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  1. I"ve said this as well... 99% of my students hate MW remastered. Too boring and slow. They want to jump around and all. There was an easy solution I think Sledgehammer is missing. Have a boots on the ground WaW type of game with updated graphics, new maps etc... Have a Nazi Wunderwaffe mode where you have reimagined Nazi Wonder Weapons, jet packs, double jump etc... You please both sets of fans. Options are always best.
  2. Same, I haven't had Vex drop yet either. I"m going to run a VOG tonight...
  3. The letter is a given. I just thought about the gift card as an extra. I kind of like the idea of a donation in her name though.
  4. Thank you, great points. This helps a lot. Extremeskins community never fails.
  5. My son really likes his teacher, she made him feel safe and comfortable when we had issues with my son's mother. His teacher has been out sick quite a bit and she let the students know that she has cancer. He was really sad and asked if we could get her something. He wants to write her a card, but asked if we could get her a small gift. I'm not really good with things like this. We are not rich and I'd say 20 dollars is probably the amount that would be appropriate. My first reaction was to get a gift card to coldstone ice cream or something along those lines. Does anyone have any better ideas? (just to be clear, she has not indicated that it is terminal, she told the kids she'd be back next year.)
  6. LOL... So true...
  7. This is a good post. You can't just surround yourself with only those who already agree with you. You are not gaining any ground if you really want to make change.
  8. I haven't watched ESPN in years. I used to care about what experts think and I used to care about analysis but now I don't. I've even found that I"m watching less and less football each year. I'd rather do something than watch something.
  9. I was mostly joking, but, it seems as if most people never bother with the campaign... I loved BO1 and WaW's campaign as well as Modern Warfare. They were great.
  10. That's awesome. I need you to give me some lessons...!
  11. I knew they'd hype up the reveal and not even show any multiplayer... who actually plays a CoD campaign anyway...
  12. About to watch the reveal. Evidently, the hype is real, so many people are saying this game will be huge because there is no jumping around and jet packs etc... I bet it sells huge, but I bet it won't be as popular with the younger gamers. Most of my students were not impressed with Modern Warfare remastered. Said it was boring. They like the jumping, jet pack stuff. I'm happy, I like the jumping and all, but I also like more realistic games. We shall see what happens.
  13. I thought that the whole point of fios was that you were not "tied to others" in the neighborhood etc... I know Cox is affected by time of day a great deal. My student teacher had cox and had the same issues I did and his family switched to fios and it was resolved so I am hopeful. Regardless, I'm looking at this as a 1 year trial. I have a 1 year contract and after that, Cox should have their 1gig per second service available in my area and I'll switch if needed. The people I know that have fios in my area are happy with it. We shall see...
  14. I have my son's ps4 hardwired and mine is on wifi, but with the new install, they will both be hard wired. Hopefully that will help I will buy my own device if needed, but going to try this first. I do plan to have them play before they leave and I did get the last spot of the day...!
  15. For Cox, yes, I could, but I was not going to do that again because I never had issues until the last 4-5 months. I'd rather switch at this point because 900 mbps is way better than 200. And for Fios, yes, I can and I guess I will have to consider that if the one I'm getting in the installation deal does not allow me to adjust it. Great point. Thanks