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  1. I don't actually have an exact idea of what I want. I just know when I see something if its trash or not.
  2. Im saying I cannot see Disney ending the Skywalker saga with the last Skywalker as a villain.
  3. It isn’t about what I want. That is what it is. I’m not making this up. We are talking about the end result.
  4. Anakin was a hero in the end. This trilogy is supposed to be the last about the Skywalker’s. I can’t see them ending on a villain.
  5. I have a hard time seeing Kylo turn good after killing Han. But I’m sure it could happen. I have an easier time seeing Rey actually being a Skywalker somehow. Saying her family was trailer trash could easily be a ploy to make her upset etc. Star Wars films have been known to misrepresent the truth when necessary
  6. Doesn’t surprise me. On one hand, I feel a lot of people are really dumb and see that critics say the movie is good and therefore it’s good. Also, there are 2 questions: is it a good movie as compared to is it a good Star Wars movie. Because the episode movies are about the Skywalker family. Period. If she’s not a Skywalker that leaves Ben/Kylo as the hero. I know you don’t want the episode movies to have to be about the Skywalker’s, but they are. That’s a fact.
  7. Its never been confined to just Jedi or Sith. Those are orders. Ie groups of monks with a specific view. It has been confined to light and dark though.
  8. I’d reverse that. It’s disney so you’re probably right. Everything lucas created centered around the light and the dark. How can you have conflict without distinct sides. Would suck to have a movie with no conflict.
  9. Totally disagree. Rey has the Jedi books. She is the only Jedi now. She will learn. Maybe. Good observations. However. I’m not convinced Rey is no one special.
  10. Yeah, I didn’t have a problem with Snoke being mysterious. They missed an opportunity though. They could have made him Darth Plaguise.. would have been awesome. Ultimately he served the same purpose as Dooku. At least Dooku had an interesting back story with the Lost 20 and all.
  11. If he showed up, he should not be dead in in 2 seconds. He should have easily been able to use the force to leap towards the walkers, get in close and defeat them. Many other similar accounts in Star Wars canon. For example; Luke brings a Star destroyer out of the sky in a new novel that is confirmed canon.
  12. Yoda went into exile in order to wait for Luke and or Leia to grow up. ObiWan guarded Luke. Once it was time, Obi Wan was in it. He faced Vader. He didn’t refuse to. Yoda trained Luke. The difference is that Rey is already powerful (IMO she shouldn’t be, but is). His hesitation in training her is fine but the big difference is that Luke’s sister is fighting for her live while he’s sad that he failed training Ben. There’s still a war going on. His family is in peril but he hides. That’s a coward.
  13. Obi Wan sacrificed himself. Luke already went through some basic training with Obi Wan. Again.... the movies with episode numbers ARE in fact Skywalker movies. This has been confirmed. It’s not ok to move away from them in these movies. That’s for other movies. They should have never made these episode movies imo. That would have alleviated many of the problems, but Disney wanted to capitalize on the OT characters for the sake of money. If Anakin or Obi Wan faced the same situation, they would have prevailed. Luke dying alone and as a coward destroys everything he was. Making him almost murder Ben took away from who he was.
  14. Rebels and the Clone Wars cartoons are amazing. Love them. Also, the whole casino thing was pointless. In the grand scheme, it could have been cut and saved 30 min from the movie.
  15. Couldn't agree more... Its like they crammed ESJ and ROTJ in one installment. It really doesn't make sense, the ending could have been the ending of EP IX, which would then open the door for future jedi. I've lost all faith in Disney. I'd rather watch a Jar Jar origin trilogy that the crap they have put out. Personally, I think Disney is counting on the non diehard fans loving these new movies. Meaning... for example, my best friend loved this one and TFA, but he really had no idea how similar they were to the OT and didn't really know the big picture etc... When I explained the issues I had, he said, "that makes sense, I didn't know those things".