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  1. Camera guy needs to go back to that blonde cheerleader for the rest of this disaster
  2. You have to actually have a run game for it qualify as hot garbage. Kirk "Coach what's the play?" Coach "Pass" Incomplete pass Kirk "Coach what's the play?" Coach "Do that other thing we do when we don't pass" Kirk "Give up a Down with loss of yardage?" Coach"Yeah that's it"
  3. Can't even get a yard.
  4. 1st drive he quits on the TD pass attempt, stood there when Cousins was in trouble & scrambled to throw it away to him, & probably did some other dumb thing on the run down
  5. Rob Kelly looking like his starter days are numbered
  6. At least Rodgers is out now
  7. I had flashbacks to the Playoff game against GB
  8. "It's a wake up call." Dont hit that ****ing snooze button.
  9. I'm still waiting for the starting Offense to get a TD in organized two team practice uhhh Pre Season.
  10. Defenders came out today. Punisher was just a new trailer. And Defenders was WAY better then Iron Fist was.