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  1. Question for the board: if the Skins tag Cousins, could they tie their draft pick compensation based on when he signs the tag? For instance, if he signs by March 13th, it’s a third, if he sign by April 20th it’s a fourth, etc... This might work well for a potential trade partner, but would tie up the Skins cap in the meantime. Key Factor, we don’t know how much 2018 cap space Alex Smith’s extension takes up.
  2. Other owners listen to their football people. The reason we didn't sign Kirk to the extension last year was because Snyder said "No.". He didn't want Shanny to be right about Kirk. Now look how much trouble THAT decision has caused.
  3. Then you would have been wrong, just like Snyder. He needs to listen to his football people and get out of the way. He's the biggest problem.
  4. They also didn't want to embarrass the organization. Maybe they would've kept it under raps, but yesterday's Post and JLC power struggle stories worked the fan base into today's wrath. They likely decided that releasing the info. to the Post now (combined with the firing) made the most sense.
  5. I've considered the same, but I don't think Bruce set himself up with Scot assuming he'd fail. It's far too risky that he'd take a bullet too. Winning keeps everyone employed (usually). But it is helpful to have a fall guy if things do go south.
  6. I believe Bruce must have thought Scot wasn't that good of a GM. He was probably watching teams plow through our porous run defense last year and thinking "I gave up control to this guy, he has major personal problems, and I'm not seeing the upside benefit." He also was probably tired of the Brewer articles, one of which implicated he as being controlling, and Dan as "fickle." Imagine if you went to the local paper with this info. about your employer, and they knew it was you. How would they like it? Unique industry, but it doesn't change the emotions. If Snyder declared himself the GM, would he be getting the benefit of the doubt on last year's defensive personnel? I think there's more to it than that, but it obviously wasn't working.