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  1. I watched the dashboard cam footage yesterday and I personally don't understand how the video proved anything conclusive either way. I can't see what's happening in the car. I can't call the cop a "murderer" without knowing what was happening inside the car. Point of interest. When I took my conceal carry permit class, we were taught that when pulled over to keep our hands out of the window of the car and visible so there was no chance of any misunderstanding.
  2. @LadySkinsFan couple of things regarding your reply... first, IF that's how they feel, I wonder how they would feel living in China, or Mexico or virtually anywhere else?? In Germany, half of my classes would never be permitted to attend high school. They would be pushed out into trades. In China, they'd be making my next Nike's in a sweatshop. (Please understand I'm not being hostile towards you at all, you bring up great points). The problem is that they don't appreciate what they have at all. They don't pay for lunch. They don't bring pencils or paper. They don't behave and we still try to help them. That sounds like a terrible place (sarcasm). Finally, I wish that they were making a political stand, but they are not. They are mostly lazy and don't want to stand. Now we can't make them because of Kaepernick. In the past, I made them stand many of these kids are so lazy, they have to borrow materials and expect teachers to bring them to them. I refuse @Warhead36 Too true. You probably would have made a great teacher and could have helped us make a difference
  3. Pretty awesome...! I know you had to feel amazing.
  4. My son and I are both extremely competitive in First person shooter's. My son in particular is a legit beast. I've asked him many times and he can't tell the difference. We play on 24 inch benQ monitors, maybe that has something to do with it, maybe it doesn't, but since switching to gaming monitors, we struggle on TV's. But in terms of FPS, I can't tell. He said he can't tell. One of my best friends that is a first person shooter god can't tell. In fairness, one of my other friends gets all butthurt about it. Again, many of the streamers that play Destiny for money tweeted immediately after playing D2 that they were positive it was 60 fps, only to find out later its not.
  5. From reading on other sites, there's lots of liberal slamming, calling liberals the problem, violence etc... I don't see a lot of Conservatives talking about gun control though...
  6. Just a nice update. One of the things that I always do is call home for positive things. I've done a lot of that lately to thank the good kids parents. One girl, I had lots of trouble with first semester and she really changed second semester and became a model student. I called and told her mom, her mom cried on the phone, said that she was so worried about her daughter but she thinks she was growing up. Her daughter just came in a few minutes ago to thank me for calling her mom. She said they hugged and cried and so on.
  7. Awesome insight and advice...! Thanks
  8. I teach Social Studies as well.. World History One. What subject(s)? This is so true.
  9. So, today is the last day of school. Thank god. In all the years I've taught, this was by far the most frustrating year. Before I became a teacher where I am now, I taught at a school that has severe behavior problems and very low income students. However, this year has been worse than any year I had at the other school. Why? 1. We have a new superintendent. One of his directives has been to limit the student write ups because "it looks bad". So, the discipline has been off the chain this year. In 10 previous years, I averaged writing up 5 students or less. Any other issues were easily handled by me within the class. This year, I literally had: 106 write ups (for serious things like bullying, EXTREMELY inappropriate conduct and/or language, etc..), 48 times I had to have security remove a student or students. I'm not the only one, other teachers are extremely upset as well. 2. Colin Kaepernick. While some may not agree or whatever, in the past, I've never had more than 1 student not stand for the pledge and honor the moment of silence. I don't consider myself all that patriotic and I'm definitely not a republican. This year, after the whole Kaepernick stuff, literally the tables turned, roughly 3/4ths of the class will not stand and talks during the moment of silence. Most frequently, its by race. White and Asian students stand, black and hispanic students do not. Do I think being patriotic is necessity? NO, not at all, but its a discipline thing and in addition, while we may have issues here in the US, I try to make the students aware of what their situation could be in other places. There is no appreciation for our freedom. Yes, not standing is a freedom, but there is a bigger connection IMO. Again, I'm not happy about a lot of things going on right now, but I'm extremely happy to be an American and realize how lucky I am. It could be worse. 3. Lack of standards when it comes to parenting. For many students, they just don't care. Their parents don't hold them to any standard what so ever. In the past, I've had on average 1 student per class (6 out of 150) fail. This year, I have almost 50 failing. Not a single one is failing because they did poorly on a test or anything remotely like that. They have zero's. They don't do anything. Crazy sad. I've documented this all year and I don't have anything to worry about as a teacher because they are failing all of their other classes too. But it really sucks. Talking to friends that teach in other schools nearby, they are experiencing the same. Of those 50 students, 10 had no chance. They never came to school and did no work. 30 could have passed had they completed a kindergarten level project meant to keep them busy for the last 3 weeks of school during SOL retakes. 10 more could have passed if they just showed up to take their exam. Insane. (note; I have called home and done everything humanly possible to get the parents to get the kids here... NOPE. I'm also a very laid back teacher, I allow students to make up work etc... they just refuse). Part of it is a wake up call because they think that they are going to be pushed through. Some really don't care at all, they are going to be drug dealers. You'd be shocked at how many talk about that openly. They brag about how they can make more money than working a real job. 4. Poor student placement. This is something that the school could easily fix and many of us have been speaking up. In any 1 class, I've had 7-10 students that could be honors students, great kids, do everything they need to do. But I also have 10 kids or so that are future criminals. (Sorry, sounds harsh, but I wish I could upload videos of my classes to youtube to show you guys how bad it has been). I could easily handle 30 future jail kids in one class. Its just hard and a waste to have such a wide range of ability in a class. The great kids are missing out on a better education because I'm wasting so much time on basic discipline. HOWEVER: as bad as its been, I've had more emails and notes from parents asking if I teach a subject that their kid can take next year. So many have expressed their thanks. It has been extremely humbling. I had 12 Special Needs students that ONLY passed my class and SOL. I've had feedback that from nearly every TCR (sped placement) meeting, the kids always say my class is their favorite. I've been invited to 2 parties (including a sleep over... yeah, seriously... parent even emailed and said it was legit after I told the FEMALE student that I was honored but was afraid it was inappropriate... LOL, understatement of the year.) Seriously, bizarro year... (The female student wanted to jam out rock and metal songs, I play guitar etc...) My end of year evaluation was outstanding. I really hope this year was an anomaly. More and more teachers are quitting and going into other fields. I really love teaching. I don't expect that every student is going to be an amazing fully independent and driven kid. I actually enjoy working with the kids that need help and struggle, but they have to at least care. I'm finding that more and more do not care. The effort is diminishing in many. Even though the ones that don't care are rising, there are still a lot of great kids. But it worries me, what's going to happen to all the others?
  10. Totally agree, but all the stuff going on now is beyond belief. Never in my lifetime did I think we'd be where we are now.
  11. Its because the people the special prosecutor is hiring, he looks to be doing a legit job and I"m sure trump is scared because we all know he or those close to him are guilty.
  12. I just can't wrap my mind around this. How can anyone defend this (If he does it), but you know his supporters will have no problem with it. Party Hivemind... needs to go away.
  13. Ok, I'm not understanding this. HOW is is possible that Trump can potentially fire the special prosecutor? How is this even a thing? Do we live in Russia or something...??
  14. One of my friends is like you, it bothers him greatly. The other people I play with could care less. They are only concerned about how the game looks and plays, not the numbers. Like I said, when you have streamers that play competitive PVP Destiny and make tons of money and they thought D2 was 60fps after playing it hands on, and tweeted as such, that says everything I need to know.
  15. Oh god, you hit a nerve with me... I think framerate is extremely overrated. I don't think a lot of people can legitimately perceive the difference between 30 and 60 fps and in addition, many games claiming to run at 60 fps DO NOT in fact run at 60 fps most of the time. What gets people is that when framerate drops it is noticeable and Bungie made the decision to limit Destiny 2 at 30 fps. When it was revealed and many of the streamers that play games for a living went to the reveal and played the console version themselves, the vast majority could NOT determine if it was 30 or 60. There was a lot of tweets saying it was obviously 60 fps based on the game play only to be refuted by Bungie. They locked it at 30 because they didn't want drops in frame rate. I honestly can barely tell the difference and TBH, in a lot of cases, I think Destiny's 30 looks better than lets say Infinite Warfare's 60. IMO, way overblown. If FPS is a big deal, you shouldn't be playing on console IMO.