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  1. ANNOUNCEMENT OF INACTIVES NEW ORLEANS – The Washington Redskins have announced the following inactives and lineup changes for today’s game against the New Orleans Saints: The Redskins declared the following players as inactive: o No. 11 WR Terrelle Pryor Sr. o No. 47 CB Quinton Dunbar o No. 60 G Arie Kouandjio o No. 61 C Spencer Long o No. 67 DL Caraun Reid o No. 83 WR Brian Quick o No. 86 TE Jordan Reed No. 14 Ryan Grant is expected to start in place of Pryor at wide receiver. No. 73 Chase Roullier is expected to start in place of Long at center. No. 85 Vernon Davis is expected to start in place of Reed at tight end.
  2. ANNOUNCEMENT OF INACTIVES NEW ORLEANS – The Washington Redskins have announced the following inactives and lineup changes for today’s game against the New Orleans Saints: The Redskins declared the following players as inactive: o No. 11 WR Terrelle Pryor Sr. o No. 47 CB Quinton Dunbar o No. 60 G Arie Kouandjio o No. 61 C Spencer Long o No. 67 DL Caraun Reid o No. 83 WR Brian Quick o No. 86 TE Jordan Reed No. 14 Ryan Grant is expected to start in place of Pryor at wide receiver. No. 73 Chase Roullier is expected to start in place of Long at center. No. 85 Vernon Davis is expected to start in place of Reed at tight end.
  3. Greetings from the dome that's so Super it should wear a cape. Last time I was here, I was actually in the mist of a four day vacation, sitting in the Club Level in the End Zone watching a former #2 pick tease all of Redskins Nation with what could have been. I vividly remember sitting there a few minutes into the 3rd Quarter & you could hear a pin drop. There was a voice behind saying "I don't understand..." only to be answered by another voice saying "Why is this happening to us..." That was a Week 1 Opening Day game. Today, however it's a completely different team on both sides of the ball. And it's Week 11. The Saints lost their first two games only to have ripped off a seven game win streak since then. Are they due for another loss & that streak to end? Maybe. Will the Redskins be the ones to do it? Well....Here's the Injury Report from Friday: Three are already out, a fourth has joined the IR list, & 13 are Questionable. You have a backup Center ready to go. Trent Williams is still banged up with his knee issue & probably should have been put on IR a few weeks ago. Lauvao is had been limited all week with a stinger. Starting Center, Spencer Long is out with a knee. Pro Bowl Guard & former first round pick, Brandon Scherff has been limited all week with a knee issue that's been going on the last few weeks. Right Tackle Morgan Moses is the only starting OL that's actually been a full go at practice this week. That said, this team also went into Seattle with a patchwork OL, fought like hell & pulled off an upset. Can they do it again this week? We’ll find out in a few hours.
  4. Anyone going to the New Orleans game?

    They named a street for us.
  5. Anyone going to the New Orleans game?

    Two hour delayed flight trying to leave out to Hotlanta which ate up my two hour layover. So after being moved to a later flight I know have a 3 hour layover in ATL. Delta is seriously cutting into my hand grenade consumption. ****ers.
  6. November 17, 2017 Head Coach Jay Gruden On injuries: “Out will be Spencer Long, knees; Jordan Reed, hamstring; Terrelle Pryor, ankle. He will see a specialist on Monday. Questionable will be the rest of them. We added [Quinton] Dunbar to the list. He missed practice today with an illness and a stomach virus or something. But [Trent] Williams, [Zach] Brown, [Ryan] Grant, [DeAngelo] Hall, [Matt] Ioannidis, [Anthony] Lanier, [Shawn] Lauvao, [Montae] Nicholson, [Ty] Nsekhe, [Niles] Paul, [Brian] Quick, [Brandon] Scherff, [Quinton] Dunbar – all questionable.” On WR Terrelle Pryor Sr.: “He’s going to repeat and go see the specialist on Monday.” On if next week’s Thanksgiving game impacts decisions for injured players this week: “As far as to this game? It doesn’t play into it at all. We have to take care of this game first of all and then we will worry about Thursday [on] Thursday. Get as many guys as we can ready to play and the ones that can play and are able, we’ll play them.” On if T Trent Williams could be too sore to play both this Sunday and next Thursday: “That could be an issue, yes. But, like I said, we are going to try to get him ready for the Saints and then see how he feels for the Thursday game.” On if there is a certain position group that he is concerned about the most with injuries: “It’s always the offensive line right now, without a doubt. The question is if you dress seven or eight of them and that affects your 46-man deal. So we will have to figure that out and get a better gauge tomorrow morning and see how they are doing walking around and go from there.” On if Brian Quick and Ryan Grant still dealing with concussions and how that impacts the wide receiver group: “Yes, and now with Pryor being out, yes... Fortunately we have [Jamison] Crowder and we have Mo [Maurice Harris] and Josh [Doctson]. They are three healthy guys and then I’m hoping to get one or both for the game, Grant and Quick.” On how RB Byron Marshall has practiced this week and the plan for him on Sunday: “[He’s] very smart, very smart. He can also return kicks, which is a plus. We will see if we can get him in the game a little bit, but he picked it up quickly. Randy [Jordan] has done a great job with him.” On Marshall’s versatility and ability to split out wide: “Yeah, that’s what drew us to him, quite frankly. I think this day and age in pro football, you’ve got to have that versatility at running back. We have a good banger in Samaje [Perine] and Rob [Kelley] was that way also. Then to have Chris [Thompson] and another guy like him is a benefit. But he is 220 pounds, so I think he can do a little bit of both.”
  7. For Immediate Release November 17, 2017 REDSKINS NAME S DEANGELO HALL AS TEAM’S ED BLOCK COURAGE AWARD RECIPIENT LOUDOUN COUNTY, Va. – The Washington Redskins announced today that they have named safety DeAngelo Hall the winner of the team’s 2017 Ed Block Courage Award. The honor is given annually to a player from each National Football League team who displays extraordinary courage in the face of adversity. Hall missed multiple games in each of the last three seasons – including the majority of the 2014 and 2016 campaigns – while fighting Achilles, toe and knee injuries. His 2014 season ended prematurely after three games after he suffered a ruptured left Achilles tendon, and last season, he was limited to three games after suffering a torn ACL in his right knee. The Redskins activated Hall from their Reserve/Physically Unable to Perform list on Nov. 3, as the 14th-year NFL veteran returned to action in the team’s 17-14 win against the Seattle Seahawks in Week 9. “DeAngelo has been remarkably resilient through a number of tough injuries,” Redskins Head Athletic Trainer Larry Hess said. “Throughout various rehabilitation processes in the last few years, he has been a true professional as exemplified by his commitment, his hard work and his dedication to return to the playing field with his teammates.” Hall, who will turn 34 during Sunday’s contest against the New Orleans Saints, has appeared in 103 career regular season games with the Redskins since joining the team in 2008. He is one of nine defensive backs in team history to appear in 100 career regular season games with the Redskins, and he is currently the longest-tenured player on the team’s roster. The Courage Award is named after Ed Block, the longtime head athletic trainer of the Baltimore Colts who was a pioneer in his profession and a respected humanitarian. The inaugural Ed Block Courage Award was presented in 1978 to Baltimore Colts defensive end Joe Ehrmann. Following the Colts’ departure from Baltimore in 1984, the scope of the award expanded to include one player from every team in the NFL. REDSKINS ED BLOCK COURAGE AWARD WINNERS 2017 DeAngelo Hall 2016 Niles Paul 2015 Morgan Moses 2014 Keenan Robinson 2013 Robert Griffin III 2012 Kory Lichtensteiger 2011 Stephen Bowen 2010 Ma’ake Kemoeatu 2009 Phillip Daniels 2008 Reed Doughty 2007 Marcus Washington 2006 Randy Thomas 2005 Khary Campbell 2004 Brandon Noble 2003 Fred Smoot 2002 Chris Samuels 2001 Cory Raymer 2000 James Thrash 1999 Tre’ Johnson 1998 Darrell Green 1997 James Jenkins 1996 Ed Simmons 1995 Keith Taylor 1994 Mark Schlereth 1993 Art Monk 1992 Anthony Johnson 1991 Donnie Warren 1990 Joe Jacoby 1989 Neil Olkewicz 1988 Doug Williams 1987 Mel Kaufman 1986 Darryl Grant 1985 Ken Huff 1984 Mark May -REDSKINS-
  8. The Official "Marvel" Thread (Movies,Comics etc)

    Punisher hit Netflix today. Unfortunately it's not downloadable so now I'm going to have to find something else to watch on the flight to NOLA tomorrow.
  9. Anyone going to the New Orleans game?

    One thing about Johnny White's. I recommend getting there a few hours early. It's a small, long hallway of a building. It fills up FAST. Last time we had a Rally down there, it spilled out into the street & a lot of us couldn't get in as they had already exceeded the fire code limit. It's near the end of the "fun" part of Bourbon Street.
  10. Double click to enlarge
  11. November 16, 2017 Head Coach Jay Gruden On injuries: “Did not participate: [Jordan] Reed, hamstring; [Trent] Williams, knee; Terrelle Pryor, ankle. Spencer Long, knees. Limited were [Zach] Brown, [Ryan] Grant, [DeAngelo] Hall, [Matt] Ioannidis, [Anthony] Lanier, [Shawn] Lauvao, [Montae] Nicholson, [Niles] Paul, [Brian] Quick, [Brandon] Scherff, [Ty] Nsekhe. Returned to practice was [Jamison] Crowder and we put T.J. Clemmings on injured reserve.” On WR Terrelle Pryor Sr.: “I think after the game he felt some discomfort so we sent him to get an MRI and get checked out and that’s where he is.” On plans for the roster spot vacated by T T.J. Clemmings: “We brought back Tyler Catalina.” On LB Zach Brown: “He was limited, if you were listening to the injury report [laughter]. Yes, he’s limited. He has a sore Achilles but he practiced in some team periods today on a limited basis.” On Brown’s injury: “Achilles. So not torn, it’s just sore.” On if defenses have adapted to RB Chris Thompson the past few weeks: “I think different defenses provide different challenges. Seattle was a total different challenge, these guys will be totally different, Minnesota was different – we tried to get him isolated on Barr a couple times. He had some great looks for Kendricks last week. He had a couple opportunities and we missed a couple. This week I think it will be very similar – we’ll try to get him matched up on the linebackers but they do a good job of dropping eight guys in coverage sometimes. It makes it difficult to hit the back, so we’ll have to get other people involved, which is fine.” On how much of that is scheme-related: “A lot of it’s scheme-related and then some of it, they keep an eye on certain guys out of the backfield a little bit more than others and Chris will be one of them.” On preparing for the Saints’ running game this season: “Yeah, I think still you have to be prepared for both, without a doubt. When Drew Brees, you talk about the running game, usually it doesn’t go hand in hand, but if you look at the history of their team, when they’re good, they’ve had some good running games. With them, they’ve got a good power-running game. They’ve got ways to run jet sweeps, outside tosses, toss cracks – they’re very balanced in what they do. A lot of different schemes in the run game, which are very beneficial to them. Then they utilize the screens and obviously the play-actions off them. When you have a very good offense, usually balance is the first thing that comes to mind and they are balanced right now.” On how previous success on the road factors into preparation this week: “I think that plays a little bit of a part of it. They have confidence that we can go on the road and win. This is a heck of a football team. Great environment playing in New Orleans against a team that’s won seven in a row, and we know that we don’t have a lot of margin for error right now. We have to go in there and play our best football. Knowing we’ve won on the road is great. We’ve played well on the road, which is great, but going out and doing it again is a different story. We’ve got to figure out a way to do it, focus on what we do and produce.” On the challenge for a play caller not knowing early in the week if TE Jordan Reed will be available: “Yeah, the hardest thing with him is on Mondays and Tuesdays, we don’t know if he’s going to play or not and he’s a major part of any game plan. When he’s not in, you kind of have to adjust your game plan again, so that’s the most difficult challenge. The big thing is getting him healthy. That’s all we care about. But, it’d be nice to know on Monday if he’s going to play on Sunday because it factors into everything – red zone, short yardage, all your play-action passes. Your personnel groupings are affected, how many plays you carry in each personnel grouping have a major impact, so that’s the most difficult thing. Hopefully we’ll get great news tomorrow. If not, we’ll get him ready for the Giants or Cowboys or whatever it is.” On giving up so many points in the final two minutes of the first half of games this season: “It’s been terrible. It’s been really terrible, to be quite honest. You try to call timeouts, get the ball back to your offense, try to sneak in another touchdown or a field goal and then it backfires, you throw a pick and they score. Then they get the ball coming out and score again. We’ve got to do a much better job of taking care of the football in the last two minutes on offense and then figuring out ways to get the opposing teams stopped in the last two minutes of the first half. I remember Bobby Knight always saying, ‘The most important part of a basketball game is the last five minutes of the first half [and] the first five minutes of the second half,’ and we’ve been poor in that regard. We’ve got to do a better job in that. We’ll focus on the two-minute drill again tomorrow and just try to make sure we protect the ball in that critical time.” On what it’s like as a coach to strategize for those final two minutes: “You want to stay aggressive, you’ve got to have faith in your team. The minute you blink and show that, ‘I don’t believe we can get it done,’ then you lose the team. If the team has the ball with 1:40 to go and I have three timeouts left and they’re backed up and they run the ball and are getting ready to punt, I’m calling a timeout. We’ve got to try and get the ball back and get some points. It’s hard sometimes when you play pretty damn good for 28 minutes and then all of a sudden, the last two minutes we give up 14 points and it affects your locker room sometimes and it affects you coming out. It’s just something that we’ve got to continue to focus on and make sure we finish as good as we start.” On the roles for LBs Zach Brown and Martrell Spaight: “We’ve kind of flipped around. Zach’s had the communication sometimes throughout the year and then last week it was [Will] Compton. This week, it will go back to Zach, so it’s no big deal.” On coaching a quarterback on when to give his receivers chances to make plays and not give opposing defenders too much credit: “Yeah, that’s tough. That’s just repetition. That’s just, ‘Got to see it.’ I think a lot of times you see throughout the course of a schematic play and you run the same play three or four times against the same coverage, sometimes the safety’s a little higher, more in the middle, and he can make that play. Sometimes if he cuts the first guy, he can’t make that play and it’s just a matter of seeing it and believing it and making the throws. That comes with repetition, quite frankly. That’s all it is, and belief and then repping it and watching it on tape over and over again. That’s all.” On if he’s hopeful S Montae Nicholson will be able to return this week: “Yeah, we’re hoping. Montae’s had a good day today and hopefully his shoulders are feeling good and he’ll be up and ready.” On how S DeAngelo Hall’s role would be impacted if Nicholson is available: “Well, if he can go, Montae’s our starter, if he can go, and we can utilize D-Hall however we want. And we still have D.J. [Swearinger], obviously. Very important to have three or four safeties nowadays, we’ve learned that. Every week, it seems like we’ve used all three, sometimes four, so we’ll use them all.” On DL Stacy McGee and DL Terrell McClain: “I think when we had the rotation early in the year with [Jonathan] Allen and [Matt] Ioannidis and McGee and obviously other guys, we were better off. Then we lose two and all of a sudden, they’re the main guys and they’re asked to play more and more reps, and we’re trying to get [Anthony] Lanier up to speed, and last week it was [Brandon] Banks… So it’s been a little bit harder on them. And then you play a game where you have 90 snaps against Seattle – that wears them down a little bit. Hopefully their legs are back under them with the addition of Matt Ioannidis hopefully back this week, that’ll help make a strong four-man and Anthony Lanier will be the fifth. Hopefully we’ll be able to utilize a solid rotation, get off the field on third down and keep them fresh and rested. But, I’ve been impressed with them. They play hard and have been a big part of our success, but we’ve still got to ask more from everybody now.” On what he is thankful for: “Well, I’m thankful for the Redskin fans, this organization, my family, obviously. We’ve got a great group of people here. Great organization. I’ve got a great family. There’s a lot to be thankful for.” Defensive Coordinator Greg Manusky On if he has gotten much sleep this week trying to figure out the Saints’ offense: “They are very good. Sleep wise? It’s here or there, but overall a good offense. I was with Breesy [Drew Brees] of course in San Diego – good quarterback. They’ve got a good running game. They have a good passing game. They are a very good offense.” On how he thought LB Ryan Kerrigan played last week: “I think from an overall standpoint I thought he played OK. I think from our standpoint overall, we didn’t play good as a unit. We didn’t play good across the board. We didn’t coach well enough. We are taking it from this perspective that we have got to make sure that we spend the time going over those little details that we have and make sure they perform on the field.” On how S Montae Nicholson’s speed changes the defense: “Well, I think it’s really good from our standpoint. I mean, he does a great job when he is in the post. He can cover a lot of ground. And for having him out the last couple of weeks, it’s all right, but I’m just saying we are looking for that speed that he could take those receivers that are going up the field and making plays on the ball, which he has.” On figuring out LB Junior Galette’s snap counts: “Well, I think that is just a rotational thing that we have during the game and sometimes it’s higher and sometimes it’s lower based upon sometimes sub or base. From that standpoint, we are trying to get him as many reps as humanly possible. Especially this week, he is going to be biting at the bone to get after New Orleans. I know that definitely.” On DL Matt Ioannidis’ hand and if it could impact his play on Sunday: “He was limited a little bit today and we will see what he can do. Overall, I am kind of excited to get him back. We had a little bit of better pressure up the middle with him. If he can go, it would be great. If not, then the other guys will make sure to have a part of it.” On LB Martrell Spaight: “He inspires the defense, I think. He brings a little fire to him. The best thing that I think he does is he can see it and then go. From his reaction standpoint, he does a great job. Losing Comp [Will Compton] and then losing Mase [Mason Foster] of course, it’s a little bit of a blow but those guys are always in a backup situation and they are going to be playing and I’m looking forward to his first start in a little bit.” On if the unit has had spirited practices this week: “Yeah. I mean, last week, sometimes when you get in those Fridays [with] red zone and stuff and being inside, we didn’t have a great red zone day. But, overall, we didn’t contribute on Sunday. So we have got to do a better job in the red zone. But overall, it was a good, hearty practice. People were getting ready and looking forward to it.”