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  1. What kills me is the pro GOP people were all butthurt that a foreign power MIGHT be able to hack into Clinton's emails... With Trump, no need to hack... wow. So dishonest.
  2. He'd have to take a hit to his ego and I have a hard time seeing Trump admit he's an idiot. He wants us all to think he's a genius
  3. I think you hit the nail on the head. I do believe it's more anti liberalism rather than just being a conservative.
  4. So the truth is, times probably haven't changed all that much, we just see more of it because of 24/7 media and social media. I'm not disagreeing with you at all, but just wanted to point out, I know several military guys, best friend and another is a dad on my son's travel baseball team. Both always claim that Benghazi was such a HUGE deal and the public doesn't know the half of it. Again, people are so partisan, their minds are already made up, nothing really to even discuss anymore with most people. Waste of breath.
  5. Here's the thing... From what I see, most diehard conservatives do not think Trump has done anything wrong and in a lot of cases, they are saying what he has done is ok. My best friend is in the navy and he is very conservative. With each new bit of info, he just doesn't think its a big deal. I have to believe that that's how most Trump supporters are. IF it comes out that he did make deals with the Russians or money laundering or what ever, many are just not going to believe it. I was too young for Nixon, was it that way then? People are so partisan now. its scary
  6. There is a twitter user that I follow, i think its something like "impeach trump", and they always link to articles from a source called the "Independent Report". I would not generally consider this a choice of media that I would trust, however, over the past couple of months, everytime they have posted "bombshell coming" and then link to the story where people claim something, it has generally happened. So there's the backstory, from what I've seen, they have a pretty good record of indicating when something is about to happen. So, since yesterday, they have been saying that something else is going to be revealed soon and part of the story was that major media outlets have audio of Trump that implicates himself. They have claimed that Mueller has asked that the info be held back while they investigate, but it will be released soon. One theory is that Trump has been slamming CNN and other sources so severely because he will just claim fake news etc... Again, not claiming its true but so far, they have been pretty correct... Curious to see what happens.
  7. For me personally, everything changed when I became a teacher. I'm much more responsible about what I post. I'm careful, I act as if I'm being watched. I do have 2 twitter accounts, one with my real name that I really only use to post vanilla stuff. The other is mostly for video gaming. Even on that one, I don't post anything controversial. I guess for me, it's an issue that needs to be looked at. If no one was anonymous, there would be fewer issues and racism, bullying etc... because I hate to say it but people in general suck. It seems as if most people don't really care about other people and how words could affect them. Its kind of like government. On one hand, you really wish we could have a small government that leaves us alike, but on the other, you can't trust people to do the right thing. Tough issue.
  8. Pretty simple question. Was just reading the story behind the CNNBlackmail hashtag that has trended on twitter. Long story short, creator of the video where a CNN logo is placed on Vince McMahon's head, and Trump slams him. CNN tracked down the identity of the person who made it and found out his real identity but didn't out him because he apologized. People compared that to blackmail. This is thread isn't to discuss the story, but simply to ask, is the fact that people are nearly anonymous online a factor in so much of the hate speech, cyber bullying and other issues? What if you were required to use your real name to Tweet to post to forums? Just curious.
  9. Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

    I watched the dashboard cam footage yesterday and I personally don't understand how the video proved anything conclusive either way. I can't see what's happening in the car. I can't call the cop a "murderer" without knowing what was happening inside the car. Point of interest. When I took my conceal carry permit class, we were taught that when pulled over to keep our hands out of the window of the car and visible so there was no chance of any misunderstanding.
  10. End of school year teacher rant...

    @LadySkinsFan couple of things regarding your reply... first, IF that's how they feel, I wonder how they would feel living in China, or Mexico or virtually anywhere else?? In Germany, half of my classes would never be permitted to attend high school. They would be pushed out into trades. In China, they'd be making my next Nike's in a sweatshop. (Please understand I'm not being hostile towards you at all, you bring up great points). The problem is that they don't appreciate what they have at all. They don't pay for lunch. They don't bring pencils or paper. They don't behave and we still try to help them. That sounds like a terrible place (sarcasm). Finally, I wish that they were making a political stand, but they are not. They are mostly lazy and don't want to stand. Now we can't make them because of Kaepernick. In the past, I made them stand many of these kids are so lazy, they have to borrow materials and expect teachers to bring them to them. I refuse @Warhead36 Too true. You probably would have made a great teacher and could have helped us make a difference
  11. End of school year teacher rant...

    Pretty awesome...! I know you had to feel amazing.
  12. Xbox One Vs Ps4

    My son and I are both extremely competitive in First person shooter's. My son in particular is a legit beast. I've asked him many times and he can't tell the difference. We play on 24 inch benQ monitors, maybe that has something to do with it, maybe it doesn't, but since switching to gaming monitors, we struggle on TV's. But in terms of FPS, I can't tell. He said he can't tell. One of my best friends that is a first person shooter god can't tell. In fairness, one of my other friends gets all butthurt about it. Again, many of the streamers that play Destiny for money tweeted immediately after playing D2 that they were positive it was 60 fps, only to find out later its not.
  13. From reading on other sites, there's lots of liberal slamming, calling liberals the problem, violence etc... I don't see a lot of Conservatives talking about gun control though...
  14. End of school year teacher rant...

    Just a nice update. One of the things that I always do is call home for positive things. I've done a lot of that lately to thank the good kids parents. One girl, I had lots of trouble with first semester and she really changed second semester and became a model student. I called and told her mom, her mom cried on the phone, said that she was so worried about her daughter but she thinks she was growing up. Her daughter just came in a few minutes ago to thank me for calling her mom. She said they hugged and cried and so on.
  15. End of school year teacher rant...

    Awesome insight and advice...! Thanks