if you have a player who is one of the best at what they do... let them do it. Having Trent up against the best pass rushers in the league is a benefit to us. Moving him to the interior and having him take on space eaters, while we have a drop off at LT against the top DEs does not seem like something I want to try out. He's much better suited to play on the outside and set an edge. Brandon Scherff is one of the best Guards in football and he's nowhere NEAR as athletic (that I've witnessed) as Trent... because on the inside you need to be an anchor, not a dancer. On the outside, I want good hands and better feet. He is so good at what he does because he can get to the point of attack faster than the defender rushing. If you move him inside, you take away that skillset on plays where he's not pulling. It's far easier to overcome a deficiency at Guard than it is at Tackle. It's the same on the defensive side of the ball. You want physical freaks on the ends while you have big uglies on the interior. Moving Kerrigan to DT doesnt make sense even though he's likely the best player we have on the defensive front. Could we move him to DT and it 'work'... sure. But you're washing out a VERY VERY large part of the game that makes him special. Same thing with moving Trent inside.
  11. Trent Williams convert to LG, Will Shields #HOF

    Yeah you dont try to put that into a phone booth. He's got a skillset that makes him valuable in space... use it.
  12. Is this the best Defensive Front we've had in years?

    I don't think it has anything to do with Snyder, it would be Nike that would have a problem with it. Snyder probably likes it because it means people are going to now buy up the 95's on the cheap for those trying to save money, or that arent aware of the change, and people are also going to buy up the 93s.
  13. Is this the best Defensive Front we've had in years?

    I didnt either til I went on the site and almost ordered one. Then it clicked that it was #95 and I had seen Payne wearing the #95 in his promo shoots.
  14. Is this the best Defensive Front we've had in years?

    He switched his number from 95 to 93. Payne now wears 95 so the Payne #95 and Allen # 93 are full price. LAST years Allen # 95 is discounted.
  15. Crowder vs. Richardson

    I'm in the same camp you are. I don't think Richardson and Crowder will be competing for playing time. They may share the same 'role' at times, but I doubt they're going to be going head to head in camp. I imagine Richardson will be outside the numbers the vast majority of the time he's on the field, only playing in the slot to change things up or try to take advantage of a defensive alignment. I'm still a little worried about Crowder because of how bad his bad was last year. He had good, but when he was off... he was WWAAAYYY off. He was the biggest factor in the loss to the Cowboys between fumbles and balls going through his hands and getting picked off. I can understand why he was on PR because he was our 'best' option, but he put the ball on the ground and may poor decisions on ST quite a bit. I really hope he can go back to what he was before that part of his game reared its ugly head. The only problem with that is that he's going to get PPAAAIIIDDDD, and with Smith and Scherff on the horizon... I'd imagine Crowder may be the odd man out if Quinn can prove to be at least capable inside the hashmarks.