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  1. If anyone is playing ghost recon, I'd be glad to help. (On PS4)
  2. I've said this before and I'll say it again, but the scariest part is that the people who are his supporters are happy with him and have 100% bought into his fake news propaganda and all. If you look at comments on any news story, it's crazy. On a side note. I'm no scholar. I do not consider myself smarter than most. But, I'm constantly amazed and how outright dumb people are. Yesterday, I decided to check out a 2nd amendment argument on Facebook. The argument was over conceal and carry permits being automatically honored in every state. I kid you not, the vast majority of the comments kept repeating the same thing.... "We already have the right, the 2nd amendment..." blah blah. They don't even understand the difference between the 2nd amendment and conceal and carry permits. What has this nation come to...
  3. Sure. You know liam is an R6 god. I think he's the highest rank. He's too good for me.
  4. I can understand, but I loved the grind. I think they made Destiny too easy after year 1. IMO Bungie catered to the casuals and made the loot too easy to acquire. I enjoyed grinding and it was so satisfying to get some of the items that others didn't have. Its still a grind now, but that's the kind of game it is. I don't think Destiny is for everyone. It has ruined games with linear reward systems for me though. I have no interest anymore in games like CoD and I hate to say it, but Battlefield. The ABSOLUTE key to destiny is having people to play with. You have to have 8-10 regular people to play with to throughly enjoy the game. Its made for play with others.
  5. Its because most people were sure Hillary would win and to be honest, Hillary wasn't a very good candidate. So the Dems have no one to blame but themselves for what happened. In the past, I've said the same thing about GOP candidates. I hate the 2 party system. But in all honesty, right now, I hate republicans more than anything. Will specifically vote against them in the future. Won't try to do the right thing anymore, will try to block them.
  6. Elway is an employee of the team, not the owner. TBH, Even an owner is still part of the NFL, I'm sure the NFL could have rules against that type of thing if they wanted to. The NFL is a business. You make a political stand and it rubs half your crowd against you. I generally in my life have ignored political stuff, meaning, if an actor made a political endorsement, I could care less. However, with Trump, when people come out in support of him, i will not buy their product, watch their movies/tv shows etc... Trump is different. What's going on now is different. My brother and I had a very interesting conversation the other day. Both of us have voted Dem, GOP and 3rd party in our lives. But as of now, more than anything else, we are anti Republican.
  7. Not at the moment. I'd assume that would be happening soon, in terms of an Alpha... I can't wait. I'm actually really excited that all the raids are updated next week. Going to be playing Destiny a lot.
  8. Destiny 2 leak today. Looks like it will release first week of September and beta arriving this summer.. SO HYPED.... I still play Destiny more than any other game. Absolutely love it. The leaked poster looks amazing.
  9. The original KOTOR was the game I bought the Xbox for, it was an exclusive. I beat it in 2 days. I barely slept. Loved that game. I ended up playing through 3 times with different builds and choices. Amazing game.
  10. They should just remaster KOTOR and KOTOR 2 and call it a day...
  11. Man. I'm so sorry. Lots of good karma coming your way. 😔
  12. LOL... I wasn't trying to be funny, but I mean seriously, the GOP claim to take the moral high ground, anti gay, anti this or that, but every time there is a story like this, it turns out to be a republican... really weird.
  13. Why is it usually republicans that get busted for stuff like this?
  14. I have not had one in 10 years as well. It got to a point where the only calls coming in were telemarketers and I got sick of that. My son just got his first iPhone this past October so I could actually leave him at home while I go out for very short periods of time (the gym or grocery store).
  15. First, If this should not be a separate topic, my apologies, mods please feel free to merge it where it should be. Next, I'm not big into petitions and so on, but I think this one is pretty good. This issue is not GOP or DEM. I just feel that the people making the laws and policies that effect all of us should have to deal with the consequences in the same way. The link is to an article at Time . com that shows the link to a petition that is growing. Feel free to take a look and sign if interested.