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  1. @Renegade7 @Taylor 36 Take it PMs or get taken to the woodshed. Thanks in advance.
  2. You sick freak.
  3. For Immediate Release July 20, 2017 REDSKINS TRAINING CAMP TO OPEN NEXT THURSDAY RICHMOND, Va. – The countdown is officially on as the Washington Redskins open training camp Thursday, July 27 at the Bon Secours Washington Redskins Training Center in Richmond, Va. New in 2017, training camp practices will require a free ticket/fan pass for entry. Fans should visit to receive their e-ticket for access to camp. E-tickets are mobile friendly and do not need to be printed for access. Fans can also register or pick up their free pass on site if they do not have an email address or wish to register in advance. Children under 13 are not required to register and can enter with a parent or adult’s fan pass. All fans who register by 5 p.m. on Thursday, July 27 will be entered to win tickets to the Washington Redskins vs. Cincinnati Bengals preseason game at FedExField on Sunday, Aug. 27. Below is the updated calendar of events to be held at training camp and in the Richmond area with further details and registration links: July 26 Redskins Training Camp Kickoff July 29 Military Appreciation Day Presented by GEICO Military July 30 Redskins Day at Richmond Flying Squirrels Aug. 3 Youth Football Day Aug. 4 Gatorade Junior Training Camp Redskins Cheerleader Youth Dance Clinic Aug. 5 Fan Appreciation Day Women of Washington Redskins (WOW) VIP Day WOW Takes RVA Scavenger Hunt WRC Youth Dance Clinic Performance Aug. 8 Kids Day Aug. 10 Redskins Rally Aug. 13 Social Media Day Presented by CSN “Jerseys Off Our Back” Presented by Bon Secours Between practice sessions, fans will have the opportunity to meet Redskins alumni and cheerleaders at our Legends Showcase (new in 2016), participate in various family-friendly activities and purchase Redskins merchandise at the Redskins Team Store retail tent. Join the Washington Redskins for the Training Camp Kickoff on July 26. The kickoff will be from 7:30 p.m. – 9 p.m. at The Veil Brewing Company. Larry Michael, Rick “Doc” Walker, Chris Cooley and Brian Mitchell will be in attendance to help with raffles, giveaways and more. For more information, visit Military Appreciation Day, presented by GEICO Military will be July 29. Join Redskins Salute, the Official Military Appreciation Club of the Washington Redskins, for a day where military members can gain access to a military appreciation viewing area (by the amphitheater) by showing a military ID. Members can also sign up for Redskins Salute onsite and fans will receive a free gift (while supplies last). Visit for more information. Redskins Day at the Flying Squirrels will be July 30. University of Virginia alumnus and current Redskins tackle Morgan Moses will be throwing the first pitch as the Flying Squirrels take on the Erie SeaWolves. The game will begin at 12:05 p.m. and fans are encouraged to show their Redskins spirit by wearing their burgundy and gold gear to the game. For tickets visit Youth Football Day on Aug. 3 will be the first of its kind by the Washington Redskins Charitable Foundation to celebrate youth football in the Richmond area. The first 1,000 youth football players wearing their team jerseys will receive a special giveaway. The day will also feature the Charitable Foundation’s Annual Moms Football Safety Clinic. Visit more information. Gatorade Junior Training Camp on Aug. 4 is a FREE football clinic open to youth ages 12-14. This camp is designed to focus on football fundamentals and skill development for athletes. All participants must be pre-registered using the following link: The Redskins Cheerleader Youth Dance Clinic will be Aug. 4 from 10:30 a.m. – 2 p.m. Learn a dance taught by the Redskins Cheerleaders and then perform with them during Fan Appreciation Day Aug. 5 at the Bon Secours Washington Redskins Training Center. Interested applicants must apply at The Women of Washington Redskins (WOW) will host two events on Aug. 5. The first is VIP Day starting at 12:30 p.m., when WOW members who registered online in advance can receive VIP access, complimentary food and beverages in the WOW VIP tent and an exclusive viewing of training camp. Guests will be chosen via a lottery system. The second event on Aug. 5 is the “WOW Takes RVA” Scavenger Hunt, where WOW members can explore downtown Richmond and its local bars and restaurants to enjoy an evening of fun with fellow members. For access to either of these events, members must register online The Redskins Rally will be Aug. 10 at 7 Hills Brewing Company in Richmond, Va. Fans can enjoy raffles, giveaways, and meet the Redskins Cheerleaders from 6 p.m. – 7:30 p.m., prior to the Washington Redskins taking on the Baltimore Ravens. For more information, please visit The Social Media Day, presented by CSN will be held Aug. 13. One hundred lucky fans will be selected to participate in Social Media Day at Redskins Training Camp on Sunday, Aug. 13. Exclusive giveaways, coach chalk talks, player Q&A’s, VIP access and more are available for Social Media Day participants. Fans can sign up at “Jerseys Off Our Backs” presented by Bon Secours will also occur on Aug. 13. On this day of camp, each player will provide his official camp jersey to a fan following practice. Recipient selection will be at random and will include children only. Fans are encouraged to download the Official Washington Redskins mobile app to enhance their training camp experience through access to the interactive map, alerts, chances to win VIP upgrades, discounts and more. 2017 Training Camp Cornerstone Partners include Bon Secours Health System, FedEx, Performance Food Group and the City of Richmond. For more information on the Bon Secours Washington Redskins Training Center or the Redskins training camp, please visit
  4. Finally had a few minutes to try to expand on this a bit over in the ES Blog Please post your comments on the blog there, not in this thread before someone gets Jack Knifed Powerbombed. Thanks.
  5. It was the mid 1990's. In the then WWF (now WWE) Razor Ramon aka Scott Hall and Diesel aka Kevin Nash had their contracts coming up for renewal. In those days, wrestling contracts weren't guaranteed. Guys were basically paid on a per show appearance. The bigger the show, like a WrestleMania, the bigger the payday. However, if you didn't land a match on that card you didn't get paid. As Scott Hall's contract was coming up he negotiated with the Number 2 wrestling company at the time, WCW. WCW was owned by Ted Turner whose goal was to displace Vince McManon's WWF at the top of the mountain. Turner had Eric Bischoff running WCW. Bischoff new he needed bigger named talent to make WCW look & grow bigger. Long story short, he started recruiting WWF wrestlers as their contracts were expiring & he started with Hall. Who then talked to his buddy Nash, telling him not only were the days he worked guaranteed but so was the money. The story goes they neither wanted to leave McManon but there was no way McManon could give them guaranteed money as it'd set a precedent to have to give guaranteed money contracts to his other big name talent. Until then guaranteed money was unheard of in pro wrestling. Hall & Nash essentially changed the business. Even though WCW is defunct, McManon now has his talent on guaranteed contracts. Cool story bro but what's this got to do with football? Well, if you're a casual fan, you most likely took the Bruce Allen statement at face value. However once you drill down a little bit into it you'll see its roughly $300,000 difference between their offer and Kirk playing on the tag the next two years. In his radio interview on 106.7 (Part 1 & Part 2) the next day Kirk commented that if you look around the League the Front Office contracts and the Coaching staff contracts are fully guaranteed and he'd like to see the players contracts fully guaranteed. Currently, playing on the Tag gives him that fully guaranteed contract. For a year. So with the Rules of the Tag, he can play on it for a total of three years for three separate guaranteed one year deals. IF Kirk can manage to accomplish a multi year fully guaranteed contract he'll change the business. Just like Hall & Nash did 20ish years ago.
  6. How do none of you daisies not have Tombstone on your lists?
  7. I think it's hilarious that every time 106.7 comes back from break they have AC/DC's Money Talks playing in the background. I'd rather have heard from McCarthy instead of Kirk.
  8. Kirk says has heard from teammates they're supportive Says all anyone really guaranteed is training camp. Everyone pretty much on a one year deal Puts decisions on his Faith Fan/media scrutiny- thinks one year deal takes pressure off to be perfect. Names off guys that they're depending on that are on one year deals. Says it's the norm not the exception on one year deals. Says players would like to see players contracts fully guaranteed sites FO & coach contracts are fully guaranteed --------- My god. He gonna be the Hall/Nash going to wcw & changing the business getting guys guaranteed money ---------- Has good relationship with Jay has better understanding how good Jay is since Jay been filling McVays role His best scenario is win games all the way to the top. Better he plays more $$$ comes his way knows it's all about winning. If he don't play well knows no one gonna want him back If Giants game ended differently he not sure if one pass would have changed things contract wise Is there a number that puts him at peace? Says probably not money doesn't run his life it's about right place Says guaranteed money & salary cap % you take up & length of contract is what matters Knows he didn't play well until Of end of 2015. Says you have to ignore production & evaluate on potential To many variables to know if he gets tagged next year. Says if tagged next year it means he played really really well No truth to out the door to chargers or 9ers. Says it may look like he's shopping around but he very well could end up back here. Says he in D.C. Until the lord tells him otherwise Respects Doug. Dan been real positive doesn't think Dan been involved wants see Dan win Dan a fun passionate guy wants to win for Dan & put a smile on his face Players don't look 4-5 years down the road. Players take it day to day. Wants to create a winning culture in D.C.
  9. Kirk- closer to deal then people think Almost sent a counter offer Felt more at peace waiting a year Wants more info on the organization/FO due to turnover Kirk Bruce talked over the weekend positive conversations Bruce went to him in michagen Says Tag rules defined the negotiations Made it simpler to not counter offer Believes he'll be here more then one season Always been his want to be a Redskin long term Ball in his court during season to play well Skins long term his first choice Said Bruce's statement was told to him before they did the release & he understood them getting the info out there & he was fine with it Understood team wanted to see more last year Says he could play 10 years on 1 year deals - gives him freedom on the other side (FA leverage) Thinks it was a fair offer says you can look at offer 2 different ways due to Tag rules. Puts it on the deadline says wants more time -alludes back to All the turnover Wants more information on how the FO & coaching changes gonna work Grant gets a Kurt jab in Kirk no sells it Grant asks it again. Kirk says no that he's by it used to it from teachers & growing up. Grant goes in on it again Kirk says. It not a big issue with him with everything else he has to worry about
  10. Aight. Which one of you English guys was at the Ring Of Honor show that airs this week?
  11. Here's the thing. Bruce was brought in to get the new stadium deal done. The lease at FedEx isn't up for another 10 years. And Bruce is around 60-61 years old. So we're stuck with him at least 5 years after his retirement age.
  12. I thought it rhymed with "Did this really need to a thread"