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  1. New GM search

    Totally agree ... it's exactly what the Skins should be doing. Don't settle ... Thrilled with this development. First true good news in a while (other than the Pryor signing). I'd assumed DW was up for a promotion by default so that Bruce could maintain control over organizational synergy (less so than personnel). Agree that organizational synergy is of utmost importance, but so is having a strong competitive advantage when picking personnel. I wonder if they'll speak with the Cardinals' Terry McDonough. He's highly regarded in the league, and his brother works with Jon on MNF.
  2. New GM search

    This is great news and exactly what they should be doing (imho). I'm not sure who they'll be able to get, but I applaud their efforts. We'll see if they're ultimately serious about taking this path, or if it's more just a thorough "Al Davis-style" information gathering process (e.g. the Head Coach and Defensive Coordinator searches).
  3. Dan Snyder is the Problem. Bruce is a mouthpiece of Snyder

    Snyder didn't want to extend Cousins last year, lest Shanny be right about the QB vs. RGme. By holding off, he appears to have created a situation where Scot believed he cost too much when compared to actual production, which led to friction within the organization, and Scot's ultimate ouster. There's obviously a lot more to it, but it sounds like it played a major part. Now Snyder won't trade Kirk to the Shanny's if they offer him the most draft capital, because he doesn't want them to "win." I think BA talks Snyder out of more bad moves, but ultimately the owner makes the major calls. He's gotten a lot better, but he still lets his ego get in the way of the big decisions rather than listen to his football people. Can't win versus well run operations (e.g. Pats, Packers, Steelers) that way. A lot of people think he never will, including his former employees.
  4. New GM search

    I like the way Jim Irsay ran his GM search. Grab 5 or 6 of the top Personnel evaluators in the league. Interview them all. Pick the best (KC's Chris Ballard). Hire him. Of course, we'd never do this for the following reasons. 1). Job is less desirable because of Snyder's reputation. Probably couldn't get the top guys to interview. 2). We like to do everything in secret. Our candidates will remain quiet. e. g. Who else interviewed for the GM position against Scot. No idea... 3). Bruce only likes to hire people he already knows. He doesn't want to cede control. Now in fairness, it seems that only certain type of people can succeed in Redskin Park culture. Per Gary Fitzgerald, if you remain an outsider, you'll leave. So they have to pick someone who can buy into Snyderland. Scot told NBC 4 that Bruce wants a "yes man." I'm imagining the top guys aren't that. We should be going after the next Bobby Bethard, but would a young Bobby want to work for our Owner? Ugh...
  5. Other owners listen to their football people. The reason we didn't sign Kirk to the extension last year was because Snyder said "No.". He didn't want Shanny to be right about Kirk. Now look how much trouble THAT decision has caused.
  6. Then you would have been wrong, just like Snyder. He needs to listen to his football people and get out of the way. He's the biggest problem.
  7. They also didn't want to embarrass the organization. Maybe they would've kept it under raps, but yesterday's Post and JLC power struggle stories worked the fan base into today's wrath. They likely decided that releasing the info. to the Post now (combined with the firing) made the most sense.
  8. I've considered the same, but I don't think Bruce set himself up with Scot assuming he'd fail. It's far too risky that he'd take a bullet too. Winning keeps everyone employed (usually). But it is helpful to have a fall guy if things do go south.
  9. I believe Bruce must have thought Scot wasn't that good of a GM. He was probably watching teams plow through our porous run defense last year and thinking "I gave up control to this guy, he has major personal problems, and I'm not seeing the upside benefit." He also was probably tired of the Brewer articles, one of which implicated he as being controlling, and Dan as "fickle." Imagine if you went to the local paper with this info. about your employer, and they knew it was you. How would they like it? Unique industry, but it doesn't change the emotions. If Snyder declared himself the GM, would he be getting the benefit of the doubt on last year's defensive personnel? I think there's more to it than that, but it obviously wasn't working.
  10. I believe every word. Is this not the Dan Snyder we know. Rings completely true.
  11. Scot is out. Read Brewer's most recent article. No way Allen keeps him around after it was printed. Now it sounds like it was printed AFTER Scot was sent home from RP on 2/20 (according to Chris Russell). Allen values loyalty and unity. Scot went on his own out to the media. Cooley wasn't punished for insinuating he was drinking again.
  12. The Official 2017 Offseason Twitter Thread

    Chris Russell @Russellmania621
  13. Agreed. Scot (or someone close to him) talked to Brewer for this article. It'll be interesting to see if GMSM keeps his job after the draft. I'm thinking it depends on how much Snyder likes him. Bruce will likely be upset. This is a little like the Dan Graziano Shanny article from a couple years ago, but less critical of the Owner. Redskins Park's weak foundation buckles under disappointment. Giants loss was tough.
  14. Doesn't Jeffrey Lurie have a picture of Mother Theresa in the Eagles HQ lobby? What a thoughtful, caring guy.
  15. To me, Bruce doesn't want Scot to talk right now, because the team's working on resigning Cousins. If Scot says something that upsets Kirk and his agent, it could hurt the Skins' bargaining position. There's been a lot of stories referring to how Cousins wants to be shown he's wanted by this team. Bruce wants to control the public narrative, because that's what's currently in the best interest of the team. He doesn't mind Gruden talking, because Jay'll emphatically state how he wants Kirk to return. Scot was likely responsible for a couple Jerry Brewer articles that probably upset Kirk. He also may have been involved in the recent Jason Cole report. Bruce wants to to keep this stuff in house as much as possible while he's working on the contract.